Hell and Paradise Museum in Pattaya, photo and description

Temple of Hell and Paradise

Hell and Paradise Museum, located in the town of Bang Saen, 50 kilometers from Pattaya – this is an interesting but very unusual place, which dare to visit not every tourist.

General Information

English title: Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden

Address and Coordinates: Bang Saen Sai 2 Soi 19, Saen Suk, Chon Buri 20130 13°17′51.1″N 100°54′46.3″E

Hours of Operation: 08:00 – 17:30

Prices at the entrance: Entrance to the temple is free.

Phone: +66-89-690-3914, +66-87-584-1034

Photos & Videos

How to get there on your own?

The best way to get to the Ada and Paradise Museum is with a tour, because the distance from Pattaya is about 50 kilometers.

Own transportation. Take a car or a rented bike and follow the Sukhumvit Road towards Bangkok, then turn left at the sign for Bang Saen. Just keep in mind that it is forbidden to ride bikes on the highway (fine 5,000 baht), but the Thais do not prevent it.

Cab. To get here by cab will not be very economical – a minimum of 1000 baht.

Public transportation. On the highway Sukhumvit operates white songhteo, which for 50 baht go directly to Bang Saen – see the signs with the description of the route. There are also tuk-tuks that go to the town of Siracha, you can either go there first, change trains there and get to Bang Saen, or take a bus that runs from Pattaya to Bangkok.

Temple of Heaven and Hell on the map


The Temple of Ada and Paradise is part of the Discovery Tour where you will see all the major attractions of Bang Saen. The price of this combined tour program – from 1100 to 1200 baht for adults and from 700 to 900 baht for children.

Detailed description

Temple Concept

Saen Suk temple tells its visitors about the posthumous fate of those who sinned and those who led righteous lives. All the sculptures of the theme park, dedicated to the afterlife, are in the open air and are divided into two parts: Heaven and Hell.

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Hell Zone.

“Welcome to Hell” is the inscription that greets visitors at the entrance to the area of sinners. The central place in this zone is occupied by humanoid figures of a man and a woman, who are significantly taller than ordinary people and therefore look even more creepy. Around them are figures with the heads of different animals, showing the terrible torture of murderers, thieves, cheaters, traitors, bribe takers, gamblers, as well as homosexuals, transvestites, child killers and women who have used contraceptives.

In the Alley of Sinners the visitors are shown real hellish scenes of torture and torment of those who despised all the Buddhist canons in their lifetime. The sinners are boiled in a boiling pot, burned or hanged in front of the people, and various parts of their bodies are cut off. Next to each exhibit are donation urns with a description of the sin written in English. The Thais believe that if you throw a donation into the urn, you can consider your karma “cleansed” and your sinful burden removed.

Paradise Zone

The paradise area, adorned with a lush garden for the righteous, shows peaceful compositions of paradise. Here, in the first part of the garden, tourists will see Paradise, where, with the help of sculptural images, the life journey of the Buddha and his deeds are shown. Buddha and his disciples sit in the shade of trees and quietly meditate.

On the territory of this area there are several ponds, a large and beautiful pond swimming Thai turtles, and in the other fish, both of which you can feed (food sold next door for 20 baht). In addition, you can buy caged birds and release them into the wild. All this will have a positive impact on your karma!

Helpful information

The amount of the donation must be calculated down to 1 baht. The donation is calculated as the sum of the last two digits of your year of birth and your age. For example, let’s say you were born in 1990 and at the moment of visiting the temple you are 27 years old then you have to give 90 + 27 = 117 Baht.

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Hell and Heaven Temple Tour (Bang Saen, Thailand) – Reviews

Feedback about the tour to the Temple of Hell and Heaven (Thailand, Bang Saen)

Cheap, a visual aid to intimidate impressionable teenagers, interesting to feed water turtles and catfish.

To my taste, this tour is not worth the time and money spent on it. I suggest you read the review and evaluate the museum exhibits from the photos. I think that what you see will help you to form your own attitude towards this tour and.

Sins do not let you sleep! This is the right place for you!

I do not know if this excursion will be edifying, but it will not leave anyone indifferent, no doubt. The park, as it is conventionally called this place is about 40 km. from Pattaya in the town of Bang Saen.

Not so scary hell as they paint it.

