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The idea to visit the country Estonia was born spontaneously, my colleague told us that the last few years in a row rests in Pärnu in a spa hotel, that Estonians are very loyal when issuing visas, and that the tourists there.

Is it talleko-o to Tallinn? By car-i-ne not talleko-o.

So, hello to all, or as we say in Estonia, tere! Road trip to Estonia I slowly began planning almost a year ago, immediately after returning from Latvia. Why? If only because of the gasoline.

Delightful country, the charm of which words can not convey.

I decided to give you a little frosty with my Estonian winter photos. When I look at them, my feet start to sting from the cold again. Brrrr. Estonia is a truly delightful country. And even though I love all of the Baltics, all of them.

Independent travel experience – detailed report

DECISED: LET’S GO TO ESTONIA! Due to the dollar and euro exchange rate, a long trip to Europe has become unaffordable to me, so for the May holidays – only 4 days – it was decided to go to Estonia. By.

The northern land of gray dunes, swamps, forests and lakes.

Surprisingly clean everywhere, care of the local nature is seen everywhere, little people in the autumn, the northern nature and clean fresh air.

The small northern country of Estonia, which we visited last fall, is a country with a pure, unspoiled nature. On its roads, trails, coasts, among the dense forests, primeval marshes and lakes are towns, farms, where the modern population lives, not.

Not a word for “Tallinn,” just everything else! )

Many people know our European neighbor Estonia by trips to its capital. I wanted to tell a little about the other side of Estonia – its natural beauty, which, if possible, is worth seeing :) One day during the May holidays.

Small old town, but there are interesting museums.

I was in Tallinn for a couple of days as part of a sightseeing tour. My hotel was near the interesting Rotermani neighborhood, small but modern. And close to the old town. It itself is small but pretty, included in UNESCO.

A beautiful New Year’s fair on the square in the old town

To Estonia I traveled on my own from St. Petersburg on a bus from Ekoline, tickets for which I had bought in advance on the official website. It took about 6-7 hours to get to Tallinn, with a few small stops, and the border was fast.

The incredible proximity to St. Petersburg and the easy accessibility of transportation makes Europe as close as ever.

Europe is close at hand, Tallinn – why not! We drove, fearing that we would fall into a post-Soviet state, but, as it turned out, all in vain. Tallinn was an amazing city with the infrastructure of a megalopolis and a population of 450 thousand. The heart of Tallinn.

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Mixed impression

Visited Estonia with my family in January 2020. On the first day we went on a tour of the old city. Visited the Kik in de Kök tower, paid for the bastion and tunnels, but then regretted that we paid.

White swans dance by the walls of the last castle of Livonia, and Käsmu village.

Another weekend and again Estonia). July 2017. The time was approaching evening, but we have not come to rest, so we are looking for a new point on the map and go) have long wanted to sit on the shore of the Gulf of Finland in company.

Rest in the capital of Estonia

The Old Town of Tallinn is striking and fascinating, how neat and distinctive it is. From the observation decks in the very center you have a magnificent view of the Baltic Sea and the whole city, there is also nearby the Riigikogu – the parliament of the republic, majestic.

Beautiful country, polite people, pleasant climate.

I’ve been coming to Estonia more than once. Every year I visit something new and wonderful places that I have already visited. I highly recommend to every tourist to visit Tallinn. As the new Tallinn, as well as the old. Who does not know.

The pearl of the Baltics.

Not for nothing back in Soviet times, the Baltics were considered a showcase of socialism. Here were the enterprise with advanced technology, stores were bursting with an abundance of food, clothing, electronics. Tallinn’s old streets were used in Soviet films about Western countries.

A small Baltic country reveals its secrets:)

Good evening everyone. Here I decided to tell you how in 2014 for the May holidays I vacationed in Estonia. Let me put it this way, we went as a family, to acquaintances (Russian friends). This is already 50% guaranteed a great vacation. And now everything.

A large preserved historic center. There is something to see.

Hello. After four days in Riga, we drove on. The next stop on the way to Tallinn was the city of Tartu. Tartu left a good memory. A small, cozy town. Especially pleased with the monument at the grocery market. Nice monument. You can call it.

Beautiful country with friendly locals.

Good day! We went to Estonia this year (2016) by car, we went without sleep stops, the road took about 10 hours from Moscow. Speaking of Estonia, we were in 2.

