Do I need a visa to Croatia for Russians in 2017, price

Visa to Croatia from One Document Center.

Have a negative PCR test done 72 hours prior to arrival at the checkpoint.

Vaccination certificate (from Russian Sputnik V).

COVID 19 medical documentation is not required when transiting through Croatia.

The following visas can be obtained to visit Croatia:

  • Croatian national visa;
  • Schengen multivisa;
  • Bulgarian multivisa.

The visa is issued for one trip.

You can visit Croatia with a previously issued multiple-entry visa issued by any of the Schengen Agreement countries, as well as with a valid Bulgarian multiple-entry visa.

Bulgarian visas are done without attendance and are faster!

You can come to our office and you can draw up everything remotely

  • You call us in person, by phone, mail or WhatsApp
  • We consult you, decide together on the type of visa, the purpose of your trip, and discuss all the nuances
  • You send us and we will check all your documents for compliance with the requirements of the Croatian consulate
  • We will fill the application form
  • We organize appointment for personal submission of documents

Now you can apply for visa either through Embassy of Croatia in Moscow (when applying for Single entry visa) or through Regional Visa Centers of Croatia (when applying for single entry visa). The documents are to be submitted by the applicant in person, by appointment.

Regarding restrictive measures, before arrival at the border crossing point of the Republic of Croatia it is necessary to have:

  • A negative result of the PCR test for COVID 19 (at least 72 hours before arrival);
  • Negative result of COVID 19 rapid antigen test (taken no later than 48 hours before arrival)
  • Certificate or certificate of vaccination against COVID-19 with a vaccine used in the European Union (The only Russian vaccine currently recognized is Sputnik V and the Chinese vaccine Sinovac.

The QR-code from the “Gosudlugi” website is valid if it contains the data of the foreign passport, name and surname in Latin letters indicated exactly as in the foreign passport, as well as data on the date, name and series of the first and second doses of the vaccine.

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It is possible to have a PCR test or a rapid antigen test done immediately after arrival at your own expense, provided that you comply with the mandatory self-isolation until negative results are obtained.

It is possible to present a certificate of COVID 19 disease, with certain conditions, about which you can consult our Visa Center.

Even before you travel to the Republic of Croatia, it is recommended to fill out the online application form on the Enter Croatia portal, in order to shorten the border crossing procedure. Our staff will help you to fill it out.

Standard package of documents is necessary for processing visa to Croatia, but you should pay special attention to the documents, confirming the purpose of your trip and financial documents.

  • 2 color photos on white background of 3.5 x 4.5 cm, taken within the last 6 months and not used in the previous visa;
  • original of passport;
  • a passport valid for at least 3 months after the expiry of the requested visa and with at least two blank pages;

documents confirming financial support and socio-professional status of the applicant:

for working people: a certificate of employment and an account statement;

for students: certificate from the place of study and sponsor’s package (certificate from the place of work and account statement with the movement of funds for the last 3 months of the sponsor);

for pensioners: copy of pension certificate and account statement with cash flow for the last 3 months or sponsor’s package;

For the unemployed: a bank account balance statement; account statement for the last 3 months with the company stamp and signature of the responsible person and optionally: proof of real estate ownership. An alternative – a sponsorship letter in English with a photocopy of the sponsor’s passport.

For tourist visas Hotel reservation / voucher / accommodation confirmation

For private person invitations Invitation from a Croatian/EU citizen

For business visa issuance Invitation from a Croatian company or organization

The cost of visa to Croatia for an adult at the moment is about 6000 rubles 1.

To apply for a visa you need to make an appointment at the visa center of Croatia. Please note that the waiting time to make an appointment is about 10 days. This period can be reduced if you make an appointment at the VIP hall (service is paid additionally at the Croatian visa application center).

We will help you to prepare correctly all necessary documents for the Croatian Consulate!

1 The cost of the visa may vary depending on the exchange rate.

2 Service includes checking of package of your documents for compliance with the consulate requirements, preparation of questionnaire and making an appointment at the visa center.

Visa to Croatia

Do you need a visa to Croatia, what documents do you need for a visa to Croatia, where to get a visa to Croatia and other visa nuances – read our article.

The media regularly flashes reports about visa-free entry for Russians to Croatia, and the country is located almost in the heart of Europe. Still, do Russians need a visa to Croatia?

Visa to Croatia

July 1, 2013 Croatia joined the EU, so you have to apply for a visa, following all the rules in force in the country.

Also, if you already have a valid multiple Schengen visa, it is recognized as equivalent to the Croatian national visa, and may be used for transit or stay up to 90 days.

Not only Schengen visa, but also national visas of Cyprus, Bulgaria and Romania are suitable to enter Croatia. According to the website of the Croatian embassy in Russia, since 2014 all foreigners who are holders of valid Schengen documents, as well as holders of visas and permits to stay in Bulgaria, Romania and Cyprus do not require additional (Croatian) visas for Croatia. Visas must be multi-entry visas – for two or more entries.

Tourist visa for Croatia

To receive tourist or invitation visa to Croatia you shall submit the following documents to the consular department of the Embassy of Croatia in Moscow:

Visa to Croatia

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  • Hotel or hostel reservation confirmation or travel agency voucher;
  • Booking of round-trip train or airline tickets.

Visa to Croatia

For private trips – additionally notarized original invitation of a Croatian citizen or a person who has a residence permit in this country, as well as a certificate from his place of work; an invitation form.

For travelling with children – additionally a copy of birth certificate of the child. For travelling without one parent or accompanied by third person – a notarized permission for departure from the second parent or from both parents, and a copy of Russian passport pages with personal data.

Cruise passengers who wish to disembark at Croatian ports also require a visa. This visa can be obtained either at the consulate in advance as an ordinary tourist visa, or on board of the cruise liner by notifying the captain about your wish to disembark. In this case, you need a passport and a visa fee of 180 Croatian kuna, or $40.

The tourist visa is valid for three months.

Transit visa to Croatia

To transit through the territory of Croatia to third countries, Russian citizens need to obtain a transit visa, providing the following documents:

Visa to Croatia

Transit visa is valid for 7 days.

Cost of visa to Croatia and terms of issuing

A consular fee of 35 Euros is charged for processing of a Croatian visa according to the standard procedure. If you need a visa in shorter time (3 days), the consular fee is 80 euros. A receipt for the payment of the consular fee is received after submitting the documents. The payment must be made within 24 hours after submitting the visa application. Children under 6 years of age do not need to pay the visa fee.

Apart from the visa fee, the visa application center charges a service fee of 27.5 Euros which is paid in Rubles when submitting the documents.

Visa to Croatia

The Croatian visa is issued at the consulate on average within 3-7 working days. The invitation visa in case of documents submission together with the inviting person can be issued within 3 days.

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