Just another road trip..

It’s still break time from hospital and school work. So I and some friends decided to see each other and dine out. But as we’d been enjoying the moment together, one of us suggested to have another road trip — a road trip which we don’t specifically know where to go.

Some of the suggestions of our destinations include Tagaytay, Batangas, Pampanga and other provinces nearby. However, there’s one who just remembered that he was asked to canvas for keyboards which his sister will be using. And since we’re already quarter way to our destination, we just suggested him to check online and so he could even save on irig keys at guitar center. He just nodded. But because it’s his mom who asked him to do so, he still did canvas after our road trip.

Anyway, the road trip went great. We brought three (3) cars since we all are 11 in our group. We really enjoyed that day and almost forgot that in a week time, we’ll all be back to school, to the hospital — the reality.

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