Garibaldi Castle in the Samara region

Tours of Garibaldi Castle

Incredibly beautiful tourist complex built in the village Khryaschevka Samara region near the city of Togliatti. Excursions to “Garibaldi Castle” attract tourists with the possibility of luxury recreation in the shady parks of a medieval tale, beach areas, restaurants, swimming pools, its own port on the Volga. In the design of the complex is traced Neo-Gothic style, the architecture of the Middle Ages, Renaissance, luxury Victorian direction. Time in the “Garibaldi Castle” allows you to try on the image of a knight XV-XVII centuries, a beautiful lady in a carriage.

Garibaldi Tourist Cluster

“Garibaldi Castle” is part of a large-scale project to develop tourism in Samara. The area is famous for its beautiful nature and excellent conditions for surfing. Contrary to the laws of geography, Togliatti has its own sea – the Zhigulevskoye Sea. The name Kuibyshev Reservoir was not given by chance – in terms of size, the reservoir is the third largest in the world, the largest array on the Volga.

By 2006, the bank of the Volga in Khryaschevka appeared a sports complex “Aquamir” with a bathhouse, swimming pool, exotic garden, surrounded by artificial rocks. The river port was equipped, luxury boat trips on the ship “Garibaldi” were launched.

The need to create an elite hotel, meeting a high level of comfort, originality. The idea of the project conveys the centuries-old history of the castle, from the early Middle Ages to the Romanticism period of the XIX century. Some parts of “Garibaldi Castle” contain traces of artificial aging, traces of destruction of varying intensity.

Infrastructure of the hotel “Garibaldi

“Garibaldi Castle” – the tourist center of Togliatti, focused on event tourism, preservation of the unique nature of the Samara region. Tourist complex is surrounded by 6 hectares of land. The plan of beautification of the adjacent territory contains walking areas on the bank of the Zhigulevskoye Sea, festival grounds. The main castle is connected to the outhouse by a stylobate. Above the stylobate there is an open area, below there is a recreation area and a bath. The eastern side of ‘Garibaldi Castle’ accommodates a picturesque park decorated with gravel paths, statues, luxurious fountain among grandiose flowerbeds and benches.

The main attraction of the castle, the donjon tower, 60 m high, serves as an observation deck with a magnificent view of the river. On the bank of the Volga port “Garibaldi” is arranged, attracting attention to the Moroccan pavilion, 4 swimming pools and helicopter pad.

Walks around the complex are completely free, visitors are happy to take commemorative pictures on the porch. The feeling of immersion in a world of heroes creates medieval music, volleys of arquebus, majestic towers, decorated with bronze dragons and bas-reliefs.

Having the financial means, guests will later be offered 7 luxurious super-luxurious, presidential suites. “Garibaldi Castle” accommodates cozy living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, walk-in closets. The artistic value, the aesthetics, the presence of Gothic mystery remain in the memory forever.

The genesis of the idea.

“Garibaldi Castle” – the family pride of Oleg Kuzichkin, head of the company “Factory of Quality” in Togliatti. The castle was named after the businessman’s father, Garibaldi Arkadievich. The village of Khryaschevka is the birthplace of the entrepreneur’s wife.

The implementation of the project required extensive creative effort, technical work of many participants. The medieval work was conceived in 2006 under the supervision of experienced specialists:

  • Valery Seglin, chief architect, member of the Union of Architects of the Russian Federation;
  • The architect Yuri Guryanov;
  • Sergey Karengin, exterior designer;
  • Facade decorator – Alexei Cheboksarinov;
  • Sculptor – Viktor Shuvalov.
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Construction of “Garibaldi Castle” took many years. In 2014, tour participants witnessed the appearance of the main building, an outbuilding (kitchen, service rooms). Full completion of the concept is dated 2018.

Improvement of the village

To draw attention to the village Khryaschevka, the owner of “Garibaldi Castle” organized event tourism, complementing the natural resources of Samara. At the entrance to the village Khryaschevka (on the right side of the road) is equipped with a nice shopping center “Factory of Quality”, repaired roads.

“Factory” in Khryaschevka fully maintains two kindergartens, restored the House of Culture, equipped a hospital, a gym, and is building a stadium. Oleg Garibaldiyevich personally developed the project and built the church with his own money instead of a small prayer house. Vladyka Sergiy recognized the church as the best project of the Stavropol district.

Halo of romantic fantasy, mystery

“Garibaldi Castle, with its soaring spires, graceful towers, and stone roofs, evokes mysticism on tours, the mystery of 13th-century European structures. Built in medieval style, the tourist complex is not a copy of a particular castle. The tourist complex is the result of imagination of people sophisticated in history, creativity. Most of the details are created by hand. The story that brings together the unique fragments, keeps a piece of the soul of the best artists involved in the embodiment of architectural wonder.

