Eureka Science Center and Museum in Helsinki

Eureka Museum in Helsinki: A place of scientific fun for children and adults

Eureka Museum in Helsinki

Popular Science Museum Evrika in Helsinki is considered a unique object and always attracts tourists. Many admit that they have been there several times and would love to take a tour again. This center allows you to get acquainted with the world of the scientific process, with the possibilities of future technologies and their development. Once there, you can reincarnate yourself as a researcher or inventor, and the expositions will bring your ideas to life, and help you explore science on your own.

The mysterious world of science

Evrika will reveal all the mysteries of scientific research. The process of exploration will attract the attention of not only children, but adults as well. Let’s take a look at all the most interesting things that Eureka has to offer:

  • employees of the center can offer to make paper from wood or other materials;
  • you can dive to the seabed and study its structure and inhabitants;
  • visitors will have the opportunity to learn all about human anatomy or get involved in solving puzzles and riddles;
  • the brave will be offered a ride on an ordinary bicycle, but not on the road, but on a thin rope;
  • it is possible to launch a real flying carpet under the museum dome;
  • there can be found a car with square wheels, which, in spite of the protest of science, will move;
  • you can build a tower or a pyramid from a giant constructor;
  • you can participate in the creation of a cartoon and watch your own creation through a praxinoscope;
  • there is a small room where a person can experience the full force of a real earthquake;
  • another room will offer children and adults to reincarnate as an astronaut and step into weightlessness. The trick lies in the device, which allows you to move in space. It’s not just an illusion, visitors are offered to put on a real spacesuit and visit outer space;
  • you can observe the process of garbage recycling and understand how science helps to take care of the Earth’s ecology;
  • eureka will allow you to visit Gulliver’s Land;
  • there is an opportunity to see a rare collection of minerals;
  • there is an arboretum;
  • the staff will help to understand the creation of many complex devices;
  • the science center offers its visitors a large number of other attractions and exhibits, which will be discussed below.
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Interactive exhibits.

Interactive exhibitions at the Eureka Museum

Eureka Museum in Helsinki presents 8 regular exhibition pavilions. There are exhibits that have been created with the help of scientific knowledge and human intelligence. Every single exhibition helps tourists learn more about science and the world around them. Some exhibits were created directly at this center, while others were brought in from other science centers:

  • The “Protect Yourself” exhibit will let you learn all about modern weapons;
  • the animal exhibition will tell about the habits of unique animals and what people have learned from observing these creatures;
  • “Smart City” will tell you about new technologies that make life easier for modern people. It will talk about how to make the world a safe place and protect the environment;
  • “The Coin Way” will give visitors the opportunity to mint their own coins, which can then be taken away with them as souvenirs. What’s more, the center has instruments that will allow you to determine the authenticity of any coin;
  • “Wind in the Gut” will reveal the mystery of what happens in the human body, after a meal;
  • “Science on a Globe” will tell about the land and water on the globe.

Anatomy exhibit at the Eureka Museum

There are also temporary exhibits at the science center. “Are You Ready to Take a Risk?” There, visitors are initiated into the theory of probability. “Children’s Eureka.” This is a space for the youngest explorers. A visit to the planetarium is a must. There constantly show fascinating and informative films about life and man. Movies are not long, on average 25 minutes. At the request of tourists, the films are not only in Finnish and English, but also in Russian and Swedish. Popular screenings are:

  • “Tree Life.”
  • “The Scientific Universe;
  • “The Secret Life of Nocturnal Butterflies.”

There are also outdoor displays near the main entrance. Most often there are about 125 exhibits on display. Also worth a visit is Carl Linnaeus Park, where you can learn much more about plant life. During the summer, it is worth a visit to Galileo Park. The most popular exhibits in this park are:

  • Archimedes’ screw;
  • the Klein bottle;
  • the Mobius strip.
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Rat basketball at the Eureka Museum

Children and adults can mine the energy resource themselves or build real platinum. The most incredible thing at the museum is rat basketball. Scientific rats take part in the sports competition. This exciting entertainment has been at the center since 1995.

Contact information

If there is a desire to buy souvenirs, this can be done in the center itself. There is a cozy little store called “Magnet”. You can grab a bite to eat at the cafe “Einstein”. There, visitors will be greeted with delicious drinks and a shyed table. The ticket price for children is $20 and for adults $30. Children under the age of 6 get in free at the science center. Hours of operation:

  • Monday through Wednesday: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m;
  • Thursday: 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m;
  • weekends and holidays: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Eureka Park has an official website: Address of the Science Center: Kuninkaalantie 7. Phone: +358 (0)9 85799.

Where is it

Eureka Museum in Helsinki

Science Center Eureka is located at Tiedepuisto 1 in the beautiful city of Vantaa. From the capital of Finland is located 35 kilometers. It opened in 1989 and was the first science center on the Scandinavian Peninsula.

The museum awakens in children and teenagers an interest in science and exploration. You can visit it at any time of the year. In winter it is more relevant because most of the expositions are indoors.

