Gora Sobolinaya ski resort, photo and description

Gora Sobolinaya ski resort

“Gora Sobolinaya” is a family ski resort, which is located in Baikalsk. The mountain, which is a fundamental part of the complex, belongs to the Khamar-Daban range stretching 250 kilometers along the Baikal. Sable Mountain is visible from afar – its magnificent, snow-covered slopes can be seen from the south of Baikal. Every year from November to May the mountain is covered with snow, and this is the time when thousands of fans of outdoor activities from Eastern Siberia and other parts of Russia visit it.

The main feature of “Gora Sobolinaya” in Baikalsk is its accessibility for skiers of any level, whether they are sportsmen or amateurs.

Web-camera of Gora Sobolinaya ski resort

To see the scale of Gora Sobolinaya ski resort you can do it from home, using the online broadcast. You can watch the webcams installed at Gora Sobolinaya on the resort’s official website. Here you will be able to watch the ski slopes and take a look at the views of Baikal Lake from one of the ski slopes.

Prices at Gora Sobolinaya in Baikalsk in 2022

The entrance to “Gora Sobolinaya” is paid: 100 rubles on weekdays and 150 rubles at weekends. You will also have to pay for a ski pass. Below you can see the price list valid in 2022 at “Gora Sobolinaya” on weekdays and weekends.


  • hour – 400/500 rubles;
  • Day pass: 1100/1900 rubles;
  • Half a day pass till 14:00 – 800/1300 rubles;
  • Half a day pass after 14:00 – 700/1250 rubles;
  • Pass for 3 weekdays – 2700 rubles;
  • 5-day pass – 5000 rubles
  • 7-day season ticket – 6,500 rubles.


  • hour – 250/350 rubles;
  • day pass – 550/950 rubles;
  • Half day pass till 14:00 – 350/650 rubles
  • Half a day pass after 14:00 – 350/600 rubles;

Single visit:

  • cable cars № 1, 2, 5 – 110/150 rubles;
  • ropeway № 6 – 160/200 rubles;
  • training slope – 60/100 roubles;
  • A tubing-slope – 60/120 rubles, 5 ascents – 250/500 rubles

During New Year holidays, from December 28 to January 8, the prices are slightly higher. Also, ski passes are not valid for several days on these days.

There is a separate price list for renting equipment at the ski resort. Various sizes of skis and snowboards are available for rent. To learn more about it you can ask at the official site of Gora Sobolinaya or at the rental office.

Slopes and elevators

Gora Sobolinaya Ski Resort has over ten slopes for winter entertainment. Each one is different in difficulty, height differences, and purpose. Some of them are intended for more skilled skiers, while others are intended for beginners. The highest point of the mountain is 1004 meters long. Overall length of the slopes here is 15 kilometers. Below will be a list of the most popular of them.

  • “Eastern”. It is considered a favorite track for beginners, because it provides very few obstacles and has quite wide elevation differences. It ends with a flat section leading to the elevator.
  • “Pologaya. It is the most popular route – it offers great views of Lake Baikal. You can use this track almost until the beginning of summer, because most of the time it is covered with heavy snow.
  • “Mogul” is a track that is designed for freeride, an extreme entertainment that involves skiing in unintended locations. There is a huge amount of untouched snow, so the “free” style of skiing here is very attractive to athletes and extreme skiers.
  • The slalom slope is short, but very extreme. It has 30 degrees of elevation difference at the beginning, so beginners are not recommended.
  • Tubing slope. Artificial snow and steep curves make it ideal for tubing. The visitor sits in the “tubing”, the elevator takes him to the peak of the chute, and then there is a rapid 45-second descent, after which you can go up again and repeat the path.
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The average length of each of the trails is about 1,900 meters, but there are also short sections. As a rule, they are used for training.

At the ski resort “Gora Sobolinaya” in Baikalsk there are 8 elevators of different kinds. There are four rope tow elevators, which take skiers to the beginning of the slope in 11 minutes, chair-lift to the top of the mountain and three baby elevators. The elevators work from November to April every day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


In addition to high-quality and safe winter entertainment, the ski resort “Gora Sobolinaya” offers quite interesting recreational options and comfortable accommodations. First, it is worth noting that there is a rope park on the territory of the complex, which is available for visits 12 months a year. There are several trails, including a ropes course. “Wookiee Park” is located at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level. Traveling through the labyrinths, each guest has the opportunity to experience vivid emotions, as well as to admire the magnificent views.

Also, Gora Sobolinaya ski complex in Baikalsk has a magnificent and multifunctional spa center. It is considered a wellness center, since many of the programs and procedures here are aimed at restoring strength and strengthening health. Massage, salt cave, baths and saunas – each visitor can choose a set of services and improve their health. In addition, there is a nearby sports complex with a swimming pool and modern sports halls and equipment.

