Exotic Fruits, More Info

Exotic Fruits

A little bit about the overseas fruits with not quite familiar to our ears names, appearance and most importantly taste.

Exotic fruits are one of the first things you want to try when traveling to distant countries. Most of them are sold in Russian supermarkets, but their taste (as well as the price) will disappoint you. It is better to start acquaintance already on the spot.

You’ll be surprised by a sweet pineapple or bananas, which are sold in giant bundles (in Thailand they make a lot of great dishes, but in their pure form, as we do, they are almost never eaten). In order to navigate the fruit variety, we have created a small guide to the popular exotic fruits.

Durian is the size of a soccer. You’ve probably heard it’s also called the “king of fruits,” apparently because of its specific taste, impressive appearance, and huge amount of nutrients. But it is better known for its peculiar smell, which resembles a rotten egg. In hotels, office buildings and shopping malls in Thailand and Malaysia and Singapore you may see a sign saying that it is forbidden to enter with durian. You are better off trying it at the market where they will peel it (which is difficult to do by yourself) and cut it into small pieces.

Where does durian grow?

South-East Asian countries (Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia) and South American countries (Brazil).

What does Durian taste like?

Very peculiar. There are no definite opinions. Some people think that the taste reminds of lumps of dough with a slight flavor of banana, cheese or nuts (apparently, it depends on the ripeness of the fruit), some people like boiled onions. The Thais fry it with salt.

Durian is very calorie-dense and nutritious. A small piece can be a quality snack or substitute for dinner. Durian is rich in sulfur and a gigantic amount of minerals.

On the outside, guava looks like a green apple. It has a porous, slightly “waxy” rind and many, many pips. In Thailand, you can buy it as a whole fruit or cut into small pieces (it comes with a sharp stick, so you can snack on the go).

Where does guava grow?

South America is considered the home of the guava, and from there it has spread all over the world: to Oceania, Africa and Southeast Asia.

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What does guava taste like?

Sour-sweet, somewhat reminiscent of the “candy” flavor of the green apple.

Guava contains a record amount of vitamin C (five times more than an orange), is an excellent thirst-quencher and has anti-microbial properties. It is actively used for medicinal purposes and cosmetology.

Mango has long been sold in Russian supermarkets, but juicy and ripe ones are a real rarity among them. If you were lucky enough to try this fruit in its homeland, you will agree that there is nothing more delicious, sweeter and more fragrant. You can eat it ripe (yellow or red) as well as green.

Where does Mango grow?

The record-breaker in the mango harvest is India. In Europe, this fruit grows in southern Spain and the Canary Islands. In Russian supermarkets, red mangoes come from Brazil, but the most popular are the yellow ones from Thailand.

What Mango Tastes Like

It is not comparable to anything. It’s hard to find a better dessert than a ripe mango. In Thailand, mangoes like to eat in combination with boiled rice. Despite the simplicity of the dish, the combination is very interesting and delicious.

A record-breaker in vitamin C content. Like blueberries, mangoes are good for the eyes. However, it is better not to overeat (the norm is two to three fruits a day), you may have an allergic reaction.

Papaya is very beautiful, photogenic and incredibly nourishing fruit with an amazing taste. It is often sold in halves or already cut into small pieces. It looks like an elongated melon. It is better to buy soft fruits, which begin to rot.

Where Papaya Grows

The south of Mexico and Brazil are considered the birthplace of the papaya. It now grows in almost every tropical country. There have been experiments to plant the tree in southern Russia, but unfortunately they were not successful.

What does Papaya taste like

Papaya somewhat resembles a sweet pumpkin, especially not very ripe fruits. The immature fruit is widely used in cooking: it is shredded and used to make salads (somewhat similar to our coleslaw).

Papaya improves digestion, quickly satisfies hunger and is an excellent dessert.

Very beautiful and the most exotic fruit from our guide. Unfortunately, its taste is often inferior to its appearance, so the pythaya is often used to decorate the home (alternatively, the pythaya is brought by tourists as a souvenir from warm countries). It comes in yellow (considered the sweetest) and pink, somewhat like a small pineapple.

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Where does Pitaya grow?

South America is the real home of the pitahaya. The fruit was very popular with the Aztecs: it is easy to pick and does not need to be cooked. Now pitahaya plantations are not uncommon in warm countries from Thailand to Cyprus.

