How to find a place to live in Thailand

Looking for a rental in Thailand – how to rent a house for your vacation?

Tourists, who come to Thailand for a month or more, it is more advantageous to rent an apartment, house or a cozy bungalow on the beach, because accommodation for a long period in a hotel is very expensive.

It is easy to find accommodation on your own: the country has a wide variety of places to stay. They can be individual houses and villas, as well as mansion houses, apartments or apartments.

To rent on the spot, you have to go and look at many options before you choose a suitable one. The most convenient way to choose a place to stay, renting a motorcycle. It significantly saves time.

Take note that you should book a bed for the first night after the arrival, because after a tiring flight not everyone has the strength to actively look for accommodation and not always a suitable accommodation can be found quickly.

When choosing a place to stay, first of all need to decide on the area . Experienced tourists are not recommended to consider as options for noisy tourist areas.

Prices for hotels

We recommend renting accommodation on safe websites:

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You can safely ask locals, vendors in stores if apartments or houses are for rent nearby. In the streets you can find signs that say “House for rent” with the phone number of the owner.

Private sector

You can also rent an apartment with the help of special online services, which present proposals of owners without agencies and realtors. Services of daily rent are very popular among Russian tourists.

  • Apartments, rooms, houses and cottages – only verified listings and safe booking conditions on

When you examine the house or apartment before you check the availability of hot water , necessary electrical appliances, refrigerator, cooking facilities, check whether the Internet access. You should find out in advance what is included in the price, and what will be paid separately, and at what rates. In addition, you should check the availability and integrity of mosquito nets.

Tip! Found damage, especially valuables, in the rented accommodation to fix a photo or video, so that after the owners could not show tourists equipment failure or scratches on the expensive furniture that existed before moving in.

Prices for rental property in Thailand

Prices are current as of 2022.


Tourists going on a trip in a large group or family, it is unprofitable and inconvenient to rent several rooms in a hotel. For the same money you can rent a villa. Among the advantages of this choice is the comfort, as well as multiple bedrooms, equipped kitchen, private pool, terrace, etc.

Villas are considered the most elite type of housing in the Land of Smiles and in addition to a beautiful large house include a separate area with a garden, swimming pool and other types of buildings and entertainment. The best villas in terms of quality to price ratio are usually located on the first line.

Private luxury villas, located on the beach and away from the city (and infrastructure) are available at very high prices. The most expensive – in Phuket . The cheapest accommodation can be found on Koh Samui and Pattaya.

  • Rent a whole villa on Koh Samui can be from 2000-4500 baht per day. Guests have 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a kitchen for self-cooking.
  • Two-story villa for 4 people in Pattaya can be rented for 2100 baht.
  • Luxury villa with 6 bedrooms in the northern part of Koh Samui, 300 meters away from the beach Ban Thai is available from 50000 baht. The maximum number of guests – 14 people.

Note! For New Year’s Eve on Koh Samui, the best options to consider are Maenam beach, which offers a perfect coast all year round and Lipa Noi for a secluded holiday.

Villa on the island of Phangan with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, equipped kitchen, large living room and a terrace will cost travelers 1800 baht per day. The maximum number of guests – 10 people.

If travelers are planning a long stay in Thailand – the so-called winter holidays, it is best to choose the nontouristy areas of Rawai and Chalong in Phuket. It is inexpensive accommodation and fairly easy to get to Phuket Town, where you can afford to buy groceries. Renting a villa for a month will cost 94000 baht .

If the purpose of the trip is a short beach holiday and loud parties, it is worth paying attention to the accommodation by the coast in the area of beaches Karon, Patong and Kara . However, the prices for renting villas here are much higher, since this is the center of tourist life on the island.

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Thus, the rental price of a villa on Karon, 5 minutes walk to the beach – from 5500 baht per day, luxury villa with 4 bedrooms, terrace and pool at Kata Beach – from 17000 baht per day.

Houses in the country vary in size and availability of various facilities. There are both single and multi-storey houses, with or without a living room, dining room, porch, garage. The price of each house varies depending on the number of conveniences you can choose from, as well as the region, proximity to the beach and other factors.

