Disneyland Philippines

Wouldn’t it be great to finally have a Disneyland Philippines, right?

Disneyland Philippines Gagay

Of course YES!

A big smile to every Filipino kids and parents as well if this Disneyland Philippines be physical in the country. Aside from the fact that there is no need to have a passport, which actually would take a month to acquire after a long queue of these and those requirements, it is much easier for us to travel then. Flying or traveling locally is more convenient than going abroad or outside the country just to experience Disney adventures. One may only need a hand bag when Disneyland Philippines be made real rather than carrying with you a luggage full of stuff that are enough for a three to five days spend outside of the country just to enjoy Disney world.

Moreover, the chairman of The Walt Disney Company, Andy Bird, just recently announced, that was on Friday that the company has set aside $350 million to be invested in the Philippines for the Disneyland Philippines. Possible areas where the Disneyland Philippines be

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