Huashan Caves in China, description and photos

The mystery of the ancient Huashan Caves

The caves were found by chance by a local peasant who wrote to the authorities about them. Many explorers, workers of different institutes and then tourists rushed there at once. And what is surprising: although they are the largest caves in China, created not by nature, but by man, about them there is no data in the ancient chronicles. Who created them and for what purpose? Where did so much stone disappear to? And if the purpose was exactly the extraction of stone, then why caves are made similar to temples?

It turns out that there are so many mysteries that many people only show their hands. These are the mysteries that sinologists (sinologists), historians, geologists are trying to unravel. For what and who many centuries ago cut in these remote rocks a lot of huge caves? Why were they equipped? What exactly was happening in them? Why aren’t they mentioned in the historical chronicles?

And the most interesting fact – Huashan caves were discovered relatively recently – in the late 90s of last century, more precisely in 1999.

Huashan Caves are located in the rocks in the south of Anhui Province. This is where the Yellow Mountain, sacred to Taoism, is located, which is, in fact, five great mountains that are a mile or two apart. They sort of point to the sides of the world: center, south, north, west, and east. Mount Huashan is the western great mountain and is home to several Taoist monasteries. At present, 36 caves have been discovered here, and their exact number is unknown. In addition, it is also not known whether they are connected in some way to a common complex, or whether each is located separately.

There is another intriguing feature: the caves Huashan located at 30 degrees north latitude, and it is on this parallel located: Mount Kailas in Tibet, the Bermuda Triangle, the Great Pyramids of Egypt, as well as other “anomalous” points of the planet. Is it a coincidence, or someone intentionally hollowed out the caves in this latitude?

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One of the caves called Huanxi has an area of 4,800 square meters and a length of 140 meters. Inside is a spacious hall, columns, pools, and several small rooms on either side of the cave tunnel.

The largest cave is known as the “underground palace. Its size is staggering: 12600 square meters. The artificial origin of the caves is confirmed by the stone bridges over the river, stairs, transitions, and large columns.

Moreover on the surface of the ceilings and walls there are numerous traces of chisels. Another interesting question: where did the stonecutters remove the huge amount of stones and rubble?

Flower Mountain, because of the construction of the stone caves, became almost hollow inside. Today it remains a mystery where the excavated stone disappeared to. It is estimated that the excavated stones can pave a road length of more than 240 kilometers. What is strange, however, is that the local peasant houses are mostly built of blue stone, but there is not a single one built of Flower Mountain stone. This stone is mottled.

And how did they manage to determine the angle of the inner walls so that it coincided exactly with the angle at which the outer surface of the mountain is sloped? What technology did the ancients use to create such an unusual interior? How and what illuminated the interior space?

For each of the questions different versions can be put forward, but none of them has yet received proof. However, this is not the only case, when scientists have only speculations. For example, the famous star-shaped ribbed towers in Tibet: there is no written evidence about them or their creators.

The only written mention of Mount Huashan, but not of its caves, is in the writings of a historian of the Han Dynasty.

It says that many famous Chinese emperors loved this mountain and often came to it to pray to the gods and ancient ancestors. How people could climb its steep slopes and how long it took is also unknown. Since ancient times, only one narrow, winding path, 12 kilometers long, has been able to reach the top of the mountain. Those who wanted to perform any religious ceremonies or rituals on its summit must have had considerable determination.

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All of the above leads to the conclusion that the strikingly beautiful Huashan Mountain had a special status among the ancient inhabitants of these places. But so far we do not know any details. And if we did, we might be able to guess what made the inhabitants spend an enormous amount of effort carving out passages and caves inside the sacred mountain. The PRC State Tourism Administration has taken many serious steps to make these caves accessible to travelers and tourists. Experts from a university have developed a project to develop the cave complex, which includes lighting the caves.

The illumination with different colors is extremely beautiful. It gives the caves a really fantastic coloring. Each cave is numbered and some of them are accessible to visitors.