A COUNTRY of wifi and delicious food.

After graduation, I decided to give myself a gift and visit Estonia. I suggested it to a friend and she was all for it. It remained only to make a plan of the route and buy tickets. The route was through St. Petersburg. And from St. Petersburg to Kohtla-Järve.

All the interesting, beautiful, and largest cities in the world

It’s a very interesting country.

In this small country you can get a lot of impressions. If you are lucky enough to be there, find time to visit interesting places that you will definitely find for yourself this zoo and the Old Town and museums, funny monuments.

Unforgettable vacation in an unforgettable country!

I recently returned from Estonia (the city of Tartu) Cool, small town, but there’s not much to do if the weather is nice – walk in the university park, it’s really good. Also liked the nature of the city and Estonia in general. Almost all the people know how to do it.

Holidays in Estonia.

If you want to relax in a country that is rich in attractions, you should definitely consider Estonia. To get to this country is very simple, just 2 hours by bus from St. Petersburg and you can already walk through the beautiful and historic streets of the city.

Rest in Estonia is very popular, because here you can, and the sun to lie in the sun, and go to the islands, and, of course, choose one of the many excursions that are sure to leave no one indifferent. Many Russians prefer this country, as there is no language barrier, in all large cities you can easily find a Russian-speaking person.

Very often people go to Estonia to improve their health, because there are many different resorts that offer you to improve your health all year round.

Holidays here is sheer pleasure, every tourist will be able to pick up a personal program, because this country really has something to see. Rest here can be unforgettable for you, just imagine the summer vacation on the shores of the Baltic Sea, evening walks on the warm embankments, and, of course, sightseeing tours of historic cities.


The weather in this country is very unstable and changeable, all due to the influence of the sea, especially unstable weather can be noted in the fall and spring. On the west coast of the country, the climate is milder. The coldest month is January, the temperature can reach -7°C. July is the warmest month, with temperatures of up to +22°C, though it can still feel cool at night, only +14°C.

Average air temperature in Tallinn

Average Temperature in Tallinn

The best time to visit the country is from mid-May to mid-September. That is when the weather is very mild and more or less stable. During this time, you can sunbathe, swim and just walk around the city and enjoy its incredible atmosphere and beauty.

If you want to taste the country during the summer, preferably for a passive holiday on the beach, you can be advised to go to the country from mid-July to the end of August. During this time, the water temperature can reach up to +20 ° C, and you can enjoy the warm rays of the sun and the slightly invigorating waves of the sea.

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Average water temperature in Tallinn

Average water temperature off the coast of Tallinn

When planning your vacation to note another important detail, from late July to late August in the country receives the largest amount of precipitation, so sometimes it can significantly spoil the trip. Before traveling it is worth not lazy, and to study in detail the weather for a period of your vacation and take warm clothes and raincoats, so then there was no unpleasant mishap.

How to get there

Estonia is located close to Russia, as noted above, you can get here in just two hours from St. Petersburg by regular, scheduled bus. In addition to this method, you can choose any other convenient for you, for example:

  • By own car;
  • By train from St. Petersburg;
  • By ferry from St. Petersburg;
  • By plane from any corner of the country.

For a family with children is very convenient to choose a car, as you can take with you all the most necessary things, in your own car you do not depend on anyone, and the price will come out the same as in any other transportation. But note that sometimes at customs there are long lines, because of this there may be some inconvenience.

A very convenient option is the train, especially for residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg. The train Moscow-Tallinn leaves from Moscow every day, the trip takes 15 hours. The train has both normal compartment cars and luxury cars.

If you are departing from the northern capital of Russia, then feel free to buy a train ticket St. Petersburg-Tallinn, which leaves three times a week, namely on Monday, Friday and Saturday.

Before traveling, be sure to clarify whether the train you choose.

A very romantic and unusual way to get to Estonia can be a trip on the ferry. It departs twice a week, the journey to Tallinn takes 2.5 days, as the ferry stops in Helsinki and Stockholm. Back, you can get by the same mode of transport, but already in 15 hours.

And, of course, you can get to Tallinn by plane. This is probably the most convenient way for all residents of Russia, regardless of their place of residence. You can always find a flight to the Estonian capital or any other Estonian city, from airports in major cities. For example, every day there are three flights from Moscow to Tallinn.

