First Time To Travel with — TigerAirways Philippines

I am used to travel going home utilizing the local airline companies in the country such as AirPhil Express, Cebu Pacific Air and Philippine Airlines. Hence, this coming Sunday, December 16, 2012 will be my first time to travel with — TigerAirways Philippines.

No one from the family has tried the services of yet so I don’t have anybody to ask at about any idea how they provide and take care of their customers. I’ve been asking some friends also who used to travel but none of those I talked to has tried this airline company as well.

Tiger Airways is one of Asia’s leading low cost carriers. First established in 2003 with Tiger Singapore, it rapidly grew its paw print with Tiger Airways Australia in 2007, and associate airlines, Mandala Airlines in Indonesia and SEAir in the Philippines in 2012.

Operating from Singapore and Australia (Melbourne and Sydney), Tiger’s network extends to over 30 destinations in 13 countries in the Asia Pacific region.

Tiger is committed to offering customers great value fares and friendly service while maintaining the highest standards of safety, security and reliability.

The airline has won several awards, including the Low Cost Airline of the Year Award at CAPA’s Aviation Awards for Excellence in 2010.

I am just hoping that for this coming travel of mine, I would have the best experience that I am expecting from them. And oh, speaking for travel, this reminds that I need to buy new name plates and tags for my new luggage. I already have one before but since mom asked me to have her the luggage, I just give the luggage to her including the tags.

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