Green Lake in Austria, description and photos

Fabulous Green Lake in Austria

The Green Lake (Grüner See), which appears in the territory of Austria during the summer, refers to a unique natural phenomenon. It is a wonderful place where dreams border on reality.

The phenomenon of the green lake

In fact, the Green Lake is an ordinary park, which is located at the foot of Mount Hochschwab . In the winter season, August through April, it is a beautiful park with abundant green vegetation, clean air, shady manicured alleys, comfortable benches, and small lakes that are spanned by wooden bridges. But the park silence and coziness can be enjoyed only from August until mid-spring. With the beginning of summer all this beauty is underwater.

Fabulous green lake in Austria - Photo 2

The phenomenon of the green lake

The snow covering the mountain peaks gets very hot with the arrival of spring. Hot sunlight penetrates the mountain slopes and the snow begins to quickly turn into water, which flows down the slopes right into the park. In a short time the park is completely taken over by the mountain water currents and is under water . It turns into a 12-meter deep lake called Grüner See. But in July the water gradually recedes, and by the end of the summer it turns into several small puddles no deeper than two meters. This is how the “phantom” lake appears in Austria every year.

Fabulous green lake in Austria - Photo 3

The phenomenon of the green lake

A park under water

Tourists and diving enthusiasts rush to see the Green Lake and go to Austria with the beginning of May. The lake is among the cleanest bodies of water on earth. The melted mountain water is renewed every year, and therefore remains crystal clear.

The underwater park looks completely different than in the “real” form. Visitors get the impression that they are present at a small ghostly Austrian Atlantis, which will eventually disappear from the face of the earth.

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Fabulous Green Lake in Austria - photo 4

A park under water

Another fact that fascinates tourists in Green Lake is the appearance of aquatic fauna in the form of fish, clams, snails, crabs. The local population still does not understand where they appear in the lake. And the birds that inhabit the “water park” leave it in the summer.

Surrealistic earthly world sinking into the water attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world to Austria. The lake is especially popular with divers, who come here to enjoy the unusual water scenery: wooden benches, near which the fish swim, bridges, trees, grass and meadow flowers. The underwater fauna of the lake leaves unforgettable impressions in the memory of visiting guests.

Fabulous Green Lake in Austria - photo 5

A park under water

The lake is surrounded by mountains, forests and flowery alpine meadows that bloom only in the summer. The air bubbles that accumulate on the leaves of the trees sparkle underwater and shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow.

By the end of summer the water leaves the park completely, leaving behind small lakes. In winter you can come here to relax, take a break from the bustle of the city, enjoy the view of the majestic mountains and the clean air. You can sit on a bench, admire the mountain scenery or take a walk along the forest paths.

Fabulous Green Lake in Austria - photo 6

A park under water

Interesting facts

  • Lake Grüner See got its name because of the green – emerald crystal clear water.
  • The green lake is filled with the purest spring water.
  • The lake is located at an altitude of 776 meters above sea level and its depth is 11 meters.
  • On some days, the water level in the lake reaches 8 meters.
  • The maximum temperature of the water in Grüner See is +8 +4 degrees.
  • When the water “goes away”, all its wildlife in the form of fish, shellfish, crabs disappear without a trace.
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Fabulous Green Lake in Austria - photo 7

Interesting facts

Russian Wikipedia contains little information about Green Lake, but it remains the only natural phenomenon of its kind on the entire planet. Grüner See is an unusual and picturesque natural phenomenon, which can be observed only in Austria.

Green Lake (Austria)

Green Lake (Austria)

The nature of Austria is its greatest treasure. And although many people come here to enjoy skiing, this land is not only famous for its winter resorts. Our article will tell you what else is unusual, beautiful and worthy of a visit.

The most unusual park in the world

Green Lake Grüner See in Austria has a glacial origin, which is the secret of its popularity. It consists in the fact that the depth of the reservoir varies very much depending on the season. In autumn and winter, this figure is 1-2 m, and then it looks like a small lake, around which the picturesque park.

When spring comes, due to the melting of snow in the mountains, this natural pool is so filled with fresh water that its depth in some places reaches 12 m. This phenomenon occurs from about May to June. The entire park with its green lawns, well-trodden paths, benches and a small bridge sinks under the water. In August, the natural pool becomes shallow again, exposing the marks on tree trunks left by water in previous years.

The most amazing park in the world

Diving at Green Lake

Despite the considerable depth, the visibility here is excellent and from the shore you can see almost every grain of sand on the bottom. Because of this lake park in Austria is very popular with divers who make here stunning, unreal beautiful pictures. Ordinary, “land” vacationers do not swim here – the water is so icy that even in summer its temperature reaches +6-7 ° C.

On the lakeshore there is a diving center, where you can rent the necessary equipment. But only experienced divers with a certificate can dive: there is no school for beginners.

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Diving at Green Lake

Flora and fauna of the underwater park in Austria

The lake lies at an altitude of 770 m above sea level, which leads to some peculiarities of local nature. Because of the relatively shallow water, low water temperature and seasonality vegetation in the basin of the lake is not rich. As for the fauna, it is represented by the following species:

  • crabs;
  • fish (in particular, there are several species of trout);
  • snails;
  • branchy crayfish, also known as common daphnia.

Green Lake – a place of strength

In German the name of this place is called Grüner See, which translates to Russian as “Green Lake”. This toponym arose because of the color of the water, from afar stands out the mirror of the lake on the background of the nature of the mountains. Depending on the weather and season, it may have different shades: emerald, then turquoise, in the water one can see the green grass at the bottom and the endless sky of the Alps is reflected.

Perhaps it is the stunningly beautiful panoramas, or maybe the atmosphere of this place is so attractive that tourists leave the lake with reluctance. Locals even say that the park under the water in Austria – the so-called place of power, where people feel good in the soul, and all the problems seem to disappear, leaving only pleasant thoughts and a special, unlike anything else “aftertaste” after visiting it.

A place of power

How to get there?

The Green Lake with the clearest water in Austria is located in the federal state of Styria. It is surrounded by the Hochschwab mountains and the mountain village of Tragöß lies nearby. From the village to the lake is about 4 km, which in good weather can be on foot, but value your time tourists tend to go by car. Nearby there is a paid (€ 2) parking, a small restaurant. For those who want to enjoy the beauty of the local scenery for a longer stay can stop for a few days in one of the gesthouses or private houses, rented by local residents daily.

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The easiest way to Tragös is from Bruc an der Muir, which can be reached from Graz, Vienna (by train) or Salzburg, Innsbruck (by bus).

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