How much money to take with you to India.

Prices in Goa 3↩: how much money you need in 2020 – Travel Budget

11.2 € (887.6 Indian rupees / 675.6 ₽) is the minimum budget for a day in Goa 3↩. This is enough for a good budget hostel, two trips on public transport and food (the amount equal to two dinners in inexpensive cafes).

This amount does not include the cost of the flight and insurance. A round-trip ticket from Moscow can be found for 27-30 thousand rubles A few cheaper during sales (subscribe to the Telegram channel @samokatus, so as not to miss them). You can pick up insurance on the services of Cherehapa or, prices start from 0.7 € per day.

Current exchange rate of Indian rupee: 100 INR = 1.3 EUR = 76.1 RUB. It’s more convenient and profitable to exchange USD. In many exchange offices there is a commission.

Cards are accepted only in major stores, restaurants and hotels. Cash can be withdrawn from the card, but many ATMs charge a fee.

Open Borders Card:

Visa to India.

If you arrive in India through one of the international airports, you can apply for an electronic visa online. Such a visa entitles you to a single entry for a period not exceeding 30 days. It takes 3 days (but often they are sent the same day), the visa costs $60. An alternative to an electronic visa is to get a visa through the Indian Visa Application Center. The cost of the visa depends on the duration and number of entries. Before going to the visa center, you need to fill out an application form on the website.

Detailed information about visa application is on the website of Indian visa center.

Remember that when you arrive in Goa by charter, you can leave only by charter of the same airline. If you came with a regular airline, then only with a regular one. If you arrive by charter you can take a regular flight from Delhi or Mumbai, for example. But in that case it must be a non-compound ticket and you must make it clear that you will return to Goa and fly from there by charter (if you are asked).

How much does it cost to get from Dabolim airport to cities and resorts?

There are several ways to get from Dabolim Airport to towns and cities:

  • Nearby towns can be reached by bus . For example, a bus ride to the state capital, Panaji will cost Rs 105 (₽79.9).
  • A cab ride will cost between Rs 700 to Rs 2,000 (532.8 -1,522.3 ₽) depending on the locality.
  • Individual transfers can be booked at KiwiTaxi, Gettransfer or Intui.Travel. A trip to Panaji will cost from 26€ (1,568.4 ₽).

How do I get around the city?

How much does public transportation cost?

You can travel between cities in Goa by train or bus. Rail transport has two branches and the fare is 150-400 rupees (114.2 -304.5 ₽).

Buses have a more extensive network of routes. On average, a trip will cost 20-200 rupees (15.2 -152.2 ₽), depending on the distance.

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How much does a cab cost?

The fare for boarding a cab is 100 rupees (76.1 ₽), and a kilometer ride will cost an average of 25 rupees (19.0 ₽). The state recently launched the Goamile app.

There are also bicycle and motor rickshaws in Goa. A short ride will cost 50 rupees (38.1 ₽), and it’s worth haggling before the ride.

How much does gas and parking cost?

A liter of gasoline in Goa costs an average of Rs. 71 (₽54.0). An hour of parking will cost Rs 80-120 (60.9-91.3 ₽), depending on the locality and type of parking.

Renting a bike in Goa will cost an average of Rs 700 (532.8 ₽) per day.

Traveling in Asia by land transport

If you want to travel around Asia by ground transportation, the service 12Go.Asia comes in handy. It is one of the largest companies in SE Asia, offering online booking of land and water transport (bus, ferry, flight and rail tickets).

How much does it cost to stay in Goa?

For a relaxing beach vacation, South Goa is better suited, and for the sake of entertainment and atmosphere, it is worth settling in North Goa. If you’re coming for a long time, then the best option – rent through reservation systems housing for 2-3 days and during this time to find something good and inexpensive on your own.

Hotels: In guesthouses prices for double rooms start at 7-10€. In inexpensive hotels you can find a room for 10-15€ but the ratings or location of such options leave a lot to be desired. Three-star hotels with good reviews charge a minimum of €18-22 (e.g. Casablanca Morjim or Ocean Crest Hotel).

Hostels: Prices for shared rooms start at 3€. The basic price range for hostels with good reviews and convenient location: 5-8€ (e.g. Folklore Hostel Goa). In North Goa the selection of hostels is much larger.

AirBnb: You can get a cheap apartment in North Goa for between 14€ – 20€, and in South Goa from 18€. You can find good options at these prices if you book early. A room will cost 12-16€.

If you don’t have an AirBnb account, you can get 35€ for your first booking by registering through this link.

So a good budget accommodation in Goa will cost you 3-10€ per night per person.

How much does it cost to connect?

India has a wide range of mobile operators. On average, 1GB Internet will cost 50 rupees (38.1 ₽). It is more profitable to take sim cards for 28 days with 1-1.5GB per day, they will cost Rs 149-199 (113.4-151.5 ₽).

