Halstatt, How to get to the Austrian village

Hallstatt – all the ways to get to the city

Small cute Austrian towns each year more and more attract tourists from all over the world, so I will tell you how to get to the most beautiful town Hallstatt from different cities in Europe.

Hallstatt (sometimes spelled Halstatt on maps) is a town located on the lake of the same name in the region of Upper Austria, and thanks to the local authorities it has preserved its charm and looks just amazing. It has been under UNESCO protection since 1997, and the history of the city goes back 7,000 years! The town still looks charming, however, partly because it lacks a railroad line and can only be reached by ferry or the occasional bus, as well as by private car.

To Hallstatt by public transport from Salzburg

Salzburg is 72 km away from Hallstatt and is the closest major city from which to travel. But the trip to Hallstatt by public transport takes a lot of time and is tiring, even though trains and buses are convenient.

Consider several options for travel.

Variant 1: train (1 change) + ferry. Travel time by train is 2:35. Train fare € 9 + ferry € 3. The train goes from Salzburg Hbf main station to Attnang-Puchheim Bahnhof where you change to another train. Take the next train to Hallstatt Bahnhof station, where you change to a boat.

Variant 2: bus + train + ferry. Travel time is 2:02, of which 1 hour 32 minutes by bus and 27 minutes by bus. The fare is 14.6. Separately, bus ticket costs 10.8 euros, train ticket 5.5 euros. Bus #150 Salzburg Hbf (Südtiroler Platz), arrive at Bad Ischl Bahnhof (Busterminal), then walk to the Bad Ischl Bahnhof train station and there will be a train to Hallstatt Bahnhof. After arrival at Hallstatt Bahnhof you can walk to the ferry to the center of Hallstatt.

Option 3: Take the Obertraun Dachsteinhöhlen Bahnhof, which also offers a ferry to Hallstatt. Heavy-duty hikers can walk to Hallstatt, but you have to allow 1 hour for the walk, because the distance is 5 km.

  • Tickets and timetable for buses look at the bus site of the region: Salzburg-verkehr.at
  • Look for train tickets and schedules on Austrian Railways official website: Oebb.at
  • Ferry timetable: Hallstatttschifffahrt.at

Hallstatt how to get there

How to get to Hallstatt from Vienna

There is no direct train from Vienna to Hallstatt, the easiest way is to take a train with 1 change + ferry. Change your train connection at Attnang-Puchheim Bahnhof station. At Hallstatt Bahnhof railway station you should change to the ferry. Travel time by train: 3:29. Fare: From 24.90 euros one way (the price is for an adult ticket).

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It is easier to get to Hallstatt by car, the travel time is 3 hours and the distance is 289 km. If you take into account that you do not need to spend more energy on the transfer to the train and ferry to get to the station in Vienna, the car is the best way to visit this city. Also during the trip by car you can visit no less beautiful places: the spa town Bad Ischl, Lake Wolfgangsee with the train that goes to the mountain, the town of Gmunden and Traunsee. You won’t have time to visit everywhere by train.

Train in Austria

How to get to Hallstatt from Munich

The distance between Munich and Hallstatt is 207 km. This route by car takes 2.5 hours.

If you decide to take public transport, you will need to make 2 transfers to Hallstatt Bahnhof station and the travel time will be 4 hours. The change will have to be made in Salzburg and Attnang-Puchheim Bahnhof. And at Hallstatt Bahnhof station you will need to change to the ferry.

How to get to Hallstatt from Prague

From Prague, the easiest way to get to Hallstatt is by renting a car, as you will need to make many transfers by public transport. The distance between the cities is 366 km, travel time is 4 hours and 30 minutes. I have a big post “How to rent a car in Prague – personal experience”, where I tell about details of traffic rules and where to rent a car without a deposit.

Plan your route from Prague with at least 1 night in a hotel, if you don’t plan to visit Český Krumlov and Hluboka nad Vltavou castle on the way.

