Holidays of Turkmenistan, dates and detailed descriptions

Holidays of Turkmenistan

The holidays of Turkmenistan are conventionally divided into secular and religious events, the date of the latter is most often not fixed, the official religion in the country is Islam.

Many holidays are calculated by the lunar calendar. Most celebrations are tied to historically significant events or related to cultural values, the country’s assets.

New Year’s Eve illumination in Ashgabat

New Year

New Year is celebrated twice in Turkmenistan. The custom to celebrate it on December 31 and January 1 came to this country with the Soviet regime. It is considered a strictly secular celebration. New Year’s Eve is especially loved by the local youth, who consider the holiday a progressive one.Most people tend to celebrate the New Year at home, with their families.

People give each other gifts, go to visit, the president congratulates each other, and there is a big concert on the main square of the country, which is broadcast on the main channels. Everything ends with fireworks. In a word, there are no any unique features of Turkmenistan’s celebrations, everything is the same as in other countries.

Ashgabat TV Tower

Nowruz or Noovruz or Navruz is the Spring New Year. The Day of the vernal equinox is celebrated in this way in many Asian countries, which at one time were influenced by Zoroastrianism and the peoples of ancient Iran. The holiday is mixed with local customs, with many surviving from the pre-Islamic period.

But when Nowruz comes, it is customary to rest. At this time, Turkmens visit each other, young people go out in the evening. On the day of the vernal equinox people used to cook “semene” – a special dish based on sprouts of sprouted wheat. It symbolizes spring and has not so much remarkable taste as symbolism. On the table you can also find halva, sweet pastries, various dishes made of wheat.

The outskirts of the capital

This holiday in Turkmenistan is celebrated on the first Sunday of April. That is how its name is translated into Russian. The holiday was created by President Niyazov and established in 1995. The politician sought to soften the harsh climate of the Karakum desert and make it a resort of international importance. A lot of effort and money was spent to do this.

This unusual holiday is largely dedicated to the workers of land reclamation facilities, near which fairs and performances of various ensembles are organized.


This event is tied to the last Sunday of April. Akhalteke horses are distinguished by their amazing character, endurance, grace, and high intelligence. This is one of the oldest breeds that have survived to this day. It gets its name from the name of the oasis where the tribe lived who devoted themselves to breeding the best horses. As a result, they could safely give them to kings.

At one time the horses were called so: royal.

This day began to be celebrated in 1992 as an official state holiday.

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The holiday takes place simultaneously in all regions of the country, in large cities and small villages. Horse breeders and seiis are honored, and the best horses are shown,

Near Ashkhabad, the 60-kilometer race begins, and only 20 participants who have proven their skills during the preliminary check and selection are allowed to participate. However, the winner here is determined in an unexpected way: the one who rides the fastest wins not the first, but the one who keeps the horse without injuries and with the pulse not more than 64 beats per minute!

Turkmen carpet exhibition

The last Sunday of May is dedicated to the national treasure, the Turkmen carpet. The only museum in the world was opened in Ashgabat, there are more than 2000 exhibits here. The holiday is aimed at reviving, encouraging weaving traditions in Turkmenistan.

Carpets are inextricably linked to the past of this country. Turkmen used to be nomads. Some carpets were used for warming up the dwelling; some were used to carry things in them; some were used to protect feet from the icy ground, for instance, if a yurt was spread out in the cold season. Rugs were used to decorate and insulate horses and camels when it got cold. It is a traditional gift for weddings. All the exhibits are true works of art, completely handmade.


The holiday is held every year on the second Sunday of August. The Day of Turkmen Melon was established by the President of the country in 1994. Why this particular crop? It is believed that melons have been cultivated in Turkmenistan for several thousand years. They have become something of a national heritage and property in one bottle.

One can enjoy not only melons but also buy sweet juice and jam at the national fairs. There are over 400 varieties of melon in Turkmenistan now, and about 200 more varieties are ready to be presented to the public in the near future.

The nature of Turkmenistan

The holiday is celebrated on the last Sunday of November accompanied by various fairs, contests and folk festivals. By this time Turkmens start to sum up the results of the past year. Some mourn over the losses, others rejoice at what they managed to gain in the past season. But there are more and more happy people in the last years thanks to the latest achievements of science and the fact that they are being introduced widely enough in Turkmenistan.

Schoolchildren of Turkmenistan. 1928

Knowledge Day is celebrated in Turkmenistan every year on September 1. It is on this day pupils go to school, including for the first time, and students go to university. In recent years, largely through the efforts of the president, the educational program has raised the priority of knowledge. As a result, the importance of knowledge day has also increased.

On this day it is customary to give flowers and gifts to teachers. Representatives of the authorities speak about the importance of education and talk about specific achievements in this sector.

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Ancient Merv, Turkmenistan

This holiday is held on the first Saturday in November , was approved by President Niyazov, supported also by the current head of state Berdymukhamedov. The day means an obligatory ascent for officials (except the president) up one of the mountains near Ashgabat on a 36-kilometer staircase, which was built especially for Niyazov’s design.

