How long does it take to fly to Tunis from Moscow

Flight time Moscow – Tunis

Almost everyone is looking forward to a vacation to go to some resort in warm countries. Tunisia is ideal, because this North African country is rich not only in the Mediterranean beaches. Forests, savannahs, deserts – all for lovers of outdoor activities and hunting. One of the most important criteria in choosing an exotic country for a holiday is the flight time, so there is a question, how long will it take to fly to Tunisia from Moscow?

  1. The most popular directions from Moscow to Tunisia
  2. Direct flight to Tunisia
  3. Changing flights to Tunisia
  4. Flights with multiple transfers

Tunisia exotic holiday village

The time it takes to travel from Moscow to Tunisia depends on many factors, among them:

  • aircraft model;
  • airline carrier;
  • weather conditions;
  • the presence or absence of transfers;
  • point of departure and point of arrival, etc.

Tunisia currently has nine successfully operating airports, of which four international airports accept airliners from the Russian Federation. These air terminals of international importance are located near the cities:

  1. Djerba.
  2. Carthage.
  3. Monastir.
  4. Hammamet.

Flight duration from Moscow to Tunisia depends mainly on which Tunisian city you are going to, because this circumstance directly affects the distance to be covered, as well as the availability of direct flights.

The most popular directions from Moscow to Tunisia

The main hub of the Republic of Tunisia is the international airport “Tunis-Carthage”. This direction is very popular with tourists wishing to touch a little bit of history, because very close to the airport (only three kilometers) is located the ancient city of Carthage. You can reach this destination from Moscow using the services of the following airlines:

  1. “Turkish Airlines.
  2. “Tunis Air.
  3. “Aeroflot.
  4. “Air France”, etc.

Attention! Despite the fact that at the airport Carthage call airliners from Russia at once several airlines, in the off-season it is impossible to get from Tunisia to Moscow by direct flight.

Near the resort town of Hammamet there is an international airport with the beautiful name Enfida. It is relatively young (built in 2011). The presence near the station resort area explains the popularity of flights in this direction among Russian and European tourists. You can fly here from Moscow by planes of the following companies:

  1. “Tunis Air.
  2. “Nouvelair.
  3. “Globus and others.

Enfidha International Airport

Each of these carriers flies from the Russian capital to Tunisian airport “Enfidha” with change. There are no direct flights in this direction.

How long is the flight to Tunis from Moscow directly depends on the transfer duration. On average the flight time takes from 8.5 to 11 hours.

There are two popular resort towns in the south of the country – Djerba and Zarxis, which can be reached from Djerba airport. There are flights of airlines such as:

  1. “Belavia”.
  2. “Swiss”.
  3. “Lufthansa.
  4. “S7”.
  5. “Nord Wind.
  6. “Aeroflot.
  7. “British Airways, etc.

British airways plane

Direct flights from Moscow to Djerba airport are made only by “Nord Wind”, with a flight time of about five hours. Other carriers change planes, which makes the trip last from 12 hours to a day and a half. The reason for this is the long waiting time at transfer points for the next flight.

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The oldest air terminal of Tunisia is the takeoff and landing complex “Monastir”, which still accepts aircrafts from Russian airlines:

  1. “Russia.
  2. “Tunis Air.
  3. “Lufthansa.

The airline “Tunis Air” operates direct flights from Moscow in summer, and the flight time is from 3,5 to 4 hours. If you use the services of other carriers, you will need to stay on the road much longer.

Direct flight to Tunisia

To get to Tunisia from Moscow you need to overcome the distance of three thousand kilometers, so in most cases when choosing a resort for the rest is crucial to the time spent on the road.

Note! The shortest and most convenient way is to use the services of “Nord Wind” which operates regular flights from the Russian capital to Tunisia all year round or go there with one of the charter flights which are added to the schedule in the high season.

Nord wind airlines

The difficulty of the flight from Moscow to Tunisia is that it is difficult to get to this exotic country without changing planes. Such situation is caused by the fact that most often people fly to Tunisia on vouchers, the cost of which includes a round trip flight. Therefore it is inexpedient for airlines to launch direct flights from Moscow to Tunis.

