Gamov cape in Primorsky Krai: how to get there, description, photo

All about cape Gamov in Primorsky region

The Gamov Peninsula and Cape Gamov is a picturesque place in the Far East, surrounded on three sides by the Sea of Japan. The peninsula is easy to reach from Vladivostok and offers developed infrastructure of recreation centers, sandy beaches and historical sights. If you decide to spend your vacation in the Far East, it’s better to know in advance what Cape Gamova (Primorsky Krai) is famous for, how to get to the lighthouse and where to stay for a few days.

Where Gamov Cape is located in Primorsky Krai and how to get there

For thrifty tourists planning a budget trip to Primorsky Krai, it is logical to find out how to get to Gamov Cape from Vladivostok by public transport (train, bus). The peninsula is located to the south of the capital of Primorsky Krai, in Khasansky district. The nearest settlement to which regular buses from Vladivostok run is Andreevka village. Bus No. 521 to Zarubino runs three times a day (7:30 a.m., 12:30 p.m.; 2 p.m.) from the central bus station of the regional center. The ticket costs 1135 rubles and travel time – about 5 hours.

If you go on your own from Vladivostok, tourists must decide how to get to Gamov Cape from Andreevka on foot. It is necessary to walk 18 kilometers from Andreevka to the lighthouse along unpaved roads or forest paths. It is difficult to walk 36 kilometers in one day (even with the morning bus). Therefore, it is better for tourists to plan a two- or three-day hike with tents and sleeping bags.

If you are planning an independent drive along the route Vladivostok – Gamov Cape, the distance by the road (225 kilometers) must be divided in segments:

  1. From Vladivostok, tourists in their own cars leave to the north, along the highway 05A-614.
  2. After driving along it Nadezhdinskoye and Kiparisovo, behind Razdolnoye you have to turn left.
  3. One more left turn will take you to the highway 05A-214, going south.
  4. Take this road through Zanadvorovka and Barabash and you will get to Sukhanovka.
  5. When you pass this village turn left at the sign to Zarubino. Before you reach the settlement, you will turn left to Andreevka.

Before you reach the village, you will have to drive 6 kilometers from the turn.

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IMPORTANT: The sections of the road before the village of Vityaz and south of it, where Cape Gamova is located, the map is marked “Bad Road”. You should not take a low-clearance city car to the peninsula. Most likely, you will get stuck in a deep rut. On this road you can pass only in an off-road vehicle with four-wheel drive.

History of Cape’s discovery

Famous in the Far East, the cape was discovered by the crew of the frigate Pallada on the last leg of a round-the-world voyage. In 1854 on the way from Japan to the Imperial Harbor the navigators of the ship saw a rocky cape on the port side. The first to notice the land was midshipman Dmitry Gamov, and the peninsula was named after him. With the development of shipping in the Far East, the place became notorious. When skirting the cliffs of the coast in bad weather, at least a dozen ships crashed.

A resonance wreck was the wreck of the steamship “Vladimir” (1897), after which it was decided to install a navigation lighthouse on the rocky hill. The lighthouse at Gamov Cape was built from 1901 to 1906 and was equipped with a French light apparatus.

Gamov Cape: geographical reference

According to geographical coordinates (42.5626391661, 131.2176715422) Gamov Cape (Primorsky Krai) is difficult for an ordinary tourist to find on the map of Russia.

The peninsula must be sought south of Vladivostok, near the Korean border (84 km from Andreevka to it). The peninsula is washed by the Posyet Bay and the open Sea of Japan, and on its shores stand out bays:

  • Orlinka;
  • Telyakovskaya;
  • The bays are distinguished on its shores: Orlinka; Telekova; Alekseeva;
  • Vityaz.

The coasts of the peninsula and Gamov Cape are composed of volcanic granite. Navigation near the coast is hampered by the rocky shoals of Opasnaya Bay and the above-water rock “Kamen Opasnosti”.

The eastern coast (500 meters from the shore) and the water area of the peninsula are part of the Far Eastern Marine Reserve, protected by law.