According to the tourist sites, only during the preliminary inspection of the caves, experts were amazed by the scale of what they saw. None of the already known complexes surpasses the Huashan. For example, the total area of only two of the caves of the second and thirty-fifth exceeds 17000 square meters. The volume of debris and soil removed from these caves reached 20 thousand cubic meters. It took three pumps and more than 12 days to pump out 18 thousand tons of water. Now the caves are open to visitors, and cave number 35 has 26 columns of stone, all rooms have a bizarre tiered shape.

Here you can admire the stone terraces, pavilions, pools and ponds, stone bridges. There are bas-reliefs here and there.

Huashan Caves

Huashan is one of the sacred mountains located in China, religious ceremonies are held here and there are also unusual Huashan Caves.

They say that Lao Tzu himself, the great Chinese philosopher, lived here. But the fact that inside the rocks is a unique complex of man-made caves, striking the imagination of its grandiosity, it became known only recently.

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History of the Huashan Caves

In translation, the name means “Blossoming Mountain” because the five peaks of Huashan resemble a lotus flower. It is a very picturesque place, but its beauty is dangerous: on the slopes there is one of the most dangerous trails in the world, which runs along winding paths and narrow bridges at a great height.

Along them you can see ancient monasteries and pagodas.

Despite the amazing scenery and the spiritual significance of the place, only brave pilgrims and extreme tourists dared to climb these steep slopes.

A new page in the history of Huashan was opened in 1998 when a local villager found the caves inside the “Flowery Mountain”. He was very surprised by what he saw and rushed to share his discovery with the authorities.

As it turned out later, not for nothing. Expeditions of scientists were sent here, whose goal was to study the caves. The more research was conducted, the more mysteries appeared.

The find turned out to be a huge underground complex with numerous structures and underground lakes, the purpose of which has not been reliably established to this day.

Today, to attract tourists in the halls of the caves made spectacular lighting, which illuminates the vaults in different tones, giving the place even more mysterious atmosphere.

Huashan is included in the list of sites protected by UNESCO.

Since the discovery of the caves, many mysteries have arisen. The first thing that strikes the imagination is their size.

The entire complex consists of 36 caves, each of which is assigned a number. The area of the largest of them, nicknamed “the palace”, is more than 12 km3 .

According to studies of the walls and stalactites, the age of the building is about 1700 years old. It is also found that the caves are created by human hands, because there are tunnels, columns, stairs and bridges over underground reservoirs.

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There are also traces of the ancient chisels, which were used to create these halls.

Scientists were struck by the fact that the angle of the walls completely coincides with the angle of the mountain slopes, and how it could be done without modern equipment is one of the main mysteries of the underground complex Huashan.

Other mysteries of the caves are no less surprising. Thus, there is no mention of them anywhere, and why such a huge complex was forgotten and not described in ancient documents, scientists could not answer.

Another exciting question for researchers is what happened to the stone taken out of the ground during the construction.

Calculations suggest that such a volume could pave a road length of 240 kilometers, but in the neighborhood there are no objects similar to cut stones.

Ceramics dating back to the Jin Dynasty (265-420 AD) have recently been found in one of the caves, suggesting that people have been using the complex since the early first millennium. But for what purpose this was done is unclear.

In addition, there are no traces of sooty torches on the walls, which would have been necessary when visiting the structure in the depths of Huashan.

There are a variety of theories. The most mystical says that these caves are part of a series of anomalous objects, because they are located at the same latitude as the Bermuda Triangle and the pyramids in Egypt.

But some historians are sure: the mysterious structure was created for religious ceremonies of ancient emperors, who found it difficult to ascend to the high altitude of the Blooming Mountain. For the same reason the location of the place was kept strictly secret.

China, Anhui, Huangshan, Tunxi, 001 County Rd, 屯光镇浯村

Be that as it may, Huashan Caves is an amazing site created in ancient times by human hands.

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Anyone who ventures here will be surprised by the grandeur and area of the underground halls.

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