Enwaitenet Island on Lake Turkana in Kenya

Enwaitenet Island Mysteries

The name of Enwaitenet Island, located on Lake Rudolfa in northern Kenya, is translated from the language of the Elmolo tribe as “irretrievable. None of the people who went there ever returned. The history of the mysterious disappearances on Envaitenet begins in the 1730s, when several Turkana families decided to take refuge from the slave traders and chose the island of Lake Rudolph. From the very beginning of their stay on the island, people noticed the absence of birds and animals, as well as the unnaturally bright shade of emerald vegetation and its too lush growth. Also unusual was the presence of disappearing and reappearing smooth brown stones. They formed whole clusters and looked as if someone had polished them on purpose.

Later the Turkana encountered a number of other mystical phenomena. Every new moon the island was riddled with ominous screams and long moans that at times lasted about an hour. Further, the inhabitants discovered that it was impossible to get to some parts of the island, so closely intertwined were the branches of the trees there. In addition, the islanders had nightmares at night: in their dreams they saw mysterious creatures that only vaguely resembled humans.

These visions then prevented them from moving for a certain period of time. And when the stupor wore off, severe headaches, partial loss of vision, and nausea would ensue. Sometimes a city would suddenly appear, glowing with multicolored lights, with ruined towers and palace walls, and the frightened islanders would hear the funeral chant.

Fatal accidents followed. Any minor cut caused blood poisoning, common food poisoning. Experienced swimmers would drown in the lake in the calm. A man could fall on a flat spot and be seriously injured. Finally, unseen monsters could suddenly appear in front of people, and they had to flee from them, but it was not always possible. Small children disappeared without a trace literally before the eyes of their parents.

Everything that happened on the island caused the rest of the tribe, who remained on the shore of the lake, to see the islanders less and less often. And one day, when they dared to come to the island after a few months, it was deserted. All things, household utensils, tools remained in place, there was no trace of disorder and struggle, but people, nevertheless, disappeared.

In the XVIII century, two expeditions disappeared on the island – the Germanic and Dutch. They disappeared as without a trace as did the natives a few decades earlier.

In 1935, a British expedition led by Sir Vivian Fouch studied the life of the Elmolo tribe. Two members of the expedition, geologists Martin Scheffles and Bill Dyson, sailed to the island to study it in more detail. For two days they gave light signals to their colleagues left on the mainland, but then they suddenly stopped. Two weeks later, the expedition leader sent rescuers to look for them. But those who landed on Enwainetet found absolutely no trace indicating that there had been people here for more than 15 days. An airplane flight over the island also yielded nothing. Moreover, even the samburu (more than 200 people) sent to search for the Turkana and nomads, who searched every stone, found absolutely nothing.

Valaam Island and its sights

Local lore speaks of the existence of a chimney on the island of Envaitenet from which flames gush out. It is also mentioned about some corridors that lead deep into the ground. According to the beliefs of the Elmolo tribe, the master of the island is a giant Wat Usumu Tong Duurai.

In the mid-20th century, several Elmolo families decided to settle on the island, who were tired of living in constant clashes with their warlike neighbors. The Elmolos built houses and took up fishing. They regularly took the fish they caught to their fellow tribesmen and exchanged it for milk, bread, and other products. But suddenly the islanders suddenly stopped their visits. After a long time, the remaining Elmolos decided to send a raft to find out what had happened. The men who arrived found nothing but perfectly intact huts, utensils, belongings, and rotting fish. The entire village (30-plus people) had disappeared without a trace, just as their predecessors had.

So far, the mystery of the disappearance of people from the island of Evaitenet has not received any explanation. Among the reasons cite the presence on the island in large numbers of giant poisonous cobras. Some scientists have suggested that the gases emitted periodically by Lake Rudolph, which is of volcanic origin, are toxic and have a painful effect on the psyche of the people living on the island. In a fit of madness, they throw themselves into the water and drown, or are devoured by crocodiles, of which the lake is literally teeming.

The nomadic Turkana tribes of Kenya have their own version of where the islanders are disappearing to. The Turkana believe that the people are taken away by the patron goddess of fertility. In any case, at present there is no willingness to simply go ashore on the island, let alone settle there.

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The Deadly Island on Lake Rudolph

There are many places on our planet of which there is a bad reputation. One of them is the island Enwaitenet in Kenya, located on Lake Rudolph. It is no coincidence that the local population calls it Irrevocable.

According to legend, an entire family once took refuge on the island from the fate of being sold into slavery. But the fugitives were never found, even though Envaitenet is relatively small. And along with them, the search parties disappeared. Nevertheless, curiosity continues to drive people to visit the dying place.

Lake Rudolph (aka Lake Turkana)


Lake Rudolph is 312 kilometers long. Several rivers flow into it, but none flow out. Perhaps its remoteness from civilization is the reason why 12,000 crocodiles live here.

Some of them are up to 5 meters long. It is surprising that the reptiles do not touch people and animals. For example, goats boldly approach the shore between the reclining crocodiles to drink. The fact is that predators eat Nile perch, of which there are a lot.

In addition to remoteness, there is another reason that crocodiles have not yet been exterminated. Their skin simply cannot be used for making bags and shoes because of the specific horny growths formed due to the high content of sodium carbonate in the water.

It was here, near the lake, that anthropologists were able to find the most ancient human remains. Scientists have determined that humans appeared in this area 2 million years ago and that they already walked on two legs, judging by the footprints found on the volcanic rocks.

Could it be that all these discoveries and the pristine nature of the area make explorers forget about the danger and visit this almost abandoned world again and again?