To buy a sim card you will need a color photo, passport, copy of passport, address and phone number of where you live (will call). Read more here.

How much does it cost to eat in restaurants?

  • Lunch at an inexpensive cafe: 300 rupees (228.4 ₽). Inexpensive food can be found in the many shaks (shak) located right on the beaches.
  • Fast food :
    • Rice-based dishes – from 150 rupees (114.2 ₽).
    • Pastries from Rs 40 (₽ 30.4).
    • A cup of cappuccino – Rs 100 (76.1 ₽). A selection of coffee shops.
    • A glass of beer – 100 rupees (76.1 ₽). A selection of bars and clubs.

    How much does groceries cost in the supermarket?

    Prices in Goa for groceries in the supermarket are on average 20% lower than in Moscow. Cheaper are all categories of goods, except alcohol and cigarettes. Fruits and vegetables are cheaper in street shops and markets.

    How much does entertainment cost?

    There is a free tour in Goa. Russian-speaking guides can be found on the websites Tripster and Sputnik8.

    A Hop-on-hop-off bus ticket in North or South Goa costs 300 rupees (228.4 ₽), both together for 500 rupees (380.6 ₽). There is also a combination option with a river cruise for Rs. 850 (₽647.0).

    • A guided excursion to Dudhsagar Falls will cost 1,500 rupees (₽1,141.8).
    • The entrance fee to the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is 100 rupees (76.1 ₽). Renting a boat at the reserve starts at Rs 500 (₽380.6).

    How much do souvenirs cost?

    On average, souvenir prices in Goa are as follows:

    • Basic souvenirs: postcard €0.2, magnet €0.8, t-shirt €6
    • Special souvenirs: textiles from 2€, incense from 0.2€, bronze figurines from 3€

    Goa Museums and Tours

    • Goa Art Museum or Goa Chitra Ethnographic Museum is ¥300 (₽ 228.4).
    • The San Thome Museum and colonial Portuguese houses can be visited for 200 rupees (152.2 ₽) and the Christian Art Museum for 100 rupees (76.1 ₽).
    • Most of the temples and forts can be visited for free.

    How much more expensive is Delhi compared to Moscow?

    Prices in Goa are lower than in Moscow. Food in cafes and restaurants is 56% cheaper, and groceries in the supermarket are 19% cheaper. Public transportation and cabs are also cheaper. Read more at

    When to come to Goa?

    For the sake of a beach holiday Goa is worth coming for a week or two. The optimum weather for a holiday is from November to March, when it is dry and not so hot. In February, Goa organizes the carnival Intruz, as well as the festival of food and culture (Food & Cultural Festival). But the big music festivals (Sunburn and VH1 Supersonic), which used to be held in December, are now held in the state of Maharashtra. Shigmo, a spring festival, is celebrated in March.

    Bottom line. So how much will I spend?

    • 3-10 € for lodging.
    • 0.8-2 € for transport.
    • 7,4-12 € for food (cafes and supermarkets).

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    • Wikitravel about Goa: in English, in Russian
    • Travel guides to Goa: Lonely Planet, 34travel: 100 INR = 1.3 EUR = 76.1 RUB.
    • Telegram channel @samokatus – the main Telegram channel with all airline promotions and sales, hot tours, promo codes, discounts and everything else.
    • The best bank cards for travelers:
      • Tinkoff All Airlines is the best bank card for travelers (average cashback on all spending ~4%). Only until December 31, you can get 4,000 rubles of cashback for any airfare. Apply for the card How to get 10 euros from GoEuro (now Omio)” . They can be spent on any purchase: flights, trains, buses, etc.
      • Drimsim is a sim card for travel. Get 7 euros as a gift for mobile Internet on travel. – In Telegram, Vyber, FB Messenger and Slack you can set up a bot to search for anomalously cheap prices. Convenient setup through the mobile version of the browser and push directly to Telegram. You can choose “anywhere” or something specific and set the size of the discount (for example, 40% of the average price). In short, fire bot – better than email subscriptions by a factor of 100.
      • List of 50 useful applications for travelers

      Airfare Moscow – Goa:

      In our project we describe “Travel Budgets”. We already have more than 200 cities ready. If you want to help us in this difficult task, you can fill out a small form with questions for the city you know well.

      And if we’ve helped you save money or find something interesting, we’d love for you to support our project:

      How much money do I need to take to India?

      Planning a vacation in New Delhi for two adults and one child. How much should I have in addition to the cost of flights? How much would it cost for a family of three to stay in New Delhi for 8-10 days? What is the best currency to bring?


