Gaining Extra Weight After Travel and Vacation

I do not know if I can consider this a bad thing or a good one for me — that every time I had my travel and vacation, when I went from home to my place now, I always gain more weight. And if I had more weight, I definitely gain more fats.

Eat Well, Travel Often!Eat Well, Travel Often! (image from

See the image above? That is how I do — I eat well, and I travel often. But things getting worse, sometimes, that I often eat more than traveling especially when I visit a place I never been to. I always wanted to try almost all the delicacies of that place which often resulted to gaining of weight.

Every end of the travel, a friend, a travel buddy or any member of the family always tease me that I really get fat and that I need whey protein to loss fats. But by far, I have not tried one yet. Hopefully, these fats will just be burnt out naturally.

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