Funafuti is the capital atoll. Tuvalu


Funafuti [1] (Funafuti ) is the atoll capital of the small island nation of Tuvalu, in the Pacific Ocean.



The atoll includes at least 33 islands. The largest is Fongafale, followed by Funafala. The lagoon within the atoll is called Te-Namo, its length is about 20 km. It is a narrow strip of land, from 20 to 400 meters wide, around the large lagoon Te-Namo.


With a population of 5070 (2010), it is the most populated atoll in the country. There are four villages on this island, one of which (Vaiaku) is the seat of government. Sometimes the capital of Tuvalu is said to be Fongafale or Vaiaku, but officially the capital is the entire atoll of Funafuti. The islands of Fongafale, Funafala, and Motuola have permanent populations.


There is an airstrip, a hotel (Vaiaku Langi Hotel), administrative buildings, and residences built both in the traditional style of palm leaves and in the modern style of cement.


The most important landmark on Funafuti Atoll is the Church of Tuvalu. Another landmark is the remains of a U.S. plane that crashed on Funafuti during World War II, when the airstrip was used by the U.S. Air Force to defend the Gilbert Islands (now Kiribati). The U.S. claimed Funafuti until the signing of a friendship treaty in the late 1970s.


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Tuvalu is made up of several atolls. The main atoll, Funafuti, is the capital.

Tuvalu consists of several atolls. The main atoll, Funafuti, is its capital.

In the place where it is 400 meters wide, the airport is located. In other places, it is very narrow. On one side is always the ocean noise, on the other side is always sand and calm.

The airport is located in the part of the atoll that’s 400 meters wide. The rest of it is really narrow. You always have the waves crashing on one side and a perfectly calm sandy shore on the other.

At the airport, where the building is only fenced off on one side, an aunt accepts completed forms from arriving passengers. The child does not interfere with the performance of public affairs.

The airport building is only fenced off on one side. A woman collects completed forms from arriving passengers. The kid is no hindrance to carrying out official duties.

At the same time another woman with a “high-tech security” badge checks the luggage of departing passengers by hand. There is no X-ray or metal detector frame in the state.

Meanwhile, another woman wearing a “Hi-Tech Security Service” arm patch checks departing passengers’ luggage by hand. The country doesn’t have a scanner or a metal detector.

You don’t have to take a cab from the airport. You go out with your suitcase, and the hotel is across the street on the other side of the river. It’s two minutes on foot. And the view is heavenly.

There’s no need to take a taxi from the airport. You step outside with your suitcase-and the hotel is right there, on the opposite shore. It’s a two-minute walk. And the view is divine.

The atoll is small, a couple of kilometers each way. The ends of the island are visible to the naked eye.

The atoll is small, a couple of kilometers each way. You can see the ends of the island with the naked eye.

If someone in Tuvalu has enough land around the house, relatives are buried right in their backyard. If there isn’t enough land, they take the grandmother to the cemetery.

If a person on Tuvalu has enough land around their house, they bury their relatives right there in the front yard. If there isn’t much land, then-so be it-they’ll take grandma to the cemetery.

The primary mode of transportation is the motor scooter.

The primary mode of transportation is the motor scooter.

In the hotel, they turn on the water twice a day. But there is an Internet wire sticking out of the wall. No one needs the state of Tuvalu at all. They earn money here in two ways: by recognition of Abkhazia and trade with the .tv domain.

Water at the hotel is only turned on twice a day. But on the bright side, there’s an Internet cable sticking out of the wall. Tuvalu is completely useless as far as anyone anywhere is concerned. The country makes money in two ways: by acknowledging Abkhazia as an independent state and by selling .tv domain names.

The country has no fresh water sources. It is useless to cry; tears are salty too.

There are no fresh water sources in the country. And no point in shedding tears about it- they’re salty as well.

Rainwater is collected in tanks. When the drought lasts for a long time, neighboring countries are asked to help bring water in tankers.

Rainwater is collected into cisterns. When there’s an extended drought, neighboring countries are asked to help and bring in some tankers with water.

The bells on the island are compressed air cylinders with the bottoms sawn off. They ring just right.

Instead of bells, the island uses compressed air cylinders with the bottoms sawed off. They ring just as nicely.

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