Entertainment in Vietnam, detailed description

Entertainment in Nha Trang

Wynperl Park in Nha Trang

Nha Trang offers different kinds of entertainment. Tours to interesting places will please both lovers of active recreation and supporters of quiet pastime. A variety of parks and attractions will not leave indifferent children and adults. In addition to Nha Trang and its surroundings, you can also visit paradise neighboring islands. I will tell you about the top 20 attractions in Nha Trang in this article.

Wynperl Park

One of the main attractions in Nha Trang is considered to be the entertainment park Winperl. Its interesting feature is that it is located on a separate island with a large number of different attractions. The area is divided into separate thematic zones:

  1. Waterpark.
  2. Oceanarium.
  3. Zoo.
  4. Indoor game pavilion.
  5. The area with rides and more.

You can get to the island in two ways:

  • By sea by boat;
  • by cable car.

Since the park covers a large area, bypass it in a couple of hours is impossible, it is better to allocate a whole day to its visit. You can not take food with you on the ropeway is checked by security, but be sure not to forget your swimsuit. After paying at the entrance you receive a plastic card that allows you to use any entertainment attractions.

Wynperl Park in Nha Trang

Chocolate Factory

Another unusual attraction in Nha Trang is the Chocolate Factory, which opened just recently, in November 2017. Sweet lovers cannot deny themselves the pleasure of trying natural chocolate made from local cocoa beans. The production is different from what is available on store shelves.

Canadian representatives Tom and Toddy were the founders of the factory. The process is carried out on Italian equipment under the strict control of the technological process.

There is a chocolate museum, where the factory products are represented. It has tables for visitors to taste the natural product.

You can go to the chocolate factory with a tour, book it here.

Nha Trang Entertainment

Snake Farm

There is a snake farm 12 km from Nha Trang which is also offered to tourists. On this website you can book an excursion to the snake village. The visit is accompanied by an unforgettable snake tamer show, in a designated arena. In the show involved several varieties of amphibians, including poisonous.

A special attraction is the farm animal, the palm marten. Fermentation of coffee beans in his stomach turns them into the most expensive in the world – Luwak.

Another part of the tour is an introduction to Moringa Nha Trang Pharmaceutical Company, whose production is based on local raw materials.

Snake Farm in Nha Trang

Lovers of exoticism can try snake dishes prepared by skillful chefs. It can wash soups, cutlets, roasts and others.

Mineral Springs and Mud Baths

The gifts of nature of Nha Trang are the mineral springs. Based on the availability of resources, in 1995 began building special spas in the city in order to attract the flow of tourists. The government’s plan was a success and nowadays there are 3 famous health centers based on mud treatment:

  • I Resort is the youngest resort, built in 2012, famous for the cave with Charcot shower, waterfalls of mineral water, massage fountains.
  • Thap Ba – there is a steam room, sauna, mud baths, swimming pool.
  • 100 Eggs – there is a botanical garden, a mini-zoo, a village demonstrating the life of the local tribe.

Park 100 Eggs in Nha Trang

The centers are located near each other, so you can visit all of them at once. Thermal springs do not vary in composition and contain sodium, silicon, trace elements, which give the mud antibacterial properties.

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Diving and snorkeling

The underwater world of Nha Trang coastline is rich in representatives of flora and fauna: rare species of fish, seahorses, sea mice, devilfish, frogfish and others. Therefore, diving is quite a popular pastime among tourists. Some divers find shells with natural pearls. Distinctive features of entertainment in the local area – the possibility of diving at any time of year and safety, with compliance with international norms and standards.

The most popular places for diving are considered to be the coasts:

  • о. Kondao;
  • о. Hoi An;
  • о. Hon Mun.

You can book diving with an instructor on this site.

Diving in Nha Trang

Snorkeling differs from diving by surface diving, in which a person dives with a snorkel. Most favorite place for fans of snorkeling are the southern islands of Nha Trang. You can visit them with a tour by booking it here.


For lovers of breaking the sea waves on a board created all conditions. Surfers prefer one of the three points of surfing:

  • Bai Dai beach – considered a wild beach, there are almost no people here, but many points of sale and rental equipment, and most importantly a gentle entrance to the sea;
  • City beach – there are lessons with an instructor;
  • Dark Reef – the best place for experienced surfers, the right waves, a minimum of visitors, but the equipment will have to take with you.