You can get to any of the four international airports of Tunis most quickly by charter flight. The flight time will be from 3.5 to 4.5 hours. If you decide to travel with the airline “Nord Wind”, the flight will last 5-6 hours.

Changing flights to Tunisia

The most widespread variant of the flight from Moscow to Tunis is flights with changes. There are one or more connections. The more connections, the longer will be the trip, but at the same time it is much cheaper. The following airlines shuttle to Carthage with connections:

  1. “Aeroflot.
  2. “Swiss”.
  3. “Turkish Airlines.
  4. “Lufthansa, etc.

The best option is Turkish Airlines. Flight by Turkish airlines has a number of advantages:

  • relatively fast flight (7 to 7.5 hours);
  • almost half the price;
  • only one hour to change in Istanbul.

Turkish Airlines

Slightly more expensive, but slightly faster is the flight to Tunisia with a connection in Frankfurt-am-Main, if you use the proposal of the competing airline “Lufthansa”. Russian carrier “Aeroflot” offers several options for travelers.

Table. Flight options with a connecting flight.

Change of flight in a city Flight cost Travel time
Brussels about 22 thous. ≈ 8-8,5 hours
Rome 57-58 thous. ≈ 7-7,5 hours
Nice from 78-102 ths. ≈ 6,5-7 hours
Milan from 78-102 ths. ≈ 6,5-7 hours
Frankfurt am Main about 36 thousand rubles ≈ 7 hours
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To get from Moscow to the Tunisian airport “Djerba” is possible in about the same time and the same airline as to Carthage with the only difference that the cost of travel will be slightly lower. But the flight to Monastir airport is the most expensive of all flights to Tunisia.

Monastir Airport in Turkey

Table. Flight options from Moscow to Monastir airport.

Airline Change of flight in a city Cost Flight Duration
“Russia” Paris about 36-36.5 thous. ≈ 9 hours
“Aeroflot Geneva from 101 thous. 10 hours
“Air France” Paris about 108-110 thousand rubles. 11,5 hours

Flights with multiple transfers

By far not the most convenient, but nonetheless one of the most economical and wide-spread options are flights with two connections.

Table. Flight options to Tunisian airports with two connections.

Airports of the Republic of Tunisia Airline Change in cities Cost Travel time
“Monastir “Lufthansa Munich and Marseille about 19 thousand rubles 11-11,5 hours
“Aeroflot Paris and Marseille 75-76 thousand rubles 12-12,5 hours
“Air France” Paris and Marseille 75-76 thousand rubles 13-13,5 hours
“Carthage” “Lufthansa St. Petersburg and Frankfurt am Main From 56 till 100 thousand rubles 11,5-12 hours
“Belavia” Minsk and Rome From 56 till 100 thousand rubles 32-33 hours
“Enfida “Nouvelair Helsinki and Dusseldorf from 117 thousand rubles 10,5-11 hours
“Djerba “Aeroflot about 90 thousand rubles 10-10,5 hours
“Lufthansa about 61,5 thousand rubles 12-12,5 hours


Depending on the airline, aircraft type and number of connections it may take from 6.5 to 33 hours for a flight from Moscow to Tunis. When choosing the option you should take into consideration all nuances to avoid inconveniences and to have pleasant impressions after the vacation.

How long does it take to fly to Tunisia?

Tunisia is often described by the phrase “affordable Africa. Tours are not very expensive, and the flight does not take a half day. In addition, charter flights to Tunisia in the summer months are from many Russian cities – tourists do not need to change planes in Moscow. How many hours will it take to fly to Tunisia? The exact time depends on the city of departure and arrival – Tunisia has several airports that take charter and scheduled flights from Russia. Below you can find updated information on flights to Tunisia from Russian cities with indication of flight duration and operating airlines.

How long does it take to fly to Tunisia?

How long it takes to fly to Tunis from Moscow

The distance from Moscow to Tunis is 3600 km. There are no other non-stop ways to reach Tunis from Russia except by plane. Exactly how long it takes to fly from Moscow to Tunisia by direct flight depends on the place of arrival. But in general, the difference is small – no more than 30-40 minutes.

