Excursions to Milan’s districts and surroundings

Excursions to Milan and its surroundings.

Milan city in Italy – up-to-date information on how to get there, choose an interesting area and save your budget. Interesting to spend time with or without a guide.

Milan is located in the northern part of Italy. It is the administrative center of Lombardy, as well as the financial, economic, and fashion capital of the country. In addition to the sights is famous for shopping.

Many come here to visit nearby cities near Milan:

  • Bergamo;
  • Pavia;
  • Monza;
  • Venice;
  • Turin;
  • Lugano (Switzerland);
  • Zurich (Switzerland).

Remakes Galleria fashion center

How to get to the city center

There are direct flights from Russia to the city. When buying tickets, note that there are four airports for Milan:

  • Malpensa, the main one for receiving international airlines;
  • Linate – the closest to the center;
  • Bergamo – an additional one, located 45 km from the city;
  • Parma – 100 km.

Departure from Malpensa is easy by train Malpensa Express. It departs once every half hour. The time to Milan is 40 minutes. Ticket costs 12 EUR. The train stops at Central Station, as well as in Cadorna. You can get from the main airport to the city center by bus. The interval between flights is 20 minutes. Ticket costs 10-15 EUR. The time to the center is minimum 40 minutes. You can get in a traffic jam and then the trip will take more than an hour.

Linate airport is located 7 km from central Milan. The easiest way to get there is to take a city bus number 73.

The old streetcar No.2 at Milan's Galleria

From other airports is more difficult. You need to change planes. It is cheaper to rent a car only if you plan to drive it in the area.

However, many people prefer to travel locally by public transport. As it is unified into one system. Travel tickets are inexpensive. For example, an unlimited ticket for a day costs 4.50 EUR. With it you can change from one mode to another. Decide on the number of trips and buy a ticket for an hour or a day. They are sold in machines near the subway, tobacconists and newsstands.

IMPORTANT: do not forget to validate your ticket in the ticket machine, otherwise you could be fined.

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Neighborhoods of Milan

The history of Milan goes back to 400 B.C. Because of its advantageous location between the Roman Empire and Europe the city flourished and was attacked.

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It was destroyed and rebuilt several times. It was ruled by the Romans, the French, the Spanish, and the Austrians. All this has left its mark on the urban architecture of Milan’s districts.

The historical center. Here rises the Gothic Duomo, is an ancient shopping arcade Gallery of Victor Emmanuel II.

Corso Venezia is located in the central part. It is an elegant district. Filled with numerous boutiques, cafes, park areas for recreation.

Magenta. A privileged neighborhood for locals. You won’t see a huge influx of commuters here. Despite the fact that the church of St. Maria della Grazia is located here. In the church you can see Leonardo da Vinci’s famous work “The Last Supper”.

Vercelli is a place of activity. It contains a huge number of stores, restaurants and other entertainment venues.

Corso Sempione . A favorite place for Italians to spend some soulful time. Here people come to drink wine, chat with acquaintances, admire the Arch of Mira or walk to the central park.

Naviglia is the center of nightlife. It is located between two canals. During the daytime it is a place of work for the craftsmen. In the evening it becomes a place of entertainment. At weekends there are famous antique markets in Naviglia.

Ticinese is an area known for the Colonnas of San Lorenzo. The shops sell vintage things. Graffiti decorates the walls of buildings. Street cafes sell takeout.

Brera is the bohemian part of Milan. Here you will find shops of skilled craftsmen, designer boutiques, and modern galleries. Milan’s main museum, the Pinacoteca, is located here.

Garibaldi is the most modern district of the city. Consists of futuristic skyscrapers. Symbolizes the financial success of Milan. The nightlife takes place on Via Como.

Isola is next to Central Station. Not so long ago, it was an industrial area. Now it’s a haven for creative types. Filled with showrooms, various museums.

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Cimitero Monumentale

Milan also has streets of immigrants, dangerous criminals. Walking in these areas especially in the evening can be unsafe:

  • Corso Bueno Aires;
  • Barona;
  • Baggio;
  • Quarto Jaro;
  • The vicinity of the Central Station.

Now you have a fairly accurate description of the city of Milan.

Casa Degli Omenoni (Via degli Omenoni, 3, 20121 Milano)

Tourist ticket for Milan.

The city is truly considered a tourist paradise. Websites are dotted with all kinds of tours and excursions. Especially convenient is that you can choose a Russian guide in advance.

If you decide to travel on your own, then you just need a guest card – MilanoCard . Its advantages:

  • free travel on public transport;
  • Free or discounted admission to about 20 museums in the city;
  • special prices for entertainment facilities, restaurants and stores. The list contains about 500 companies.

There are several types of MilanoCard:

  • for 24 hours costs 7 EUR;
  • For 3 days it costs 19 EUR;
  • Extended. Provides additional tours. Use of a tourist bus. The price depends on the options included.

You can order a card on the official website. Pay for its cost with a bank card or through the service PayPal.

Parco Sempione is much more than a park

You can pick it up at the airport, train station or hotel. You can pick up at the airport, train station or hotel. The card is made out in your name. You can’t give it to anyone else. A nice bonus – children under 10 years receive free cards.

Very popular individual tours for a group of up to 4 people. They are convenient in that you do not have to look for sights, the price includes a Russian guide.

