Hainan Island, Monthly Weather and Climate

Hainan weather and climate by month

Hainan is sometimes called the “Eastern Hawaii” because the island is located at the same latitude and has similar natural conditions. It lies in the South China Sea, washed by its warm waters, and has remarkably clear weather – it is sunny more than three hundred days a year! The island has an excellent climate, so you can swim whenever you want, and the authorities have instituted a strict regime of environmental cleanliness.

The center and south of Hainan are free and open spaces covered with forests and plantations, excellent beaches, and health springs. This is combined with a well-developed infrastructure in the north, which has a strong recreation industry and is home to many lodges ready to receive guests at the highest level. Hainan also has a network of trails that are easy to cross, many trails for trekking in the hills and mountains, it can offer a powerful historical and ethnographic program – the vacation will be rich.

Climatic Zones of Hainan

The island is located in two climatic zones: its north lies in the subtropics, and the central and southern parts belong to the tropical belt. As a result, at the same time as in the north have to dress warmer, in the south freely go in summer clothes – you can do it all year round.

Hainan is characterized by long days and the total absence of winter – the temperature differences during the year are small, even in January – the coldest month, on average 20-22 ℃. The island is very sunny, there are rarely any clouds, but the seasons, traditionally for the tropics, are distinguished by the amount of rainfall. And despite the abundance of sunny days, it rains a lot – up to 2,600 mm per year, and almost all of it falls between June and October. At this time of year, the island is disturbed by powerful typhoons, which sometimes interrupt ferry service.

There are numerous thermal springs in Hainan, and most have an infrastructure with good service, so you can also come here for recuperation.

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Tourist seasons in Hainan

When is the best time to visit Hainan?

Hainan attracts about 8 million visitors each year. It is often included in the extensive program of trips to China as one of the points along with more sightseeing-oriented Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong as a “beach component”. But you can come here alone, there is a lot to see, and at any time of the year – it’s always summer in Hainan! However, we can distinguish between high and low seasons.

The high season.

It always starts on October 1st. The reason is that on this day the foundation of the People’s Republic of China is celebrated and the Golden Week – the national holiday – begins. You should not go to China at that time, because literally hundreds of millions of Chinese people go to visit their relatives, go on vacation or go about their business. Well, after it’s over, the normal high season begins, and it lasts until March. But note that swimming in winter is not as pleasant as in spring or fall – although the water is warm, but it is warmer than the air, so when you get out of it can be a little cold!

If you are going to the island for sightseeing or trekking, then any month of high season is fine. The sights of Hainan are mostly natural, so most of the time will be spent outdoors, and it is important that it is not too hot, and at the same time clear – just these conditions are met in the winter and adjacent months.

Lovers of rafting on mountain rivers should be interested in Wangquan – first you will have to walk the mountain trail through the jungle to its headwaters, which in itself can be a lot of fun, then you can raft down – the total length of rafting is more than 160 kilometers. You can take a guide to get to the rafting site, and all your gear will be waiting there, all ready for you.

Low season

The cheapest time to go to Hainan is from May to the end of September. But there are still far fewer tourists because it is very hot and rainy. The sun can bake mercilessly, and the sea heats up to 30°C, so that many may find it even too warm – and therefore in the summer only hardy people who like real tropical heat go to the island. As a result, the rates are reduced at times, so for these fans is a real paradise, but the rest of us, if we want to rest cheaply, it is better to try to come to Hainan in the off-season, and catch the time when typhoons have not yet arrived or have already subsided. The best price/quality ratio is to go to rest in the spring – in March and April.

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Attractions in Hainan

The first thing for visitors to the island is usually to visit its largest city, Haikou, located on the north coast. Most often in the city, they do not stay long, because the main tourist center – the city of Sanya, is located at the opposite end of Hainan. However, in Haikou, you can also have an interesting cultural program – the city has a beautiful historical center and around it there are many historical monuments from the Ming Dynasty (XIV-XV centuries) – temples, tombs, and an ancient academy. Next to the city you can also visit the extinct volcano Ma-An and by magma steps up to the observation deck, located at the edge of the crater – it offers a stunning view.

Sanya has a well-developed resort infrastructure, offering many attractions, and it is also an easy drive to attractions such as Monkey Island, Beguel-Nat Park and Nanshan Temple. Nearby is Yalunwang, a coastal area with the best beaches on the island and many luxury hotels and diving centers. The bay of the same name is famous for crystal clear and calm waters, besides, the sea is cooler here – and in this case it’s an advantage!

A separate attraction is the nature of the island – many of the local species of flora and fauna are protected by UNESCO, being extremely rare, living or growing exclusively in Hainan. Thanks to its unique climate, the island has preserved its ancient nature, making an excursion into the interior of the island, into its rainforests a must.