Medieval style in contemporary interiors

“Garibaldi Castle” corresponds to the modern vision of comfort, quality. Internet, electricity, water and other benefits of civilization do not interfere with the perception of medieval atmosphere. The effect is evident in the entertainment area, paved with stone on the roof of the castle. The creators took care to create the best conditions for a comfortable stay of 300 people.

Decorative components of the castle

The hotel complex “Garibaldi” is shrouded in real stories, invented legends. Individual details are distinguished by a unique execution.

The outer decoration of the castle (on balconies, bas-reliefs) is dedicated to the symbol of the mystery of life – dragons, guarded by six “winged” guards and the outhouse. Gargoyle-shaped drainpipes represent divine power, shapeless, indefinite. There are interesting bas-reliefs in the decoration, which have a unique legend.

The coat of arms of Garibaldi Castle combines meaningful symbols:

  • eagle – spiritual origin;
  • shield, buckles – protection;
  • shamrock – hope, love, luck;
  • the wheel – solar energy;
  • palm branch – peaceful intentions;
  • oak branch – endurance, longevity, nobility.

The southern facade of the castle is guarded by a lone guard in armor – the Scandinavian soldier Beowulf, the hero of an Anglo-Saxon work. In the hands of the warrior is a helmet. Castle guests take selfies with the guard, trying on the helmet for good luck.

A flight of stairs takes tourists to the outdoor terrace, guarded by two knights of King Arthur, the Holy Grail seekers – Perceval and Galahad.

A brief guide

The image of the lodge, the signature style is underpinned by a justified, comfortable composition of the rooms. On the first floor, guests are greeted by:

  • A lobby with a reception area;
  • a dusky gallery connected to a wooden bridge over a water-filled moat;
  • a grotto that allows us to view the winter garden;
  • the restaurant behind the garden, reminiscent of the setting of the Round Table led by King Arthur.

A further tour of the dungeon is crowned by an entertainment complex with a swimming pool or “Shipwreck Room”. The glass floor, simulating the cover of the hold, hides pirate treasures and weapons at the bottom. Stone stairs takes guests to the hall for bowling, billiards, an underground bar. The interiors of the castle inspired by the authentic mood.

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Artistic uniqueness of the castle.

Thanks to the successful, equidistant location Khryaschevo port is accessible to lovers of recreational boating from Togliatti, Ulyanovsk and Kazan. The need for locks in the water area is inherent in Samara. Khryaschevka is a convenient transshipment base for vessels sailing on the Volga. A peculiar wind rose on the bend of the river in the area of Khrushchevka makes an attraction for fans of kite surfing.

“Garibaldi Castle” is the center of attraction for marine excursions, connoisseurs of architecture, design. Commercial organizations embody extraordinary presentations, fashion shows. Ordinary tourists enjoy a wonderful opportunity to unwind, relax, recharge with fresh emotions.

Tour schedule 2022 – operating hours of the castle.

The territory of “Garibaldi Castle” is available to visitors around the clock. Excursion programs for children, adults are held on Sunday mornings at 10:00.

The trip starts at Krasnaya Gorka or Helicopter pad with a panoramic view of Samara and the Volga. The next stop is in the village of Pribrezhny, famed for its wooden church without nails. The Church of the Holy New Martyrs of Russia was built in 1999-2000 by the prototype of the Church of the Savior Nerukotvorny from the town of Zashiversk (Yakutia). There is a belfry on the roof and a front porch on the west façade. The chapel at the temple appeared in 2001.

Then the group will move to the Garibaldi Castle. Weary from the walk through the park, the tour participants will enjoy tea and cake. The trip will end with picturesque landscapes on the shore of the Zhigulyovo Sea. At 18.00 the group will arrive to the place of departure.

Road to “Garibaldi Castle”.

The road from Samara to “Garibaldi Castle” takes 130 km, the tour will last 2 hours one way. Togliatti is the nearest large settlement of tourist complex, the trip is cheaper in price, it takes 50 minutes depending on traffic congestion.

Cost of excursions 2022 – What is included

Cost of excursion in “Garibaldi Castle”: 1290 rubles, 1100 tickets for children under 16 years old, 900 rubles for preschoolers 0-6 years old. Cost includes: transportation, work of a guide from Samara, pastries from the sisterhood.

Important: rooms inside the castle are closed for excursions (finishing work).

Additional services

There is a stable on the territory of the complex. Riding lessons, photo shoots, and quests are organized. Rental of a carriage pulled by horses of raven color is also available.

The Curri Wurst summer café is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. An unusual souvenir shop, made in the form of a carriage, allows you to buy the work of local artists at an inexpensive price.

How long is the tour?

The ticket price includes a 6-8 hour themed tour.

