Hluboka nad Vltavou Castle in Český Krumlov

Hluboka nad Vltavou

10 km north of the town of České Budějovice on a high promontory above the Vltava River is the Castle Hluboká nad Vltavou. It is about 140 km from Prague. The snow-white castle becomes one with the view, the charm of which is enhanced by the quiet surface of the ponds and the silhouette of the majestic Šumava Foothills, visible in the distance.

An early Gothic castle stood on the site of the present-day Romantic palace in the 13th century. After 1290 it became the property of King Wenceslas II. Subsequent information dates back to the Luxemburg period. At that time, Wilhelm of Lahnstein became the owner of the castle. He owned it for quite a long time, but in the last years of his life he returned it to Emperor Charles IV. After 1485, Hluboka passed to the chief burgrave of Prague, Jan of Janovice. The castle changed hands many times.

Interesting: all in all at different times 26 people owned Hluboka.

In 1661 the castle was bought by Jan Adolf I Schwarzenberg. Representatives of his family were the owners of the castle until 1947. In that year the Czech government decided to nationalize the property of the dynasty – the town of Český Krumlov and Hluboka. Two years later, a museum was opened in Hluboka. During the long period of the Schwarzenberg family rule, the castle experienced a period of new development and construction. The first rebuilding took place at the end of the 17th century and then again.

Hluboka acquired its present appearance after a radical reconstruction in the romantic style in 1839-1871. It was first managed by the Viennese architect Frans Beer and after his death it was under the direction of Ferdinand Devoretsky. He focused his attention on rebuilding the interiors.

Romanticism as an artistic style originated in England, a very economically developed country. Although Romanticism had no fixed philosophical base in Bohemia, it soon emerged in the architecture and was spreading mainly by the buildings of the rich aristocracy, for whom English culture was a must. Their interest in it was deepened and renewed by regular trips to England, the purpose of which was diplomatic negotiations at the royal court.

Jan Adolf II Schwarzenberg began rebuilding the palace after another trip to England in 1835. The purpose of the rebuilding was to create the illusion of antiquity. The example of architecture was the picturesque Tudor Gothic, or rather the reconstruction of the English castle Winzor, which was beginning at that time. When furnishing the interiors, more adhered to the Renaissance style, which best suited the idea of modernity and comfort of those years.

Hluboka nad Vltavou sights

A visit to Hluboka nad Vltavou Castle in Prague allows you to feel the indescribable atmosphere of a true medieval castle from the very first minutes. There are a number of ceremonial halls in Hluboka:

  • a reception salon;
  • a large dining room;
  • the morning salon with a gallery of portraits of the most famous members of the Schwarzenberg family;
  • a reading room;
  • library;
  • a rich armory.

Great attention was paid to the decoration of the living quarters. All of them, including the palace chapel and the connecting corridors, were luxuriously furnished and richly decorated. The furnishings of the palace were systematically supplemented by the acquisition of antique and modern furniture, works of art, as well as oriental antiquities, weapons and armor. The result was a vast and rich collection of art objects, giving an idea of the tastes, fashion and way of life of the privileged stratum of society.

  1. In the stair hall, on the site of the former third courtyard, is a huge two-staircase staircase. Paintings in the galleries represent the castle’s famous owners. The impression of ancient knightly times in this room is created by the new arches, various armors and weapons.
  2. In Princess Eleonora’s bedroom, the carved ceiling was decorated with color paintings by the Viennese artist Glezer.
  3. In the morning salon above the pink marble fireplace one can see the portrait of Jan Adolf II. Paintings depict the famous owners of Hluboka. Painted Chinese vases from the 18th century complement the rare pieces of furniture and the carved ceiling.
  4. The main decoration of the reading room is painted ceramics from Holland (Delphi faience). Paintings with motifs of the months of the year are hung around the perimeter of the room. Most of the stained glass in the room comes from Switzerland.
  5. The smoking room is also richly decorated with carved wood. The Renaissance style table was brought from the area of modern Italy.
  6. In the reception room, a portrait of Princess Eleonora Schwanzerberg, wife of the builder of Hluboka, is in rich wood trim above the fireplace.
  7. The walls of the great dining room are covered with 7 Brussels tapestries from the “Proverbs” cycle of the period after 1644.
  8. The armory of the armory is of a high standard. Many kinds of weapons and armor are on display here.
  9. The former manege houses the South Bohemian Aloš Gallery with Gothic paintings and sculptures as well as Dutch and Flemish paintings from the 17th and 18th centuries.
  10. The well-maintained park of Hluboka deserves special attention. It is planted with rare species of trees, has several ponds and even a hunting castle.
  11. The library is the largest room of the castle. The coffered ceiling was transported from the Schwarzenberg family castle in the 19th century. The room is illuminated by seven Dutch-type chandeliers. Above the shelves are coats of arms of individual owners of the castle.