Houses, as the basic type of housing are found on the island of Samui, in Krabi province. In Hua Hin to find a house for rent would be difficult – they are few and far from the coast and without personal transport such accommodation can be extremely inconvenient.

  • Big houses with three or more rooms are offered at a cost of over 20,000 baht.
  • The most simple houses, made in Thai style, with one or two living rooms, kitchen and bathroom costs between 10,000 and 12,000 baht per month. The presence of the pool next to the house raises the rent price even more at 3000-10000 baht.
  • The average rent prices for standard one-bedroom houses, located near the sea in Phuket – from 12000 to 19000 baht. Houses with two bedrooms are offered from 20000-25000 baht and above.
  • The cost of renting a large house with 3 bedrooms and 7 beds for guests is from 14000 baht per day.

Important: In addition to renting the house itself, you need to pay a monthly fee for water, electricity and internet. On average, it is about 2250 baht.


Guesthouses or guest houses are small hotels, the owners who live in them or nearby, themselves engaged in service. They are essentially a house with private rooms for rent to travelers.

Reception in the guesthouses is absent, the size and equipment of rooms – at the discretion of the owners and not regulated in any way. Because of this accommodation in hostels is much cheaper for tourists than hotels.

  • Hostels are located mostly in central parts of cities. Accommodation in a gesthouse at 750 kilometers from the center of Pattaya will cost tourists from 1100 baht per day. Such accommodation costs usually include private parking, air conditioning, Wi-Fi.
  • The cost of accommodation in guesthouses, located 1-1,5 kilometers from Pattaya is on average 550-600 baht. You can find options and cheaper.
  • Accommodation prices may depend on what exactly is installed in the room – air conditioner or fan. The price difference may be about 200 baht .
  • So, accommodation in a small room with a fan in a mansion in Chiang Mai will cost 250 baht, and the cost of the room with air conditioning will be 400 baht per day.


In Thailand is quite common condos – modern comfortable and safe multistory buildings or complexes of buildings, the access to which is limited to unauthorized persons. Typically, condominiums have security, parking, gym, swimming pool and mini-market.

  • Accommodation in a condominium in Phuket will cost from 10,000 baht and above. Apartments are equipped with everything you need: stove, microwave, dishes, washing machine, air conditioning.
  • Prices for a studio apartment for rent in a condo in Phuket – from 13000-14000 baht a month. In addition you would pay an average of 1000 baht for water, electricity, internet and cable TV.

Note: At check-in you should pay a deposit equal to the monthly rent. This amount is refunded upon check-out.

  • Apartment in nontouristy area with a minimum number of services or lack of them will cost an average of 3000 baht per day accommodation.
  • In Bangkok, you can rent a one-bedroom apartment for two guests for 2400 baht. Three-bedroom apartment with a separate kitchen for 6 guests will cost on average 6000 baht per day.
  • Cost to rent a small apartment with one bedroom for 4 guests and one bathroom in Pattaya – from 1300 baht.
  • Apartment in Chiang Mai with one bedroom and one bathroom, designed for two guests, can be rented from 900 baht per day.


Apartments (apartments in Thailand) differ primarily in the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Renting an apartment is a fairly good option, especially popular in large cities and some resort areas (eg, Ao Nang). In Krabi province, high-rise condominiums are not very much, so the choice of housing is small.

  • Apartments in Cha Ame for a company of 10 guests will cost 8,800 baht. The condo offers 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a Jacuzzi.
  • In Chiang Mai, a one bedroom apartment for 3 people can be rented for a day at a price of 1200 baht.
  • The average cost of a 2-bedroom apartment in Phuket ranges from 1,500 to 3,500 baht and usually varies depending on the proximity to the beach.
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Renting a place inexpensively – valuable tips

Travelers who are planning to stay in Thailand for a fairly long period of time, it is much cheaper to sign a lease for six months or a year than to renew it monthly. This is due to the fact that in the country there is a rule – the longer the term of the lease, the cheaper at the same time its cost.