How to dress for the tour

The Zhigulyovsky Sea is surrounded by mountains, forest, sands and rare grasses. It is always wet and cool in Togliatti. You should wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

The information on this site is not a public offer, for more information, please visit the site of the organizer of the tour.

Garibaldi Castle

Garibaldi Castle

Garibaldi Castle is an incredibly beautiful tourist complex located in the village of Khryaschevka in the Samara region near the city of Togliatti, which is still under construction. Until recently not many people knew about the village Khryaschevka, but since it appeared there Garibaldi Castle, streams of tourists pour into the village, eager to see this miracle with their own eyes.

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Garibaldi Castle

Garibaldi Castle” tourist complex is first of all a neo-Gothic castle that was built and decorated in the spirit of the best traditions of Medieval, Renaissance, and Victorian architecture.

Garibaldi Castle

Prices at the Garibaldi Castle complex

At the moment the castle inside is closed due to the fact that still not completed finishing its interior. Tourist companies offer guided tours in which you can get acquainted with the architecture and history.

  • Access to the park is free,
  • photo session at the East and South facades of the castle – free of charge,
  • Parking is free.

On the territory of the castle there is a stable. There are horseback riding lessons, photo shoots and quests. You can also rent a carriage or go for a ride on horseback. The cost of services can be found on the official website.

History of the castle

The village Khryaschevka is situated on a small peninsula on the east bank of the Volga River, on the so-called Zhigulevka Sea. The population of the village is just over 3.5 thousand people. In addition to the houses of local residents there are summer houses of residents of nearby cities, attracted here by the purity of nature and the river. In general, it is a large village with good infrastructure. It is a good village, worthy of attention and respect, but it only became famous and popular after the Samara businessman Oleg Kuzichkin built here a real castle.

Garibaldi Castle

By 2006 a new unusual entertaining complex “Aqua-world” with baths, swimming pool and a winter garden with artificial rocks had been built in the territory of the present castle. It is quite logical that to all this “outrageousness” meant the creation of an elite hotel, corresponding to the level of comfort and originality. It was then that two artists, Alexei Cheboksarinov and Max Rakhmanov, suggested the owner build a hotel building in the form of a castle.

Garibaldi Castle

Garibaldi Castle was named after Garibaldi Arkadievich Kuzichkin, the father of the businessman. And the village Khryaschevka is the birthplace of the businessman’s wife.

A large team of specialists worked on the final design of the castle and its decoration, including the owner himself, at whose expense all the work on the creation and decoration was done. Among them were architects Valery Seglin and Yury Guryanov, and painters Sergey Karengin, Alexey Cheboksarinov and Viktor Zaitsev.

Garibaldi Castle

The roof of the entertainment complex was demolished because it interfered with the general design of the castle, and an open area in the form of a terrace (stylobate) was built instead. The construction of the castle was completed only in 2014, but the interior decoration work is still going on.

Garibaldi Castle

Infrastructure and design of the tourist complex

The idea and the legend of the project is that the castle looks as if it was built over many centuries, from the early Middle Ages of the X century to the era of Romanticism in the XIX century. Therefore, different parts of the building have been artificially aged with varying intensity, and traces of destruction are more visible in the “older” buildings.

Garibaldi Castle

The main building of the castle is connected by an open area, the stylobate, with an outbuilding, which houses the kitchen and other service facilities. Under the stylobate is an entertainment area with a bathing complex. On the eastern side of Garibaldi Castle is a real park with gravel paths, sculptures, and a large fountain in the middle of the grandiose flower beds and benches.

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There is a beautiful port on the bank of the Volga, which can be moored to ships that cruise on the river. In the territory of the port built a beautiful Moroccan pavilion, around which are four swimming pools and helicopter pad.

Garibaldi Castle

The decoration of the castle

The whole Garibaldi Castle complex is shrouded in real and invented legends, every detail in the decoration contains an amazing story, details of which are described in the social network group of the complex.

The main staircase leading to the outdoor terrace is guarded by two Knights of the Round Table, seekers of the Holy Grail – the Unsearchable Perceval with the Spear of Destiny and Galahad, who is the only mortal who found the Grail.

Garibaldi Castle

The decoration of the castle features many dragons – on the balcony, bas-reliefs and elsewhere, guarded by six dragon-guards and an outhouse. The drainpipes are in the form of gargoyles. There are also a large number of very interesting bas-reliefs, each with its own legend. One of the bas-reliefs is the coat of arms of Castel Garibaldi. It depicts significant symbols – eagle, shield, buckle, trefoil, wheel, tower, palm branch and oak branch.

Garibaldi Castle

Near the southern facade of the castle stands a lone guard in armor – the Scandinavian warrior Beowulf, the hero of an Anglo-Saxon poem. In his hands is a helmet. Recently an interesting tradition has developed among the visitors of the complex – to be photographed next to the warrior, trying on the helmet, for good luck.