One can fly to Tunis from Moscow from all airports, except Zhukovsky. The schedule of airports Sheremetyevo, Vnukovo and Domodedovo offers seasonal charters and regular flights to Tunisia. Scheduled flights are operated by Tunisian airline Nouvelair Tunisie. The carrier performs flights from Sheremetyevo to Enfidha airport (located near the popular resort of Hammamet). Also from Sheremetyevo fly charter flights to the island of Djerba and Monastir from the airline Nordwind. From Domodedovo you can reach Enfid by charter flights of Royal Flight and Red Wings. Seasonal charters to Djerba Island (Melita airport) and Enfidha are organized from Vnukovo.

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See the full table: How many hours is it to fly from Moscow to Tunisia?

City Flight time Airline
о. Djerba (Melita airport) 4 hours 40 minutes Azur Air, Nordwind
Hammamet (Enfidha airport) 4 hours 15 minutes Nouvelair Tunisie, Azur Air, Royal Flight, Red Wings
Monastir 4 hours 20 min. Nordwind

How long it takes to fly from Moscow to Tunis depends on the carrier – the table below shows the average data. The difference between flights of different airlines is usually not more than half an hour.

How long is the flight time from Ekaterinburg to Tunisia?

It is possible to reach Tunis without change from Koltsovo airport only during summer months. The seasonal charter program includes flights to Monastir, Djerba Island and Enfidha.

Flights to Monastir are operated by Nordwind Airlines. Flight time is 7 hours and 10 minutes. Flights to Djerba are operated by Nordwind and Royal Flight. Depending on the airline, it takes 7 hours 10-30 minutes to fly from Ekaterinburg to Tunisia to Djerba Island. Koltsovo also has flights to Enfidha in its summer schedule. Direct flights are possible on board of airlines Rossiya and Royal Flight. The flight takes 6.5 hours.

Landing over Monastir

How long is the flight from Samara to Tunisia

From Samara airport Kurumoch in the summer time charter flights are organized to the island of Djerba, Monastir. The airline Azur Air flies to Djerba. The flight from Samara to Djerba Island takes 6 hours. There are charter flights to Monastir organized by the carrier Nordwind. Flight time is also 6 hours. You can reach Enfidha by flights of two airlines at once: Azur Air and Royal Flight. The flight from Samara to Enfidha takes 5 hours.

How long does it take to fly from Ufa to Tunisia

Charter flights are organized from Ufa to the mainland of Tunisia – to Monastir and Enfidha. You can reach Djerba Island only with a connection or from neighboring regions, for example, from Yekaterinburg.

The airline Nordwind flies to Monastir from Ufa; the flight takes six hours exactly. Charter flights from Azur Air and Royal Flight depart for Enfidha in the summertime. Declared flight time is 5 hours and 40 minutes.

How long does it take to fly to Tunisia?

How long is a flight to Tunis from Arkhangelsk?

In summer months charter flights to Monastir are organized from Arkhangelsk airport. The airline Nordwind flies the route 2-3 times a month. The flight takes on average 5 hours and 30 minutes. In some years there are also charter flights to Enfidha, but they are not included in the current schedule of Arkhangelsk airport.

Black Sea or Mediterranean Sea in Alanya

How long does it take to fly from Perm to Tunisia?

There are direct flights from Bolshoye Savino Airport to the Tunisian resort of Monastir. The summer schedule of the airport has 3 monthly flights from June to August, as well as one flight in May and 2 in September. Flights from Perm to Monastir are operated by Nordwind airline. The flight takes 6 hours and 10 minutes.

You can reach other Tunisian resorts by bus upon arrival in Monastir (tour operators organize group transfers). It is more convenient to get to Djerba Island from Yekaterinburg by direct flight.

Monastir airport

How long does it take to fly to Tunisia from St. Petersburg

In the summer months, you can get from Pulkovo Air Harbor to the major resorts in Tunisia almost any day. Flights to Monastir are organized both by Tunisian carriers (Nouvelair Tunisie and Tunisair) and Russian airlines (Nordwind). Depending on the carrier, the flight will take 4 to 4.5 hours.