Interesting: the library has up to 12 thousand volumes of books, which are stored in cabinets in classicism style of the late 18th century.

The outer walls are decorated with hunting trophies – heads of deer. And under each head is a plaque with the name of the town where the deer was shot.

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Reviews have visited Hluboka nad Vltavou say that when planning a holiday in the Czech Republic the castle should visit it without fail. Information on excursions to Hluboka can be found at various online resources. A lot of travel agencies offer their services in organizing tours in this direction. Tourists who have already visited the castle, mostly note the magnificent park with many unusual exotic trees and shrubs, as well as beautifully decorated colorful flowerbeds. The interiors are memorable for their carved wooden surfaces, painted ceilings and luxurious furniture.

Note: A popular tourist attraction is also the excursion “Český Krumlov and Hluboka nad Vltavou”, because it offers a chance to see both places at once.

The Castle Hluboka is open all year round. Mode of operation – every day except Monday. From 01.07 to 31.08 Hluboka can be visited any day.

Hours of operation:

January-March – from 10:00 to 16:00 April – from 9:00 to 16:30 May-August – from 9:00 to 17:00 September-October – from 9:00 to 16:30 November-December – from 10:00 to 16:00

The cost of the tour to the castle Hluboka nad Vltavou for Russian-speaking people depends on the route you choose and varies from 40 to 250 CZK (1 CZK equals 2.3 ruble). Children under 6 years of age pass without a ticket.

On the main route CZK 250 On the main route with audio guide CZK 200 Children, students, disabled CZK 160 Family ticket CZK 600 Family ticket CZK Exploring private apartments 230 CZK Exploring private apartments with audio guide CZK 200 Children, students, disabled CZK 160 Family ticket CZK 520 CZK Walking through the park free of charge.

There are souvenir shops near the ticket office where you can buy souvenir items such as magnets or postcards with views of the castle.

The address to get to Hluboka nad Vltavou on your own: Bezrucova 142, Hluboka nad Vltavou.

In addition to tours, you can get to the place in 2 ways:

  • with repeated and not always convenient transfers by bus;
  • by car on road R3 or R4 going southwards towards České Budějovice. From the center of Prague it takes about an hour and a half.

In conclusion, we can say that Hluboka nad Vltavou is a pearl of South Bohemia. The magnificent castle, reminiscent of the English Winzor, will amaze you with its rich interiors, carved ceilings and works of art.

Hluboka nad Vltavou Castle

Hluboka nad Vltavou Castle

After visiting the Chateau Hluboka nad Vltavou, many begin to understand the meaning of the phrases “with their mouths open” and “stand still with delight”. First impression – a refined princess wearing her finest white gown!


The first mention dates back to 1253. The castle, standing on the site of the present castle, was called Frognburg. Since then, the defensive structure has changed many owners and was repeatedly rebuilt, following fashion and changing style. Only afterwards, the name Hluboka nad Vltavou was assigned to the medieval castle and it has survived until today.

During its existence, the Gothic castle built by Otakar II was rebuilt in the Renaissance style, then, at the beginning of the 18th century, in the Baroque style. Almost 300 years, from 1661 to 1947, the building was owned by the Schwarzenberg family – they returned the castle to the Gothic style.

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Tours are carried out on five routes (a choice of tours: main route (state rooms), kitchen, watchtower, private apartments and winter route) in groups of 20-25 people accompanied by a guide and interpreter (if a group has one) or audio guide. Price from 40 CZK (watchtower) up to 250 CZK (main halls and private apartments). Discounts for seniors and children.

    (€ 35, 11 hours) (€ 32, 12 hours) (€ 248, 3 hours) (€ 90, 3 hours) (€ 91, 2 hours)

How to get there

By train. From Prague’s main train station take the train to České Budějovice and then take the train to Hluboká nad Vltavou – Zámostí station. Then take the 4 bus to the castle, stop Sportovní areál.

