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7 Indian temples of sex and love

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Top 7 Indian temples of sex and love

Sex scenes on the walls of temples in India

7 Indian temples of love and sex

Everywhere you look, there’s sex.

India is a sacred wonderland full of mysteries. Mysteries both spiritual and bodily. From all over the world, millions of people come here, to ancient temples, for answers. But some of them generate more questions than answers. Especially the Indian temples of sex and love.

Indian temples, sex scenes

The first Europeans, seeing sex scenes on the walls of Indian temples, were pretty shocked

Sex scenes on the walls of temples in India

Thousands of people flock to India to see the so-called temples of sex and love. These incredible religious Indian structures are stunning in their beauty and erotic scenes on the walls. Artful bas-reliefs and stone sculptures depict gods, ordinary people and animals in very racy situations. It is the explicit scenes of sexual nature that make tourists freeze in amazement, and some literally plunge into shock. After all, these erotic temple sculptures are hundreds and hundreds of years old! Why is there so much sex in places of worship to the gods? And why is there a need for intimate architecture in India?

Indian temples of sex

An architectural hymn to sex in India

According to one version, ancient Indians gave equal importance to both the corporeal and the spiritual. There were no taboos about sex. Moreover, the art of love was specially taught: remember the famous “Kamasutra”. which began to be written as early as the 4th century B.C. But there was also a clear understanding of the place of sex in human life. Indian temples – a clear confirmation of this. All pictures of lust are depicted only outside the temples on the lower levels of the walls, so that everyone who prays can be purified from the basest feelings and learn to control them.

Bas-relief in an Indian temple of sex

Intimate architecture in India celebrates love in all its manifestations

Top 7 Indian Temples of Love and Sex

There are, of course, many more Indian temples illustrating the sex of the ancients. We’ve selected just seven of the very, very best.

Indian temples of love and sex

Gomateshwara – the world’s tallest monolith statue (18 m)

Khajuraho – the most famous temple

This famous symbol of the temple erotic sculpture of ancient India is perfectly preserved. Since 1986, a complex of 20 preserved temples in the town of Khajuraho (Madhya Pradesh) is protected by UNESCO. All of them are dedicated to the gods of Vaishnavism, Jainism, Shivaism, and were built in the period from 950 to 1100 years.

Temple of the Sun, the Indian temple of the Sun God Surya

Khajuraho Indian temple of love and sex

Sex without taboos in ancient Indian temples

Erotic images are found on the friezes and bas-reliefs of temple facades. Most often they are surasundari – lush beauties representing the heavenly beauty of women. But there are also scenes of a homosexual nature. It is noteworthy that sex is represented for only one purpose out of the three possible ones in Indian philosophy: pleasure. Enlightenment and procreation are not discussed. According to the calculations of Indologists, there is not much eroticism in these bas-reliefs. Of the total number of sculptures, only 2-3% are sexually explicit. But what a lot!

Indian Temple of Sex Khajuraho

Khajuraho – the birthplace of the “Kamasutra

Temple of the Sun – the most obscene

This stunning 13th-century Indian architectural creation in Konark, Orissa, is dedicated to the sun god and looks like a chariot of incredible size with wheels and pillars. The temple with erotic figures is located near the ocean, and unfortunately has not reached its contemporaries in its original form.

Indian temples of sex

The Indian temple of sex and love at Konark was built in honor of the Sun

The main tower, 60 meters high, rests in ruins. But most of the stone sculptures and bas-reliefs have survived. Most of them are devoted to the most explicit carnal pleasures. At one time the British considered them obscene. And archaeologists are still convinced of their sacredness.

Indian temple of sex in Konark

Sex in this temple was dedicated to the sun. Much better than sacrifices.

Nowadays, the temple of the Sun is full of life. In addition to pilgrims, people come here every year for the classical Indian dance festival.

Boramdeo is the most poetic.

Because of the many obscene sculptures on the walls, this complex of four temples in Chattisgarh state is often compared to Khajuraho. Their beauty is so perfect that they are also called “sparkling poetry in stone.” The temples are dedicated to Shiva and were built by the Nagwanshi kings of stone and brick. Many of the sex scenes on the walls of these Indian temples reflect the Kama Sutra poses. For example, the Madha Mahal temple has 54 of them.

Indian Temple of Sex Boramdeo

The Indian temple of Boramdeo was built at a time when tantrism and occultism flourished

Lakshmi Narayan Temple in Delhi, photo and description

Tripurantaka is the most skillful.

