Goblin Valley in Utah, photos and description

The largest goblin settlement on U.S. soil

Capital Reef is such a hard place to get around. The main reason is that the only normal road going in the latitudinal direction is just through it. I don’t mean to say that Capital Reef is a bad park, it just has too much luxury surrounding it. Capital Reef stands on the road between Bryce and Arches, and it’s not easy to get attention when you’re standing on a catwalk between two beauty queens.

Capital Reef has everything a good park should have: arches, towers, castles… It’s all very pretty, but if you want Arches then go to Arches, and if you want towers then go to Bryce.

In my opinion, you can have a nice walk in the Reef if the weather is nice. Unfortunately, on the day we arrived it was pouring, not solid, but “return”, so we did not dare to make a big hike. We ran a hundred meters from the car and at the first drops ran back.

To begin with we thought about the main thing, what we should eat so tasty. We decided that peaches would be fine. Remember that Darwinian line from monkey to man, so our family is hustling back and switching more and more to the food of our glorious ancestors.

The self-service fruit selling system has reached its peak in the Reef. On the highway, peaches were laid out in small buckets on tables, you had to pour from the bucket into a bag and throw the money in the mailbox, but here, there was just an ad: “Go to the orchard, pick as many as you need, and then weigh and pay for it yourself. Well, the peasants here are very unobtrusive.

Then we went to see the rock art. To be honest, I did not like them much. In Eurasia, too, there are such pictures, but they are dated back to the tenth millennium BC, and here all fresh four hundred years. The Indians, in my opinion, had it worse than their contemporary Rembrandt.

Noel Kempff-Mercado National Park

Again I was left with the impression that there was a perfectly normal stone age without flaws, just four hundred years ago. I was reminded of the spacious Museum of American Indian Culture in Washington and New York. If you’re hot or cold and need a rest or maybe you need to pee, you won’t find a better place – no exhibits, no visitors, comfy benches, you might as well move in. It seems the Spaniards came to America in the fifth millennium BC. On the Yucatan was something like Egypt, in the central regions of Mexico – Mesopotamia, and here is so blooming France …

The Indian gods, as punishment for vicious thoughts, cast more and more clouds. What to do, not allowed to walk went for a drive around the park. The main scientific attraction of the park is a colossal high wall formed by layered sandstone. People usually associate such formations with river erosion. Here, it’s a little more complicated than that. It is a monoclinal, a step in human language. The strata could not withstand the stress of fracture, broke apart and moved vertically two hundred meters relative to each other.

One can only imagine the earthquake that was here millions of years ago when this rupture occurred. The dinosaurs couldn’t sleep then. If people now complain about the aggressiveness of the environment, allegedly arisen in recent times, it means that they do not know the history of the Earth. We had such adventures here on Earth.

By mid-afternoon it was clear the clouds weren’t going to lift anytime soon and we decided to cancel the Capital Reef walk and move on. If you are coming from Torrey to Moab for the first time, and it’s a hundred kilometers, you have to drive on the 95th and 191st roads, which are fantastic! We have been down that road before, so we took it up 24 on 70, aiming for Goblin Valley.

Tzipori National Park in Israel, photos and description

Goblin Valley is one of the funniest places in the world. It’s not all that beautiful, interesting or important, no – it’s funny and joyful. How is everything childish, by the toy nature made.

Presumably, all these mushrooms and toy bears were formed when the sand and clay deposits of Entrad were in the intertidal zone of the ancient sea. For a long time, the rocks were worked daily by the sea currents, and then, after they had sunk deeper, they were overworked by softer sediments. After rising to the daytime surface, the secondary soft rocks were weathered and the mushrooms came out again.

I don’t know if it’s different for other people, but I start remembering a place not from a picture, sound or smell, but from the main feeling I had when I was there. In that respect, Goblin Valley is very distinctive; you don’t forget it. It makes you want to bully the little things here. Like barking at girls from around the corner or throwing dirt at your friends.

Me and my wife, coming to a new unusual place, we usually begin to sing the song, which is associated with the place. A child who knows Russian well, but knows little about folklore, is often surprised. This time I managed to outrun Irisha and was the first to sing the song about the Valley of Goblins: “There is a powder, it is good to take off, it is called – gunpowder”. She had nothing to beat Egorov with.

While we were running and climbing in the Valley of the Goblins, we completely lost our schedule. We noticed that we had a lot of time when it started to get dark. But after less than an hour of driving, we hit the Federal Seventy Freeway. No, it’s not so bad to drive on good roads sometimes.

Another hour and we were already in the capital city of Moab. Hungry Dimka, browsing the Internet on his phone, restaurants in the city found one that had a dress code. We were so surprised that we decided to go for sure.