By bus. From Prague railway station Na Knížecí there is a bus with one transfer to České Budějovice. Travel time is about 3 hours. From Roztyly bus station take a direct bus to Hluboká nad Vltavou to Pod kostelem station, from there take four buses one stop to Sportovní areál.

By car to the castle drive about 1 hour and 40 minutes along the road 3/E55, a distance of about 150 kilometers.

Today (05.09.2022) in the Hluboka nad Vltavou area variable cloudiness, temperature +22°C, feels like +22°C. Wind: East, 3 m/s, pressure 764 mmHg. Humidity: 70%. Sunrise at 04:24, sunset at 17:38.

Hello, Can you advise me, we are planning to go on December 17. Will the castle be open? It is written that it is closed on December 22. Maybe short days or something else? I would like to be sure.

Why was my question deleted.

Nothing was deleted, all comments are moderated.

Can you tell me where you can book a tour of the castle, on which site?

At the moment there are no tours, but closer to the summer will definitely appear.

Who was recently, tell me whether to go to the castle of a tourist train, and the walk up the hill is difficult.

We were there on 9.04.2019. The steam train is in place and running.

Hello ! i understood from the schedule that the castle is open until 21.12.18 and only opens on 02.01.2019 ? right ? we are arriving 22.12 and until 30.12 . will we be able to get inside any of the castles ? really want to see !

Yes, that’s right. Unfortunately you will not be able to get in during this period.

Sad (( can you tell me in what castle can get in our period of rest in Prague and in what interesting interior, my husband wanted to see guns ? Thanks in advance !!!

Thank you very much !!!

Good afternoon! Does the castle park have opening hours or ondospen any days and times of the week?

Wonderful castle, but not easy to get to if on your own. We were there last year and it was, I think, Saturday. Going by change through Ceske Budejovice, there aren’t really many trains. There we actually went to Hluboka nad Vltavou, but back had to walk to the station Hluboka nad Vltavou Zamosti. The castle is located somewhere in the middle between them, so we had to walk about 3 kilometers. Buses local did not see any, although the stops were and the schedule too. With the signs, too, all bad, rescued the Google Maps. Arrived early, wanted to have breakfast – all closed until 11 am. On the way back wanted to find some grocery store – no use, all closed. Even at the station was no one, except the officer on duty. Everything was closed, including the toilet.

Good evening, can you tell me if you can now not print out train tickets, but just show them on your phone. Thanks in advance.

I always do that :)

I have not found where you can register on your site, is there such an opportunity?

Do you know, we are going to Hluboka from Český Krumlov. What is the most convenient way to get there?

On the site we do not have registration, it is simply not necessary. There are on the forum. From Krumlov there are no direct flights to Hluboka. But you shouldn’t be afraid of that, there’s a big traffic, the bus is very frequent, you can change in České Budějovice. You can go both by bus and by train.

I tried to buy tickets on the website of the castle, but it says that there are no tickets. And not only for April 13, but also on other dates. Bought tickets for the tour of Karlstejn, also on the site – everything worked. Or only on the spot to buy tickets?

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Unfortunately, I can’t tell you here, I have nothing to do with the ticketing system.

Thank you, we will have to change trains. There are 2 bus stations in Krumlov, I went to the one directly by the castle wall. Can you tell me where the second one is? Which one is the Krumlov-Hluboka bus? Thank you.

All buses leave from the main bus station in Krumlov (gps:48.8116283N, 14.3225750E).

Good day, Pragovoved!

Can you please tell me how to get from Krumlov to Hluboka nad Vltavou on your own?

There is no direct flight. You can take a train or bus…. to České Budějovice.

Dear Pragoved! Please tell me, it was mentioned here that you can take bus 4 to Hluboka from České Budějovice. Where is the bus stop and where do I buy a ticket? And another question: which one of the castles in Ceske Krumlov or Hluboka is more interesting to visit inside?

The castles are completely different and both are worth a visit. The departure station is the same as the arrival one.

We took a tour from Mega tour, Tamara guide did not like the way she presents materials, in the castle with us walked a guy with a tape recorder with a record in Russian and only waved his hands where to look, photographers are not allowed, about dop payment for photos was out of the question. Can you downstairs in the parking lot to buy a book in Russian on the castle for 30 crowns (I think the top for 60 crowns already), I regretted that I did not buy.