Celebrations promoting healthy lifestyles throughout the country. Special attention is paid to various squares and stadiums where famous athletes perform. Competitions are broadcast on television, sports bars are gaining in popularity in the capital. The holiday was founded in 2000, but at the moment it is getting more and more fans.

Holidays of Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan (Türkmenistan) is a state in Central Asia, a presidential republic. The capital is Ashkhabad.

In the 1st millennium BC on the territory of modern Turkmenistan existed Margiana, Parthia, Midia, in the 6th century Turkmen fell under the dominion of the Persian Empire, and in the 4th century – the Empire of Alexander the Great.

Conquered in the 8th century by Arabs who spread Islam among the local population, the territory of present-day Turkmenistan was part of the Tahirid and Samanid states in the 9th-10th centuries and was part of the Seljuk Empire in the 11th-13th centuries (a major Turkmen revolt in 1241).

Flag of the Republic of Turkmenistan

In the 13th century, the country was conquered by Mongol armies led by Genghis Khan, who incorporated the territory of Turkmenistan into his great empire. In the 17th-19th centuries, the territory of modern Turkmenistan was the subject of a dispute between the Shah of Persia, the Khan of Khiva, and the Emir of Bukhara.

In 1869, on the eastern shore of the Caspian Sea, the Russians founded the port of Krasnovodsk, and by the mid-1980s the territory was annexed by the Russian Empire, which suppressed the revolt of the Turkmen in 1881. After the 1917 October Revolution in Russia, the provisional Turkmen government proclaimed the independence of Turkmenistan, but in 1920 the Bolsheviks established Soviet rule in the country.

The Turkestan Autonomous Republic was transformed in 1924 into the Union Republic of Turkmenistan, which proclaimed its independence in 1991.

A huge layout of a book written by Niyazov, Rukhnama Square, Ashgabat

Turkmenistan is characterized by sharply continental dry climate with its typical features – significant daily and annual temperature variations, dry air, low cloudiness. Winters are warm, without frosts. In July air temperature and humidity deficit are especially high.

Turkmenistan borders with Uzbekistan in the north and the east (border length 1 621 km), in the north – with Kazakhstan (379 km), in the east and the south the country borders with Afghanistan (744 km), in the south – with Iran (992 km). In the west the country is washed by the Caspian Sea.

The population – 5.49 million people (2017) – mostly Turkmen (85.6%), Uzbeks (5.8%), Russians (5.1%). The state language is Turkmen.

The most widespread among the believers is Sunni Islam. The monetary unit is manat.

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There are 35 holidays in total. Green color means festivals, memorable dates etc. that are very important for the country but are not holidays in the direct sense of this word. State holidays are marked in red.

New Year is one of the most popular holidays in Turkmenistan. As in most countries of the former Soviet Republics, it is celebrated cheerfully and widely. People in Turkmenistan celebrate the New Year twice a year. The first time is European style.

In spite of the fact that Turkmenistan is a neutral state, on January 27th Turkmenistan celebrates Day of the Defender of the Fatherland, since on this day in 1992 Armed forces were formed in the newly-formed independent state.

February 18 is the Day of Diplomatic Workers of Turkmenistan, which was established by a Presidential Decree in February 2009.The appearance of a new professional holiday in the list of celebrated dates in the country was due to the need.

On March 7, Turkmenistan celebrates a professional holiday – the Day of Transport and Communication Workers, established by a presidential decree in October 2017. It is not a day off and is celebrated in professional circles of the industry.P.

In 2008, by the decision of President Berdymukhamedov, the celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8 was returned to Turkmenistan. This holiday appeared in the USSR, but in independent Turkmenistan in 2001 by the decision of the first President of the country.

In Turkmenistan, Novruz Bayram is celebrated for two days – March 21 and 22. The holiday received state status in 1992.It is believed that in these March days a new agricultural year begins, so it is customary to serve on the holiday table.

On March 31, Turkmenistan celebrates a professional holiday – Chemical Industry Workers’ Day, established by a presidential decree in April 2017. The date of the celebration is timed to coincide with the day a large industrial enterprise was commissioned from.

Every year on the first Sunday in April, Turkmenistan celebrates an official national holiday called “A Drop of Water – a Grain of Gold” (Turkm. Suw damjasy – altyn dänesi). This is a literal translation of the holiday’s name from Turkmen. He .

Health Day was established in 2000 by a decree of Turkmenistan’s first President Saparmurat Niyazov and was originally celebrated annually on the first Saturday in November. In 2014, its celebration was moved to April and coincided with World Health Day.

On April 17, employees of the migration authorities of Turkmenistan celebrate their professional holiday, the Day of Migration Service Workers. It was established by the Decree of the President of the Republic, signed on October 11, 2017. This day is not new.

Every year, on the last Sunday of April, Turkmenistan celebrates Akhalteke Horse Day (Türkmen atynyň güni), a national treasure and a source of pride in the country. This horse breed is especially revered and loved by the inhabitants of the country.

One of the most revered holidays in the Islamic world is the end of fasting in the month of Ramadan. In Turkmenistan, where the vast majority of the population practises Islam, this holiday – Oraza Bayramy – is one of the national holidays.