Mountain Sobolinaya offers four accommodation options: hostel, hotel, hotel, and cottage village. Each option suggests conditions for different groups of visitors – large groups of friends, groups of workers, who came to celebrate corporate parties, or cozy apartments for couples in love. To learn more about each option and choose the most convenient one, visit the official website of the ski resort. You can also take a look at other accommodations in Baikalsk that are not far from Gora Sobolinaya.

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How to get there

Gora Sobolinaya ski resort is located near Baikalsk. There is no direct public transport to Sobolinaya Mountain. However, you can get there by cab and pay not more than 100 rubles. You can also get there by car on R-258 road.

From Irkutsk, which is about 150 kilometers away, you can take a direct shuttle or train to the station in Baikalsk and continue as described above. The road will take about 3 hours. The route for the car: the M55 “Baikal” highway and the AN-6 road.

The distance from Ulan-Ude to “Sobolinaya Gora” in Baikalsk is about 300 kilometers. By car, the route is unchanged – the same M55 highway “Baikal”. You can also get there by public transport. For this purpose, it is suitable:

Ski resort “Gora Sobolinaya” 2022-2023 on Baikal

The year-round complex “Gora Sobolinaya” is the largest ski center on the shores of Lake Baikal. It provides an amazing opportunity to ski on the slopes with views that make your heart skip. The resort is situated in the Irkutsk region, within Baikalsk city limits on the slopes of the Khamar-Daban range. The range itself stretches along the southern shore of Lake Baikal for 350 km. The mountain-skiing complex was founded in the Soviet times. Then it was just a rope tow elevator, the infrastructure consisted of one small carriage. Today it is a modern tourist center, with many services: spa treatments, guided tours around Baikal, accommodation, meals, sports, mass holidays and festivals.

Address: Baikalsk, Krasny Klyuch microdistrict, 90 Number of trails: 14 Total length: 13500 meters

skiing season

Skiing season lasts for almost half a year. Photo: baikalski.net

The skiing season at Gora Sobolinaya usually lasts from early December to late April, i.e. about five months a year. Quite a long skiing season is provided by snowing and long-lasting snowfalls.

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Length and complexity of the slopes

Mountain Sobolinaya skiing area has 15 slopes with the total length of 13500 meters. Relief of the ridge allows to create suitable skiing conditions for both beginners and experienced riders. There is a mogul track for beginners, a flat track for beginners, a high-speed track for professionals and a steep part of the slope for sportsmen. Absolute height of the upper part of the slopes is 1004 meters above sea level and level difference is 479 meters.

Children and adults can get the hang of skiing and snowboarding on a specially allocated area with a short training slope (160 m).

The resort provides tracks for both beginners and professional skiers. Photo: Yulia PYKHALOVA

For fans to perform jumping tricks equipped park with jumps and various structures such as “kicker” and “rails”.

The slopes are not illuminated at nighttime, so there is no evening skiing at the resort.

Where to relax on Baikal

Listvyanka settlement

Olkhon Island

The Small Sea

Elevators and ski passes

The ski slopes of the resort are serviced by a system of lifts: four rope tow elevators, two ribbon type tramlifts in the training area and one three-seater chairlift, on which you can ride without equipment as a walk to the observation deck. The capacity of all ropeways is 2,500 people per hour, which is enough for free passage without queues.

The large capacity of the elevators allows you to use them without queuing. Photo: baikalski.net

The elevators operate from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

To use the elevator system you’ll need to purchase a ski pass, the cost of which depends on its appearance:

  • plastic card – 150 rubles
  • keychain – 250 rubles
  • wristband – 500 rubles

Prices for elevators:

Adult pass (weekdays / weekends and holidays / New Year vacations) :

1 hour 400 rubles / 500 rubles / 650 rubles.
Day from 10:00 till 17:00 1100 rubles / 1900 rubles / 2500 rubles
Morning from 10:00 to 14:00 800 rubles / 1300 rubles / 1650 rubles

Children’s season ticket up to 12 years old (weekdays / weekends and holidays / New Year vacations):

1 hour 250 rubles / 350 rubles / 450 rubles.
Day from 10:00 till 17:00 550/ 950/ 1,300 rubles
Morning from 10:00 to 14:00 350 roubles / 650 roubles / 750 roubles.

Single pass (weekdays / weekends and holidays / New Year’s vacations):

Towing ropeway #1,2,5 110 rubles / 150 rubles / 200 rubles.
Towing ropeway #6 160 roubles / 200 roubles / 220 roubles.
Training slope 60RUB / 100RUB / 150RUB
Tubing 60 roubles / 120 roubles / 200 roubles.

