Dubai Golden Frame . Description, photos.

The Dubai Frame (Dubai, UAE) – reviews

A unique idea, a grandiose implementation. A museum of the past. Impressive pictures of the future. The glass floor was a great shock for the nerves. Fascinating.

Greetings, everyone. Dubai Frame or Dubai Golden Frame is really a unique attraction. The idea itself is unusual: it frames the views of the old city on one side and the new Dubai on the other. It’s a kind of portal between the new and the old.

I have to admit, I expected more from Dubai.

It didn’t take us long to figure out where to look at Dubai from above – from the top of the famous Burj Khalifa Tower or from the “Dubai Frame”. The deciding factor was the price, compare. Burj Khalifa. The upper observation deck, including 124-125 and 148 floors, costs 6,800.

Glass floor, views of old and modern Dubai

Strange name for the object of the review. The name should be, I believe, simply “Dubai Frame Lookout.” It really is a unique architectural object, but first of all (as a tourist spot) is an observation deck). I finally made it.

Attractions are growing by leaps and bounds.

Dubai is a city where sights are growing like mushrooms after rain (oil rain). For 10-15 years in this tiny Arab country there have appeared such objects and places, whose belonging is identified by any tourist at least once.

There is only a moment between the past and the future.Do you want to know? Well then to Dubai Fraime!

I was eager to visit this site as soon as it appeared. So upon arrival in the United Arab Emirates, I mean in Sharjah, at a temporary place of dislocation, we immediately bought a tour of this mysterious art object from the hotel guide.

The most interesting observation deck I have ever seen

In the last two years I’ve been to Dubai three times – even during the pandemic it’s easy to fly there and feel safe. But of course, it’s not the well-being of the situation that attracts me, it’s the beaches.

Ko Lanta Island. Thailand. Attractions

How to get to Dubai and whether you need to go.

Being in Dubai nevertheless decided to go to this architectural marvel “Dubai Frame”. And it was only 2 stops by subway to get there. If you want to visit the frame on your own, then go ahead.

It is possible to look, but I was not particularly impressed!

Since this time our hotel was quite far from the center, we prepared for a long time to visit the site. Not that we were preparing, but rather constantly putting it off. So on one of the last days of our stay.

From old to new Dubai!

Hello to all the fans of emerging Dubai! In January 2018, Dubai’s unique architectural structure, Dubai Frame, came into being. We visited it 8 months after its opening, in August 2018. Of course it is better to get to it by.

Unusual idea, beautiful presentation.

We visited in June 2021. Interesting unusual structure, Dubai people are very good, from simple things can make a sweet thing, beautifully decorated, advertised and collect money. Let’s start in order, arrived by car, very easy to find on the navigator, got there.

A new interesting attraction in Dubai

Good day, readers of the site “Otzovik”! In this review I will briefly tell you about my visit to a new attraction in the city of Dubai “Dubai Frame”. This architectural structure opened just recently in January 2018 and represents from.

A unique place that impresses with its size

Greetings travel lovers! I will write a little about the Golden Frame (ZR) in Dubai or Dubai Frame is the tallest frame in the world. You will find a lot of information about the frame on the internet, I will not litter the review with repetitive information.

The glass floor is cool!

Another wonderful attraction in Dubai is Dubai Frame. The structure resembles a huge frame, which is 150 meters high and 93 meters wide. The golden frame is made of reinforced concrete, glass, aluminum and steel. Once inside, you see the exhibition.

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It’s worth a visit once.

I made it to the Dubai Frame as well. When they just started to build this facility, I kept thinking what a nonsense, some huge gate in the center of the city. After a couple of years I decided to visit it and check whether it was nothing or not.

It was amazing views from 150-meter high!)

The alternative to the Burj – Khalifa (observation deck) Even such a unique structure can not see anywhere else Low cost Near the subway station Beautiful interesting photos

Imagine a gilded picture frame, but 150 meters high and 93 meters wide. It is the largest frame on the planet, which really impressed me. I often go to Dubai, and I was looking forward to the opening.

Unusual, entertaining .

What is the Dubai Frame-it is an amazing new creation built in Dubai. To be honest, we did not read about it on the Internet and were not going to visit this place, as we did not know about it. We did see it.

It’s a nice viewing platform. Between the past and the future.

I drove by the Frame every day to the beach, so I couldn’t help but go. Dubai Frame is located in the Zabeel area park, so you can combine a walk through the park and the Frame. If you don’t want to go to the park, you can look.

