How long it takes to fly from Moscow to Maldives

How long does it take to fly to Maldives?

The only way to get from Russia to the paradise islands of the Maldives archipelago is to fly by airliner. Destination is considered rather exclusive than mass. Because of this there are not many direct flights from Russia. In preparing for travel tourists are interested not only in choosing the ideal hotel, but also information about how long it takes to fly to Maldives by direct flight or through a connecting flight with a stopover at an intermediate air hub. All flight options to Maldives with information about flights and airlines as well as nuances of an air travel to the Indian Ocean island state are shown below.

How long is the flight to Maldives?

How long it takes to fly to Maldives from Moscow

It is possible to fly to the paradise islands by direct flights only from the capital’s air harbor. Without connecting flights you can fly from Sheremetyevo by the national carrier Aeroflot. The carrier flies to the capital of Maldives, Male’, every day in the evening. The exact flight time depends on the individual date.

Approximate time of a direct flight from Moscow to Maldives by air carrier is 8 hours 25 minutes.

Why is it different how long it takes to fly from Moscow to Maldives and back? The difference of 20-30 minutes is due to the winds that blow at the altitude of the flight. One way they blow on one side, while on the other they slightly slow down the flight.

In general, travelers are very positive about the flight to the Maldives from Moscow: a night flight allows you to get a good night’s sleep (the more so how many hours it takes to fly from Moscow to the Maldives, equals the duration of a healthy sleep), service is of a high enough level, Aeroflot planes are comfortable for long flights. There are both economy and business class.

How long is the flight to Maldives?

Maldives on the map

How long to fly to the Maldives is not the only question of interest to travelers. For many, the exotic and intriguing name “Maldives” is associated with something unattainably far away. The archipelago of atolls is located in the Arabian Sea of the Indian Ocean, southwest of the Indian coast. The distance from Moscow to the capital of the Maldives – 6.5 thousand km.

In the north-east of the Maldives (a distance of about 900 km) is the island of Sri Lanka. The distance to the mainland (the coast of India) – about 2 thousand km. It is interesting that the Maldives occupies mostly water area: the area of the country is 90 000 sq km, of which the land surface occupies only 300 sq km.

How long does it take to fly to Maldives from Yekaterinburg

There are no non-stop flights from Koltsovo airport to the Maldives. The fastest way to fly from the capital of the Urals to Male’ is a connection flight to Dubai with Fly Dubai. A somewhat longer option is via Istanbul with Turkish Airlines. In the first case the flight time with a connection in Dubai takes 15 hours and 30 minutes, the flight through Istanbul takes 20 hours or more.

There is also an option to fly with Aeroflot through Moscow. The flight time from Ekaterinburg to the Maldives will be 14 hours one way.

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How long is the flight to Maldives?

How long is the flight from St. Petersburg to the Maldives

There are currently no direct flights from St. Petersburg to Male’. The flight is possible with connections in Moscow or Dubai – these are the fastest and most popular options among tourists. The flight from Pulkovo to Maldives through Sheremetyevo by Aeroflot will take 12 hours. Flight to Dubai (with connection from Pulkovo, Emirates Airline) takes from 13, 5 hours.

There are variants with 2 or more connections, but they are usually not much cheaper and take more than 16-18 hours.

How much to fly with transfers

Direct flights from Moscow are not infrequently quite expensive (from 40 thousand round trip). Independent travelers often choose flights with a connection. To answer the question, how much to fly to Maldives from Kazan and other locations in our country, you can know what international flights there are from your city. Below we look at popular options for connecting flights from Moscow. If there are no international flights to the specified cities from your city, you need to add the flight time to Moscow.

