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Manarola is a bright and colorful city built on a rock, located in the north of the country, a tourist attraction in Italy.

In the northwestern Italian region of Liguria there is a small town of Manarola, Italy. It is one of the five villages in the Cinqua Terre National Park of the Italian Riviera. If you look at it from a distance, you might mistake it for a large ship by the shore with a painted brightly colored deck. Crossing the western part of the village you can reach the harbor, which attracts the eye with its beauty. This place has become popular with fans of diving.

Most travelers prefer to stay in this village, the oldest of the five included in the national park. There is no organized beaches with an extensive infrastructure. This place has a unique charm and leaves no one indifferent who has ever been here. Narrow streets and houses in pastel colors, which stretch to the top of the mountain, literally overhang the sea. Around the village are famous vineyards, which are famous for their fertility. They hide part of the village behind their foliage.

Locals are mostly engaged in winemaking and fishing. The vineyards extend in all directions around the village. Local wines are popular with connoisseurs of fine taste. In recent years, these places are increasingly attracting fans of diving and tourists who prefer to travel through the rocks and caves.

The beach here is only natural, but it is accessed by stairs, cleverly built for descent.

Five villages are connected by a narrow road, which tourists called the “trail of love. It got its name for a reason. It is a path favored by couples in love for their walks.

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The church of San Lorenzo is a local landmark visited by all visitors. Its construction was started in 1338.

It is a monument of Gothic architecture. In the western part there is a harbor. Ships stop there and numerous boats depart from there. In the eastern part of the village there is a small square where locals gather to discuss important issues.

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In Cinqui Terre, the name translates as “Five Lands”, winemaking is everywhere. But the best varieties are produced in Manarola. Cinqui Terre dry wine is made from three varieties of grapes. It is served during the meal. The semi-sweet dessert wine “Chaketra”, due to its special luscious taste, is obtained on special occasions. These places are also the birthplace of the famous pesto sauce. The most aromatic basil is grown here. The locals like to mix this sauce with garlic, cheese, and cedar nuts to make it taste special. Local restaurants offer home-cooked meals. Seafood dishes stand out on their menus, and anchovies cooked to a special recipe are considered a specialty.

The easiest way to get to the village is to take the road of lovers. The road from Riomajare appeared at the beginning of the last century and is still considered the most romantic. If you travel by car, you can go to La Spezia, but there you have to leave it. Longer will have to take the train, which passes through all five villages.

Any time of the year is good for traveling. The most comfortable holiday is considered in the spring months. The weather at this time disposes to walks, but not yet a large influx of tourists. To explore the rest of the towns you need to take the Blue Trail. Its length is more than eleven kilometers. Such a walk will take almost a whole day.

You can always find a place to stay in Manarola Italy, but it is better to take care of this in advance. Especially if the trip is planned in the high summer season.

The breathtaking city of Manarola in Italy: A colorful city painted by a talented artist.

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Manarola. / Photo:

From afar, the city looks like a huge, multi-deck ship painted in bright colors. Its houses are nestled right on the rocks and each of them really has its own color. Tourists hurry here in the summer to enjoy the stunning golden sea at sunset, diving enthusiasts descend into the water directly from the coastal cliffs, and in winter, only in Manarola you can see the largest nativity scene in the world.

A living fairy tale

Colorful city. / Photo:

This ancient town is part of the Cinque Terre Park, which consists of five settlements. Manarola attracts tourists from all over the world with its unusual location and amazing colorfulness. Here the old houses are next to the new buildings, and on the horizon the sea merges with the sky.

Living fairy tale. / Photo:

In the tiny town you get the full feeling of a revived fairy tale. Narrow streets with gingerbread houses stretch right over the sea, and colorful boats stand below in a small harbor. However, parked boats can also be seen right on the streets.

No one is surprised by the boats parked in the streets. / Photo:

Of all the settlements that make up the Cinque Terre (Five Lands), Manarola is the oldest and certainly the most colorful.

View of the city from the hill. / Photo:

In the fourteenth century it was a small fishing village, later it acquired the status of a town and its present name. At the end of the twentieth century the town of Manarola was included in the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

A legend of love

The path of love (Via del Amore). / Photo:

One of the paths that connects Manarola and the neighboring town of Riomaggiore has the romantic name “The Path of Love”. Legend has it that in ancient times the inhabitants of these towns fought over a water source. But so it happened: a young man from Manarola fell in love with a young beauty from Riomaggiore. The girl reciprocated, and the lovers began to meet in secret.

The Path of Love in some places runs through a covered gallery. / Photo:

The parents, upon learning that their daughter was carrying a child under her heart, began to find out the name of their beloved. The beautiful girl, fleeing from her parents’ anger, ran down the path to Manarola, shouting the young man’s name. The young man ran out to meet his beloved, they held hands and rushed down. The sea scattered their bodies in different directions. The girl’s body ended up at Manarola, and the boy’s at Riomaggiore.

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Only when the inhabitants of both towns saw the bodies of the lovers did they realize that enmity makes people unhappy. Since then, the path where the lovers met has been called the Path of Love and a small monument stands in Manarola to remind residents and tourists of this story.

Manarola – the city of experiences

Church of St. Lorenzo. / Photo:

You can wander around the fairytale city for hours, discovering more and more beauty. Here is the church of St. Lorenzo, which dates back to the fourteenth century and is of interest from the point of view of familiarity with the architecture of those times. However, tourists go to Manarola more for the spectacular experience.

The descent to the sea. / Photo:

There is no sandy beach here. There are only the same rocks at the disposal of those who want to swim and sunbathe, but this does not make them less willing to take a dip in the clearest waters in the area of Manarola. Diving enthusiasts are also attracted to these places. For the descent into the water there are special ladders that descend directly from the rock.

Of particular interest is the “Dark Cliff”. It is located so that it never, even at noon, the sun’s rays do not touch. It is always in the shade, which is why it gets its name.

Manarola at sunset. / Photo:

In the rays of the setting sun colorful houses seem brighter, and the sea takes on a golden hue. This is why towards sunset in the sea around Manarola you can see many boats and boats with tourists who came to admire the unique city from the sea.

The biggest nativity scene. / Photo:

Manarola is a city which is beautiful in any season, but especially fond of visiting it in summer and, surprisingly enough, in winter. In early December the largest nativity scene in the world is erected here. It stands until the end of January and is a really unique spectacle.

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The Nativity Scene in Manarola is an amazingly beautiful sight. / Photo:

The author of this Christmas miracle is Mario Andreoli. Since 1976 he worked on his idea. It took him 30 years to make his dream come true. The nativity scene in Manarola now takes up the entire hill, and each figure is illuminated by a photoelectric system.

Christmas in Manarola. / Photo:

When the unique nativity scene opened in 2007, the structure immediately became a Guinness Book of World Records record holder. More than three hundred life-size figures were made for the nativity scene, 17 thousand bulbs and about 8 thousand meters of electric wires were used in the lighting.

At night, Manarola looks no less fabulous. / Photo:

The locals are mainly engaged in fishing and winemaking. So at any time of the year in Manarola tourists are treated to dishes from freshly caught fish and fine wine.

Manarola undoubtedly belongs to the most beautiful small towns of the world which are becoming more and more popular among tourists.

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