Hromovishche in Zhitomir region in Ukraine


Fans of anomalies and unexplained facts will definitely be intrigued by this mystical place. According to some scientists and local residents, Thunderdome attracts lightning like a magnet. In addition, numerous legends can tell you about other very unusual and strange phenomena that occurred here at different times. To confirm their authenticity, as well as refute them, to date no one has attempted.

Description Thunderdome.

A unique place with anomalous powers is located in our country, near the town of Korosten. Gromovishche is especially active during thunderstorms. An interesting fact is that numerous lightning strikes periodically strike the same place. It is interesting that in fact we are talking about a small glade near the village of Kupische. An uninitiated person would not even pay any attention to it.

Eyewitnesses state that from time to time a very bright and clearly visible beam of light lights up on the glade, which rushes into the sky. At its base, an incredibly powerful glow forms, similar to an underground strong searchlight. The origin of this light is still unknown, as well as the “love” of lightning for this mystical land.

Local people often tell legends that previously there was a huge and beautiful manor house of a very rich man. His hard and feisty temper did not give peace to the inhabitants living in the area. His intolerable temper drove not a single villager to his “grave”. But, one day, seemingly ordinary lightning, caught up with him and killed him. A strong discharge turned the very estate into “ashes”. Whether this is true or false, it is impossible to say, however, after this incident, in every thunderstorm lightning constantly strikes the ground.

In connection with this, the inhabitants of Kupiszcz prefer to stay away from this “God damned” clearing. History knows another example when young people excavated here. For a long time they could not find anything. Later they came across copper coins, which they, cheaply, sold to metal dealers, not realizing their true value. Some time later, one of the boys was fatally struck by lightning. After this incident, there were no metal detectors or archaeologists for a long time.

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What to do in Thunderbirds

There is nothing special and outstanding in Gromovisce. Lovers of mysticism and extraordinary events or archaeologists might be interested. Tourists who have been here note a sharp deterioration in health and well-being. Their mood literally fell before their eyes, they felt apathy towards everything. Literally from the first minutes of stay on this earth begins to beat rapidly. Currently, the area is fenced with barbed wire with signs that say this place is of historical value and protected by law.

Thunderbirds are characterized by truly abnormal events. Mushrooms, forest berries and flowers practically do not grow here. It is not possible to organize a picnic and just have a nice rest. That is why if you are not a fan of thrills and are not looking for new adventures on his head, this place is better to avoid. But, only here in Ukraine you can make simply magical and unique shots of lightning in different angles.

How to get to Gromovishche

The area is located near the village, only 19 kilometers away from Kupyshche, not far from Korosten. You can get there from Kiev by “Warsaw highway” in the direction of Malin. You can get there in less than a couple of hours. You can get there in several ways: you can get there by car, by public transportation, by “hitchhiking” or by train. From Kupiszcz you can get to the place either by local bus or by cab. Some tourists manage to walk this distance in 3-4 hours on foot. You will have absolutely no problems with it.

Gromovishche glade can’t be called a pleasant spot, which is located in Zhytomyr region. However, for archaeologists and researchers it is a true paradise, where you can conduct a number of experiments, get thrills, and even perform rituals. Daredevils are not afraid of any prohibitions or warnings and come here with pleasure, even in a strong thunderstorm.

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The village of Kupishche in Zhytomyr attracts lightning

The village Kupyshche in Zhytomyr attracts lightning

A small forest glade in Zhytomyr region literally attracts lightning! As a result, the anomalous zone was called “Gromovishche”. It is located near Korosten, near the village of Kupische. Look at the map:

So what is the abnormality of the glade “Gromovische”?

Have you heard about Catatumbo lightning? Well, there is a place in Ukraine which literally attracts lightning. During thunderstorms the forest meadow “Gromovische” looks menacing. A lot of powerful electric discharges rush to this very place.

Unbeknownst to me, an unusual glow appears in the form of a bright beam. A strange searchlight comes out as if from the ground and rushes into the sky. What is it? Why is a small patch of land endowed with such strange properties? Researchers are trying to answer these questions. But every day there are more and more questions.

Local residents bypass the Thunderdome. And those who dare to step into the zone of anomaly, feel terrible anxiety and rapid heartbeat. At the place of attraction of lightning blood pressure rises sharply and worsens the state of health. It is as if the glade chases away random travelers, wishing to remain in peace.

Mushrooms do not grow on the Glade of Thunderbirds, although there are plenty of them around. But this, of course, can be explained by unfavorable living conditions. Living organisms and vegetation develop in places most suitable for life. But the land, charged with lightning strikes, cannot be called fertile.

Scientists refute the mystical version of the attraction of lightning and explain the strangeness of the glade “Thunderdome” by a reduced electrical resistance. However, people have their own opinion about it.

Mysticism in Ukraine Horomovyshche

Legends of Thunderdome: truth and fiction

What is an anomalous zone without a terrible story? This place has its own legend.

So, a long time ago there lived in this area a powerful and cruel ruler. He enslaved the local population and was despotic. But he did not live long. The tyrant was punished from heaven. One day, lightning strokes killed the landowner and burned all his wealth to the ground. Since then, every time there’s a thunderstorm, the heavens open over this place. They remind us of the vengeance that will befall any proud person who thinks he is all-powerful.

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But there is another story about the Glade of Thunder. It is more modern. In 1996 a group of young people from “Poshuk” organization went there to find anonymous soldiers’ graves. What the true purpose of the excavations became clear later, when they found a few dozen ancient copper coins in this place.

The boys gave the unwanted coppers to a local doctor from Korosteni for a bottle of booze, explaining that they were not interested in copper, but only in gold and silver. Later one of the young men was killed by lightning. It’s a terrible story.

What do archaeologists say?

As it turned out, the young men who found the copper coins started a more detailed archaeological study of the area. Numismatists and museum workers examined the antique money. All they came to the conclusion that these artifacts belong to the Bosporan state, once existed on the territory of Crimea. How did they get to Polesie? A mystery. As a result, the glade “Gromovische” became an object of research by archaeologists.

As a result of excavations, stone blocks with carved ritual inscriptions were found. It is most likely that this piece of land was used for rituals and sacrifices. People believed that the place, which attracted lightning, was endowed with supernatural powers. All items found indicated that even before the times of Kievan Rus there had been some unknown settlement here.

The archeological excavations didn’t last long. Everything that was found was loaded into a car and taken away, and the Thunderbirds were fenced with barbed wire. The research stopped. The local population says it is for the best and it is better not to touch the clearing, because it reeks of negativity, while the fact that it has been fenced off is good. Well, time will tell…

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