How long it takes to fly to the Dominican Republic from Moscow by direct flight

How long it takes to fly to Dominica.

Paradise Dominican Republic is considered to be one of the best destinations for a relaxing holiday: luxurious all-inclusive hotel complexes, white-sand beaches and the sea of all shades of turquoise, exotic nature and colorful culture. The idyllic picture is spoilt only by the long flight – tourists, who never traveled across the Atlantic, are frightened by the need to spend more than 10 hours in the air. How long does it take to get to the Dominican Republic by plane and how to spend this time as comfortably as possible? Find detailed information and useful tips below.

How long does it take to fly to the Dominican Republic?

How long does it take to fly to the Dominican Republic by direct flight?

From Russia, direct flights to the Dominican Republic are organized only by tour operators, as part of charter programs. Direct flights from Moscow are operated from Sheremetyevo Airport by Royal Flight (Punta Cana) and Nord Wind (Punta Cana); from Vnukovo Airport by Azur Air (La Romana).

Exactly how long it takes to fly to the Dominican Republic from Moscow depends on the specific flight, weather conditions and the route. The fastest flight takes 11 hours 10 minutes, the longest – 12 hours 30 minutes.

From the northern capital, the flight to La Romana resort airport is operated by Azur Air. The exact flight time from St. Petersburg to the Dominican Republic also depends on weather conditions and the final route of the plane. The stated time of the carrier is 12 hours and 10 minutes.

Also, there are charter flights in winter time in the schedule of Ekaterinburg Koltsovo Airport and Tukai Airport in Kazan. They are operated by Azur Air. It takes about 14 hours to fly direct from Ekaterinburg to the Dominican Republic. Direct flights from Kazan to the Dominican Republic take 13.5 hours.

Departure Airlines Flight time
Moscow (Sheremetyevo) Royal Flight, Nord Wind 11 hours 10 minutes/12 hours 15 minutes
Moscow (Vnukovo) Azur Air 12 hours 30 min.
Saint-Petersburg Azur Air 12 hours 10 min
Yekaterinburg Azur Air 14 hours 5 minutes
Kazan Azur Air 13 hours 30 min

Punta Cana Airport

How long does it take to fly to the Dominican Republic with a connection?

Often it is not possible to buy tickets for direct flights to the Dominican Republic separately, only as part of a tourist package. Therefore, independent travelers have to book flights to the Dominican Republic with a connection in European countries or in America. It’s impossible to say for sure how long it will take to get to the Dominican Republic from St. Petersburg or Yekaterinburg – the connecting flight time depends on the duration of the flight. The minimum connection is usually about an hour, the maximum – up to a day.

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The most popular connection options when flying to the Dominican Republic :

  • Paris . From Moscow and St. Petersburg, the flight time to Paris is 4 hours, from Yekaterinburg – about 6 hours. How many hours to fly to the Dominican Republic from Paris varies from 9 to 9.5 hours. The average connecting time in Paris airport is 2 to 3 hours. So the journey from Moscow to St. Petersburg will take 15-16 hours, and from Ekaterinburg 17-19 hours.
  • Germany (Munich or Frankfurt) . Flights to major German cities from Moscow and St. Petersburg take about 3 hours. A flight to the Dominican Republic from Germany takes 10-10.5 hours. Given the short connection, the flight time is 15-16 hours. From Ekaterinburg (and other cities in the Urals – Perm, Ufa, Chelyabinsk) – from 17 hours.
  • London . From Moscow and St. Petersburg to London the flight time is 4 hours. From London to the Dominican Republic, it takes 9 hours. Often there are flights from different airports (for example, Heathrow and Gatwick), you must have a transit visa to change airports (the visa-free airport change was canceled a few years ago). Given the time to transfer and change airports (from 4 hours), the flight to the Dominican Republic will be 17 hours or longer.
  • New York . Often, a flight Moscow – New York – Punta Cana seems to be the most budget-friendly option. But you should keep in mind that you will need a transit (or regular tourist) visa to get to New York. Travel time to New York from Moscow is 9 hours. You should set aside at least 3-4 hours for the connection at the airport because of the huge number of passengers. How long it takes to fly to the Dominican Republic from New York depends on the destination city – on average, it is 4 hours.

Many travelers who cannot tolerate long flights choose connecting flights as an opportunity to take a break from being in the air for a long time. However, in the case of flights over the Atlantic Ocean, in any case, passengers will have to spend at least 9 hours in the air. Some tourists choose connecting flights because of the higher level of service of European and American airlines or because of the opportunity to get a lot of bonus miles. Also, a flight with a long layover is an opportunity (if you have a visa) to see a city along the way. There are options for flights with stopovers of more than a day. The main thing is to take care of a visa for the connecting country beforehand.

