Dragobrat ski resort

Dragobrat ski resort

Dragobrat skiing resort is a true gem in the Ukrainian Carpathians.

Dragobrat skiing complex is the pearl of the Ukrainian Carpathians, the highest mountain resort in these amazing mountains. “Dragobrat ski resort invites everyone who has always wanted to escape from a noisy city for a few days and feel the feeling of unity with nature.

General Info

Dragobrat mountain resort lies at the border between alpine zone and mountain ranges.

This popular resort is situated at an altitude of 1400 meters above sea level. Dragobrat gorge is situated on the border of alpine zone and mountain massifs. The territory of the resort is surrounded by emerald pine forests.

“Dragobrat is a true paradise for the fans of adrenaline rush. Extreme sportsmen are attracted by forest slopes, speed slopes and untouched nature. Unique relief of the slopes allowed organizing slopes for all categories of guests.

Those who likes calm rest and beginners that take their first steps on skis will also like it here. The variety and quality of the slopes is a credit to the organizers of the skiing center.

How to get there

Dragobrat is a popular skiing resort that is 9 kilometers away from the Uzhgorod-Ivano-Frankovsk highway. The distance to the nearest village Yasinya is about 18 kilometers.

There are three ways of getting to Yasinya:

  • Go to Ivano-Frankovsk by train, order a cab and then follow to Yasinya. There are also shuttles.
  • The “transfer base” is Lviv. You can get to Yasinya by train from Lviv to Rakhiv.Since January 2015 there is a direct train from Kiev to Rakhiv. The new route has already gained popularity among the fans of unforgettable holidays in the Ukrainian Carpathians.
  • If you’re traveling by car, follow the route to Ivano-Frankovsk and then go to Yasyn through Yaremche, Nadvirna, Lazeshchyna, and Yablonitsa.

Many mountain roads are not freewayable. You can get from Yasin to the resort by a 4×4 GAZ-66 or UAZike. You will definitely have an unforgettable experience!

Skiing season

Dragobrat is a unique place that has snow almost all the time.

Dragobrat is a unique place where there is snow almost all the time. The most alpine resort in Ukraine opens its skiing season in November. You can ski in fine snow until April or early May.

Weather in Dragobrat is determined by the alpine location of the resort. The first snow appears on the slopes in early November. But before you start your skiing season, you should check the state of Dragobrat slopes online using webcams at the official website. This will help you save time, money and not to worry before the trip.

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The temperature during winter ranges from -10C to -1C. In March and April the thermometer rises above zero during the day and at night the temperature remains below zero. During this period, a thin layer of ice forms on the surface of the slopes.

Cloudiness alternates with clear periods, with occasional gusts of wind. The low temperatures are well tolerated. The unique climate of these places contributes to full-fledged skiing at any period of the winter season.

Desperate skiers have a fantastic experience while skiing on pristine, slightly icy slopes. Freeriders consider Dragobrat to be one of the best places for extreme skiing.


Dragobrat skiing center is not only about great slopes and wonderful nature. Developed infrastructure allows tourists to enjoy maximum comfort and receive a wide range of services.

The guests are offered:

  • nine excellent slopes;
  • Several types of elevators;
  • comfortable hotel complexes, guest houses and mini-hotels;
  • Ski equipment and equipment rental;
  • medical point;
  • equipped parking lot in the village of Yasinya;
  • trips on snowmobiles and quads;
  • ski tours for extreme people;
  • animator services;
  • sky-tours by the special machine – ratrak;
  • trips to mountain lakes, to the source of the Tisza River, to Hoverla Mountain.

On the territory of the complex and close to it there are cozy cafes and taverns – traditional Hutsul dwellings converted to restaurants. Here you can have a hearty and delicious meal and try national Uzbek dishes.

Types of trails

Slopes of Dragobrat skiing resort are situated on gentle slopes of Zhandarm and Stig mountains. Slope angle is 12 to 19 degrees.

There are also slopes of the highest class for professionals and freestyle lovers. You are welcome to have unbelievable feelings on dizzying black slopes. There are also slopes for beginner skiers.

Below you can see a map of slopes of Dragobrat ski resort.