For beginners in the sport, it is better to choose the time to visit the resort from May to September.

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Kitesurfing is surfing by sea on a board with a sail, using the wind for acceleration.

In Nha Trang this sport is quite well developed, the time for riding begins in February. However, the best place for sailing suitable neighborhoods Mui Ne, as it is there all the time there is wind and a gentle bottom. Local instructors provide paid training services.

Nha Trang Entertainment


Rafting on the River Cai in special boats and kayaks. The length of the route is 8 km, the highest threshold of danger reaches 3 points. Therefore this sport is suitable even for beginners. The trip is accompanied by an instructor. Go rafting is only possible with a tour, book it here.

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Canyoning is the passage of the river flowing in the canyon, using special equipment. The route is located 60 km from the city, in a mountain gorge on the seashore. The route is safe and suitable for beginners not familiar with rock climbing.

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Quadricycle safari is an active rest with a breeze. The route, a length of 30 km, covers the protected area of Hon Ba, rice fields, fruit plantations, mountain ranges. The trip is designed for 2 hours, overcoming obstacles of varying degrees of complexity. Under the guidance of an instructor can learn to drive the unit for a person with no experience. You can order a ride on a quad bike on this site.

Nha Trang Entertainment


For thrill-seekers, paragliding, a paragliding flight, is present in the arsenal of entertainment programs. This is a relatively new direction for the city. Watching the beauty of the local surroundings from a bird’s-eye view is an extreme pleasure, so the jump is carried out only with an instructor. You can book a paraglider flight here.

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Nha Trang Entertainment

Trip in jeeps

Excursions in Vietnam on Jeep Willys off-road vehicles allow you to visit places far from the standard tourist routes:

  • rice paddies;
  • Vietnamese villages;
  • Buddhist pagodas;
  • pagodas hermit monks;
  • mountains;
  • waterfalls;
  • rivers.

It is this type of travel that allows you to visit inaccessible places in the heart of the jungle.

You can book such an excursion on this page.

Nha Trang Entertainment

Bicycle Tours

The coastal city of Nha Trang is considered one of the most beautiful in Vietnam. Bicycle tours of the villages are organized to showcase the surroundings and sights. As part of the trip, tourists are introduced to the traditions and crafts of local tribes: weaving, clay plate making, and more. The tour includes a visit to an ancient house, a market where you can shop, a rice field, a wooden bridge. Travelers are offered to try rare tropical fruits, drinks (coconut or sugar cane). You can book a bicycle tour here.

Nha Trang Entertainment

Kai River Excursion

Traveling on the local Kai River is a very entertaining activity. Therefore, various rafting tours are organized on it. You can book such an excursion here. For excursion boats are used, you can also swim in a round boat Thung. But this does not mean that you only have to swim, watching the surroundings from the side. The tour involves visiting:

  • Hai On and Phap Than Buddhist pagodas for women and men;
  • Chicken Island, where you can try coconuts, mangoes and other tropical fruits, tincture of snakes, banana wine;
  • An ancient house that is more than 200 years old;
  • a spirit house on the island;
  • An exotic restaurant on the shore, where visitors are allowed to wrap their own rolls in edible rice paper to their liking.

While rafting on the river, you can see the beauty of evergreen tropical plants and emerald mountains.

Nha Trang Entertainment

Sea Cruise

A boat trip on a boat in the classic Vietnamese style belongs to the category of VIP tours. The decor of the ship in the style of 30’s of the 20th century, beautiful live music, a wide variety of dishes for dinner – a great option for the evening recreation. The trip involves visiting Nha Trang Bay. You can book an evening cruise here.

Nha Trang Entertainment

The second option is a day cruise with diving, optional. Recreation involves swimming in the open sea, visiting a fishing farm, riding round Vietnamese boats, relaxing on an island and other activities.

Sea Fishing

Saltwater fishing comes in two versions: from the shore or from a boat. Amateurs and beginners prefer fishing from the shore. Sea trolling (fishing from a boat) requires renting a boat, so it is not a cheap pleasure.

Nha Trang Entertainment

Trip to the Northern Islands

A trip to the Northern Islands is part of a set of cultural and recreational activities. It all starts with the Monkey Island, where everyone can take pictures with monkeys, participate in dog races, ride an elephant.

