First Fly of 2013!

Smiley I just can’t explain my feelings of excitement upon booking my flights going home and back here after almost six (6) months of not seeing my family in the province. And since I am booking my flights in an eleventh (11th) hour and a very rush time, I need to look for the cheapest airfare available. After an hour of comparing an airline company from another, I finally confirmed my flights with Tiger Airways — SEAir.  Smiley This would be my first fly in 2013!

Tiger AirWays

With much excitement, as early as now, I am already packing my luggage and getting myself ready with all the presents for the kids and for the family which I still need to buy and all the stuff I need not to carry like bottles more than 500mL, any sharp objects, even single cigars, liquors and more. These all, of course, are already set in my mind to get ready for my more than a-week vacation at home.

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