What Pitaya tastes like

Kiwi with a slight strawberry flavor. Someone has claimed that the taste is reminiscent of boiled beets. Apparently, it depends on the variety and degree of maturity. The fruit is cut into two halves, the flesh is eaten with a spoon.

Low-calorie. In a hundred grams of pulp contains only 40 kilocalories.

This is a small fruit with a raspberry-brown rind. Sold in clusters, like grapes (individual “berries” very quickly spoiled). In Asian countries it is not the fruit itself that is popular, but rather desserts based on it. Lychee-flavored ice cream, syrups, marmalades and even bread can be found in any 7-11 store in Thailand or Malaysia.

Where Lychee Grows

Southern China is considered the home of lychee, from where it became widespread in Southeast Asia. In Russia, lychee is sold only canned lychee with sugar in tins.

What does it taste like?

It resembles ripe, slightly fermented grapes. But the smell of the fruit is very strong and fragrant.

Excellent thirst quencher, cures sore throats and coughs.

Externally it looks like a round eggplant. The thick, purple skin is inedible; eat the white slices that are inside.

Where does the Mangosteen grow?

Any country with a tropical climate (Thailand, Taiwan, Colombia) can taste the mangosteen.

What does the mangosteen taste like?

Nothing. There is something in common with a peach with a citrus flavor. This fruit is a real treat.

Exotic fruits of the world: names, photos and descriptions

Exotic fruits of the world: names, photos and descriptions

Photo: fruit-island.ru

Dragon’s eye, snake fruit, scaly annona, Buddha’s hand. Think these are some magical techniques from popular fantasy? Well, they’re not! We tell you about the most interesting exotic fruits of the world with names, photos and descriptions. Today we skip the usual pineapple, kiwi, and mango!


Small roundish fruits with red ruffled skin resemble plums. In fact, lychees are often called Chinese plums. It is sweet and juicy, with occasional mild acidity.

Hutuong Pepper Plantations in Vietnam


Photo: teletesto.ru

2. Kiwanis

The yellow-orange skin with spikes blends very interestingly with the bright green flesh. Kavanaugh has a whimsical, fresh taste, something between cucumber, kiwi, melon, and banana.


Photo: wikiterra.ru

3. Jackfruit

A.k.a. the eve or that bread tree. The fruit can grow really huge, several tens of kilograms. Inside the pulp collected in large, sugary-sweet slices that resemble a melon.


Photo: blog.ostrovok.ru

4. Citron

One of the most unusual citrus fruits in the world, which definitely deserves attention at least for its appearance. Otherwise, the citron does not differ much from the lemon, but it has a more floral flavor. It is often used to make jams or preserves.


Photo: zen.yandex.kz

5. Rambutan

Under the prickly peel of the funny shaggy ball hides a sweet transparent-white pulp. The rambutan seed is also edible. In addition, it makes a great jam and jams.


Photo: heaclub.ru

6. Kaimito

The first thing you notice about kaimito is the bright purple color of its skin and flesh. Otherwise, it tastes very similar to an ordinary apple, despite its jelly-like consistency.


Photo: mandarin-shop.ru

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7. Sapodilla

The fruit resembles a kiwi, and they are called a tree potato. The flesh is very viscous, but it is appreciated for its rare creamy caramel flavor.


Photo: zen.yandex.ru

8. Mangosteen

The fruit resembles a small purple apple or pumpkin. The skin is dense, thick and inedible, and the flesh resembles garlic cloves. But despite their deceptive appearance, the fruits are sweet.


Photo: phuquok.ru

9. Passion fruit

The passion fruit is rightly considered one of the most useful exotic fruits. It is also widely used in cooking and for decoration. The pips take up an impressive part of the fruit, but they too are edible and delicious.

Passion fruit

Photo: avocadoandfriends.it

10. Tamarind

It’s actually a legume, and it’s a date. But without that distinctive sour-sweet flavor, the selection would be incomplete. Tamarind is widely used in cooking from sweets to Worcester sauce.


Photo: recept-borscha.ru

11. Pitahaya

The dragon fruit is actually a cactus fruit. On the outside is a red skin, but inside is a soft white flesh dotted with seeds. It is usually eaten with a spoon straight from the rind. Their flavor is fairly neutral.

