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A true slice of peace and tranquility in the bustling city of Kathmandu. This little piece of paradise occupies almost seven hectares. It is quiet and comfortable, probably, that’s why the garden is so loved by couples in love, of which there are a lot in the evening. Companies also come here for a picnic, sometimes even with a guitar. Many people read here.

There are special mats on the ground, so as not to sit on the ground.

The garden has many fountains, beautiful flowers and there are even fruit trees.

I especially liked the bamboo swings, which I have wanted to ride for so long.

We have seen many of these in Nepal, but always from afar. The locals love them so much, so there are always more people around them: both children and adults.

The garden was opened in 1920, during the reign of the Rana royal dynasty. The owner of the garden – Kaiser Shamsher Jang Bahadur Rana – Field Marshal of the Royal Army of Nepal, commissioned the famous architect Singhi Durbur to build such a complex and interesting garden to make it stand out from all other parks and gardens. And the architect succeeded. In the garden plants are planted in such a way that moving through the garden you get to the different seasons. And all this is due to a special irrigation system.

For those who want there are two restaurants, but with cosmic prices.

Opening hours: 9:00 – 22:00. Official website: Price of admission: 250 rupees ($2.5).

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Amazing Kathmandu

The capital of Nepal, Kathmandu, is famous for its natural and cultural attractions. Moscow – Kathmandu tours are in increasing demand every year. And it is not surprising. Rich in thousands of years of history the city attracts travelers to the ancient temples and monasteries, colorful monuments and beautiful nature.

Royal Palace

Royal Palace Museum of Kathmandu

The Narayanhiti Palace and Museum in Kathmandu is a landmark built in the 20th century. It used to be the main residence of the Nepalese monarchs. The building rises in the center surrounded by a large park. The first building was destroyed by an earthquake in 1915. In the second half of the 20th century began the construction of a new residence. The architecture took the form of a multi-level pagoda. The opening ceremony was timed to coincide with the marriage ceremony of Crown Prince Birenda.In 2001, a tragedy occurred in the palace – Prince Dipendra shot the royal family and committed suicide. The reason for the brutal massacre was the monarch’s refusal to give his blessing for the prince’s marriage to a girl belonging to the enemy clan. The official version is that he decided to kill himself under the influence of alcohol. In 2008 the Nepalese monarchy lost power and a republic was proclaimed. The last ruler of the kingdom left the walls of the palace. Immediately after that, a museum was opened. It got its name from the statue of the god Vishnu – Narayan, which stands at the front entrance. The main values of the museum collection: royal crown, carpet made of tiger skin, throne and a gift of Hitler – the car.

Pharmaceutical garden in Moscow, exhibitions and opening hours

Religious complexes

Among the sights of the valley, religious buildings occupy a special place. There are large Buddhist and Hindu temples within its boundaries:

Pashupatinath .

On the sides of the Bagmati River is the Hindu complex, Pashupatinath. It is the world’s premier Shiva temple. Every day thousands of pilgrims come to the shrine to honor the main deity and Pashupati, the king of living beings. Only Hindus are allowed into the central courtyard. The main prayer houses are located on the west side of the river. Nearby are the “abodes of those waiting for death,” in which the elderly and the sick spend their last days. Along the reservoir are built structures for funeral rituals. Not far from the religious buildings is the Teresa Shelter and the candlelight shrines. Wandering yogis like to gather in these places.


Bodnath is one of the main attractions of Kathmandu. It is a huge stupa, towering 10 kilometers from the city. It was erected in the 6th century. Around the structure there are dozens of monasteries and spiritual schools of different faiths. Bodnath is perceived as the center of the Buddhist faith. In ancient times the way to India from the highlands of Tibet passed through this place, and many passing through found temporary shelter at the stupa. The architecture is shaped like a mandala. The base represents earth, the vault represents water, and the 13-step spire represents flame. The umbrella represents water and the belvedere represents the boundless sky. There are prayer percussion instruments around the circle. There are many souvenir stores near the structure. The closest hotel in Kathmandu to Bodnath is Ghangri Boutique Hotel.


Monkey Temple in Kathmandu

Swayambunath is another center of Buddhist teachings in the vicinity. Its second name is the Monkey Temple. It was partially damaged in 2015 due to a powerful earthquake. There is a stupa in the middle of the complex, surrounded by a succession of Tibetan monk cloisters and a religious school. The sides of the structure face the parts of the world with a 60-degree turn. To get to the main shrine, you have to walk 365 steps – the number of days in the year. Hindus also have their own little school next to the stupa. Monkey Temple is nicknamed because its grove is home to numerous representatives of these animals, they are fed by ministers and guests.

Literary bridges of the Volkovo cemetery


 Budanilkantha in Kathmandu

Budanilkantha is a non-war religious edifice that is very different from other temples. They are about 10 kilometers from the capital. The temple complex is dedicated to Vishnu, the supreme deity of Vaishnava branch of Hinduism. His image is depicted in the form of a huge stone sculpture lying in a pond. According to historical records it was discovered in the 7th century and since then pilgrims have been coming to this place.

Kings of Nepal were forbidden to look at Vishnu in the water, as they were considered his embodiment.