Islands in Nha Trang

The next stop is Orchid Island, the name of which indicates the presence of different species of this flower. Local gardeners have tried their best and created beautiful compositions and sculptures of orchids. Here visitors can also meet unusual animals: ostriches, spotted deer, elephants, malay bears.

Attraction of the islands is the beach, here it is considered one of the best. The sea is quiet and warm, there are various attractions for children and adults. You can book an excursion to the Northern Islands on this site.

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Street food tasting.

One of tourists’ favorite excursions is street food tasting. Places to visit include the local cafes where residents eat daily. Vietnamese cuisine differs in that most dishes can be prepared and served on the street. The main component of the menu is seafood, which must undergo careful heat treatment before being served.

Most often visitors are offered to taste the following dishes:

  • Pho soup;
  • The traditional dish Ban Xeo;
  • seafood;
  • pancakes Nem;
  • Vietnamese sweets.

You can get acquainted with Vietnamese food and learn about the best establishments in Nha Trang on a special tour Cuisine of Vietnam.

Nha Trang Entertainment

Nightclubs and bars

Nightlife is boiling in Nha Trang, there are many options for tourists to relax:

  1. Sports bars, where various kinds of competitions are broadcast, or where you can play billiards.
  2. Dance clubs – you can dance all night enjoying modern music.
  3. Board game cafes – you can play “Mafia.”
  4. Hookah shops – for lovers of this kind of pleasure.

Some establishments are open until 2 a.m., some do not close until the last client.

Nightclubs in Nha Trang

The most popular are:

  • Sailing Club – a dance club on the coast, where you can watch a fire show;
  • Lousiane bar – famous for the performance of various cover bands;
  • Zima Club – a dance club, beloved by Russian tourists, located on the beach;
  • Altitude – one of the high-rise bars, which is located on the 28th floor of the hotel building;
  • The Temple Lounge, a hookah bar favored by Russians and Europeans.

Read about the best nightlife establishments of the resort in my separate article on the best nightclubs in Nha Trang.

Vietnamese massage

After an active holiday you want to relax. For this you can use the services of massage therapists, which are present in Nha Trang in large numbers. Massages are performed on the street, in salons and spas. The bulk of street services is aimed at relaxing the legs and feet. In order to have the procedure for the whole body, it is better to look for a specialized salon.

Massage in Nha Trang

Vietnamese massage focuses on bioenergetic points combined with a special technique of impact on the joints and muscles. Such manipulations help improve blood circulation and relieve muscle tension.

The town of Nha Trang is not inferior to the famous resorts of Turkey, Egypt, and other countries. It has a fairly well-developed infrastructure, allowing it to receive guests at a high level in accordance with international standards. In Nha Trang a lot of excursions and entertainment for all tastes and wallets. A variety of attractions for children and entertainment for adults will not leave indifferent even the most demanding visitors.

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Ropeway view

Exotic Asian nation of Vietnam, located on the coast of the South China Sea, attracts tourists from all over the world by the uniqueness of life, culture, unique cuisine, an environment of endless fun.

According to tourist reviews, every corner of this strange country is worth visiting!

What interesting entertainment awaits travelers in Vietnam?

Dalat – the center of a variety of entertainment!

In 2014 in Da Nang opened the Ferris wheel – the height of one hundred and fifteen meters ensures the fourth place in the world. The entertainment enjoys a frenzy among guests of the resort. The ticket price is 50,000 dong for fifteen minutes. From the very top you can see panoramas of bridges, the Han River and the whole city.

Riding on the cable car – the scenery is unique and literally mesmerizing! The cabin floats leisurely up and down in the air. The cable car takes us to Thien Vien Pagoda. Here is a magnificent park with a lake and a pine forest. Time flies in such a beauty!

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The bobsled road is located in the park near Datanlah Falls. Steering the bob is not difficult – when braking the lever is directed backwards, to increase speed – push forward. There are warning signs on the track – “Break” – you need to slow down! This entertainment is great for young people!

Sledding in Vietnam

For fans of extreme sports

Canyoning along the bed of the mountain river Lang Bian is suitable. During the three kilometers boats rush up and down steeply, fifteen meters down the waterfall will give indescribable emotions! Escorted by professionals!

Thirty kilometers of kayaking on the scenic Lake Tuyen Lam, surrounded by tropical jungle.