I decided to clean my computer at last and found old forgotten photos. Immediately I realized that I had to write a review. Forty kilometers north of Pattaya, in the town of Bang Saen, there is a rather unusual temple Wat Saen Suk. It used to be.

The scenes from hell in my opinion are not scary

As part of the Discovery Tour in Pattaya, we visited the Thai Temple of Hell and Heaven, which is located in the town of Bang Saen. School-aged children are taken to the temple so they can see firsthand what will happen to them when they commit.

A little creepy, but informative.

Good day dear friends and readers of the site. Today I want to tell you about an unusual place where I was able to visit this summer. While vacationing in Thailand, my daughter and I decided to go on a very interesting excursion Discovery 7.

“It is good to know that there is heaven, it is frightening to think that there is hell. “

We went to the Temple of Hell and Heaven by purchasing a Discovery tour that included a visit to the place. Purposefully I would not go here, because I had previously read about the place. But since the temple was in.

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Very specific.

Good day! I want to tell you about an unusual temple that we visited in Thailand. Heard about it a lot, saw it in the program “Heads and Tails” and it was interesting to go there and see for myself.

18+! I do not recommend it to the particularly impressionable.

In Thailand, we have visited not only beautiful places that delight the soul and the eye like Nong Nooch Garden. But less positive, so to speak, but also cause a lot of emotions. I am talking about the temple.

I would not take my children to that place. Review 18+. I saw Buddhism in an unexpected way.

The Temple of Hell and Heaven, my husband and I visited as part of the Discovery tour. We bought this tour in Pattaya. It includes a visit to several attractions, including the Temple of Hell and Paradise. Agree, intriguing.

Wouldn’t go on purpose for sure.

As this place was on the list of visits on the Discovery tour, then willy-nilly we had to be here. I went with a child of 9 years, so under great impression we both remained. Immediately I will write what is.

Theater with scenes from the afterlife

For a long time we wanted to visit the temple of “Heaven and Hell”, but every time postponed, too scary it sounds. But this time we finally made it. In Pattaya on Sukhumvit from any bus stop, got on, told us what to do.

Go here as part of the tour “Discovery”. On purpose, don’t.

In my very first visit to the Thai “city-hero” Pattaya, when I still inexperience, not dared to travel on their own, and flew with the notorious Tez Tour, I tried out on a lot of excursions.

Excursion is not for the faint-hearted, the temple of hell and paradise.

This is a very unusual place, the name of which many people will find scary and strange, but it lives up to its name. In his garden is a whole performance of sculptures, taller than a human being. The place itself is divided into two parts: heaven and hell. Everything.

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Came here only on the tour “Discovery” – interesting and very informative, also very scary.

Ordered all excursions in travel agency, my husband and I were calmed down and waited impatiently for each, but it so happened that the excursion “Discovery” we were already so reluctant and lazy to go that we thought, okay.

There was no fear at all, more like fun.

As part of a tour package called Discovery, we visited this place as well. The tour itself (I think 8 to 1) cost about 500 baht, I do not know how much it costs separately to visit this “temple”. I guess it’s not religious, eh.

Impressive, but not scary.

The Park – “Museum of Heaven and Hell,” we visited as part of Discovery Favorite excursion in Pattaya, vacationing in Pattaya. The park is a sculpture of the various punishments for transgressions to which the Thai souls are subjected after passing into.

A unique place.

Were with a girl at this temple in the summer of 2017, and, remembering comes back those indescribable emotions of delight and incomprehension. So, first of all, really liked that at the beginning of the temple there is an illustrated history of the origin of Buddhism. And then it begins.

Unusual place, causes ambiguous impressions and makes you think about the meaning of life and actions.

Good afternoon, readers of the site! Today I want to tell you about an unusual tour, which I visited, being on vacation in Thailand. After my story you will decide for yourself whether or not you should visit this place. Title.

Behave badly? See what awaits you! Welcome to Hell! PHOTO

Not far from Pattaya in Bang Saeng there is a functioning temple Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden. In the colloquial version of the temple of “hell and paradise”. In front of its entrance is a statue of a laughing Buddha. Who needs a bellyful.

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A lesson for the unfaithful.

Once we took a combined tour in Pattaya that included the Temple of Hell and Paradise. We had no idea what could be there. The tour of the temple is a walk through the elucidated garden of the monastery.

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