In Austria I advise you to visit the following places: spa town Bad Ischl, Wolfgangsee Lake with a train that goes to the mountain, the town of Gmunden and Lake Traunsee, the sightseeing platform Five Fingers.

To Hallstatt from Prague by car

As you can see, getting to Hallstatt by public transport is quite a tedious exercise, especially you are not immune to train delays and transport workers’ strikes. I don’t want to scare you, but anything can happen on the road and be prepared for all sorts of unforeseen situations.

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This is why many independent travelers choose to travel to Hallstatt by car. If you are traveling to Hallstatt from Prague, you can rent a car on the Myrentacar website, which is a collection of reliable local rental companies and where you can rent a car without a deposit by credit card. If you prefer to come from any other city, you can find a car on the Rentalcars website, which compares the prices of rental cars of all international rental companies in any city of the world.

Please note that cars are not allowed into Hallstatt itself, and should be parked in one of the parking lots on the outskirts of the city. Parking lots are marked on all maps as Parking P1 and Parking P2. Parking costs €6.5 for 1 hour or €8.5 for 2 hours.

An unpleasant moment when traveling in Austria for me personally was left by often non-working parking machines or automatic machines to pay for parking.

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Halstatt, Austria (PHOTO) – what to see, what to do

A trip to Halstatt (Salzkammergut, Austria) – on your own and with a guide. What to see in the village – Halstatt attractions and hotels.


Hallstatt is a small village of just over 900 inhabitants. It is located on the banks of a river in one of the federal states of Austria. Hallstatt is part of the district of Gmunden in the Salzkammergut region (incredibly photogenic lake region). On one side it is surrounded by a river, on the other – the amazing beauty of mountain peaks Dachstein. Due to the surrounding natural landscapes, this piece of land was added to the UNESCO lists in 1997.

Travelers who are offered excursions to Halstatt from Vienna, Salzburg, and Innsbruck are perplexed. What could be interesting in the village, where no more than 1,000 people? But those who have been there, come back happy and few words. What to say, if the delight cannot be described in words.

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The most interesting tours are itineraries from locals on Tripster . It is better to start with a sightseeing tour of Vienna (drive through the Ring, outline the routes of future walks). After that, you can go out of town, to the Vienna vineyards (Austrian Rieslings and panoramas of the Vienna Woods deserve attention).

The sights of Hallstatt

What strikes one in Halstatt is not the historical sights, but the sense of detachment from civilization. And the tranquility that reigns everywhere in the secluded place. Getting out of the boat, which besides you had 10 other tourists, and the first thought that comes to mind: where are all the people? Walking around Halstatt, where all the houses are alike and huddled on the mountainside, admiring the azure color of the lake, in which the clouds are reflected and swans are swimming, and still – no one!

Except for those 10 tourists who came with you on the boat.

The first impression, as always, is deceptive. There are in Halstatt and the people and souvenir stores and restaurants with traditional Austrian cuisine and hotels. In addition, there are old salt mines, a cable car, an extensive network of trails for hiking. From what we conclude: we did not come to Halstatt in vain.

Exaggerate the “solitude” Galstat is not worth it. The village has turned into a tourist attraction. And Austrians, who have the opportunity to buy a house in a picturesque place, do not want to turn into a circus horse, which will be watched day and night by tourists. Therefore, and do not rush wealthy locals to buy real estate to live in Halstatt. Only for hotels, guest houses, restaurants and stores.

Why go to Halstatt: 8 reasons

1. To walk around the old town

Halstatt, Austria

Hallstatt is, above all, a leisurely walk. You can walk along the wooden chalets, you can walk through the woods, you can walk through the souvenir shops. Alternatively, go to one of the churches, and then enjoy a mug of beer at the local bar or lunch on the waterfront. The village is tiny, you can get around in an hour or two. If you ask how much time you should allocate for Galstat, they will tell you – 3-4 hours.

If you want, you can stay overnight – Hallstatt hotels are as fabulous as the surrounding scenery. All in all will be enough for 2-3 days.