Mekong Cruise . The trip is designed for a couple of days. You can sunbathe on deck during the day and spend the evenings at dinner enjoying the scenery of the Mekong. There are stops at the famous floating market and local craft villages.

On Halong Bay they arrange the same cruises on a motley boat. In this area filmed the movie “Avatar”, guided tours to the islands and park Catba.

Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy a bicycle tour of Hanoi . The trip highlights the historical sites of the city and its surroundings. The price includes a bike rental, snack, water, entrance fees of the places visited and an English-speaking guide. It is better to wear closed clothes and shoes!

Vietnam has a couple of varieties of jeep safaris – excursions along the Mekong River or to the underground corridors of Cu Chi. The Mekong Delta is a natural treasure trove with a wide variety of flora and fauna. There are beautiful panoramas along the way. The ethnic villages you meet are used to make unusual souvenirs.

Jeep Cars

In the past, Vietnamese Nha Trang was a simple little fishing village. Today it is already a well-known resort capital of Khanh Hoa Province on the central coast of Vietnam with a population of about half a million people.

Cable car (or otherwise funicular) was launched in 2007. So far, it is the longest cable car in the world, stretching over the sea. The total length of the funicular is more than three kilometers, and the height is 70 meters. It connects Nha Trang’s coast and Hong Che Island with Vinpearl Land Amusement Park. It takes about half an hour to travel all the way.

VINPEARL amusement park was first conceived as an independent relaxation zone on an area of more than two hundred thousand square meters. The way to the park is very exotic – the long Hong Che cable car. On its territory there is a five-star hotel complex “Vinpearl Luxury Nha Trang”, distinguished by a high level of service and all-inclusive system. There is absolutely everything – attractions, oceanarium, dolphinarium, water park, restaurants, supermarkets.

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At the entrance is advisable to take a map with photos and descriptions of attractions for ease of movement, where quite clearly marked by the iconic places.

The most remarkable thing here is the “ocean in miniature” Vinpearl, which has three hundred rare and valuable species of fish.

Vinpearl Safari Park . Tours are conducted by car, the way is designed so that visitors can see all the inhabitants of the park: lions, tigers, zebras, antelope. Children really like it!

The largest island in terms of area Phu Quoc

Located in the Gulf of Thailand and is rightly considered a landmark of Vietnam. The tropical jungle growing on the rocks, captivating waterfalls, beautiful beaches with crystal water, a diverse underwater world of corals and sea creatures, will leave an unforgettable impression. Fukuoka has many hotels with unique locations for photos. Local residents fish and grow pearls. Jewelry, cosmetics – you can buy all kinds of pearl products. Prices are slightly higher than in the local markets.

Cocoanut Prison – a very creepy place with instruments of torture, photos of torture. Particularly impressionable people should not go there!

On the island all year round the average temperature is 28-30 degrees. For a holiday on the island suitable period from November to the end of April. Then follows the “rainy season” from early May to November.

The most famous beach of Long Beach – the transparent sea surface, white sand. In the evening you can capture the incredible beauty of the sunset. There are water activities, diving schools, and spas on the beach.

Martial arts lessons enthuse guys, men. Sports clubs or a military arts center are never empty!

Phan Thiet – a major city for lovers of quiet and leisurely vacation in the lap of nature. Entertainment is available here, but they operate mostly until ten pm.

Riding ostriches – entertainment in the park near the waterfall of Prenne. You sit in the saddle on the back of an ostrich and ride around the aviary. It’s not really as easy as it looks! The ostrich is a tough bird and “with character”. During movement, they push each other and “swear” in their language. Rider will get a shot of adrenaline.

Results .

It is important that there is no access to the sea and the main stream of tourists is concentrated in the resort area of Mui Ne, which stretches along the coastline in a long string of hotel complexes (from two to five stars), cafes, restaurants and stores about ten kilometers. The level of beaches depends on the season: in the “rainy season” beaches are cleaned less often, strong winds and waves throw a lot of garbage on the shore.

The water is turbid, especially in the afternoon, and does not allow diving or snorkeling. Large waves and the presence of tides contribute to the ideal conditions for surfing and kite surfing.

On the territory of the hotel complexes grows an impressive number of palm trees of extraordinary beauty. The resort cannot boast of iconic places, after ten o’clock in the evening comes complete peace and tranquility.

Extreme sports in Vietnam is enough for everyone, financial and time resources are important!

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