Turkish Airlines flight

The most popular options to get to Maldives with a connection :

  • Dubai . The minimum duration, how long to fly to Maldives through Dubai is 11 hours. The plane from Moscow to Dubai takes 5 hours. How long to fly Dubai-Maldives? The duration declared by the carrier is 4 hours. Considering the size and passenger traffic at Dubai airport, you should allow at least 2 hours for a connection. It will take you about the same time to get to another city in the Emirates – Abu Dhabi. From Moscow to the UAE capital flies Etihad Airways.
  • Colombo . A popular option is a combined trip: Sri Lanka + Maldives. Aeroflot performs direct flights from Moscow to Sri Lanka. The travel time is 7.5 hours. The flight time from Sri Lanka to Maldives does not exceed 1 hour and 10 minutes.
  • Doha . The flight through Doha to the Maldives takes from 13.5 hours. The plane Moscow-Doha takes 5 hours, Doha-Male – also 5 hours. Plus you need to add time for a connection and take into account that the flights to Maldives from Doha do not depart hourly. According to the Doha airport schedule, tourists will have to spend at least 3.5 hours in Qatar’s air harbor.
  • Istanbul . A flight through the new airport in Istanbul takes 14 hours: it takes 3 hours to get from Moscow to Istanbul and 8 hours to fly from Istanbul to Malé. A connection at Istanbul airport takes 2.5-3 hours.

There are also good deals on flights through India, China, and Malaysia with two connections. But in terms of time, how long to fly to the Maldives on a plane with multiple connections is very expensive, the flight can take up to a day or more. In this case, it would be wise to take long connections to rest in the cities along the way.

Flight itinerary

A direct flight Moscow-Maldives flies over the Caspian Sea, then through Turkmenistan, Iran and Pakistan. The rest of the way the plane flies over the Arabian Sea. Because Aeroflot flights are operated at nighttime, passengers sitting at window portholes will be able to enjoy the scenery only after sunrise, that is on the final leg of the journey. They will be able to see the archipelago of the Maldives – amazing atolls in the beautiful sea.

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Russian carrier allows a day to register for a flight and choose a seat. Aeroflot flights to the Maldives from Moscow are performed on the following planes:

At the links – charts of planes and recommendations, which seat on board is better to choose.

How long is the flight to Maldives?

Domestic flights

For most travelers, the journey does not end with their arrival at Malé airport. To the time, how many hours to fly to Maldives, you should add the duration of the transfer to the selected hotel. In the Maldives, most islands have only one hotel. Transfers to the nearest atolls are made by boat, to distant ones – by seaplane. Usually the cost of a transfer is included in the accommodation, but when booking is worth clarifying this point. Usually this type of transfer is a group one. One board seats up to 15 people. The cost of an individual seaplane transfer in the Maldives – from 2500 dollars.

The longest domestic flight takes about an hour. The shortest flight lasts 15 minutes.

The inconveniences of the flight (noise level, high cost, the occasional jolt) compensate for the views – on the way to the hotel, you can see from a bird’s-eye view of many Maldivian atolls. This first glimpse of the country is sure to be one of the most memorable parts of the trip.

Seaplane transfer

There are also regular flights to the outermost islands (the distance from Male is more than 400 km). This type of transfer is a combination. It includes a flight to the local airport and then transfer by boat. The total duration of the journey to the hotel – about 2 hours.

Buy a ticket to Maldives

You can buy a ticket to the Maldives on Aeroflot’s website for direct flights. If you’re looking for more budget options with a connection in third countries, or are planning to make a stopover on the way in some other country (for example, a vacation in combination with Sri Lanka), it’s worth using the form below. Here you can also find out how much it costs to fly to the Maldives.

Maldives Airport

The main air harbor of the Maldives is located on the island of Hulule, near the capital Male. The island’s airport runway begins and ends by the water, making the air hub one of the most unusual in the world. Maldives airport consists of two terminals for domestic and international passengers. Annual passenger traffic is 2 million people.

You can get to the hotel by pre-booking a transfer (boat or seaplane). Ferries and boats on a regular schedule also run to the capital, Male’, and some islands. Buses also ply around the island of Male’.

Direct and connecting flights to Maldives (+ flight tickets and prices)

How long is the flight to Maldives?

How long it takes to fly to Maldives is one of the first questions that tourists who are going to stay in a hotel in the Maldives for the first time ask. In order to accurately calculate how many hours the flight to the Maldives takes, it is important to first understand how to fly to the Maldives – by direct flight Moscow-Mali or with a connection in one of the Arab countries?