Natural Sites

The natural attractions of scenic Kathmandu, listed in guidebooks with photos and descriptions, are mesmerizing in their pristine beauty. Among them are especially noteworthy:

Garden of Dreams

The Garden of Dreams was laid out in 1920. There is a special atmosphere of peace and harmony. The fragrances of the various flowers and plants envelop visitors to the garden and put them in a positive mood. This place is loved by romantic and esoterically inclined people.

Rani Pokhari Pond

Queen's Pond in Kathmandu

The Queen’s Pond is a Kathmandu landmark located in the heart of the city. The square-shaped artificial pond was built in the late 17th century by the monarch Pratapa. He dedicated its creation to the memory of his deceased son. The pond was filled with sacred water from revered Hindu springs. In the middle is the prayer house of Shiva. A bridge leads to it from the land. The shrine is open to visitors once a year, on Bhai Tika Day. The southern part of the reservoir is decorated with a statue of an elephant with the Pratapa family seated on it.

National Parks

Sagarmatha National Park near Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu Valley is known for its beautiful national parks. Wildlife lovers will love them especially. Primitive nature can be seen in the parks:

  • Sagarmatha;
  • Langtang;
  • Chitwan;
  • Rara.

These places abound with wild animals and unique plants. Local guides and guidebooks will tell you how to get from the capital to the protected areas.

Literary bridges of the Volkovo cemetery

Dharahara Tower and Bhimsen Tower

Dharahara Tower Ruins, Nepal, Kathmandu

The Bhimsen Tower was built in the middle of the 19th century along with the twin Dharahara Tower. The former was erected at the behest of the country’s prime minister and the latter at the behest of the ruler Tripurasundari. The high landmarks of Kathmandu served as watchtowers. The observers on the balconies sent signals to the troops when they detected enemies near the borders.In 1834 there was a major earthquake and Bhimsen was severely damaged. And a hundred years later earth tremors completely destroyed it. Dharahara was partially damaged and was soon rebuilt. In 2005 it was opened to tourists. The almost 62-metre high structure stood in the center of the capital and served as the main viewing platform from which a magnificent view of the green surroundings could be enjoyed.

The top floor of the tower housed the temple of the goddess Shiva. A 213-step spiral staircase led up to it. The observation room was one floor below. There were golden fountains in front of the entrance. It was a favorite spot for visitors and locals. But in 2015 the tower collapsed due to another earthquake. About 200 people died under the ruins, among them many tourists. Only the lower part with the fence was left of Dharahar. No decision has yet been made on the reconstruction work.


Durbar Square in Patan

Lalitpur (city of beauty) or Patan is considered the jewel among the attractions of the mysterious valley of ancient Kathmandu. The cities form one conglomerate. Lalitpur is located on the southern bank of the Bagmati River. Patan appeared in the 3rd century B.C. There is no exact date of its formation. There is a legend that this place was visited by Buddha and his disciple Ananda. It is also known that the first settlements appeared during the Indian King Ashoka. After conquering the territory, he built four stupas and settled near them. The cultural and economic heyday of Lilithpur came in the period from the 16th to the 18th century, when the Malla dynasty ruled. At this time unique architectural constructions appeared. Many of them have survived to this day. The pride of the city are:

  • Durbar Square;
  • Uku Bahal Monastery;
  • The royal palace of the goddess Kumari;
  • Mahabothi shrine;
  • Kumbeshwar temple;
  • Golden Temple.
Sagano Bamboo Forest in Kyoto, Japan

There is a large community of artisans concentrated in Patan. Artful objects of wood, metal, stone and other materials created by local residents are famous throughout the world. Many famous masters of arts and crafts were born in Lilitpur. Today the city is considered the cultural center of the country.

In the 2015 earthquake, many of Patan’s architectural monuments standing in the main square were damaged or destroyed.


The Thamel district of Kathmandu.

What to see in Kathmandu other than cultural and historical sites? The Tamel entertainment district. It is a place with a special flavor, located between two fashionable hotels. Tamel is formed of small streets along which there are numerous stores, bureaus, restaurants, hotels and clubs.In this area there is a mix of European and local cultures, antiquity and modernity. Walking along them you can buy a variety of items. For climbers there is a large selection of equipment, for practitioners of esoterics – books with spiritual guidance, for ordinary tourists – souvenirs, original things and much more. Local cafes offer European and Nepalese cuisine.

Once a year, Tihar, the worship of Yama and Lakshmi, is celebrated here. On this day, Tamel is filled with musicians, dancers and spectators. The colorful merriment lasts for five days. Nepalis dance to the sound of tambourines and drums, paying homage to the god of death and the goddess of well-being. Visitors to this celebration have an unforgettable experience.

How to get there

Kathmandu Airport, Nepal

You can get from Moscow to Nepal, Kathmandu, by plane, making a connection in another country. There are no direct flights between Moscow and Kathmandu. You must first get to Doha, Sharjah or large cities in Turkey and China. From there you can buy tickets to Kathmandu. There are also other options. To get from Moscow to faraway Kathmandu you can buy tickets to Delhi, Calcutta or Mumbai. From these places to the capital of Nepal there are planes, trains and buses, as well as cabs. But the most convenient option for those who are planning a trip to Kathmandu and are thinking about how to get there from Moscow is to use the services of a travel firm.

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