It is not superfluous to bargain with the owner of the property, if the price is too high. As a rule, Thais, especially in the low season, agree to the terms of tourists and reduce the price.

If a trip is scheduled for the peak high tourist season, accommodation is better to book in advance, as to find a good option on the spot is quite difficult and expensive. This is especially true for the New Year vacations.

How to rent an apartment in Thailand on your own

How to rent your own place in Thailand

A popular recent way to travel around the world – renting accommodation. As a rule, this method is used by those people who are willing to leave work for a long time on vacation or their work is not tied to a particular place, and they can do it remotely. Many people go in order to overwinter in Thailand. In this article I will tell in detail how to rent an apartment in Thailand on your own and describe all the ways and details of each of them. There are several of the most popular rentals: For a month, For 3 months, For six months

General Information

An independent way of renting assumes that you will do everything yourself, ie, look for tickets and the necessary dates and yourself to deal with visa issues, also independently purchase medical insurance. The latter issue is also relevant now, because the insurance must be a certain form to cover all costs, such as treatment for coronovirus, if you get on the spot in an unpleasant situation.

Many people now travel around the world this way, because the tickets and rent are then much cheaper than a package tour purchased from an agency. True, this method is not suitable for everyone, if you do not have an assistant and you are very busy at work, then most likely you can not find time to look for lodging yourself and take care of the rest of the flight. If you have an assistant, it will be much easier and more convenient for you to have him do the search.

This method is great for those who want to feel the freedom and travel anywhere in the country, but there is a part of the problem, because finding a place to rent in Thailand can be difficult. In this article I will tell you all the rules to follow and, in addition, I will share tips and all the nuances that will help avoid problems in renting and finding a home.

Representatives of the housing market in Thailand

Apartments on a budget can be found

There are actually a lot of options for both houses and apartments for rent in Thailand. This is even a separate sector that is part of the economy, since locals still have to pay tax to the treasury on such rentals. The options for apartments, as well as options for houses is a great variety, everything will depend on your taste and preferences.

The price also depends on the square meters, area and proximity to the sea coast. It goes without saying that the most expensive housing is your house on the seashore. The price tag on such options starts at $1,000 for one month. The price tag is added for the fact that, for example, next to you will be a well-developed infrastructure, shopping malls, stores, pharmacies. The most expensive options include its own private pool.

Apartments in the budget version can be found

even for $300 a month. But such cheap options involve a number of inconveniences, may be too far from the coast or not very tidy in appearance, may not be very good neighbors. You can also find a bunk bed, but these are quite budget options sometimes with not very good neighbors. Of course, there are other options for apartments that are a little more expensive, but are located closer to the sea coast.

As in every country in the world where you can rent a house in several ways, through the owner or through an intermediary (realtor or private real estate agency). The cheaper way is if you can negotiate with the owner directly, but some principally find clients only through a realtor, this method provides a kind of guarantee for the owners as people who will move in housing. But in the latter method, too, there is a part of the inconvenience, because you have to pay a percentage of the transaction, not only the owner, but the agency or the individual. As a rule, you need to add 20-30 percent more to the price of the first month to pay for their services.

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You can also find a more expensive premium housing for those who have a high income and want to afford a better quality of life. By the way, these options for housing in Thailand are not so much, so I recommend this issue in advance, because in the high season all these houses simply busy. The cost of such a house will also depend on its contents, as a rule, the price starts at $ 3000 for 1 month, there are more expensive options for $ 4000 for one month.

Instructions for renting a house in Thailand


At first glance it may seem yes that there is a lot of complicated services through the Internet you just go and google, but it is not quite suitable for Thailand. Yes there are services similar to airbnb or skyscanner, which is popular for renting in Asia, but as a rule, when you rent through them then, it turns out all is not so rosy, as it was in the description or on the picture on the Internet. At best you will just have an older version of the apartment. Agencies, too, are on the Internet, but as a rule they work too slowly, at best you just do not respond or your letter will be lost among others. There are exceptions online agencies work well for large sums of money if you want to rent an expensive house, then you go to them. But if you have a lot of requirements and not a lot of money, they may not answer you, in your case it is better to look for housing on your own, when you arrive in Thailand. For the first time you can use the services of a hotel or hostel.