Since the Republic of Maldives is a small island state located quite far from Moscow on the equator in South Asia near Sri Lanka, the flight to Maldives is not short in time. In this article I’ll share my own experience of traveling to the Maldives, where it is better to buy cheap airline tickets, and tell you how long it takes to fly to the Maldives, depending on which airline you choose.

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Maldives: How many hours to fly?

How many hours it takes to fly to Maldives from Moscow

Direct flight from Moscow to the Maldives takes 8-9 hours, depending on the aircraft type and weather conditions. This is pure flight time without connection, which does not include registration procedures at the departure airport in Moscow (Sheremetyevo or Domodedovo) and does not include passport control and baggage claim at Malé airport. Direct flights to the Maldives, despite the high prices (from 40 thousand rubles) are in high demand among tourists and are not every day, so you should buy tickets in advance.

Several dozen airlines operate daily scheduled flights to the Maldives on comfortable long-haul aircraft. After the opening of the second runway even Airbus A380s are flying to the airport in the Maldives.

Maldives A380

Airbus A-380 in the Maldives

As in the case of a longer flight Moscow-Los Angeles, it is better to prepare in advance for a long journey and possible changes in airports along the way, and for this you need to know in advance how many hours to fly to the Maldives by different airlines to choose the most suitable.

Flight options to Maldives from Moscow with a connection:

  • One change from one plane to another increases the travel time by at least 3 hours. If you fly through Dubai with the largest airline Emirates, the whole flight on the route Moscow-Mali will take from 12 to 18 hours, and if you choose Qatar Airways flight with a short connection in Doha it will take only 11-14 hours. Since the option with 1 change is much cheaper than a direct flight from Moscow to the Maldives (from only 25 thousand rubles for a round trip ticket), most tourists choose it. You can find the air ticket prices to Maldives here .
  • Itineraries from Moscow to the Maldives can also be with two or more connections, for example via Paris and Abu Dhabi, which is carried out by the airline Air France in cooperation with Etihad. Keep in mind that the flight on this route is very long (20 to 30 hours) and you will most likely have to spend the night in one of the cities on the way. Tourists rarely choose this option, because it is too long and expensive.
  • In addition to scheduled flights during the vacation season, New Year and the May holidays to the Maldives is sometimes organized charter flights departing from the airport Vnukovo or from Ramensky (Zhukovsky airport). You can get on them if you go on an inexpensive tour of the Maldives. As a rule, these are not direct flights, but with a refueling in the Arab Emirates or Sri Lanka. Travel time from Moscow to the Maldives by charter flight is from 11 to 14 hours.

How long does it take to Maldives 02

Personal experience: We enjoyed flying to the Maldives with a long layover in Istanbul. We chose these Turkish Airlines flights especially to have time to go from Istanbul airport to the historical district of Sultanahmet, go on excursions there and relax in a good hotel. The plane to Male took off at night, so it was not too stressful to walk around the old city and have a good meal in anticipation of rest in resorts in the Maldives.

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It is important to know before you fly to the Maldives:

  • The time difference between Moscow and the Maldives is 2 hours year-round, winter and summer. Local time in the Maldives is two hours behind Moscow time. On some islands, such as Coco Palm, the clocks are put one hour ahead, so that the sunset is not at 6 pm but before dinner.
  • There are no state ferries between islands in the Maldives on Fridays! Therefore, economical tourists who choose to stay in a mest house, it is better to buy tickets for any day other than Friday, so as not to overpay for a transfer on an expensive boat and not to spend the night in the capital of Maldives Male or in the neighborhood of the airport on Hulhumale Island.

How long does it take to Maldives 05

The question of how much to fly to the Maldives has another non-trivial answer, which is often forgotten. Many tourists choose a vacation in two neighboring countries near the equator – a bright trip to Sri Lanka is combined with a beach holiday in the Maldives (read all the details here). In this case, the flight to the Maldives from Sri Lanka takes only an hour and a half.