2. Visit the observation deck Five Fingers

Five Fingers Lookout (Halstatt, Austria)

Five Fingers Lookout (Halstatt, Austria)

Five Fingers (Hallstatt village, Austria)

Five Fingers (Hallstatt village, Austria)

Five Fingers (Hallstatt village, Austria)

Five Fingers (Hallstatt village, Austria)

Dachstein Salzkammergut is a mountain network of several peaks located at an altitude of 2000-3000 meters. The region is popular at all times of the year. It is adored by climbers, skiers and tourists. For the latter, the Dakhtain is equipped with ultra-modern viewing platforms. One of the most famous is the “Five Fingers”, which is five glass ledges of approximately the same shape, length and width. They protrude above the precipice more than 120 meters high. The total height of the observation deck above sea level is 2,100 meters.

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The cable car costs 7€ one way and 13€ round trip. For this money you can see the surrounding Alps, almost the entire Dachstein Plateau with its famous glaciers, the towns of Halstadt and Obertraun, and Halstadt Lake.

3. Visit the World Heritage View site

Viewpoint in Halstatt, Austria

Above the lake and the rooftops of the village of Hallstatt is another viewing platform, the World Heritage View Skywalk (German: Hallstatt Skywalk Welterbeblick ). It is not as high as the Five Fingers – only 350 meters above sea level. If you want you can save money and climb to this altitude on foot, on equipped trails.

4. Hiking in the forests of Halstatt

Halstatt is the best place for hiking in Austria

It is believed that Austria is the best place for hiking. You walk through a pristine forest, and suddenly it turns out to be a comfortable trail. There are plenty of ready-made, perfectly equipped and completely free trails in the Halstatt area. Explore a detailed map on the official website at www.hallstatt.net.

5. See the mirror reflection in the lake

Halstatt Attractions

The surface of the lake, on the shores of which the village is nestled, in good weather is like a mirror. The landscape is reflected in the lake in such a way that the photoshop can be removed for lack of use! You can go further and take a boat ride along the lake. Or go around the village on foot and look for gorgeous views from above. One disadvantage – this would require staying in Halstatt for a couple of days.

6. Rent a national costume.

What to do in Halstatt: Rent a folk costume

If you want to have great photos for Instagram you don’t have to spend 100€ for a national costume. In Halstatt you can rent a national costume for a very reasonable price to have your picture taken against the backdrop of the lake. You will be offered an Austrian costume for both women and men (women’s outfits are a bit bigger choice).

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7. Visit the salt mines of Halstatt

The Halstatt salt mines are the oldest in the world (scientists say they are over 7,000 years old). No excursion to this town is not without a visit to them. One of the exhibits is considered to be the Salt Man (remains found in a mine in 1743, not badly preserved, thanks to the salt). Visitors are given a warm coverall at the entrance, because the temperature in the mine does not exceed 0 ° C. During the walk you will go down to the very depth, twice, as the miners did in the old days. And if you want a ride on a wooden slide 64 meters long.

Located directly above the mines village. To get up, you can take the funicular, located 15 minutes from the pier. You can walk along one of three narrow paths. The most “beaten” path is the one that is located near the cemetery on the lake. It is more convenient to walk up, and a beautiful view of the surrounding area.

The address of the mine: Salzbergstraße 1, 4830, Halstatt. Opening hours, ticket prices and other information can be found at www.salzwelten.at.

8. Visit the Dachstein Caves

Halstatt: The Dachstein Caves

The area around Halstatt boasts yet another attraction: the Dachstein network of caves, which extend to a depth of more than 1170 meters. It is one of the largest cave complexes in the Eastern Alps. The underground world consists of giant icicles, ice sculptures, and “crystal” curtains shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow. The most valuable sites in Dachtain are the Giant Ice Cave (Rieseneishöhle), the Mammoth Cave (Mammuthöhle) and the underground river.

The tour of the caves lasts 90 minutes. On the way out, you can view an exhibit on the effects of global warming on the environment. You should dress warmly (even in summer, closed shoes/jackets are required). See the official website dachstein-salzkammergut.com for opening hours, ticket prices.

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