What other problems you may encounter when choosing accommodation online:

  1. The description of the area nearby does not correspond to reality, can indicate the first line to the sea, and in reality have to walk far enough.
  2. They indicate all the infrastructure and stores nearby, but in reality it turns out that this store is either very far away, or once it was here nearby, but it has long been closed and does not work.
  3. Do not write about the neighbors, or indicate that the neighbors are great, but in fact it may not be so.
  4. You will not realize how quiet it is in this place, especially important for those who go on vacation with a child.
  5. Deposit paid if you arrive at your house does not match the picture, unfortunately, is not returned.

In my opinion, it is much easier and more painless to use the services of local realtors, or go and choose your own place. You can read reviews on forums on the Internet beforehand. As a rule there are always friends who have just returned from a vacation and can gladly give you the number of the owner of the room. Do not be afraid to ask, when you bypass all the places, as a rule sellers in supermarkets or other visitors to Thailand already know in what place on the street, still rent a house, and are unlikely to refuse to help you find. The easiest way to rent something that you have already looked at yourself in detail, so I recommend that you first take the tickets and book a hotel, ideally for several days, because as a rule in one day you can not find that perfect house in Thailand.

The process

If you attach a specific instruction for action, it is as follows:

Representatives of the housing market in Thailand

  1. Buy your flight tickets and immediately book a hotel room for 2-3 nights, usually enough time to find something that suits you
  2. If you know exactly what you want and you have a lot of requirements, then you have to consider a lot of options, it’s best to rent a bike or scooter. I don’t recommend taking a car because in some places there may be parking problems, and the street is so narrow that you won’t even be able to drive on it.
  3. Also, if you have no desire to drive to different cities in the province, you can get by on foot around your hotel, there are decent options too.
  4. As a rule, such housing is easiest to find in tourist towns with small populations. There are only a few streets, and in some even one, a few alleys. As a rule in these alleys and you can find your best option.
  5. Find removable housing is easy to follow special landmarks on the streets hang small signs “for rent”, which you can walk to the rental housing.
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What to pay attention to when looking for and examining housing:

  • Carefully ask for all the details, if you need a kitchen with a stove, so ask, because in some places there is a kitchen, but it only has a microwave, in which especially there is not much to cook.
  • Find out if there is all the dishes available or will have to buy more, if there is a water heater, which is especially relevant for apartments.
  • Inquire about the tariff for water and electricity, here with this case are often cheated. The standard rate – 3 and a half baht per kW and 20 baht per cubic meter of water. The problem is that for tourists who do not know that the owners strongly raise the bar.
  • Check for critters, ants and cockroaches, of which, of course, no one will tell you.
  • Insects are sometimes a lot, check whether there are mosquito nets.
  • Immediately ask about the availability of the Internet if you need it all the time, if the owner said that he is not now, but it will be soon, it is better to look for another option immediately, as a rule, these owners do not connect it.
  • Check all the closets and shelves, because in a country of high humidity there is sometimes an unpleasant odor, which then may affect your clothes, it is hard to get rid of it.
  • Check all the neighborhoods in advance, and not only on the map, but walk through them yourself. What can be tense? If there is a factory or swampy area, if there is a noisy construction site nearby.

How do housing prices and availability depend on the season?

As with any other resort in Thailand, everything depends on the number of tourists who are currently in the country. For example, prices at the beginning of the rainy season can be reduced by 2 or even 3 times, because in these months not so many people come to rest. At the same time, at the end of the rainy season, the prices start to go up, because this is the time when those tourists who will be here for a long time, for example to spend the winter, tend to come. At this time at the end of October the sweetest prices for apartments and houses for rent. You can even find here the options of apartments and houses to rent cheap.