Punta Cana Airport


The specific route of a flight to the Dominican Republic depends on weather conditions – the Caribbean region and the Atlantic in general are subject to sea storms and hurricanes. The standard route is over Northern Europe (Gulf of Finland, Baltic Sea, Scandinavian countries, North Sea), then the plane flies over the North Atlantic Ocean, south of Greenland, and stays along the North American coastline. After Florida, the plane turns southeast to the Dominican Republic.

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Most modern airliners are equipped with monitors that can be used to track the route. Depending on the time of day and cloud cover, if you sit by the porthole, you can see the Norwegian fjords, the ice of Greenland, the east coast of America, including New York, the Florida Peninsula and the chain of islands nearby, the Bermuda Triangle in the greenish Sargasso Sea through the window.

Remarkably, the return trip from the Dominican Republic is, on average, 1-2 hours shorter. Planes always fly faster to the east than to the west. This is due to the winds, which at an altitude of several kilometers most often blow from west to east – that is, the plane is accompanied by tailwinds on the flight home from the Dominican Republic and counterwinds on the way to vacation.

Coast of the Dominican Republic

Tips for a Long Flight

Knowing how long it will take to fly from Moscow to the Dominican Republic (and even more so from Yekaterinburg or Kazan), travelers wonder how to spend 12-14 hours in the air comfortably and without unpleasant consequences for the body.

For starters, you need to prepare for the flight in advance: do not eat heavy food a day and, preferably, do not sleep before the flight. On the plane to put all things on the luggage shelf – if necessary, you can get something later, but for comfortable accommodation is better to free up as much space as possible. Especially during the flight, it may turn out that all the places on the luggage shelves are already occupied.

Unfortunately, nice airplane traditions (from candy to warm plaids) are a thing of the past. If you’re not sure if the airline provides items for the flight, it’s worth taking care of a warm sweater or plaid yourself. If you plan to sleep during the flight, take a sleep mask (gel ones are ideal, with a cooling or, conversely, warming effect). And, of course, an indispensable companion during the flight will be a travel pillow.

Clothing for the flight should be as comfortable as possible and not uncomfortable movements, without the tight elastic bands and belts. Compression socks will save you from swollen feet.

Take chewing gum or lollipops to avoid stuffy ears. If you find the problem painful, you can buy special earplugs in pharmacies that cushion the feeling of pressure changes at altitude.

Dehydration is one of the main problems that bothers passengers on board. Considering how long it takes to fly to the Dominican Republic, dehydration can turn into considerable discomfort. Drink as much water as possible during the flight – it’s free on all flights. Doctors recommend taking a few sips every 20-30 minutes of the flight. It is worth worrying about moisturizing your skin (take thermal water or moisturizing cream) and nasal mucosa. To protect your eyes from irritation, it is worth replacing contact lenses for glasses.

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If you can choose a seat in advance, it is worth checking out the layout of the aircraft operating the flight. Flights to the Dominican Republic are performed on boards (see link – aircraft diagram): B777-300, B777-200 and A320. The most comfortable seats are those near the emergency exits with extra legroom. If you feel sleepy, do not choose seats near the lavatory or technical facilities. Aisle seat is not a good choice if you plan to sleep most of the flight – you will be disturbed by neighbors coming down the aisle. Also note that the seats in the last row do not recline.

Most long-haul planes are equipped with video panels with digital content. But please note that on flights operated by foreign carriers the content is usually in the languages of the origin and destination countries, and in English. If you do not speak foreign languages, it is worth downloading films/shows/podcasts onto your device in advance. The main thing is to take care of charging.

Doctors recommend that every hour you get up and walk around the cabin, or, better yet, do a little warm-up. If there is no possibility to stand up (you are in the turbulence zone), you should put your feet as high as possible – it will reduce swelling.

Dominican airports

How many hours to fly to the Dominican Republic from Moscow and other cities also depends on the landing point. There are 4 main airports with international status, in Punta Cana, La Romana, Puerto Plata and in the capital Santo Domingo. Flights are currently operated from Russia to 2 airports: Punta Cana and La Romana. In other years, flights were operated to Puerto Plata as well – the flight program varies from season to season.

The country’s largest airport is the Punta Cana Resort Air Harbor. Punta Cana Airport has an annual passenger traffic of 5 million people, making it one of the busiest air hubs in the Caribbean (after Havana and Cancun). Punta Cana Air Harbor handles up to 60% of all flights arriving in the Dominican Republic. The airport is located in the eastern part of the country – it is convenient to get to resorts: Punta Cana, Bavaro, Uvero Alto, Boca Chica.

La Romana Airport (Casa del Campo) is located in the southeastern part of the Dominican Republic, on the coast near the resort of the same name. The air harbor is small, with only 2-3 flights a day.