Passenger aerial cableway (weekdays / weekends and holidays / New Year vacations):

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With skis 130 rubles / 160 rubles / 250 rubles.
For tourists walking 450 rubles / 450 rubles / 650 rubles.
Children’s walking (up to 12 years old) 200 roubles / 250 roubles / 350 roubles.

* Prices are for 2022.

How to plan a dream vacation in Baikal

The most famous lake of the country is able to amaze travelers all year round. In winter – with magic ice and hot springs, in summer – with rich fishing and stunning views. However, you need to book tickets here in advance: we tell you how to do it profitably.

Renting of equipment

You can rent equipment directly at the ski resort. To rent equipment you should have a passport or a driving license. Specialists will help in the selection of equipment, based on the skiers’ skills and individual parameters (height, weight, shoe size).

Working mode of hire is 10:00-18:00.

You can take all necessary equipment at the rental. Photo: baikalski.net.

Skis up to 125 cm, boots up to size 38 (children’s) :

Set (day) 300 rubles.
Set (last hour of skiing from 15:00) 200 rubles.
Skis (day) 150 rubles.

Skis from 125 cm length, boots from size 38 (adults) (weekdays / weekends and holidays / New Year vacations) :

Set (day) 500 rubles / 700 rubles / 1200 rubles
Set (last hour of skiing from 15:00) 300 rubles / 400 rubles / 700 rubles.
Single skis or boots (day) 250 roubles / 350 roubles / 600 roubles.

Snowboard (weekdays / weekends and holidays / New Year vacations) :

Set (day) 800 rubles / 900 rubles / 1200 rubles
Set (last hour of skiing from 15:00) 400 RUB / 500 RUB / 750 RUB.
Snowboarding (day) 450 RUB / 500 RUB / 650 RUB.

* Prices are for 2022

Prices for trainings with an instructor

Resort “Gora Sobolinaya” offers an instructor service. All the lessons are given by certified specialists, who are available by telephone: 8-950-112-62-37. Training can be done individually or in a group.

The cost of the training lasts for 1 hour:

  • Individually – 2500 rubles.
  • In a group of two or more people – 2000 rubles.

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Where to stay

The city of Baikalsk and “Gora Sobolinaya” are not far from each other, so accommodation options are quite varied. You can rent an apartment or a house with a sauna for a big group, or stay at a hostel or a 3-star hotel.

For fans of the skiin/skiout system at the foot of the mountain, right next to the elevator and the bottom of the slopes there is a hotel with standard and deluxe rooms.

Dragobrat ski resort

The convenient location of the hotel will suit fans of the skiin/skiout system. Photo: Yulia Pikhalova

Prices for rest

In winter, in addition to the traditional skiing, you can ride tubing, relax in the cafe, use the services of the SPA-center and make an excursion. The SPA center offers water procedures, thermal procedures, mud treatment, clay treatment, manual procedures, relaxation procedures, massages, salt grotto, infrared cabin, sauna and sauna.

Prices of some services (weekdays / weekends and holidays / New Year vacations) :

Bischofit bath 15 min. 400 rubles / 400 rubles / 500 rubles
Herbal bath 20 min. 450 rubles / 450 rubles / 550 rubles
Sea water bath 15 min. 350 rubles / 350 rubles / 450 rubles
Pine bath 15 min. 450 rubles / 450 rubles / 550 rubles
Whirlpool 20 min. 400 rubles / 400 rubles / 500 rubles
Cedar barrel” 30 min. 800 rubles / 800 rubles / 1000 rubles
Chocolate wrap total 30 min 950 rubles / 950 rubles / 1100 rubles
Blue clay” cosmetic mask 10 min 300 rubles / 300 rubles / 400 rubles
Massage depending on the body part From 450 rub./from 450 rub./from 550 rub.
Hot stone massage (stone therapy) From 350 rub./from 350 rub./from 450 rub.
Speleo-chamber for adults 30 min 250 rubles
Speleo-chamber for children 15 min. 150 rubles.

* Prices are for 2022

You can diversify your rest with excursions. One-day auto tour to Buryatia to mineral springs with visiting of the Buddhist datsan in the group from four people costs 2300 rubles per person. Your trip to Baikal Biosphere Reserve will cost 2,200 rubles per person.

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Choose the best accommodation in Baikal

How to get there

You should get to Baikalsk, Irkutsk Region, and then take a cab or a city cab №5 and 102 to the stop “Sangorod” to get to the resort “Gora Sobolinaya”.

The nearest airport is in Irkutsk (160 km). Site iktport.ru Airport in Ulan-Ude (310 km). Site airportbaikal.ru

There is a regular bus route to Baikalsk from Irkutsk, the travel time is 4 hours and 30 minutes. Site of bus station in Irkutsk avtovokzal-on-line.ru

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