If you say you’re staying for a long time (three months and over), then you’ll definitely get a discount just for the fact that you’re renting for a long time. Moreover, this seasonality factor affects all housing, which means the same apartment or house at the beginning and end of the season you can rent for 3 times more expensive or cheaper. And always try not just to keep quiet, and talk about the price with the owner of the premises, it is certainly more profitable to rent you an apartment more expensive, but you are entitled to bargain, if the tourists who want to rent this house really in the season is not so much, the owner is usually trying to give in price. Try to negotiate actively, do not be afraid to start with a starting price of 2 times lower than the proposed price.

With the tourist season the situation changes drastically, apartments and houses start to be rented for several times higher than even the market price. Some tourists are so lazy to search and negotiate for a lower price that they are willing to rent an apartment even at the highest price. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, usually in the high season in Thailand come the same people, some have long known owners and try to rent apartments to the same regular customers, it is for them a kind of guarantee of both payment and fair dealing. Secondly, there are very few apartments on the market, and that is why apartments and houses fly apart like hotcakes, so you called the owner and came in an hour, and your house is already occupied, because someone was quicker. Even worse is if you liked the house, but you decided to look at other options, and they did not suit you and the first house is also occupied. So if you really like the house, you should try to leave a deposit for the reservation so the owner will not show it to anyone else.

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Very often there are situations when you come in the high season and at this time there are either options the quality of which you are not satisfied with and rent them out at a price completely incomparable with the premises. Or there are presentable houses that are in excellent condition but are only for more money-savvy people.

Tip! If you first go to spend the winter in Thailand and look for a place to stay, it is better to go either before the season, or at the very beginning, when there is not such a large flow of tourists. Then you are sure to find an apartment or house on your own without the help of the agency, in addition, it will give you a kind of head start in order that you were able to exactly explore the area.

If you strongly liked your home, then you can talk about a longer-term relationship with the owner. For example, if you have a good relationship, you can pre-book a place to stay and the next year, the owner will be more profitable to rent the house to someone you already know, they thus gain a regular customer.

How much will have to pay in the final rent of an apartment or house?

In the pricing policy Thais are quite strange people, the final price for the same room just to different people can vary greatly. They look closely at your behavior and conversations and if they feel that you can rent the place a little more expensive, they will offer you a more expensive price.

Tip: If you want to knock down the price, then try to smile and always keep a simpler conversation, Thais are very fond of positive people and will be willing to negotiate with you.

Prices for the room are literally sometimes taken from the sky, just a price, someone may be called one, and the other in 2 times more, it does not depend on anything. On the one hand, if you are very attracted to this accommodation, then immediately conclude the contract and do not think further, but if you are confused by something better still look at other options, but you should know that if the owner of the previous premises in this time will meet another customer with real money in his hands, he is likely to give him the room. Even if you had some agreements with him, they will evaporate, because it is more profitable for him to rent the apartment to someone who is sure to have already paid him this money.

What is included in the first payment?

  • Payment for the first month of your stay; in some cases, if you are renting for a long time, you might be asked to pay for the first and the last month at once.
  • Deposit, about 30% of the first month or more.
  • Monthly rent for the room
  • Water fee (approximately $10)
  • Electricity bill (about 15 bucks)
  • Internet fee (expensive up to 20 bucks here).

Usually if you rent a more expensive version of the luxury property, all payments will be included in this cost and they will pay the landlord himself. Do not forget to ask for a receipt that the owner has received a specific amount from you, otherwise things can happen and then you just can not find the person.

Some tips on how to save money on renting a house:

  1. Arrive before or at the beginning of the season.
  2. Try to rent for a period of 3 months and over, as a rule, if you rent by agreement for six months, you can save 2 times the cost of the rent than if you pay for it monthly. Always say longer term.
  3. Don’t look through agents or agencies, they charge you extra money for looking.
  4. Look for options locally or ask at local cafes or restaurants, usually there are always bartenders or waiters who know people who rent such spaces, and it will always be cheaper with an acquaintance.
  5. Do not forget to haggle and offer your terms.

As you can see it is not so difficult to find accommodation if you follow some simple rules. In this case you might even be able to rent a decent option during the tourist season.

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