I am an Adventurous Traveler

BlogThings.com is really cool!

This is my very first time to do for a travel related blogthings’ tests — What Type of Traveler Are You?. However, as often as I do blogthings, the results did not amaze me because they really are somehow fitting to my personality.

You travel to expand your own mind and challenge your conceptions of the world. Yeah, I do!
You think that each vacation should be a growth experience. You aren’t content just to relax. Every time I plan for a vacation, I see to it that the place and time is worth the travel and expenses and also to have an extra-ordinary unexplainable experience worth to blog and shout to the world.

You want to see the world, and you’re willing to rough it a bit – if that what it takes. Nyahahaha! Exactly!
You are a thrill seeker, and you want to do it all. You’re not content to just lie on the beach. I am! This is what my friends told me so too! Smiley

What about you, What Type of Traveler Are You? Smiley

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