Garibaldi Castle

What is inside the castle

Nowadays it is impossible to see the interior of the castle, but a few years ago there were even photo shoots in the finished rooms.

So what is at the entrance of the hotel, styled as a castle? Of course, the reception. But in this hotel reception is unusual, decorated under the general theme. For example, there is a luxurious bas-relief with the image of knight near the entrance. And the passage to the entertainment zone is made in the form of the arched vault with patterns.

Garibaldi Castle

Passing through the arch, the visitor enters a chic gallery with high columns, stained-glass windows, and massive oak doors.

Garibaldi Castle

A little further – a real bridge on the edge of a precipice, on the walls of which water runs! Behind it – a mysterious grotto.

Garibaldi Castle

Crossing the bridge and entering the grotto, the visitor finds himself as if he were in a ship hold, where instead of the floor – a huge aquarium with sunken treasures and other ancient things. And there is another large aquarium in the wall.

Garibaldi Castle

Unfortunately, a further description of the castle interior is not yet available.

Additional services

  • Carriage rides in a carriage pulled by large black-horned horses,
  • Free parking (the parking lot is equipped with a bio-toilet),
  • A summer café “CURRI WURST” (open from 11:00 to 21:00),
  • A unique handmade souvenir carriage.

Garibaldi Castle

How to reach Castle Garibaldi

You can get to Garibaldi Castle by public transport, both directly and with a change, if it is a departure from Samara. Alternative options are a private car and a cab. Let’s take a closer look at the available options.

How to get to Garibaldi Castle from Togliatti

This is the closest major population center. There is a direct bus route from Togliatti – № 320. Departure is from the suburban bus stop near the mall “Park House”. View of the stop on the panorama:

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Winter schedule (October 25 through April 23): 05:20, 05:50, 06:40, 07:30, 08:20, 09:10, 10:10, 10:55, 11:40, 12:30, 13:20, 14:00, 15:20, 16:30, 17:15, 18:00, 18:40, 19:30.

Summer schedule (April 24 through October 24):

05:20, 05:50, 06:40, 07:20, 08:10, 09:10, 10:10, 10:55, 11:40, 12:30, 13:20, 14:00, 15:20, 16:30, 17:00, 18:00, 18:40, 19:30.

There may be changes in the schedule. The current schedule can be clarified by calling the company carrier “IP Ganin IN: (8482) 40-62-91, 40-62-94. The schedule is also available at

Garibaldi Castle

Bus 320 runs along the Avtozavodskoye and Khryaschevskoye highways, goes to Verkhniye Belozernye, some trips additionally go through the village of Visla. Journey time – 40-60 minutes depending on the route.

Landing in Hryaszczewka – not far from the local administration. To the castle you’ll have to walk 1.2 km – about 15 minutes of walking. It is difficult to get lost: an imposing structure is visible from any point of the village and serves as a landmark.

There is a small transport on the route – “Bogdans” and PAZs, designed for 40 seats.

The ticket price is 80 rubles. Reservations are not made, there is no online sale. Payment in cash before boarding. It is necessary to take free seats, if available. Otherwise you’ll have to stand the whole way. At weekends, especially in summer, the occupancy of the cabin is high: people go to the gardens and summer cottages.

To Garibaldi Castle by car

It is possible to get to the sight of interest by private car. The exact coordinates for the navigator are 53°49′19″N 49°5′6″E. Distance to the castle from the center of Togliatti – 44 km. For those arriving by car there is ample free parking.

Travel time – about 50 minutes, depending on traffic congestion.

By cab

You can call a car by phone (“Miami”, “Taxi Elite”, “V Desyatochku”) or by mobile application (Maxim, Yandex.Taxi, Rutaxi, Gett, “Veset”, “Pochali”). On average, a trip from the city center to the village costs 650-750 rubles.

How to get to Garibaldi Castle from Samara

The way by public transport will require two transfers.

First, you need to take an intercity bus from Samara to Togliatti. Buses leave both from the Central bus station, and from the square in front of the railway station.

Garibaldi Castle

Closer to the mall “Park House” is the bus station “Old Town”. Tickets should look up to it. From Central Station to “Old Town” buses leave every hour from 06:30 to 19:00. Travel time is 2 hours.

Samara – Togliatti 2022 bus schedule

The cost of the ticket – 370 rubles.

You can buy tickets 10 days before departure through the service, which contains offers on all existing bus routes:

From the bus station “Old Town” to the shopping center “Park House” you can take city buses number 2, 13, 73, and shuttle buses number 93, 96, 126, 326. The trip will take about 20-25 minutes.

Here you should take the already mentioned bus 320 to Khryaschivka.

The distance from Samara to Garibaldi Castle is 130 kilometers. It will take you 2 hours to get there on your own. A cab ride will cost you a pretty penny.

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