  • Holidays in Maldives – prices and how to save:
  • How to go to the Maldives inexpensively:
  • Which island to choose for a holiday:
  • Most popular hotels in Maldives among Russians:

Flight to Maldives on the map

How long is the best time to fly to Maldives – our review

Direct flight to Maldives from Moscow lasting 8.5 hours will not suit everyone. In general, people tolerate long flights of more than 4-5 hours very individually. Therefore it is difficult to give unequivocal advice on how and how long it is better to fly to the Maldives. Nevertheless, I will tell you about our experience of flights to Male.

1. When we flew to Maldives for the first time we took a flight from Domodedovo with change in Dubai as Emirates airline’s service is much better than that of Russian airlines, there is more space between seats in economy class and we wanted to see the famous comfortable airport in Dubai.

Despite the fact that the time was longer (about 14 hours), we were very satisfied, because the connection made a bright variety in our trip to the Maldives, not allowing us to get tired, and duty-free in Dubai – just a fairy tale! And it’s also worth knowing that Emirates gives vouchers for food during a connection of more than 4 hours. So you can eat for free.

How long does it take to Maldives 03

2. The next time we too had a choice between flying to Maldives quickly and our comfort. And again we decided that it does not matter how long it takes to fly to the Maldives, as long as we will be comfortable and interesting. So again we flew with a change and the whole flight from Moscow to Male took about 15 hours. Moreover we were lucky with the ticket, because we found the cheap ones on Aviasales.

We combined a trip to two countries in one vacation. Pre-booked electronic visa for Sri Lanka, visited the cultural attractions of the former island of Ceylon, and then traveled to the beaches of the visa-free Maldives to have a good rest in an inexpensive resort. So we flew to the Maldives in just over 1 hour in terms of time! And back from the Maldives it took us about 15 hours to get to Moscow, with an interchange in Dubai.

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As you can see, there are different options on how long it will take you to fly to the Maldives. It all depends on where you’re flying from and how many connections you have at different airports.

Recommendation :

If you find cheap airfare to Maldives here → and then book your own hotel on one of the Maldives islands on Bookings at the link , you will get much cheaper than a travel agency!

How many hours does it take to fly to Maldives?

Features of the flight from Moscow to Maldives with children

Parents with a small child (including infants under 1 year) often wonder how best to fly to the Maldives with children – by direct flight Moscow-Mali or with a connection? I tell you the difference and how many hours to fly in either case.

So if you want to go to the Maldives with a small child by yourself from Moscow, you have the option to choose a direct flight (as I said, its duration is 8-9 hours) or with a connection to ease the flight. What to keep in mind:

  • A direct flight to the Maldives is said to be safer for children’s health and faster than a connecting flight. Problems can only occur during takeoff and landing, when the pressure in the cabin changes. This may make the child feel uncomfortable.
    • Parents of babies and toddlers under the age of 3-4 years are better to choose a direct flight at the child’s usual nap time. In addition, a night flight with children is also very convenient, as they will sleep on the plane, and wake up already in the Maldives.
    • If the child will not sleep during the flight, he will have to be occupied with something for 9 hours in a row.
    • Those who are not good at taking off and landing and get carsick on the plane, it is better to take a direct flight to the Maldives, to suffer less during the flight.
    • Everyone is different, not everyone tolerates the plane well, especially during a long flight. Sometimes parents do not manage to calm their children for a long time, which makes other passengers feel uncomfortable. It therefore makes sense to fly long distances with children on a connecting flight to change their surroundings and take a break from the plane.
    • Transfers, changing airports, and getting on/off planes give children new experiences and allow them to switch their attention. The optimal time between connecting flights for passengers with children is 1.5 – 2 hours.
    • For connecting flights with children, it is best to choose daytime or evening hours. It is also possible to consider a long connection and an overnight stay in a hotel near the intermediate airport. In this case, the entire flight from Moscow to the Maldives will take 20-25 hours.

    Good to know. If you haven’t yet chosen a hotel, read our review of the best hotels to stay in the Maldives with children:

    This concludes my story about how long it takes to fly to Maldives. Have a great holiday on the beaches of Maldives, dear readers!

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