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Puerto Plata Airport (La Union) is located in the north of the Dominican coast. The air harbor mainly receives flights from Canada and the United States. But there are a few flights from Europe on the schedule as well. The Puerto Plata resort of the same name is located near the airport.

The capital airport Santo Domingo (Las Americas) receives flights from North and South America. The air hub is quite large, but is hardly used by travelers who choose to vacation at the resorts.

Punta Cana Airport

Airfare to the Dominican Republic

Last minute tickets to the Dominican Republic can be purchased from tour operators a few days before departure. But it is impossible to predict the appearance of such tickets. If traveling to the Dominican Republic is not a spontaneous decision, it’s better to buy tickets in advance. Moreover, some connections will require a transit visa, which takes a lot of time.

Use the form below to compare prices on direct and connecting flights, to find out the best dates for flights to the Dominican Republic, and to go to the site of the ticket aggregator to book your flight.

How to get from the airport

Tourists arriving on charter flights are usually transported to the resorts by a group transfer from tour operators. If you are flying on your own, you are likely to arrive at Punta Cana Airport. The distance from the air hub to the resort area is about a 20-minute drive. There is a city bus for locals from the airport, but it does not have a specific schedule. It would be more convenient to order a cab or shuttle (e.g. from Kiwitaxi). A cab ride to the resort area will cost from $25-30 and up, depending on the location of your hotel.

Dominica – Moscow: how much to fly

Picture of Dominican plane

Dominican Republic

The sunny Dominican Republic is open for beach holidays all year round. But it is especially popular with tourists in winter. This country has ideal conditions for spending time in comfort. She is famous for its azure waters and white sand. If you are wondering how long the flight from Dominica to Moscow, it depends on the type of flight and the number of connections. Usually the flight doesn’t take longer than 10 hours.

Flight duration to Dominican Republic from Moscow

Dominica - Moscow: how much to fly

On the route from Moscow to the Dominican Republic, tourists have to overcome almost 9.5 thousand kilometers. Most often, Russian planes arrive at the largest airport in Punta Cana. But it is also possible to arrive at other resort areas – Santiago, the resort capital of Santo Domingo and Puerto Plato. Aerophobes and families with children should preferably choose direct flights. Their duration is 10 hours.

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In total, there are 5 operating airports in the country, which can accept aircrafts from Russia. They are Punta Cana, Puerto Plata, El Catey, Boca Chica and La Romana.

The demand for direct flights to the Dominican Republic increases from November to April. At this time, beach holidays in the country are more relevant. Airfare in this regard will be increased by 2 times. To get from the Russian capital to Pointe Cana is possible by the following air carriers:

  • “British Airways;
  • “Aeroflot;
  • “Air Berlin;
  • “American Airline;
  • “Azur Air;
  • “Air France.

Tickets to Santo Domingo from Moscow are easy to buy from carriers:

  • “Condor”;
  • “Air Europa;
  • “Aeroflot;
  • “Air France;
  • “Iberia.

Note! You can get to La Romana from Russia only with connection flights.

Flights without transfers

Dominica - Moscow: how much to fly

The most convenient option would be a flight that does not involve a connection. It is important to understand that it will cost more. It can be provided by airlines:

  • “NordWind”;
  • “Russia”;
  • “Azur Air”.

To Punta Cana Airport

Dominica - Moscow: how much to fly

The duration of the flight to the Dominican Republic depends largely on the air carrier. You can get there in 12 hours with Rossiya. The largest company “NordWind” offers a 12-hour flight. Azur Air, departing from Domodedovo airport, reaches its destination in 13 hours and 15 minutes. In favorable climatic conditions the flight time can be reduced by 1 hour. A flight by Aeroflot takes 16 hours and 37 minutes. It offers flights with connections in Europe, namely in Madrid, Paris and New York.

Attention! All flights can be unscheduled or canceled. Keep this in mind when planning your business.

With one connection

Dominica - Moscow: how much to fly

If you fly to Punta Cana with a connection, the travel time varies from 15 to 39 hours. The stopover in this case is in Dusseldorf, Paris, New York or Munich.

A journey by Air Berlin with a connection in Munich will take 16.5 hours. “Condor” delivers tourists to their destination in 17 hours and 15 minutes. “Aeroflot” delivers passengers in 36 hours.

Attention! The most advantageous flights are provided by Aeroflot.

With two connections

It is possible to get to the Dominican Republic with two transfers. With Air France you can do it in 17 hours and 15 minutes. The connections in this case will be in Phillipsburg and Paris. The longest trip will provide “Aeroflot”. It is 59 hours with connections in San Juan and New York.

Dominica - Moscow: how much to fly

Flights to Punto Cana from other cities

Tourists are given the opportunity to fly to the Dominican Republic and from other major cities. But direct flights in this case are not provided. You will have to create an itinerary individually, taking into account the cost of tickets, number of transfers and speed of travel.

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