There are 5-6 flights to Djerba Island every month during the summer period. The flights are operated by Ural Airlines and Nordwind. The flight takes 4 hours and 50 minutes. Nouvelair Tunisie, Russia, Ural Airlines, and Azur Air fly to Enfidha from St. Petersburg. The flight from St. Petersburg to Enfidha takes 4 hours 25 minutes.

How long it takes to fly to Tunis from other cities in Russia

You can reach the resorts of Tunisia from many regional centers of Central Russia, the Urals, the Volga region and the Russian south. The table shows the flight time to Tunisia from Russian cities, as declared by airlines. It is worth bearing in mind that almost all flights are charters, which operate only in the summer. You can check the exact daily schedule on the airport website or with the tour operator organizing the flight.

How long is a flight to Tunisia?

City Destination Flight time Airline
Nizhny Novgorod Monastir/Enfidha 6 hours/4 hours 50 minutes Nordwind/ Azur Air and Royal Flight
Kazan Enfidha 7 hours/10 mins Royal Flight
Saratov Enfidha 4 hours 45 minutes Royal Flight
Voronezh Monastir/Enfidha 4 hours 30 minutes/4 hours 20 minutes Nordwind/ Royal Flight
Krasnodar Monastir 3 hours 30 minutes Nordwind
Volgograd Monastir 5 hours 30 minutes Nordwind
Chelyabinsk Monastir 6 hours 30 minutes Nordwind

Aircraft route to Tunis

There is no unified exact route of flights from Russia to Tunisia, because flights are operated from different cities. The average option for flights is as follows: Belarus – Ukraine – Romania – Serbia – Croatia – Adriatic Sea – South of the Apennine Peninsula – Tyrrhenian Sea – Mediterranean Sea – Tunisia.

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During daylight hours, passengers sitting by the window can admire the scenery of the Carpathian Mountains and views of the Mediterranean from above. Some planes are equipped with monitors to track the flight – so passengers can identify where they are flying.

Diagrams of planes flying to Tunisia, with recommendations for choosing the most comfortable seats:

Many passengers note that the time it takes to fly to and from Tunisia differs by 30-40 minutes or more. This is due to the fact that there are strong winds blowing from west to east at flight altitude. Therefore, the return flight is shorter.

Views on the way to Tunisia

Domestic flights

Tunisia has a well-developed bus service between cities, but sometimes the road can take too long. For example, it takes at least 6 hours to travel by bus from Monastir to Djerba Island. How long is the flight to Djerba? In Tunisia, domestic flights to Djerba Airport from other resort hubs take no more than an hour.

If you want to see the main tourist attraction of the country – Carthage, while vacationing on the island of Djerba, it will be more convenient to use air transport. The flight from Djerba to Carthage airport takes 1 hour.

Djerba Airport

Buy a ticket to Tunisia

For most flights to Tunisia from the regions you can’t buy tickets – flights are organized by tour operators, tickets are not freely available, only as part of a package tour. Independent travelers can buy a ticket with a connection – via Moscow, St. Petersburg or Europe. Find the shortest connection and compare ticket prices from different agents with this form:

Tunisia airports

There are a total of 9 air hubs in Tunisia, but flights from Russia arrive only at 3 of them. One of the most popular tourist air harbors of Tunisia is Enfida. The airport serving the resort of Hammamet was opened in 2011. The distance to Hammamet is 48 km. Also nearby is the resort of Sousse (50 km) – a popular holiday destination for young people. You can get to the resort by public transport (about an hour), or by cab. A cab ride will cost you 75-90 Tunisian dinars.

Monastir Airport is the main arrival point of Russian tourists. The airport serves tourists going on holiday to the resorts of Monastir, Sousse, Mahdia. Annual passenger traffic exceeds 4 million people. The airport is connected with the resorts by bus and rail.

Djerba Airport is located in the northern part of the island, at a distance of 8 km from the main city. The resort area is located 40 km to the south. Bus service to the cities of the island is poorly developed, mostly tourists use the services of shuttle-basses, which are organized by tour operators and hotel complexes. Cab will cost from 15 dinars to the nearest settlement.

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