The Yanoda Jungle near Sanya is worth a visit. It’s 45 square kilometers of jungle transformed into a park – the wildlife is still as wild as ever, but everything has been done to make it easier to see. You can get to the park itself by bus, and there are paths and bridges that will take you around and show you the most interesting things. There is also a cable car. The park is very large and it will take you two days to see it, so you can also get a meal here.

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Weather by Months


Tourists who do not like the heat come to Hainan in winter. During this time it is warm but not higher – the temperature does not rise above 25°C, in the evenings it may be cooler – about 15°C. This allows you to get a tan on the beach and avoid the heat, especially as the water is warm, so you can swim. Many tourists traveling to China also visit Hainan to brighten up their trip with a bit of the tropics as even in winter it is still warm.


These months are among the best to visit the island – it is not too hot and stuffy, but at the same time the evenings are warm enough. Rains are rare and nothing will spoil the excursion. Not surprisingly, March sees a large influx of guests and hotels are best booked several months in advance!


May completes the high season, with prices rising at the beginning of the month because the Chinese come to vacation for the May holidays, but then falling quickly. It starts to rain more often and it gets hotter, but the conditions are still not bad until the typhoons hit.

If you like folklore, then visit the Ethnographic Park Binlangu . It’s also worth going to one of the folk festivals, if you can, such as Lantern Day (falls on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month), Spring Dragon Festival (second day of the second month), Dragon Boat Festival (fifth day of the fifth month) and so on – there are so many, you’ll make it to some.


But in these months, while prices are at a minimum, we would not recommend going to Hainan – the rainy season is in full swing, as well as the heat, as a result of the local climate unprepared people will be hard to endure. Even if you manage to catch a day of good weather, to sunbathe properly still will not work because of the increased levels of radiation – you will need to quickly escape from the sun. And then there are typhoons! It’s not good for sightseeing tours and trekking – you won’t see typhoons in this heat.

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Like the first spring months, the end of fall is very conducive to visit Hainan. This is especially true in November, yet in October it can still be quite hot. The weather is clear and sunny and it is a good time to explore the island and its nature.

Hainan Weather by Month

During the high season, the air is +28.3°C and the sea +26.9°C. In the low season, the air is +20.0°C, water +19.2°C, precipitation 60.0 mm, 2 rainy days, total of 5 sunny days. This is a popular city for traveling in China. Weather in Hainan by month, winter and summer is shown in the chart below. Mild climate almost all year round, a great choice. The beach season here lasts at least 10 months.

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Best Months to Go

In April, October, November is the best time to vacation. It is a nice warm weather of +25.8°C to +30.2°C. At this time of year, there is little rain, not more than 6 days per month, with rainfall ranging from 114.8 to 195.0 mm. The sea in Hainan is also warm, with water temperatures ranging from +26.0°C to +28.4°C, and bathing is a pleasure. The sunny days are the maximum for the whole year, from 3 to 12 days. The month-to-month climate and temperature in Hainan are based on recent years.

Air temperature in Hainan by month

The temperature change during the year is 12.8°C but due to the sea, the weather in Hainan and the climate during the months is mild. The coldest month is February when the temperature reaches 20°C and the warmest is May with +32.8°C.

Water temperature in Hainan

The beach season here lasts 10 months: March, December, April, November, October, May, September, June, August and July. The sea temperature at this time of year is from +22°C to +30.8°C for a nice bathing. The worst weather and water temperatures in Hainan are recorded in January at +19.2 ° C.

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The number of rainy days and precipitation

August is a bad month for travel, the rainfall is on average 20 days. The maximum monthly rainfall is 247.5 mm.

Rating of comfort rest

The rating is calculated by month based on average air temperature, rainfall and other indicators. For the year in Hainan, the rating ranges from 3.7 in February to 4.8 in April, out of a possible five.

Climate Summary

Month Air temperature during daytime Water temperature Sunny days Rainy days (precipitation)
January +21.4°C +19.2°C 5 2 days (37.0 mm)
February +20°C +19.9°C 6 2 days (45.7 mm)
March +27.8°C +22°C 11 4 days (64.0mm)
April +30.2°C +26°C 12 10 days (140.4 mm)
May +32.8°C +29.1°C 16 18 days (184.1mm)
June +32.6°C +30°C 16 15 days (180.0mm)
July +30.5°C +30.8°C 13 19 days (228.1mm)
August +31.2°C +30.2°C 12 20 days (247.5 mm)
September +29.8°C +29.6°C 8 17 days (224.0mm)
October +29°C +28.4°C 7 13 days (195.0mm)
November +25.8°C +26.4°C 3 6 days (114.8mm)
December +20.2°C +22.5°C 5 2 days (60.0 mm)

Number of sunny days

Beautiful sunny weather in June – 16 sunny days during the month. This is a great time to vacation in Hainan.

Wind Speed

Maximum wind speed in July is 1.6 m/s with gusts up to 2.4 m/s.

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