Distance from Paris to Nice, 687 km

Paris – Nice

How far is it to go from Paris to Nice by different modes of transport? Paris – Nice route: travel time, distance in kilometers and miles and route on a map, fares, transportation options and reviews and tips from experienced travelers 2022.

Fares and travel time

Below you can find information about how many hours it takes to get from Paris to Nice and the approximate travel cost (average ticket price) by each mode of transportation.

Paris – Nice – route on the map

Distance from Paris to Nice

The distance between Paris and Nice is 687 kilometers or 427 miles in a straight line and 930 kilometers or 578 miles by road.

Interesting facts

  • If you choose to ride it by bike, you will spend 47 hours and 251,142 calories
  • It would take you 6 days to walk it.
  • Your dog will cover that distance in 4 days.

Where to go from Nice?

If you are planning a long trip where Nice is just one of the stages, the following routes will be useful for you.

Read more about Nice and its attractions in the article Nice.

Paris-Nice airfare

Last June, my husband and I traveled to Nice from Paris. I had a dream to visit flowery Nice, and since we were newlyweds, my newly married husband indulged his young wife in every whim. If you are planning to make the same trip, I think my story about the options for such a trip will come in handy.

From Paris to Nice by train

This option of traveling to sunny Nice a lot of tourists choose out of habit or what? The habit can be explained by the fact that it is really convenient to travel this distance by train and now I’ll tell you why. There are seven direct trains to Nice a day, I will not talk about transfer options as from seven in the morning until five in the evening direct trains TVG run and make a trip on them much more convenient than the trains with a change. On the way to Nice you will spend five and a half hours, and that’s not too much, especially given a fairly solid distance between Paris and Nice. Trains are high-speed and very comfortable and cozy, so you have only good impressions from the trip. The train departs from station PARIS GARE LYON, and arrives at NICE VILLE. As you see, the trip will be comfortable and easy: no need to look for a place to change, somewhere to rush, run. You get on the train in the capital, put on a good movie on your device and here you are five and a half hours later in Nice. Now tell you a little about the cost of tickets.

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Ticket prices

To Nice a ticket in second class will cost you 65-100 euro depending on the flight. However, if you choose your ticket carefully, and look carefully at all possible ticket prices for the day when you plan to go on a trip, you can save a lot and buy a ticket for 85 euros in first class. Although, if you ask me, there is not much difference between classes, and the trip will not be long, so it’s quite safe to buy a ticket in second class and not to worry about comfort.

Buying tickets

You can buy tickets to Nice from the ticket office of the station PARIS GARE LYON or on the website of the French railroads.

From Paris to Nice by bus

If you, for whatever reason, are not satisfied with a train ride, then a bus ride is all the more unsatisfying. There are no direct flights, and even my favorite bus company is not able to help. You can, of course, find a flight with three transfers, but it is absolutely unnecessary. Well first of all in terms of time, such a trip will take a day. And secondly you will be very tired, get to your hotel with a face expression “Angry Ket” and go to sleep for a day, so go by bus do not advise!

From Paris to Nice by plane

At the top of the page you can see that there are a huge number of flights on this direction, you can leave at any time, so I will not dwell on this point. Flight time is an hour and a half. There are two carriers of this direction low-coster Easy Jet and the traditional airline Air France. Planes Air France and Easy Jet take off from airports Orly and Charles de Gaulle, and arrive at Nice Côte d’Azur airport.

Ticket prices

Easy Jet offers very low cost flights for its passengers, so you can get from Paris to Nice by paying only 40-60 euros for a ticket in second class. Prices for flights with Air France are a little higher and start from 70 euros, but most likely you’ll have to buy a ticket, for the cost, somewhere in the neighborhood of 120 euros. Personally, I do not see the point of overpaying. Well, maybe Easy Jet’s cabin is a little less comfortable than Air France’s, but you have an hour and a half flight, so you won’t feel any discomfort.

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Buying tickets

You can buy a ticket to Nice from an airport ticket office, or on the Easy Jet or Air France website.