Photo Frame between the old and new city

The frame Dubai is near subway Al Jafliya, works every day from 9 till 21:00, the ticket can be bought on a place costs 70 dirhams for adults and 45 dirhams for children, it is possible as to buy on a site. The frame during the day looks.

A must-see for tourists.

I live in Dubai. Went to the museum several times, mostly with tourist friends. The place is done in an innovative way. First a small history museum, then you go to the top in a high-speed elevator where you can see 2 sides of Dubai from the windows: one is old.

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Worth a visit!

While vacationing in the UAE, we decided to go to the new attraction, the Golden Frame. You can see it from far away and it is very interesting. It shimmers in the sun very beautifully. They say that it is covered with gold leaf, but it seemed to me – the usual stainless steel)))). We got to her on our own.

Golden Frame. Dubai

The Golden Frame or simply the Dubai Frame is one of the many sights of Dubai. This structure is nothing more than a frame, a giant frame for a photo or picture.

Interesting fact – The Guardian newspaper calls it “The biggest picture frame on the planet.

Dubai Golden Frame

It’s one of the most extraordinary sights in Dubai.

It’s also one of the city’s youngest attractions. It only opened in January 2018.

Where is it located

The Golden Frame is located in Zabeel Park in central Dubai.

Geographic coordinates (25.23552, 55.30018)

The Golden Frame in Dubai

You have to agree, it’s quite an unusual structure.

The idea behind the Golden Frame

This is not just another attraction of the rich city.

The main idea behind the creation of the Dubai Frame is to connect the different historical eras of the city. It is located in such a way that on one side you see the characteristic sights of modern Dubai, and on the other side you have beautiful views of the old city. This gives the illusion of travelling back in time 50 years.

The Golden Frame at night

The Golden Frame is no less attractive in the evening.

The project was conceived by architect Fernando Donis. His idea won a design competition between the Dubai government and ThyssenKrupp Elevator to create the so-called “New Face of Dubai”.

Design and construction

The Golden Frame is actually made of glass, steel, aluminum and reinforced concrete. However, gilding is used in the decoration, which enhances the visual effect on sunny days (and there are quite a few).

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Dubai Golden Frame

The Dubai Frame is located next to the Star Gate in Zabeel Park. It is 150 meters high and 95.5 meters wide.

An interesting fact is that the dimensions of the “Dubai Frame” in its rectangular form correspond to the famous “golden ratio” of 1.618. It is this ratio that many architects and artists consider a perfect example of harmonious balance

More than 9,900 m 3 of reinforced concrete, about 2,000 tons of steel and 2,900 m 2 of laminated glass were used in the construction. The entire structure is covered with 15,000 m 2 of gold stainless steel cladding with circles reminiscent of the Expo 2020 logo.

Golden Frame from the side

The side of the Dubai Frame.

The cost of the project is estimated at $62 million.

An interesting fact is that it was originally planned that the main color would be silver. However, it didn’t really match the wealth of the city

Who Stole the Dubai Frame.

Interesting fact – the Golden Frame has the unofficial status of “the biggest stolen building of all time”

It is alleged that the designer had his intellectual property stolen. In fact, he was denied authorship of his design.

In December 2016, architect Fernando Donis filed a lawsuit in a U.S. court against the municipality of Dubai and ThyssenKrupp Elevator. In his lawsuit, Donis claims that he received no contract or compensation for his design, even though it was realized. However, the author did receive a $100,000 prize for first place in the competition.

At this point, it is unknown how the litigation ended, as the parties declined to comment.

The Dubai Tourism Frame.

As you understand, the Dubai Golden Frame is not only a symbolic object, but also a tourist attraction.

Top of Dubai Frame

The top of the Golden Frame

The bridge at the top, which connects the towers, provides a great panoramic view of the city. From here you can see the stunning scenery of the legendary city.

Things to see and do in Dubai. What to see in Dubai.

On the first floor there is a museum and gallery with interactive exhibits and a 3D projection of the old city quarter.

First Floor of Dubai Gold Frame

On the first floor of the Golden Frame

In the center of the upper part of the Frame there is a transparent glass floor with an area of 25 m 2 . You will have the opportunity to admire the view of the land from a height of 150 meters.

Golden Frame Glass Floor

The glass floor of the Golden Frame

For opening hours and costs please visit the Dubai Golden Frame’s official website.

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