Pillars Reserve in Krasnoyarsk, photo and description

If you remember we started our trip with a show in Vegas and we had some decent clothes with us. We were just tortured by curiosity as to who else here might have shoes and a dress with them. The place wasn’t bad, but the audience was very particular. It was a place for those over seventy, or maybe over eighty. Grandfathers and grandmothers apparently wanted to eat up their money quickly, so that no one else would have it. But the restaurant had a dessert more refined than apple pie, and most importantly there were white tablecloths on the tables, which we missed. The luxury restaurant we chose was the exception, most of the restaurants in Moab were absolutely brutal.

A person ordering wine here is looked at with suspicion, such as: “Is it French?” People, trying not to deviate from the old American tradition and cracking beer and whiskey with steak and country music.

By the way, Moab is the absolute leader among the “park capitals” in terms of the volume and quality of services provided. There are plenty of restaurants and hotels. It’s interesting how things work out: two cities standing side by side, one thriving, the other dying out.

Moab has managed to do business even on bad roads. Here you can rent an extreme car and go on a cross-country road trip. There are competitions that bring the best extreme drivers from all over the world. American boy, even the one who does not know about the existence of Chicago, is well aware of the tiny town of Moab. How else could it be, his dream lives here. He believes that one day HIS monster truck will roar with a thousand strong engines, the sand will splash out from under the huge wheels and like the wind it will rush through the desert, and a pretty girlfriend sitting in the helm seat will smile happily and put her fingers in the OK sign.

Ergaki Nature Park on the map of Krasnoyarsk region, Russia

Among the inhabitants of Moab there are a lot of fans and connoisseurs of cars. Apparently it’s a shame to drive a Toyota Camry, well as in the summer to walk in the park in a suit for a hundred dollars. Cars in town are the most incredible, and the enterprising Moabians are happy to rent them, though at a killer price. This is how I see cars in Moab.

Goblin Valley in Utah. USA

Goblin Valley is a state park in Utah, known for its unique rock formations. They are commonly referred to as “goblins.”

The park is a vast area with a wide variety of geological formations. Scientifically, they are called hoodoos. Hudu consist of mushroom-shaped elements that give the area an unearthly appearance. These formations are so bizarre that the name “goblins” stuck to them. Yes, and the name “valley of goblins”, in our humble opinion, perfectly suits this place.

goblin valley

Where is it located

Goblin Valley State Park lies 20 kilometers north of the small town of Hanksville, Utah.

Goblin Valley.

Where the goblins came from.

The unusual stone forms in the valley are the result of weathering of the Entrada Sandstone. It, in turn, was formed as far back as 170 million years ago.

The local rocks consist of debris from the former highlands and are alternated by layers of sandstone, siltstone and shale. The rocks indicate that they are on the edge of an ancient sea. This is evidenced by the characteristic tidal channels.

The sea receded and erosion began to actively attack the valley. As a result, the soft rocks weathered and the hard ones took those very fantastic shapes.

Goblin Valley in Utah

What was the name of the valley of the Goblins local Indians is unknown. The place was first mentioned in 1949 as Mushroom Valley, because the first formations found are very similar to stone mushrooms. Later, however, many different formations were discovered, and gradually these places became known as Goblin Valley.

The Peak District, a national park in England

Goblin Valley.

An interesting fact – because of the fantastic scenery, the Goblin Valley landscapes are often used in the cinema. As a rule, as a scenery of fantasy films.

One of Goblin Valley’s impressive exhibits is an interesting formation called the Three Sisters.

Three Sisters

The Three Sisters in Goblin Valley

Climate, Flora and Fauna

Goblin Valley lies at an altitude of about 1,500 meters. Temperatures in the region are quite high in the summer, averaging 32 – 41 o C. However, due to the sparse vegetation and high altitude, the temperature often drops to almost 10 o C. In winter, the temperature is only 2-5 o C and at night it drops below zero. The average rainfall is less than 20 cm per year.

Of plants, you can find ephedra (Mormon tea), Russian thistle, juniper, rice grass, and some species of cacti. Animal life includes hares, scorpions, foxes, snakes, and coyotes. Many of the animals that live here are nocturnal and appear only at night.

Goblin Valley Tourism.

The valley’s unreal alien scenery attracts tens of thousands of tourists each year. Hiking and camping are very popular in Goblin Valley.

Although all of the valley’s exhibits are stone figures, they are protected. Damaging them is punishable by law. And that’s not just words.

In October 2013, a Boy Scout leader intentionally destroyed one of the Goblins. Typically, such inadequate actions are captured on video. And so it was this time – one was destroying, the other was filming. The video appeared on the net and attracted the attention of the police.

At the trial, the “winners” of the goblin said that the hoodoo was ready to fall. And they destroyed it on purpose to prevent possible injury to tourists. However, according to the court decision, the men were fired from their jobs and sentenced to 1 year probation with a mandatory payment of a large fine.

For more information on visiting Goblin Valley, camping costs, park hours and how to get there, check out the official website of the attraction.

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