Torre Velasca

Sightseeing tour by car offers to visit the sights of Milan by car. Part of the tour you can walk if you wish. Places of pilgrimage you choose yourself. The price usually includes:

  • Duomo;
  • Sforza Castle;
  • Gallery Vittorio Emanuele II;
  • Gallery Ambrosiana;
  • Gallery of Modern Art;
  • Milan’s Golden Quadrangle;
  • La Scala;
  • Monument of the Middle Finger;
  • Poldi Pezzoli Museum;
  • Milan’s Cathedral Square;
  • San Siro Stadium.
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Admission to the Cathedral is extra 2 EUR per person. The total cost of the sightseeing tour for 4 people will be 195 EUR.

The façade of the Opera Duomo

Milan is the city of fashion. The next tour will appeal to lovers of pret-a-porter and shopping. The overview tour of the fashion world will show you the true chic of Italy. You will visit designer stores, concept stores, exclusive furniture and accessory boutiques. The walking tour will last 3-5 hours along the Brera District and the Golden Quadrangle of Milan.

REFERENCE. The Golden Quadrangle is a high fashion district in the northern part of Milan. It includes streets studded with boutiques of famous couturiers and jewelers.

For the individual excursion into the brilliant world of fashion you will pay 100-150 EUR.

Sri Lanka and Peru on opposite sides of Via Padova

Excursions in the vicinity of the city

If you come to the city for a few days, you can visit excursions in nearby towns.

Monza is the third largest city in Lombardy, known for:

  • St. John the Baptist Cathedral;
  • The Iron Crown Museum, which houses the Crown of the Ancient Kingdom of Italy;
  • Formula 1 race track.

The sightseeing walking tour of Monza is 3 hours.

IMPORTANT: the Cathedral is not accessible with bare shoulders. Take a scarf or shawl with you. It is also forbidden to have bare feet.

The mystery of the Colonnas di San Lorenzo. Stand in front of them. How many are there?

Lugano is located 70 km from Milan. The city is an opportunity to get acquainted with Switzerland in miniature. The main attraction of Lugano is the Cathedral of San Lorenzo. It has a lot of frescoes and bas-reliefs of the Renaissance. There are paintings by Torricelli, Rococo sculptures. The highlight of the Cathedral is “The Last Supper” by Leonardo da Vinci himself. The tour will take 3-8 hours. You can get to Lugano by train or by car.

Milan is a city of contrasts. The historical buildings are near the futuristic giants of skyscrapers. The varied and unique city of fashion attracts here not only tourists but also shopaholics. The proximity to other cities will not bore even the most demanding traveler.

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Excursions in the suburbs of Milan

Found 39 excursions to the outskirts and suburbs of Milan for September-October 2022. Prices for walks with a Russian-speaking guide from 60 euros. See the schedule, choose your route and buy tickets online.

A trip to the border of Italy and Switzerland, where the world-famous scenic lakes are surrounded by mountains.

Visit a world of idyllic landscapes, fascinating legends, architectural monuments and sparkling wines.

Medieval streets, Romanesque churches, luxurious villas of Milan’s nobility. This is not all that awaits you by the shores of Lake Como.

Stresa on Lake Maggiore holds the secrets and stories of a medieval fishing town and the noble Borromeo family.

I invite you on an individual boat trip. With me you will see one of the deep lakes of Europe – Lake Como.

Honoré de Balzac said of Lake d’ Horta: “A beautiful little lake at the foot of the Alps, a coquettish island in the middle of calm waters.

Lake Milan, or Second Milan, is a tour of landscapes and elitist places on the lakes. These lakes were sung by Romantic poets as early as the 18th and 19th centuries.

Just 40 km from Milan is Lake Como, which for centuries has fascinated with its enchanting beauty, picturesque nature…

The romance of a small Italian town on the shore of one of the most picturesque lakes in Italy will give your pictures a unique charm.

The heart of Lake Como, its golden mean. The most “open” town of the lake is Varenna and the most central town…

Only an hour’s drive from bustling, busy Milan is Lake Como, a true gem, an oasis of tranquility…

Where to go from Milan? To Bergamo of course! A fascinating journey from the modern city to the Middle Ages!

The city of Monza is not only a Formula 1 race track, it is here that the Iron Crown is kept in the cathedral of the Duma, in the chapel of the Zavattari brothers…

Toronto in Canada, all points of interest.

Learn how to cook pasta and risotto in a real Italian osteria kitchen in the center of the ancient town? – easy!

Tourist Reviews

Thank you so much Tiana for the wonderful tour! Visited so many beautiful towns on Lake Como in one day. Stunning, colorful views, sea of impressions!

Many thanks to Alexei for such a fascinating and informative tour! Everything was very well organized, remained under a pleasant impression! :)

Excursion very much! Wonderful unbeatable route on a wonderful lake. There is beauty and tranquility all around, we even had a chance to swim. Tiana is a wonderful narrator who presents information beautifully without being overwhelming. She was comfortable and interesting to talk to, which is very important when traveling with a guide. My husband and I were VERY satisfied. After the lake, we stopped for a wine tasting at the winery, which was a great ending to the day. Would recommend to anyone.

Yesterday had the good fortune to get to know the Lake Como. Thanks to Oleg for his organization, for the opportunity to fix everything in 5 minutes and listen to my wishes) Wonderful trip! Great company! I brought a lot of beautiful emotions, desires, beautiful pictures, which will stay in my memory for a very long time. I would like to thank you and recommend you 100%.

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