How to get there

The entrance to Eureka is located next to the bus stop.

If you go from the capital of Finland, you need to take a bus number 73 and get off at the stop Hakaniemi Market Square. From there you need to get to Tikkurilla station.

If you go from Helsinki railway station, you need to take a route number 73N, and from the airport bus number 61.

If tourists are traveling by train, you need to go to the station Tikkurilla. From there you can walk to the museum. The distance is not more than 500 meters.

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Useful tips

How to Build a House at the Eureka Museum

Eureka offers park visits and tours that will leave a lasting impression on children and adults alike. You can purchase tickets to the museum directly at the box office of the center or through the Internet resource. On the site visitors are often offered good discounts for visiting the scientific complex as a group or as a family.

For a memorable excursion, do not forget:

  • Bring a camera or video camera.
  • Have cash for souvenirs.
  • Arrive at the museum in the morning to go through all the exhibits.

It is better to come to the science complex on weekdays. This will save queues and crowds at the exhibits. Before visiting, you should tell the kids about what awaits them at the center to whet their interest. Be sure to buy useful gifts for your children at the museum booths. Educational games will remind them of their visit for a long time.

Heureka Center in Helsinki

Museum Heureka invites visitors to discover the world of science and amazing phenomena and feel like discoverers. The main feature of the museum is interactivity. You can touch science here in the direct sense of the word: make paper, mint a coin or take part in chemical experiments. Curious children and their parents will be delighted by the amazing adventure into the world of discovery.

Heureka Center in Helsinki

What to see at the Eureka Museum in Helsinki

In Eureka will not get bored either adults or children. Everyone can find something to do here and discover many new and interesting things. You can make discoveries in the literal sense of the word. For example, in Eureka guests have the opportunity to make wood paper, launch a flying carpet, ride a bicycle on the rope, mint a coin, create a cartoon and experience the power of earthquakes. This list is far from complete.

The Eureka Museum has eight permanent exhibits. At these exhibitions, visitors can see many scientific and interactive exhibits that allow them to learn interesting facts about the world around them and science in general. Some of the exhibits were created directly at Eureka, and some were brought in from other science centers.

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Eureka Classics

The exhibition brought together some of the museum’s best exhibits, those that have enthralled visitors more than others, as well as those brought in from other science centers. Some of them can be experienced for the first time just at Eureka.

Heureka Center in Helsinki

Protect yourself

The exhibition shows the importance of science in the development of the armed forces. Comparisons are made between man’s methods of defense and those used in nature. Here visitors learn who in the natural world is the best at hiding and disrupting, and what secrets have been borrowed by man.

Smart City

The exhibition Smart City will tell how modern scientific developments and technologies improve the life of large cities, take care of safety and ecology.

The Way of the Coin

The exhibition was created with the help of the Finnish Mint. Each visitor can make his or her own coin with their own portrait.

The Wind in the Gut

This exhibit demonstrates the structure of the digestive system and explains how the body selects the most useful substances it needs like building material.

Science on a Globe

Here guests will see how data about the climate, the ocean, the earth’s surface and astronomy is projected onto a two-metre diameter globe. Information is updated daily.

Science on a Globe

Main exposition

Consists of several subsections that have been presented in Eureka for several years. For example, here you can see a foucault pendulum and a bicycle on a rope.

Electric City

The exhibition talks about electricity and how it comes into our homes. Visitors can also check out the quest room and see if they can cope with a power outage for three days.

Expositions outside.

The Eureka exhibit continues outside the center as well. In front of the entrance is a rock garden with 124 rocks showcasing Finnish rocks, as well as a park by Swedish naturalist Carl Linnaeus.

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Rat Basketball

In Eureka you can also visit a unique sporting event – rat basketball. Since 1995, specially trained rodent handlers demonstrate their skills and play basketball in front of the public. There is no equivalent of this spectacle anywhere else in the world.

Rat Basketball

Eureka Planetarium

In the planetarium you can see scientific films on the mysteries of the universe and the depths of the ocean. The duration is about half an hour. The films are shown in Finnish, but there is also a Russian translation available on headphones.

Temporary exhibitions

Eureka invites guests to visit temporary exhibitions as well. The exhibitions Giant Dinosaurs and Turn Your Brain on! are open until 2020.

Address and location on the map

The Eureka Science and Learning Center is located at 1 Tiedepuisto Street. The parking lot is located at Kuninkaalatie Street 7.

How to get there

The best way to get to Eureka is to take bus number 73. Get on this bus at the bus stop “Market Square Hakaniemi”. Get off at the stop “Tikkurila.

From Helsinki railway station to Evrika runs bus 73N, from the airport bus 61.

When traveling by commuter train get off at “Tikkurila” station as well.

For cars there are sufficient parking spaces.

Booking hours

The Science Center “Eureka” is open on weekdays from 10:00 to 19:00 and on weekends from 10:00 to 18:00.

The cost of visiting

Adult ticket to Eureka costs 22 euros. Adult is a person over the age of 16 years. A preferential ticket for persons under 16 years, students and seniors costs 15 euros.

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