Holidays of Tajikistan, dates and detailed descriptions

March 12 (second Sunday of March) – Feast of the Garden

Tajik holiday. The Garden Festival was known even before the Middle Ages, was celebrated as a precursor to Nowruz. Since ancient times, the Garden Festival was celebrated fifty days before the holiday Navruz, the 10th bahman (January 30). In some surviving works of historians and authors there is information about the peculiarities of the Festival of the Garden. The holiday fell on a cold season and was devoted to fire, which our ancestors used to drive out evil, which included evil frosts.

March 20 (the day before Nowruz) – the Holiday of Snowdrops (walking with flowers).

In different regions of Tajikistan the holiday of the first snowdrops is called differently. In the Pamirs, it is “Gulgardoni,” Sughd region, calls the action – “Boychechak”, in the south of the country, the colorful name for the festival was invented – “Guli siyahgush”. But despite the different names, the children – the protagonist of the event, everywhere celebrate the holiday in exactly the same way.

March 21 – Nowruz

Nowruz (Pers. “new day”), as well as the International Day of Nowruz (March 21) – the first day of spring, corresponding to the day of Ormazd of Farvardin astronomical solar calendar of the Iranian peoples, the Turkic peoples and some peoples of Eurasia. The word “Nowruz” itself is translated as “new day. In some views of Nowruz among the Kurdish people, the word comes from the combination of the word floor – Niw and day – roj . It is also worth noting that this version appeared quite recently and orientalists, Kurdish scholars and linguists find direct evidence of this theory of origin of the holiday. In general, Nowruz is the equality of day and night; the beginning of the season of growth and prosperity.

The beginning of summer – the Tulip Festival (“Sairi Lola”).

It is a Tajik holiday. It has no exact date, falls at the beginning of summer. After the spring snowdrops, the tulips bloom in the mountains. Usually, this happens at the end of spring, at this time, the mountains are covered with a carpet of emerald greenery, on which, like painted on the canvas blossom red, pink and yellow heads of beautiful flowers. The sight is so impressive that there is a wonderful holiday dedicated to it. In Tajikistan it is called “Sairi Lola” and, in time it coincides with the first harvest, which means that the table, just must crush with all kinds of viands.

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June 26 – Uraza Bayram (Orozo Ait in Kyrgyz, Eid al-Fitr) – Feast of Eid al-Fitr.

A holy holiday for Muslims. It is celebrated in Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Chechen Republic, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Dagestan Republic and others.

Each Muslim holiday begins with a festive prayer, Eid. This prayer is performed in a mosque, after which men congratulate each other with the end of the month of Ramadan, and go away to congratulate all their relatives and loved ones. This part of the holiday is similar for all Muslims.

June 27 is National Reconciliation Day in Tajikistan.

This holiday was declared by a decree of President Emomali Rahmon in 1998 to mark the end of the five-year civil war in Tajikistan.

September 1 – Holiday of Sacrifice (Kurban Bairam, Kurman Ait or Eid al-Adha – by the Krygyz)

The Islamic holiday of the end of the Hajj (Eid al-Adha; Qurban Bayramı), celebrated 70 days after Uraza Bayram, on the 10th day of Zul-Hijj, in memory of the sacrifice of the Prophet Ibrahim. The Muslim calendar consists of 12 lunar months and contains about 354 days, 10 or 11 days less than the solar year. For this reason, the days of Muslim religious holidays are shifted each year relative to the Gregorian calendar. It is celebrated in Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, the Chechen Republic, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, the Republic of Dagestan, etc.

September 9 – State Independence Day

According to the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan “On holidays” (Law No. 628 of May 22, 1998), the 9th of September is a national holiday – the Day of State Independence of the Republic of Tajikistan.

October 8 (second Sunday of October) – Feast of Mehrgon

Tajik holiday . Autumn is the most abundant and generous time of the year, the time of harvest. Mekhrgon – this is the oldest holiday of the Tajik people celebrated in autumn, when the agricultural work ends and the gifts of bountiful nature appear on the tables.

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October 10 – Day of Falak

It is a Tajik holiday. In accordance with the decree of the Head of State, the holiday was introduced in order to preserve the cultural and artistic heritage of the development and improvement of the art of falak. Day falak – one of the types of Tajik national genre of chanting. The proposal to celebrate the 10 October as Falak Day each year in the country was voiced by the President Emomali Rakhmon on August 4, 2007, and it became an official holiday the same year.