      I do not know what 150-200 dollars a day Julia tells you and where she even got that amount. For 200 dollars you can live for several days, and not modestly, but quite posh. Judge for yourself. Daily stay at a hotel of medium comfort will cost no more than $ 20 per day per room, and probably less. In the city center, you can rent a good apartment and pay less than $ 200, but not for a day and a month. Good housing on the outskirts will cost $110-130 per month. Public transport costs pennies and can not even be included in the cost. For 10-20 dollars you can have a hearty meal in a good restaurant, and if you eat at a regular cafe, the amount will be even less. Vegetables, fruit, bread, milk, chicken are several times cheaper than here. For an entrance ticket to a museum or some temple you only have to pay a few dollars per person. There are only a few sights where you have to pay $10 or more to enter (primarily the Taj Mahal). In this regard, it’s hard for me to say where Julia drew you $150-200 a day. For India, including New Delhi, this is a lot of money (even in Goa you can get by with a smaller amount).


      Currently the exchange rate of Indian rupee is in the range of 60-65 rupees per dollar. Here on the basis of this rate you should also start, because you need to take dollars with you and already on a place to change them into the national currency (all other options are less favorable). In general, the prices in India can be called low and even low, but do not rejoice, because for a European man is an exotic country and various problems can arise (including health). Well, this is a completely different item of expenditure.

      The first item of expenditure – it’s housing, and here much will depend on how comfortable your accommodation will be. In Delhi you can find a lot of proposals on this subject, ranging from a room in some slums and ending with the elite hotels. Given the sanitary-epidemiological situation in the country to save money on housing is not particularly worth it (preferably the child should not take on this trip at all). Location of the hotel, as well as the season of the trip have a significant impact on cost. Going to Delhi earlier than in October makes no sense, because now the country is in a strong heat, which reaches 50 degrees and is predicted by weather forecasters to decline only by early fall. The average price of a room in a second-hand hotel will range from 500 to 1,200 rupees per night. Given the problems with electricity, as well as high prices for electricity, for the use of air conditioning is sometimes necessary to pay separately (from 10 dollars per day). If you find a place not in a hotel, but in a gesthouse, you can try to negotiate with the owner and slightly lower the price (motivate it by the fact that you are going to stay there not 2-3 days, but 8-10).

      The condition of roads in India is no better than in Russia, and in some places even worse, so to rent any kind of transport I do not advise you. The best way to get around is by public transport. Yes, it will cause a certain discomfort, but it’s cheap and easy. As a last resort you can take a cab, there are a lot of them in Delhi and the fare is relatively low (the main thing is to find a common language with the cab driver and agree on the trip in advance). If you want to take some excursions, the most common transport in India is a motorcycle cab. Usually the fare in a motorcycle cab is not more than 25 rupees per kilometer. From 6 pm until 7 am the fare increases by about 20 percent.

      Food costs are an integral part of any trip and in this matter it will be up to you. If you eat at high-level cafes and restaurants, the cost of dinner for two will be somewhere between $15-20, but this amount will not include alcohol. If you eat where the locals eat, then in the range of $ 5 can be a great meal with the whole family (maybe the appearance of the institution and its visitors will cause you questions or even some disgust, but it will be cheap). If you have a place with its own kitchen, it is best to buy products at markets and stores and cook your own food. The price at markets is literally 2-3 times lower than here (and sometimes even cheaper). A good, fresh chicken, will cost less than three dollars. A kilogram of grapes is $1.5, apples are sold by the piece, but for one dollar you can buy 5-6 beautiful and juicy fruits. At local markets you can even buy a shark fillet, which is sold for 7-10 dollars a kilo (in our country the usual fish fillets are often more expensive). You will have to spend a certain amount of money for drinking water, as it is strongly recommended not to drink tap water to avoid catching an infectious disease or a commonplace upset stomach. Five liters of bottled water costs in the range of one dollar.

      If you are interested in alcoholic beverages, they are available in India and it’s not a problem to buy them. For 0,5 liter of local vodka you have to pay about one dollar, about the same price local beer in glass bottles of 0,65 liters. Very popular is Indian rum which costs in 70-80 rupees for 0,7 liter. An alcoholic cocktail a la mojito will cost $3-5. As with us, in India, prices in stores are lower than in bars.

      It does not make sense to buy a local SIM card to call home, because it costs about $10, and it takes about a week to activate it. At the same time to buy it is not so easy, you need to provide copies of a visa, passport. Internet find no problems, but its speed leaves much to be desired. In the internet cafe for one hour you have to pay about $ 1 (it’s enough to send emails to all or communicate through social networks).

      Nightclubs, discos and the like will hardly interest you, but for information I can tell you that on average you’ll have to pay 200 rupees per person to get in. While in Delhi it is worth going to a massage parlor. Four-handed massages are especially popular. For an hour of this pleasure will need to pay 25-30 dollars. In India there are many variations of massage and for its healing properties it is not inferior to the Thai, and in some moments even superior.

      Also you will have to spend a certain amount on souvenirs and other purchases. Based on all of the above and will form the budget of your trip. No one can tell you that a thousand or two will be enough. There are people who can afford $100 for a week. The main thing to do is to take cash with you, credit cards are not very helpful in India.

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