Cape’s main attraction: Gamov lighthouse

During a hike or a tour, most tourists strive to see all the peninsula’s beauties and reach the lighthouse, located on its southern tip. In the vicinity of the lighthouse, camping expeditions of divers from the Far East. Near the islets and underwater rocks they dive to the wrecks wrecked near the peninsula.

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Excursions to the lighthouse

An organized excursion is the best way to reach Gamov Cape, and many travel agencies in Vladivostok offer such trips. In a three-day excursion (for 4,500-5,000 ₽) tourists stay at the recreation center in Andreevka and go to the lighthouse on off-road vehicles or quad bikes. Cheaper (1,700-2,800 ₽) is a one-day car-pedestrian excursion, which includes:

  • road to the peninsula by off-road vehicle;
  • excursion to the lighthouse (permits are required to visit a sensitive site);
  • walking tour to Alekseev Bay;
  • Watching the seals;
  • return to Vladivostok.

In the lighthouse tourists explore a small village, the old building of the lighthouse tower and signal devices, the sea panorama of the Sea of Japan with rocks and islands.

THAT’S INTERESTING: The lighthouse has modern dual-lens lanterns. At night without fog, the lighthouse can be seen by ships at a distance of 30 miles (about 56 kilometers).

Rest and tourism on the Gamova Peninsula

You can see the beauty of the peninsula’s rocky cliffs, taiga and beaches in the photos of Gamov Cape in Primorsky Krai, which are published on the Internet. But the best way to get acquainted with the natural landmark will be a trip to the Far Eastern peninsula.

Where to stay

If you decide to spend a few days on the peninsula, you can stay at the Andreevka tourist bays in Risovaya Pad, Trinity:

  • “Sindbad Morehod” (in summer a four-bed cabin costs 1000-3000 rubles per day);
  • “Sloboda” (for a four-bed room you will pay 2,500-5,000 rubles per day, in the fall the heated pools work);
  • “Regatta” (six-bed room costs 3000-6000 rubles per day);
  • “Laguna” (summer ten-day stay of one tourist costs 11100-15700 ₽).

All camping sites are equipped with refrigerators, showers and toilets.

What to do

Fans of “wild” recreation in tents often come to the Gamov Peninsula. The rocky precipices of the coasts are replaced by sandy beaches of bays, where you can swim and sunbathe in summer.

In the bays Vityaz, Alekseeva, Telyakovsky there are seals, underwater divers can see the biggest in the Far East octopuses (weighing up to 50 kg). At the camping sites Andreevka tourists can order horseback riding, excursions on boats, sea fishing. Experienced travelers can climb the mountain Tumannaya.

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What to see near the Gamov Cape

During a three-day or week-long vacation on the peninsula, tourists can visit:

  • The water park in Trinity Bay;
  • The ruins of the estate of Count Yankovsky, the son of the famous explorer of Primorye;
  • the island of Languishing Heart (with natural sea baths, a rookery of seals);
  • bluffs and beaches of Kitovy Bay.

Photographed during the walking tour to the Gamov Cape, photos of rocky cliffs, clear sea, thickets of far-eastern rhododendrons will become an adornment of your collection.

A trip to this natural landmark of Primorsky Krai will become a perfect summer vacation for tourists from Central Russia.

Gamov Cape

Gamov cape

Cape Gamov is the southernmost point of the Gamov Peninsula. It is 260 kilometers from Vladivostok. The cape comes out on the Peter the Great Bay. On the western side is the bay Dangerous – the name says for itself, there have died a lot of ships. The whole peninsula has indescribably beautiful landscapes, dizzying cliffs, nature in its most beautiful manifestations.

Cape Gamov is a solid volcanic rock and granites. The relief of the peninsula is mountainous, the highest point is Tumannaya Mountain. But the Gamov Peninsula is not only rocks. There are soft sandy beaches, like in the nearby Vityaz Bay. The peninsula water area belongs to the Far Eastern State Marine Reserve.

Gamov lighthouse

The most famous place on the island, which attracts the most tourists is the lighthouse. Formerly, the peninsula’s cliffs, with their winds and fog, were dangerous for ships that sailed past. Sailors even put candles and prayed in chapels before sailing past the peninsula. The most famous accident that occurred near the cape was the wreck of the steamboat “Vladimir” in 1897. After that, it was decided to build a lighthouse.