Falak is a type of music, science and culture. It expresses many human feelings, such as sadness and longing, grief and separation, happiness and joy. Falak still includes many famous masters of this science, such as Odina Hoshim , Gulchehra Sodikova , Davlatmand Kholov , Fayzali Hasanov, Safar Murod , Nosir Safarov, Rachabmad Valiyev and Karimi Shish. Falak is very popular in southern Tajikistan.

Holidays of Tajikistan

Tajikistan is a country with interesting and carefully preserved cultural customs and, of course, can not do without and Tajik holidays.

Holiday of Snowdrops

Tajikistan has a very harsh winter. Therefore, the first signs of spring for the Tajiks is an occasion for real joy and a good reason to have a big holiday of snowdrops (boycechak).

According to local traditions, it is customary to put flowers to the eyes and thank God for the arrival of spring. Children here are treated to fruit, pastries, and sweets for going around the village with flowers and announcing that spring is here.

This tradition even has a separate name – guldardoni. Then they cook spring pilaf: Oshi boychechak.

Nowruz or Day of the Vernal Equinox in Tajikistan. The country was one of the initiators of the inclusion of the celebration in the official list of the UN. While many holidays are gradually disappearing in some regions, Nowruz is still a true national holiday.

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It is customary to prepare for Nowruz in advance. In addition, they prepare clothes for Nowruz itself, because everyone, both adults and children must be in new or at least dressed in smart clothes, whole and clean.

In large settlements, many people go to the squares to see a colorful show with musicians, singers and dancers. In the villages, on the other hand, various sporting events, horse races, pigeon releases and kite flying are organized at this time.

On this day, the table should have 7 dishes whose name begins with “S” – sumanak, which is cooked from sprouted wheat, flour and butter, sambusa – puff pastries with herbs or meat, sabzi, that is, vegetables and many other dishes, as well as 7 dishes with the letter “Sh”.

Sairi Lola or the Tulip Festival is another beautiful national holiday. This holiday comes with summer, with an abundance of greenery, when the mountains and foothills resemble a huge colorful carpet. It is a very romantic sight.

During the Sairi Lola is the very first harvest. And the richer it is, the better the host must set the table. Shame on anyone who is stingy or tries to hide the most delicious things from the others.

But this holiday is known not only for the feast. Since ancient times there are competitions in national wrestling: gushtingiri.

In Tajikistan, the majority of practicing Muslims. This holiday comes 70 days after the end of Ramadan. This story is related to how Allah tested the prophet Imbrahim and at the same time did not allow him to sacrifice his own son, instead offering to slaughter a ram. Since then, it has been the custom on this day to sacrifice various animals, most often sheep, to show how merciful God can be.

The holiday begins, as in many other Muslim countries, with a solemn prayer. It is customary to give one third of the meat of a sacrificial animal to the poor, and another third to relatives, friends and neighbors. The rest of the meat is kept for itself. The skins are usually sacrificed in the mosque.

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Also, on this day it is customary to go visiting a lot, to give each other gifts.

International Women’s Day in Tajikistan takes occasionally strange forms. Mostly here it is Mother’s Day. The locals themselves recall that once there was a spring cult of women. As a result, the ancient holiday and modern traditions intertwined with each other.

It is customary to give women flowers and make gifts, and they lay the table in return. The holiday is mostly a family holiday, although concerts are often held in Dushanbe.

The tradition of celebrating the New Year according to the Gregorian calendar for many years of independence has actually been cancelled because of the long years of civil war and the liquidation of the consequences. There was no money for large-scale celebrations. As a result, the New Year was either celebrated quietly, in a family circle, or simply ignored.

But in recent years, the tradition of celebrating the New Year has gradually returned. For this day, Tajikistan is decorated with lanterns and garlands.

The most mass festivities take place in the capital, Dushanbe. On the central square of the city stands the largest Christmas tree in the country. In the evening there is a concert. Ends with a festive fireworks display.

This is a special day for all citizens. It can not be called a holiday, but it has great significance. For 5 years there was a civil war in Tajikistan, more than 100,000 people died, millions were left homeless.

National Reconciliation Day was designated in 1998 and is celebrated on March 27. It is an official day off, with events and various activities taking place throughout the country to remind everyone of the importance of peace and national unity.

Celebrated in Tajikistan every year on September 9. It is considered an official and state holiday, necessarily a day off. A concert is regularly held at Kokhi Borbad complex.

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Also, the holiday is accompanied by mass festivities in the parks “Ayni”, in the Amphitheater in Dushanbe.

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