As they wrote in their time in Around the World magazine, the maps refer to Envaitenet Island as South Island.


The earliest surviving information about the island dates back to 1630. At that time, several Native families began to live on Envaitenet, and over time an entire village was formed there. It is surprising that with such rich emerald green vegetation there were no animals or birds.

It was also strange and frightening that the plants, like the slides of smooth stones, appeared, then disappeared without a trace. And with the appearance of a new moon the people of the island heard some cries that made the blood run cold in their veins. It was impossible to distinguish whether the screams were of man or beast. This nightmare could go on for a whole hour.

As time passed, the island seemed to be reclaiming its territory from the people, creating here and there barriers of trees, the branches of which were closely intertwined and hardened. There was no way to overcome this obstacle.

But the scariest surprise of the island was the night ghosts, very much like humans. After an encounter with a ghost, the natives suffered temporary paralysis and could lie motionless for twenty-four hours. And that wasn’t the trouble; the trouble was that the appearance of the entity foretold the coming misfortunes.

Sokotra - literally "island of happiness. Yemen. Indian Ocean.

Either the person was severely injured, and quite accidentally, or could be poisoned by the usual food, or get gangrene in the place of a scratch, or drown in shallow water.

And then some unknown terrible voracious animals appeared on the island. Adults and children began to disappear, and none of them could be found. In short, the once bountiful island turned into a veritable hell. Relatives and acquaintances who lived on the lake shore stopped visiting Envaitenet, fearing for their lives.

And when a few months later, worried about the lack of news, they finally rafted to the island, they found the village completely empty. There was not a soul in it, but household items, clothing, and weapons were all still there. No people were found.


After a while, the scary stories about the island began to seem like a fairy tale. The people of the Elmolo tribe once again decided to build a settlement there and go about their usual business. They caught fish, traded it for other products, visited their acquaintances who remained on the shore – in a word, life went on as usual.

But one day the relatives came to visit and found the houses empty and the fish almost rotten. Like the first time, only the people had disappeared, but the things were still there. If we assume that the Elmolos themselves fled the island, then the question arises why they did not take anything with them and, most importantly, where could several dozen people have disappeared without a trace?

All these stories could be perceived as legends, but there are official police documents about the incident on the island, dated 1935. That year, an English ethnographic expedition led by Sir Vivian Fouch was studying the life and traditions of the Elmolo tribe on Lake Rudolph. Since interesting discoveries might be expected on the island, two members of the expedition, Martin Chafflis and Bill Dyson, experienced, well versed in the local conditions, were sent there.

It was agreed that they would signal at certain times in the evenings with lighted lamps, signifying that nothing had happened.

And so it was, but after a few days the signals were gone. Alarmed colleagues crossed to the island, but found no one. Not only people, but no signs of them being there!

At the request of the expedition’s leaders, the local authorities sent an airplane that circled the island for a few days, but to no avail. Neither was the promised reward for the successful search for the scientists. The local population on the island checked every blade of grass and every pebble, every inch of territory. But no bodies, no lamps, no other things could be found.

Researchers have again and again equipped expeditions in the hope of solving the mystery of the island, but many of them suffered the same fate. These days, the island is completely abandoned, no one wants to live there.

Sakhalin: what to see from the sights


The Elmolo people say that sometimes at night they saw a city wrapped in mist on the shore of the lake. It shimmered with all the colors of the rainbow. Gradually walls and towers rose out of the mist. They could see clearly that many of them were in ruins.

An optical illusion? But how to explain the sound that came from there? The sound changed constantly from soft to furious, like a funeral song. Researchers noticed that “after such visions, members of the tribe long felt muscle pain, severe headache, aversion to food and a sharp decline in vision.

Pregnant women gave birth to freak babies who soon died, and their bodies, despite the tropical climate, were mummified in a matter of hours.”

It is interesting to read about miracles in books, but the people of the Elmolo tribe were horrified and disturbed by all this. So the tribe moved away from the shore of the lake.


It’s clear that mysteries always need some kind of explanation. But here all assumptions are of a fantastic nature. The Samburu people, who live here, say that the island is home to many huge cobras.

Samburu believe that after the death of the souls of elders, sorcerers and hunters moved into the snakes and take revenge on people for disturbing the peace. Relatively recently, during the Fusha expedition, the Samburu on the night of the dawning of the moon borrowed rafts from the Elmolo and carried the tribute of milk to the snakes to the island. But if snakes killed people, then how can we explain the absence of bodies of the dead?

The people of the Turkana tribe also have their own version. They breed cows and roam with them on the plateau around the lake. From a height they see the lake and the island and assure that the outline of the latter resembles the figure of a sleeping woman.

In their opinion, it is the goddess of earth and fertility, Neiytorgb. And since the goddess is still a woman, that is why she takes away men. And women also go to her for their men.

Elmolo explain what is happening with the evil fate hanging over their tribe. They have reason to think so. For a long time, their people were on the brink of extinction, and even now there are only a hundred left.

The abbot of the local Catholic church believes that the members of the English expedition were returning to camp by boat, but the hurricane wind blowing in these parts sank the ship. And the population of the village was destroyed by a landing from a submarine. I wonder where a submarine came from in Lake Rudolph?

The geologists’ version looks the most plausible. The lake is of volcanic origin, which means that the possibility is not excluded that sometimes some gases are emitted from there, affecting the human psyche. It is possible that people under their influence throw themselves into the water, where they die.

In any case, the mysteries of the disappearance of people are still a mystery.

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