Dussehra on the Festival of India in the Kull Valley

On May 9th Turkmenistan celebrates the Day of Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.The citizens of Turkmenistan, like the entire Soviet people, from the first days of the attack of the Nazi Germany on the USSR in June 1945 rose to defend their homeland. People’s.

On May 18, beginning in 2018, Turkmenistan celebrates an important state holiday – Constitution and State Flag Day. Initially, only Constitution Day was celebrated in the country on May 18, while State Flag Day was celebrated.

Workers and servicemen of law-enforcement bodies of Turkmenistan celebrate their professional holiday on May 29.

Turkmen Carpet Day 2022 “Turkmen Carpet Day” is celebrated on the last Sunday of May. In 2022, the date is May 29.

On the last Sunday of May the National Turkmen Carpet Day (Türkmen haly güni) is celebrated in the Republic. Since 1992, it has acquired state status and in recent years is held in the world’s only museum of Turkmen carpet in Ashgabat.

June 12 is the Day of Science in Turkmenistan. The holiday was established by the Decree of the President of Turkmenistan in 2008 and is called to become one of the ways of popularization of science, identification of talented scientists and to promote the development of science in the country.

On June 18, justice officials in Turkmenistan celebrate their professional holiday. The holiday was established by the decision of the Parliament of Turkmenistan in 2016. It is celebrated by the people whose professional activity is aimed at ensuring the rights of the people of Turkmenistan.

June 26 Turkmenistan celebrates the Day of Prosecutor’s Office Workers.The body for supervising the observance of the rule of law in various spheres of state and public life is under constant attention of the President of the country, who among the main h.

Nightingale – my favorite flower, To me, Fraghi – my native people.My humble poem, poem persecutedMy grandson will say.Makhtumkuli (translation by A.Tarkovsky)June 27 Turkmenistan celebrates the Day of Culture and Art Workers, as well as poetry.

On July 5 Turkmenistan celebrates the Day of Judicial Workers of the Republic.The role of the judiciary in the state system is aimed at protecting the rights and freedoms of citizens, observance of state and public interests, as well as the interests of the individual.

As in many Muslim countries in Turkmenistan, one of the main sacred holidays – Kurban Bairam is celebrated for three days, the exact date of which is approved by the President and the Government of the Republic. It is among the state holidays.

Border guards of Turkmenistan, who are responsible for security of borders of their state, mark their professional holiday on August 11. It runs by land, on the right bank of the Caspian Sea and on the left bank of the Caspian Sea.

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Every year, on the second Sunday of August, all Turkmenistan, especially melon growers and market traders, celebrate a national holiday – Turkmen Melon Day (Turkmen Gawun baýramy). It was established by Turkmen President Saparmurat in 1994.

On September 1, Turkmenistan celebrates the Day of Knowledge and Students. Thousands of first graders will go to school for the first time, and the country’s universities will admit new students. Its history, as well as t.

The Day of Independence (Garaþsyzlyk baýramy in Turkmen) is the main official holiday of Turkmenistan. On October 27, 1991, the Supreme Soviet of the Turkmen Soviet Socialist Republic adopted the Constitutional Law.

The Day of National Security Bodies in Turkmenistan is celebrated on September 30. The formation of national security bodies of Turkmenistan dates back to the Soviet period, when one of the strongest national security bodies of the USSR was formed and operated.

Every year on October 6, Turkmenistan celebrates Remembrance Day (Turkmaniye Matam güni). This day is devoted to the memory of the Turkmen victims of the terrible Ashgabat earthquake in 1948 and the Battle of Geoktepe (1880-1881).

Turkmen health and medical industry workers annually celebrate their professional holiday on October 10. The holiday is not a day off but is included in the official list of the country’s professional holidays.

Customs officials of Turkmenistan celebrate their professional holiday on November 4. The corresponding Decree of the President of the Republic, issued in October 2017, fixed this date in the list of professional holidays of Turkmenistan without a preface.

Every second Sunday of November, starting from 2017, Turkmenistan celebrates the Harvest Festival. The corresponding decree was signed in October 2017 by the President of the Republic, amending the Labor Code and the list of holidays and memorial dates celebrated in T.

Following the traditional ideas of the East about the role of a neighbor in life, Turkmenistan celebrates Neighborhood Day every first Sunday in December. The holiday is a state and at the same time a national celebration. It appeared in the calendar of holidays.

On December 12, Turkmenistan celebrates the second most important state holiday – the Day of Neutrality (Bitaraplyk baýramy). On December 12, 1995, the 50th session of the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution supporting the idea of Turkmenistan.

Every year, on December 14, employees of the oil and gas industry and geology of Turkmenistan celebrate their professional holiday. Its appearance in the calendar of holidays and anniversaries of Turkmenistan is associated with an important economic event in 2009, which affected not .

Turkmenistan celebrates Memorial Day of Saparmurat Niyazov (1940-2006), the founder and first President of Turkmenistan, on December 21. The date is included in the list of holidays and memorial dates in Turkmenistan and is not a day off.Saparmurat Niyazov went down in history.

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