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Photo: vkuslandiya.com

12. Pepino

Pepino fruits are most often bright yellow with prominent purple stripes. Cucumber, pumpkin and melon notes are intertwined in the flavor. But it is important to catch exactly the moment of ripeness, because unripe and overripe fruit are equally unpalatable.


Photo: poleznii-site.ru

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13. Noina

The fruit is similar to an apple, only green and flaky. The skin is uncomfortable to peel off, but underneath it hides a sweet, fragrant core. The main thing is that the fruit must be ripe, otherwise the noina is almost inedible.


Photo: andrey-eltsov.ru

14. Mammea

In appearance, type of flesh and taste, mammea is similar to a mixture of apricot and mango. The fruits grow very large, up to 20 cm, with one or more pips inside.


Photo: myrecepts.do.am

15. Durian

Even those who have never seen this exotic fruit have heard of the legendary smell of durian. The giant fruit is often forbidden to take in transport or hotels. But the pulp is very tender, almost candy-like and useful.


Photo: otdyxsam.ru

16. Naranjilla

Behind the unremarkable appearance of the fluffy yellow tomato is a juicy pulp with a strawberry-pineapple flavor. Naranhillah is very popular in the preparation of cocktails and desserts.


Photo: mirkrasiv.ru

17. Guava

On the outside the whole fruit resembles a pear, but in the cut it cannot be confused with anything else. Guava can be eaten with its skin and seeds, which is not only delicious but also good for your digestion.


Photo: befren.com

18. Jabotikaba

The original name hides an even more original appearance. Clusters of rounded purple-brown fruits grow right on the trunk of the tree. The pulp is ideal for drinks, juices, jams, and other preparations.


Photo: phonemedia.ru

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19. Salak

Or as it is also sometimes called – rakum. The brownish, creamy fruit is covered with small prickles. Therefore, lettuce must be carefully peeled with a knife. The flesh tastes like either a pear or a persimmon.


Photo: zen.yandex.ru

20. kuruba

On the outside, kuruba resembles a zucchini or cucumber, but inside is a juicy, soft core with pips. The contents of the ripe fruit are sure to be a rich orange-brown color. A curious wine is made from kuruba.

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Photo: productplanet.ru

21. Papaya

Papaya is already quite popular and familiar around the world. It is a large fruit, in shape resembling a melon or pumpkin. The bright orange flesh is very tender. Unripe papaya is used in salads and main dishes.


Photo: orchidea-shop.ru

22. Chompu

Funny shaped fruits resemble an apple or a ribbed tomato. Chompu tastes unremarkable, but it is one of the most effective exotic fruits for quenching thirst.


Photo: zen.yandex.ru

23. Carambola

The tropical star really looks like a star in section. Part of the carambola resembles an apple, so you can eat it right with the peel. By the way, the fruit is very juicy and helps you cope with thirst.


Photo: diyetasistan.com

24. Aki

The ripe aki fruits sometimes look intimidating because they burst and the pulp and skin comes to the surface. The aki has an original nutty taste, but unripe fruits are poisonous, and special treatment is mandatory.


Photo: zen.yandex.ru

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25. Ambarella

Another exotic fruit, which can easily be confused then with an apple, then with a plum. The flesh is quite hard and even crunchy, in taste close to mango and pineapple. Ambarella makes a great jam.


Photo: kienthuc.net.vn

26. Longan

The little fruit looks like either a potato or a rooted kiwi. The skin is tough and completely inedible, but inside the fruit is sweet, juicy and flavorful.


Photo: lozhka-povarezhka.ru

27. Pomelo

This large citrus resembles a very large grapefruit, but its flesh is more often yellow and much sweeter. The pomelo has a very strong, pungent and complex citrus aroma.


Photo: agrosavjet.com

28. Kumquat

The small, pretty citrus resembles tiny oranges, only milder. Surprisingly, the fruit does not need to be peeled and can be eaten whole. The kumquat has a very pungent citrus flavor that is hard to get rid of later.


Photo: pediatrinfo.ru

29. Longkong

The closest relative of the longan resembles even more of a yellowish potato. The core, on the other hand, again resembles garlic cloves. The slices have an unusual sweet taste, but they can have bitter pips.


Photo: pinterest.ru

30. Bum balan

Many people have heard of bam balan as an exotic borscht-flavored fruit. And it’s true! That’s why, in its native Borneo, it is readily used in side dishes.

Bum balan

Photo: smartik.ru

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