Holidays of Mauritius, dates and detailed descriptions

National holidays of Mauritius

Memorial Day

The inhabitants of the island of Mauritius belong to a variety of races, and different faiths, among which there is a Christian one. The vast majority of Christians in Mauritius are Catholic, so the main Christian holidays celebrated in Mauritius are those of the Catholic …


One of the holidays celebrated by Hindus in Mauritius is Diwali, the “Festival of Lights. “Diwali” in Sanskrit means “row of lights.” During this festival, Hindus light oil lamps everywhere to banish the forces of darkness. People who live in Mauritius …


You can rightly say of the island of Mauritius, that it is a country where the holiday never stops. In Mauritius, there are people from all continents – Indians, Creoles, Africans, Madagascarans, Europeans, Chinese. And all of them have managed to keep their national customs, …


Not surprisingly, the inhabitants of the island of Mauritius, which is a multinational fusion of many different religions, celebrate as many national and religious holidays. One of these events is Mahashivaratri, celebrated by the Indians for three …


The first thing one wants to say when talking about the island of Mauritius, is the incredible number of holidays celebrated in this country. This is a consequence of the ethnic and cultural diversity of the islanders, a large part of whom are from …

Spring Festival

One of the peculiarities of the island of Mauritius is the remarkable cultural and ethnic diversity of its inhabitants, who at different times migrated to this island from almost all over the world – from Asia, Europe and Madagascar. From Asia came to Mauritius a lot of Chinese, …


Perhaps the greatest number of holidays, among other inhabitants of the island of Mauritius, have the Indians. One of these holidays is Holly. The Hindus celebrate Holly in March or February, on the full moon, according to the Indian lunar calendar. Holly in Mauritius is declared a national …

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Holidays in Mauritius

Mauritius is a small island with a population of 1.2 million, migrants from Africa, Madagascar and Asia have mingled to form a quirky public with their own holidays.

Many villages here have their own private fiestas, to which outsiders are not allowed. Others, on the contrary, are gladly invited, but it’s more of a coincidence to be a part of such an event, as even the guides don’t know much about it.

The legislator has set days off: January 1 and 2 are New Year’s Day, the Independence Day of Mauritius in April (rolling holiday), Easter Monday (instead of Sunday – its own specifics), May 1 – International Labor Day, November 1 – All Saints Day, on this day the locals remember their dead relatives and Christmas – December 25.

New Year in Mauritius

New Year in Mauritius – January 1 and 2 is an official holiday. However, it should be noted that the Chinese New Year is also celebrated, and with a much bigger scope. According to the Gregorian calendar the holiday is mostly celebrated either by expatriates or vacationers. In this case, a fairly standard program, that is, a celebratory dinner at the hotel, an entertainment program and fireworks in the evening.

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Chinese New Year in Mauritius is celebrated differently in each community. Somewhere it is customary to remember traditions and return to their parents from major cities, bring them gifts and delicious food.

In general, it is on the Chinese New Year mass activity begins, in the capital some streets turn into a kind of fairs. True, this does not always happen, but in the most prosperous years in terms of the economy, when there is something to offer for sale.

At any holiday fairs it is worth trying aludah – it is a very peculiar milk drink, quite thick and stretchy, with the addition of tapioca and syrup. It can also contain other ingredients, thanks to which it periodically takes on an absolutely fantastic color.

The Republic of Mauritius was formed in 1968. The main role in its economy played sugar, and the state does not forget about it, there is even a thematic museum, entirely devoted to sugar.

In general, there is no special celebration of this holiday here. Conducted parades, organized festivities and processions. In the evening over the island of flying up in the sky a huge fireworks display. Many stores here also have sales.

Besides sugar cane, Mauritius also grows good tea. One of the most famous is black vanilla tea, and they add real spice to the mix, not some flavoring. You can also take part in the grill parties that almost all self-respecting hotels throw at this time.

Also on the Independence Day they fly kites, ride boats, decorate rooms with exotic plants. In a word, have fun.

May 1, as you know, is International Labor Day, which in Mauritius is considered a day off. It is best to rent a car in advance and go somewhere far away from the gatherings of people.

But you have to be careful, because in the mountains, crime has increased in recent years. And during the holidays, the bandits become very brazen, because the police at this time is busy, it will take a long drive. So it is worth finding a reasonable compromise between safety and the desire to enjoy the beautiful views.

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All Saints’ Day is celebrated on October 31 and November 1, and at the very beginning of November – even with great pomp, and even the local government allowed, making it the first day off.

It is noticeable that the tradition of this day was also influenced by the Chinese. Many people decorate their homes with red lanterns, homemade wind music, and other talismans designed to ward off evil spirits. According to one version, they are released for one day a year from the Underworld (from hell), so they can roam free and enjoy their freedom. But spirits that have become restless can play games and become dangerous to man. Therefore, you should not go outside your home.

Catholic Christmas is one of the official holidays. Of course, there is no point in waiting for an evergreen tree, so many people simply decorate their homes with themed toys. Charity is practiced on the island at this time, with many low-income families receiving substantial financial support from the government. A large number of gifts go to children, missionaries and volunteers come to orphanages and prisons. Christmas in Mauritius has become in many ways a social holiday.

The Festival of Lights or Dragon Festival is a rather interesting event that takes place on the 15th day after the Chinese New Year. As you can guess just from the name, the custom of celebrating came from Asia, where in honor of the coming of spring and renewal people dressed up in costumes of lions and dragons, then began to play a ritual costume show. All this was accompanied by loud shouting, dancing, and various fire shows.

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