Please tell me, how often do buses from Hluboka Castle to the bus station Ceske Budejovice, and where is their stop? From Prague, I’m taking a direct bus to the bus stop pod kostelem, where I arrive at 11:30, see the castle, and then plan to leave at 15:20 from Budějovice to Krumlov. Therefore, I am interested in the possibility of getting from Hluboka to Budějovice.

From Pod kostelem and buses go to České Budějovice. The bus goes almost every half hour.

Tell me please, and visit only with a guide in the group, you can not go alone with an audio guide yes?

Hello, I understand that the fourth bus from deep comes here mapy.cz/s/jlXF , how do I get to the bus station České Budějovice, on google maps only the sign, so where is the bus station?

Yes, it’s right there, that’s also where the 4 comes from. The bus/train station.

The 4th bus comes to a stop for city buses, but where does it go from Prague, I’ve read that the bus station is on the roof, but how do I get there?

Hello, we were at the castle in early April 2015, really enjoyed it. Would love to see a video or audio tour of the castle, remember sayings on the meaning of the paintings. Thank you.

And how to get from this cd.cz/mapa/?stanice=5473302 station to the castle?

There is this information in the article.

In the article it says “Hluboká nad Vltavou – Zámostí” and I mean “Hluboká nad Vltavou”.

From the railway station walk about 1.3 km to the bus stop žel.st.rozc.1.0, then take a bus to Pod Kostelem. The journey time is 25 minutes. Here’s the map.

If it’s not a secret, what map do you use when you make schemes?

It depends on the situation, I made a skin for you on mapy.cz

How much does it cost to take this bus?

I don’t know, not more than 20 CZK. You can buy a ticket from the driver.

Good afternoon, there are so many castles in the Czech Republic, it is impossible to visit all of them, suggest from your experience and taste 3 castles, which should not be ignored on a visit to Prague. Thank you.

It’s complicated, everyone has different tastes. I like a little more of the distant ones. Read the comments, make your choice.

Very beautiful castle, one of my favorites in the Czech Republic. We went there by car, there is free parking, but not near the castle. Went there twice, but we could not go inside: the first time, on Monday, the castle did not work; the second time (a year later) we went there in the evening on the way to the Český Krumlov, just to admire :)

Beleu Castle in Belgium, photo and description

If you take the train one stop earlier, not Hluboka-Zamosti, but just Hluboka, you can walk to the lake where the Zoo (until 16h) and the zoo museum (until March closed). The zoo has a green-red parrots, wolf monkeys, lynx gophers, pink flamingos, etc. but to the castle will be longer, but good view of it from afar from the bottom up. On the train journey, change to another train and then the bus do not do. Railway station Ceske Budevice direct bus number 4 to the castle costs 25 kronor. (But the change to the second train 21 kronor.and +bus or walk), the schedule back from the cheske Budevice in Prague at 18:55 and 19:55 next 5:00 am train costs 165 crowns in each direction. About the castle, in winter until 16h. In the store with a picture booklet costs 90 CZK, and down from the church in souvenir.mag.same 50 CZK. Castle worth seeing! It is better to go early if you take the train. In spets.rasspis.train was every hour, and the actual day was a gap of over 2 hours, and then two trains at 11:33 and 11:44 .What is the trick I do not understand.

In addition to the bus 4, from Ceske Budevice runs another bus 15 from the bus station, which is located on the roof of the Mercury Shopping Center. It is two steps from the railway station on the left. The bus goes 1-2 times an hour to the bus stop Hluboko nad Vltavou under the church (the trip took 20 minutes). And then, 500 meters walk to the castle (from the bus stop you can see). On the way back is much more buses (at the bus stop there is a schedule). The 4th bus took a different route to the station for about 40 minutes. Our trip from Prague took 4.5 hours with all the junctions, but the castle was worth the time.

Good day! Dear Konstantin, could you tell me, is it correct, that on Mondays there is no access to the castles? Are there excursions in Prague every day, or are there also days without excursions?

Mondays are their day off. There are excursions all the time.

Hello, please clarify, visit the castle grounds, the park without the inner chambers can be at any time or only until 16 hours while there are excursions?

You can visit the castle grounds at any time.

Hello. Do I need to book tickets to the castle in winter? On the site they write that the reservation for groups.