From Paris to Nice by car

The distance between cities is not great and considering a few stops you can reach Nice in half a day. The nice thing is that you can drive by highway A-6 or A-10 and then take the A-8. On the way you can visit some tourist cities: Lyons and Toulon, but then your trip will be prolonged.

How to get from Paris to Nice

I’ll show you in detail how to get from Paris to Nice by train, car, bus and plane. Using our article, you will be able to save money and find the most real and easy way. Now go ahead and explore the transport between the cities.

Route information

  • Distance between Nice and Paris : 932km by road and 687km by road
  • Travel time (how long to travel) : 12-16 hours (bus); 6 hours (train); 9 hours (car); 1 hour 30 minutes (plane)

Paris Nice distance and route by map

From Paris to Nice by plane

  • Departure airport : Paris Orly Airport, Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport
  • Airport of arrival : Nice Cote d’Azur airport
  • Travel time : 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Flight : Flight prices Paris-Nice start from €45 one way
  • Airlines : Air France, EasyJet

The quickest way to get from Paris to Nice is to fly. Every day several airlines fly to Nice: the national carrier Air France and the European low-cost carrier EasyJet. Usually the prices of air tickets are lower just at EasyJet.

Flight time is 1.5 hours. Only add to this time the trip to the airport in Paris, preflight inspection, baggage drop-off and the way from the airport in Nice to the city center. It turns out that all the bodily movements will take at least 6 hours.

By the way Nice airport is not far from the city and the fare by city bus is only € 1,5 and by express bus € 6.

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Paris Nice flight and cheap tickets

From Paris to Nice by bus

  • Name of bus stops : Paris Bercy Bus Station, Paris Porte Maillot Bus Station
  • Name of bus stops : Bus terminal of the Airport of Nice
  • Travel time : 12-16 hours
  • Ticket prices : from €12
  • Bus companies serving this destination : Flixbus, Bla Bla Bus

The trip from Paris to Nice by bus is quite tiring and the travel time will be at least 12 hours. There are not many direct routes, most often with connections in Strasbourg.

This form of transport is worth choosing, if you do not bother swollen feet, the presence of neighbors and if you found a very cheap ticket.

The buses in France between cities are good, modern, with a working toilet and air conditioning.

From Paris to Nice by train

  • Name of station : Gare de Lyon in Paris
  • Name of the station : Gare de Nice Ville
  • Travel time : 6 hours
  • Direct train : yes
  • Ticket prices : from €45

France is ahead of Europe in the number of high-speed trains between major cities. Paris-Nice is no exception, there are high-speed trains between them, so the distance of almost a thousand kilometers is overcome in just 6 hours.

The ticket price with luggage on a direct train starts at €45. However, this ticket price will be if you buy it online and in advance. At the ticket office on the day of departure you will pay more than €100, plus in high season you may quickly run out of tickets for a while.

The French railroad site is very uncomfortable, so I advise to choose tickets on the Russian version of the reliable Omio site.

On the day of departure with a ticket you will need to arrive at the station in advance, find your train on the board, know the track number and then go to your seat. The controller will check your ticket during the journey.

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By train is convenient that you depart practically from the city center and arrive to your destination also in the center, the minimum of fuss, but in a quiet atmosphere you can study the guide, take a nap.

Paris to Nice by train

From Paris to Nice by car

Car is the choice of independent travelers and lovers of freedom to travel from Paris to Nice. You can visit Dijon, Lyon, Marseille, beautiful medieval towns, the castle of Châteauneuf and many other places on the way.

Your way will be on the highways A6, A7, A8.

You will need about 70 liters of fuel for the whole route in a medium-sized car. At €1.35 you will spend €95 for gasoline. The highway toll will be €79.2.

As for the cost of renting a car, a day renting a simple Peugeot 208 with mechanics will cost €20. A bigger car with an automatic, for example Mercedes-Benz C-Class will cost €55 per day.

The easiest way to find a car is through the Rentalcars website, where you can compare rental terms, prices and availability. By the way, the car in international companies can be returned in another city for a fee. We have a separate article “Rent a car in Paris”, where you can read more about the nuances of rental cars.

Rent a car in Paris

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