Dragobrat skiing resort has 9 pistes

Main features:

  • the number of slopes – 9 (eight main and a training slope);
  • 2 green, 4 red, and 3 black slopes;
  • Alluvial places for snowboarding and riding on the snowmobile; length of trails – from 1200 to 2000m. Student slope length – 300 meters; chairlifts and rope tow elevators of different length, there is a multilift on the educational slope, the tracks are regularly worked by snowcats, there is a special slope for freestyle-riders.

The elevators work from 9 am till the end of the daylight hours. At nighttime the slopes are not illuminated.

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The cost of services

Popular Dragobrat skiing resort in the Carpathians is not only famous for its rich variety of amusements, but also for its affordable prices.

It is better to buy a ski pass at Dragobrat.

Elevators You can pay for each lift. The cost is 20 UAH ($7.5). It’s more advantageous to buy a pass for a larger amount of lifts.

Just compare: 5 lifts cost 80 UAH ($10), 10 – 150 UAH ($150), 50 – 600 UAH ($50). Decreasing the price for a ride from 20 UAH ($1) to 12 UAH ($2) will allow you to save a lot of money.

Instructor services Ski school staff will teach both adults and children the basics of skiing in a short period of time. Beginner skiers will learn carving and sport riding technique. The cost of services starts from 100 UAH ($7.5) per hour.

An instructor will teach a child who is three or older. Lessons are held in the form of a game, without coercion, taking into account the nature and level of physical development of the child. Most of the instructors are winners of international competitions, these professionals.

The Dragobrat staff will provide you with all the necessary equipment.

Rental equipment Before you buy a personal equipment, experts recommend trying out rental equipment and find out what suits you best. Possibility of renting equipment allows you to avoid bulky luggage. The Dragobrat staff will provide you with everything you need.

Every year the center’s specialists purchase modern equipment from world famous manufacturers. Even the youngest guests will find the necessary equipment.

Where to stay

After the winter entertainment so want to relax in a comfortable room. Guests can stay in Dragobrat hotels with maximum comfort.

There is a five-storyed hotel and two comfortable cottages at the foot of slopes in Dragobrat. Rooms are equipped according to European standards. There is a dryer, where you can lay out your gear and things that get wet after skiing.

The room rate includes two meals a day. A bed in a double room at the cottage costs 300 UAH ($750) per day, and a bed in a triple room costs 290 UAH ($290). A double room in the hotel will cost 270 UAH ($10), and a third one will cost 260 UAH ($22).

Please call: (0532) 22-09-50, (0532) 50-83-75. You can specify the terms of accommodation, booking and payment for hotel rooms.

In addition to hotels and cottages that are located close to the slopes, there are more than 20 mini-hotels and guest houses that offer rooms for tourists. The price for a hotel room varies from 250 to 500 UAH ($750 to $500) per person per day.

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Video virtual walk along Dragobrat slopes

Watch this video to see the full experience of Dragobrat skiing resort.

Everyone who appreciates the fantastic experience of a crazy freeride invites to Dragobrat skiing resort. The most alpine resort in Ukraine invites you to plunge into a world of unforgettable emotions. “Dragobrat and boredom are not compatible!

Advise which instructor you should turn to. If you saved a phone number, share it below in the comments box !

Perhaps some of you went to “Dragogbrat” with children? What are your impressions? Help with choosing a good and inexpensive hotel. All your reviews about rest on Dragobrat will be useful.

Dragobrat mountain in the Carpathians: skiing resort in Ukraine.

Dragobrat ski resort: prices, pistes, accommodation


“Carpathian Siberia” is the name of Dragobrat – a ski resort in the Ukrainian Carpathians with incredible natural diversity. Here pine forests neighbor with alpine meadows. Dragobrat is located at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level. Snow falls here in November and stays until May, and the alpine climate provides persistent snow cover that is 1.5-2 meters thick. Moreover, the slopes are treated with snow guns.

Thanks to natural conditions and skillfully made infrastructure Dragobrat is getting more and more popular among skiers. Those who have skied for the first time can attend a skiing school with professional instructors.

Slopes characteristics

Most of the ski tracks are located on the slopes of Stog and Bliznitsa mountains at the altitudes of 1300-1700 m. Total length of Dragobrat slopes is 10 kilometers. Some slopes of this skiing resort are rather smooth, without any sudden drops. Slopes are 300 meters to 2 kilometers long, and the angle of inclination is 12-19 degrees. Dragobrat has 9 slopes in total: from the easiest, educational for beginner skiers to the most extreme for professionals. There are slopes of any level: blue, red, black, and freestyle slopes.