We decided not to be tied to the transport, with excursions in general turned out very sordid from the start, the owner of the turbo turned out to be a frank young rude man, devoid of a basic understanding of what a customer-buyer. Therefore, just rented a car with friends. Thanks a lot to the hotel staff, we were very well helped with that very well. Rental price of 2000 kronor + gasoline. The deposit of 5,000 CZK was deducted from the card, we returned the next day on the account, after the return of the car. We drove on the navigator. We got easily, the roads are good. We walked around the castle, while waiting for the time of the tour with a Russian audioguide. The route around the castle was only one. From the outside the castle is very impressive – the beauty of architecture, combined with the taste of the owners. Rooms, provided for our viewing were beautiful, but the information provided by audio guide is very stingy and … not very informative. Not much time is given for viewing. The audio guide is a tape recorder, which was held by a girl guide. In each room she pressed a button, after listening to the text, stopped and invited to go further. After this tour we went to Cesky Krumlov. That’s where we had to go for the whole day. There’s a view and excursions, but the time for everything – until 5 pm. After that, there are no tours, no tickets sold … Next time, be sure to go directly there. If tourists allow money, then, having gathered the company of 4 people, it turns out comprehensible. T.k. for an excursion in Turbureau, in addition to the received boorishness, you still and 40 euros per person will pay.

Hello! we went to the castle in august 2013, suddenly everything has changed. but we went from Florence bus back and forth. when you buy tickets there and say zpoteko, i.e. there and back – cheaper. from the bus stop under the church to the castle is close and a lot of places where you can eat quickly or wait in a cafe. The main thing is that you have to choose ready-made meals and they will bring them right away. In general, for 8 days in the Czech Republic russian-speaking staff came once at the ticket office at the station. all your routes we put using sites of bus and train stations. i advise you to do the same. When we got to Karlovy Vary we were dropped off in the center by bus and we thought it was a bus station and we couldn’t go to the castle because the bus left from the bus station once a week and every 30 minutes and nobody told us in Russian or English that we had to walk some 300 meters to get to the station.

Wörlitz Castle and Park Kingdom in Germany

To Prague is a direct train only from Budejovice, as I wrote above. There’s a railway station next to the bus station. There’s a train to Budejovice from Hluboka nad Vltavou, but we didn’t take it.

Vlad! Looked google maps, something I do not understand, so from the castle bus number 4, then to which train station to go directly to Prague?

From the castle to Budejovice we went by bus, then changed to a train.

Pavel, don’t be lazy, open the map and take a look. Imagine if a man inadvertently makes a mistake and mix something up, and then you with the printed route will be stuck on the wall and will not even be able to orientate where you are. All the subtleties and directions is better to work out for yourself, and then it will be more interesting and safer.

Good afternoon. Yesterday my family went to Hluboka. From Prague to Florence direct bus at 8.20, and back or this (leaves somewhere at 14-00) or from Budejovice. Now the castle in October, only the main route A, tours by group every hour (12.00, 13.00, etc.). No audio guides, give a text in Russian. Since the two-hour bus we were late, we had to get from Budevice. Be careful with the buses, because there might not be enough seats to Prague. This is a very strange situation. Tickets are NOT for sale at the bus station. You can buy on the internet or from the driver, but when the bus came, we were offered only 2 seats for three people… The next bus was an hour later, and at the information window we found out that everything was already sold out… We went to the train. And why did we try to take the bus? The train ride is only 2.25 hours, sit / lie in a separate compartment, few people, toilet in the car (we had), comes to the center and costs for 2 adults and child just over 400. That is, I recommend it.

Please tell me more about the train ( how far to go from the castle to the station, how much is the fare, how often the train runs, etc.). Thanks in advance.

Hello! I am going to Prague with my family on New Year holidays. So in the end, how to get to the castle from the bus station Florenc? Can po more precisely, how much fare, whether it will be interesting for children and where near the castle, you can eat? Thank you in advance.

From Florenc to the castle by bus. Today, the ticket costs 155 kroner per adult one way, travel time 3 hours and 9 minutes. Then 700 meters on foot. This data is as of today, in a month it may change. Where to eat is not advised, we were there in the summer and had lunch in a cafe in the castle. From December 20 to January 2, the castle is closed.

Thanks for the reply! Can you be more specific about which bus goes to the castle?

There is only 1 bus a day from Florence, at 8:20 am. I don’t know the bus numbers, they don’t write them on the bus. The direction to Český Budějovice. In Hluboka makes only 1 stop at “Pod kostelem”. Often go from the bus station Na Knížecí. The day before trip visit bus station and buy ticket, they understand Russian well.

Please correct, there is no direct bus to Hluboka nad Velika from the bus station Na knížec… it’s a little confusing.

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