Gamov lighthouse

The settlement on the peninsula was founded in 1885, the lighthouse was laid in 1901. However, a number of difficulties and the Russian-Japanese War did not allow to build it fast: the construction was not completed until 1906. For this purpose, a bell was set there – it is still there.

The lighthouse was built at a height of 50 m. It is an octahedron of white brick 19 meters high. There is also a dwelling house, which is one with the tower. The year-round supervisor and other employees with their families live here – a total of about 8 people.

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Lighthouse magnifying glass

Gamov lighthouse is a restricted facility; it is difficult to get here without an excursion and an appointment. There is a museum-cafe on the territory, which keeps the things that were collected during all the existence of the lighthouse. A lot of antique and antique items. For the convenience of tourists, a bar and sauna are organized here.

Excursions to the lighthouse

Excursions leave from Vladivostok or other cities (for example, from Artem). Some of them are devoted entirely to a trip to the cape and viewing the lighthouse. Others include a way across the peninsula. In this case on survey of a lighthouse there will be not enough time. Fans of hiking with tents can find a tour-adventure for a few days. Such a vacation includes a trip with stops in different parts of the peninsula, a tent camp, and guitar songs in the evenings around the campfire.

Rest on Cape Gamova

Coming to the Gamova Peninsula, it is convenient to stay at one of the recreation centers – almost all of them are located in the village of Vityaz. You can rent a hotel room or rent a cottage for a vacation. This place in Primorsky Krai is interesting not only by the lighthouse. Coves of the peninsula are loved by divers – and there is a reason for that. First – is, of course, the nature and inhabitants of the underwater world. For example, the largest species of octopus lives here. If you’re lucky, you can meet him during a walk underwater. Octopuses are curious, but not dangerous. This place is unique in that here the warm-water fauna coexists with the cold-water.

Gamov cape

Interesting for divers are sunken ships – in the Cape area there are at least ten. For example, you can look at the ship “Quartz” and “Seiner”. Yes, and many other ships forever remained at the bottom of the cape. Even along the coast of the bay Vityaz meet wrecked ships and schooners.

The sandy and pebbly beaches of the peninsula are very popular. For example, you can visit Astafieva Bay, which is situated not far from Vityaz, on the opposite side of the peninsula. The seashore is covered with soft sand and the entrance to the sea is gentle. There are secluded bays where almost never are people. To get there is possible only from the sea.

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Excursions to Gamov Peninsula


The climate of Gamov Peninsula is maritime, monsoonal. The best time to come here is from June to September – these months are the warmest: the average temperature ranges from +19 to +24 ° C, but may also exceed the mark of +30 ° C.

This area is famous for the fogs. Most of them are here in June. By July, the fogs recede and it gets warmer. The typhoon and cyclone season begins. But even if it rains you shouldn’t get upset: the weather in Primorsky region is changeable and heavy rains are quickly replaced by sunny weather. The sea gets warm and you may swim. The water temperature from July to September – +19 … +27 ° C, and in shallow waters may reach +28 … +30 ° C, as, for example, in the Bay Vityaz.

Gamov cape panorama on Google maps

How to get there

It takes about 4 hours to reach Gamov Cape by car from Vladivostok. In order to reach Gamov Cape, you must first go to resort village Andreevka in Khasansky District. You will take a good asphalt road from Vladivostok to it – highway A189. Near Sukhanivka turn left into Kamyshovaya Street and drive to Andreevka. Then the way goes through the village of Vityaz, to the quarry. If your car is not off-road, it is better to refuse to drive it deep into the peninsula. The road from Andreyevka to Vityaz is a real challenge for those who dare to make their own way. After the quarry the road is divided into several directions: to Astafiev, Telyakovskiy and Gamov capes. Up to a lighthouse the unpaved road conducts. According to the keeper, “such a normal road, for military cars”.

Gathering in a way, be sure to take products for a snack. You can have a picnic on the cape, near the lighthouse. The relief on the peninsula is mountainous and the shoes must be comfortable.

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