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Popular resorts

Estonia – a true tourist paradise, there is a huge number of resorts for all tastes. You can choose to visit one of the many famous spa towns, stay in one of the many hotels and mansions, or spend a few days relaxing in a spa.


This resort town was founded in the 13th century. It is very popular among residents of European countries, as can offer a rich and very interesting excursion program. Here you can stay in expensive and luxurious hotel, as well as in a budget hotel.


This small town is for those who love active rest. Since Otepää is surrounded by dense forests and a lot of different lakes, you can go hiking in the summer. Also, equestrian and water sports are very popular here. If you want to take a break from the daily bustle of the city, this resort is exactly what you need.


If you want to improve your health, go to Haapsalu. Here all year round you can visit one of the many mud baths and in summer you can swim in the warm sea gulf. By the way, this town is considered the sunniest in Estonia.



If you go to Estonia in summer, pay attention to Pärnu. This town is made for an unforgettable summer vacation. The salty sea, warm sunshine, a lot of attractions and a variety of historical sites have fallen in love with many tourists from all over the world.


If you want to visit one of the oldest cities, as well as learn interesting historical facts and visit a variety of excursions, then the resort town of Tartu is just for you. Here you can not only plunge into the history, but also have a great time.

We suggest you to study the rating of resorts and a detailed description to decide where to spend your vacation.


Estonia is a country of sights. In every town you can enjoy the architecture of the extraordinary beauty, and appreciate the most important attractions.

If you decide to vacation in Tallinn, the first attraction you should immediately visit is the city wall. Also, pay attention to:

  • House of the Brotherhood of Blackheads;
  • Alexander Nevsky Cathedral;
  • Ancient castle in the upper town of Tallinn;
  • Oleviste Church;
  • A park called Toila-Oru;
  • Town Hall Square in the famous resort town of Tartu;
  • Tallinn and Tartu Dome Cathedrals;
  • Kadriorg Park;
  • Town Hall in Tallinn.

Do not forget that in all cities of the country there is a huge variety of museums, parks and research centers. Also, in Estonia, you can always visit one of the many nature reserves and national parks.

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Holidays with children

Holidays with children in Estonia is very popular. This is due to the fact that both in summer and winter there is something to do with children. Estonia is rich in a variety of science and entertainment centers that are sure to please the little ones.

In addition to these, in almost every city you will find a museum adapted for children. For example, in Tallinn there is a children’s museum called “Miia-Milla-Manda”. This museum is designed for children from 3 to 11 years. Here they can try themselves in various professions, for example, to be a restaurant owner, or a writer. You can, and should even touch everything, so many children are delighted after the tour. If you want to visit it, you need to specify the opening hours, as many institutions of this kind do not work on Mondays.

Estonia has a very mild climate, so it is very comfortable to be here in the summer. If you go on a summer holiday with children, in any of the cities in the country, you are sure you will not regret it. The excellent climate, well-developed infrastructure, all contribute to a comfortable and interesting pastime.

Going on holiday with children in Estonia, remember a few basic rules:

  • Children should only travel in a car in a special car seat. Even when ordering a cab, you must say that you have a child with you;
  • Children under 7 years of age ride for free on public transport;
  • Anything can happen, so it is best to attach a ribbon with your phone number to your child’s arm, so you are sure not to get lost.

Estonia really has everything for a comfortable family holiday.


In Estonia, the prices are not very attractive. A little bit overpriced, but still shopping here is very popular among tourists from Europe. Of course you can visit one of the many shopping centers and buy a variety of useful things, but in Estonia is much more interesting to walk around the local small stores and look for something of antique furniture, jewelry, antique books or icons. Also, this country is famous for its handicrafts.


If you go to Estonia, be sure to buy these things to remember of this country:

  • delicious Estonian chocolate;
  • A hand-knitted sweater with intricate and complicated patterns and other knitted and warm things (mittens, hats, ponchos);
  • an item of amber;
  • a variety of ceramic and glassware by modern craftsmen;
  • handmade toys and souvenirs.

Knitted souvenirs in Estonia

Estonia is a country that really has a lot to see, so come here for a new experience and an unforgettable vacation. It is worth taking a look at the ‘How much money to bring with you to Estonia’ guide, which tells about the average cost of a vacation.

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