Equestrian travel in Hawaii, itineraries and prices

Best horseback riding trails in Hawaii

While vacationing in Hawaii, you should take advantage of the moment and take a horseback excursion, thankfully, there are plenty of opportunities for this here.

Equestrian travel is perfect for those who love to observe nature and favorable to the horses. There are many companies on the islands of the Hawaiian archipelago, offering such walks. The duration of the ride on the horses is at least an hour, although, at the request of the customer, such a walk can be longer.

Organizers are trying to recruit small groups, because this approach helps to ensure that all participants enjoy the beauty of the island.

All groups are accompanied by an experienced guide, who knows where to stop, so that tourists could not only better regard the nature, but also to make unique pictures. Therefore, going on a horse tour, be sure to bring a camera.

Some companies have certain restrictions for tourists. They are mainly associated with age, height and weight. These restrictions should be specified before booking a place on the tour.

Uniforms must also be certain – closed.

Tourists are also offered additional services: picnic or refreshments. If you have ordered a tour without any additional services, then you should definitely take snacks and water on the road.

Do not fear that during the tour you will get willful horse. All animals in such companies are well trained, do not panic, even if this trip is the first trip on a horse in your life.

In some cases, before the tour, you can take a few lessons from the guide on horseback riding, it will come in handy during the tour.

Oahu Island itineraries

Rancho Kualoa is one of the most interesting places on the island of Oahu. The coastal scenery here is worth special attention. But, they are not the only things that will attract the attention of tourists. On this island filmed episodes of movies, the names of which are perfectly familiar to today’s tourists, because they grew up on these fascinating movies, in which nature played a significant role.

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Most companies organize tours only on the east coast of the island, but there are some that can arrange a tour to the north side of the island, where tourists will be able to see the beauty of the largest beaches.

There are many horse trails on the island. If tourists wish, the guide can choose any route for the walk, thankfully the island has enough fascinating natural scenery.

Maui Itineraries

Mount Haleakala is the main attraction of the island of Maui. It is great for horseback riding. It is very easy to take a horseback tour around the island by making an appointment with one of the many companies that offer such services. Visitors to the island should visit the mountain Haleakalu, which is one of the largest dormant volcanoes.

There are many magnificent natural landscapes around the mountain, and the vegetation that creates a natural backdrop is unique, some plants grow only near this mountain. The Silver Sword flower is a prime example.

During the horseback ride, the guide will tell the history of the island, as well as the nature and animals that inhabit it. Tourists are free to ask any questions they wish, thus showing respect for the guide and encouraging him to remember even more interesting stories.

Kipahili, or the ancient land shrouded in legends and numerous stories, is another unique place on the island of Maui that everyone should visit. Traces of numerous battles have been left here to tell the rich history of the Hawaiian people. It is possible to arrange a jungle crossing, for this you must make arrangements with the Hawaiian cowboys.

Kaua’i Island itineraries

Exploring the sights of the island of Kaua’i takes you through the jungle, surrounded by waterfalls and hills that will mesmerize tourists with their fabulous scenery. Any route can be chosen for horseback riding.

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One of the most popular is the route from the town of Princeville. Travelers will be able to enjoy magnificent mountain scenery and ocean views. In addition, by choosing a particular route, one can explore the island’s architectural and natural preserves.

Big Island itineraries

The Waipio Valley, located in the northern part of the Big Island, is a rather popular trail for horseback riding. Thanks to the skill of the guide, you can get acquainted with the places on the island, which can be climbed only on horseback, even for cars they are impassable.

More experienced guides can arrange an excursion to the monument of Captain Cook.

With its steep slopes, tropical vegetation, taro fields and cascading waterfalls, these places are a real delight even to the most experienced tourists.

Horseback Riding in Hawaii

Horseback riding is a very popular activity in Hawaii for those who love horses and the outdoors in equal measure. You will find many horseback riding tour companies on Oahu, Maui, Kauai and the Big Island. Usually a horseback ride lasts at least one hour. However, there are also two- and three-hour tours. Such rides are equally suitable for beginners and experienced riders.

Riding a horse is an unforgettable way to explore the islands. Tours are usually designed for small groups of tourists so that all participants can enjoy the surrounding nature. The group moves under the guidance of an experienced guide, who explains the route in detail. Stops are organized at the most scenic places, so don’t forget to bring your camera for stunning pictures.

Before you book your horseback riding tour, make sure the company you choose has no restrictions. Some companies specify age, weight, and height as restrictions, which you should find out about before you book. Companies usually recommend wearing closed shoes and long pants. Some companies offer tourists water, light snacks, or lunch during the tour. If your tour does not include food and drink, make sure you bring at least one bottle of drinking water.

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All horses are friendly and well-trained. So don’t be afraid of them, even if this is your first time getting on a horse. Before your departure, your guide will provide you with simple and clear instructions. You can even take a few riding lessons before the tour itself.

Oahu Equestrian Tours

One of the most spectacular places on the island is Kualoa Ranch, located on the east coast of Oahu. Here you’ll not only enjoy the coastal scenery, but you’ll also see familiar sights from movies like Jurassic Park, Godzilla, Talking to the Wind, and 50 First Kisses with your own eyes.

Some companies can arrange for you to tour the north side of the island, where you can enjoy views of Kaena Point (the northwest end of the island), Sunset Beach, Banzai Pipeline and Turtle Bay.

You can find ranches all over the island, so the above places are not the only possible horseback riding routes. Some companies offer free rides (or a small fee) from Waikiki to the stables.

Maui horseback riding tours

The most beautiful place to go horseback riding on the island of Maui is Mount Haleakala. There are many companies on the island that organize horseback riding tours. Haleakala is the largest dormant volcano on Earth, and is a must-see for all Maui vacationers. During your walk, you will surely enjoy the vegetation around you that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, including the famous flower called the Silver Sword. In addition, your guide will tell you about the history of the island, its flora, fauna and volcano. Feel free to ask questions, as your guide will be only too happy to answer them.

Another interesting place is Kipahili, an ancient land with its legends and historical events. You will see the sites of legendary battles and learn more about the culture and history of ancient Hawaiians.

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Hawaiian cowboys, paniolo, can also arrange horseback riding tours through the jungle for you.

Kauai Island Equestrian Tours

The beauty of the island is simply endless, and there are many ways to discover it. Horseback riding is just one way. Your route will take you through the jungle, past waterfalls and hills.

The most popular trails start in the town of Princeville. The scenery is spectacular, and you’re sure to enjoy the ocean and mountain views equally. You should visit Anini Reef, the largest reef in Hawaii, Kilauea Lighthouse, and the Bird Sanctuary.

Horseback riding tours on the Big Island

Horseback riding trails are usually in the northern part of the island. Waipio Valley is the most popular place for horseback riding. Your guide will take you where cars can’t go. The scenery is spectacular, with tropical vegetation, cascading waterfalls, steep slopes and taro fields.

About 115 km from the valley is the Kona coast. Some companies can arrange a tour to Kealakekua Bay and the Captain Cook Monument.

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