The main slope is located next to two rope tow lifts. Snowboarders are more suitable for snowboarding on Bliznitsa mountain that is 3 km long. Fans of extreme slopes can go Freeride at Dragobrat.

Dragobrat skiing slopes can be seen on the map (click to enlarge) :

Map of ski tracks Dragobrat skiing resort

There are 10 ski elevators at this ski resort. Two of them belong to Karpatskaya Chaika complex: a chairlift and a multilift. There are also two slopes: a training slope and an amateur one. The chairlift takes skiers to Peremytka between Stog and Gendarme peaks. From here, there is a 1.4 km long slope. There are two elevators at OAZA: the fastest rope tow elevator and a training multilift. You can also take a cable car up to the mountain top, which is usually chosen by large groups of skiers.

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Prices at Dragobrat resort

To get to Dragobrat you should first go to Ivano-Frankovsk, then to Yasinya village, and then use the services of local cab drivers in SUVs. The fare for the ride is approximately 350 UAH ($750) per car and 85 UAH ($85) per person.

There are special offers at the resort, which help you save your money by booking your hotel room and skiing pass at an early stage. A single ride costs from 15 UAH (approx. 20 UAH) on the rope tow lift and 40 UAH (approx. 40 UAH) on the chair lift, 10 rides costs 200 UAH (approx. 20 UAH (approx. 350 UAH).

The price for a double room starts at 230 UAH ($6). Almost all hotels have half board, but some offer half board for a surcharge (100 UAH ($7.5)).

In Dragobrat you can rent any size of skiing equipment for 60-120 UAH ($7.5) per day. Instructor’s services cost 200 UAH ($7.5) per hour.

See all the photos of Dragobrat skiing resort:

Meals and entertainment

Guests of Dragobrat have a choice of eating outlets that feature European and Russian cuisine. If you want to get acquainted with the local flavor, you should stop by Hutsulskaya Koliba and taste some national dishes. The average price for a main dish is 40 UAH ($7.5). There is a café at one of the mountain peaks that serve warm drinks (mulled wine, herbal tea, coffee), as well as grilled meat and kebabs.

The nature in this area is really very diverse, and in addition to the picturesque mountains you should also visit the Dragobrat Lake and waterfall. You can go on excursions there and join them. Not far from Dragobrat there are Kvasy, which is famous for its mineral springs.

Besides skiing slopes Dragobrat has a sauna, a Finnish sauna, which is a great place to get warm after a cold day, and then take a dip in a pool with spring water. For children there is a special play area, and for their parents – billiards, table tennis, karaoke bar, disco.

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Accommodation and lodging in Dragobrat

Dragobrat has a large hotel with 74 beds and small cottages. All cottages are equipped with bathrooms, showers and even satellite TV. You can also stay in the private sector. Lodging there costs about 50 UAH (separate room). Generally speaking, Dragobrat has both posh suites and budget accommodations.

Hotels and hotels of Dragobrat

Most tourists tend to stay close to the elevators, which is not surprising since it saves a lot of time. For example, there is a hotel called Great Bear Mountain, which is situated at the foot of Dragobrat mountain. Located at the foot of Mount Stog in the 200 meters from the cable car.

A mini hotel Staraya Fortress is 150 meters from the training slope and the elevator Carpathian Gull, and has its own restaurant.

Peak Hotel is located in the highest part of Dragobrat resort, so the view from the window is incredible. Here you can also rent skiing equipment.

Zgarda hotel:

Cottages, boarding houses and hotels in Dragobrat are very numerous, but you should remember: if the trip is planned for the “high” season, places need to be booked in advance.

Tourist Reviews

Many tourists, once visited this ski resort, plan to visit there again, but, already wise from experience, note some features.

So, they note that the last part of the road to Dragobrat, namely the section from Yasen to the resort village itself, is quite difficult. Most tourists are warned against traveling by car and are advised to ask local drivers who know the road well. But these inconveniences associated with the road, fully compensated by the unique nature.

Experienced travelers especially recommend visiting this resort on New Year’s holidays, when everything around reminds of a winter fairy tale. However, book a hotel room 1.5-2 months in advance, wishing to meet the New Year here is very much.

Some tourists, in order not to think about long-term reservations come to Dolgobrat at the end of the ski season, which also helps to save significantly, and the queue at the elevator will be less.

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