This temple, built in 1070 AD in the state of Karnataka, is now in a dilapidated state, but is still famous for its perforated stone carvings. Walls, windows, ceilings, and screens are all replete with miniature figurines of mythical animals and people engaged in elaborate sex.

Indian temple of sex Tripurantaka

A thousand years ago sex was not in the crosshairs of the Puritans.

The Temple of the Sun is the most ruined

Connoisseurs of Indian temple architecture should definitely take a look at the Temple of the Sun in Gujarat. He was built in the XI century on the banks of the river and over the centuries was subjected to pillage, then erosion. But the unique elements of stone carving survived. Along with everyday scenes from the life of gods and people, the walls of the temple contain fragments of sexual life of that epoch, pure and not subject to strict morality.

Indian temple of sex in Gujarat

In the ancient Indian temple of the Sun, sex symbolizes fertility

Markandeshwar is the most demonic.

According to legend, this temple of the god Shiva was built on the banks of the river by evil forces in just one night. Pilgrims visit it even today, considering it a holy place. However, most tourists do not know this Indian temple very well. The intricate intricate stone carvings distinguish it from other religious structures. In addition to the usual mundane scenes, sex is also given a lot of subjects on the walls.

Indian temple of sex Markandeshwar

According to the legend, the Markandeshwar temple was built overnight by evil forces

Virupaksha – the most ancient

The Shiva temple in Hampi, Karnataka, is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was built in the 7th century on a vast area by the Tungabhadra River and consists of many parts. Despite the destruction, Virupaksha still attracts many pilgrims and tourists. Especially at the beginning of December, when Virupaksha and Pampa’s wedding festival is held here. The ancients perceived bodily love differently and it is quite understandable that the decor of this Indian temple is also not devoid of scenes of carnal pleasures.

Virupaksha Indian temple of sex

The erotic scenes on the walls of the temple attract many tourists to Hampi.

Everywhere you look, there’s sex.

The Indians sincerely believed that eroticism on the walls promoted renunciation of base motives. Therefore, sculptures of lovers engaged in sex can be found in many other Indian temples. You are advised to visit:

  • Nanda Devi’s ancient temple in Almora, Uttarakhand
  • Lingaraja and Bhubaneshwar temple, (Orissa)
  • Osian Jain sex temple, (Rajasthan)
  • Jagdish Mandir, built in honor of Vishnu (Udaipur state)
  • ruins of Padavali temples, (Madhya Pradesh)
  • Kailasa Temple, located in the Ellora Caves (Maharashtra)
  • Ranakpur, a white marble temple dedicated to Adinatha, (Rajasthan)
Lost Temples of India, photo and description

Indian temples of sex and love

Another version: sex was depicted on the walls of temples for sex education

Through the ages, these stirring erotic images captured in stone help contemporaries better understand the history of this wondrous, passionate country. The intimate architecture of India will thrill generations of earthlings to come.

The Kamasutra is an ancient Indian treatise dedicated to kama, the realm of sensual, emotional life, lust and love. It describes 64 sexual positions, calling them “the arts.”

Vaishnavism is one of the mainstreams of Hinduism. Its followers worship Vishnu and his incarnations, Krishna and Rama.

Jainism is an ancient dharmic religion, which took shape around the IX-VI centuries BC. The philosophy and practice of Jainism are based primarily on self-improvement of the soul to achieve omniscience, omnipotence, and eternal bliss.

Shivaism is one of the main branches of Hinduism, the tradition of veneration of Shiva. Shivaism is widely practiced throughout India and beyond. The Hindologist R. N. Dandekar considered Shivaism to be the oldest existing religion of the civilized world.

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Kamasutra Temples – Khajuraho the most erotic place on earth +18

“The Kamasutra Temples at Khajuraho is the world’s most erotic place! A giant gallery of erotic sculptures in the open air! Sex and candor in stone sculptures!” – travel guides and tour operators assure, calling for a trip to the heart of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, where the unique ensemble of temples of Cajuraho is located.

Kama Sutra Temples – Khajuraho

A town of about 3,000 people, Khajuraho was carved out of a poor backwater village when tourists from all over the world came to admire the extraordinary temples built between 950 and 1050, during the Rajput Mandella dynasty.

Originally there were 85 temples, but only 22 have survived.

For a time Cajuraho was the capital of the kingdom and then began to play the role of the religious center of the dynasty.


The surviving temples of Cajuraho have many features in common, and at the same time each of them is special:

Padmanabhaswamy Temple, detailed description and photos

The third is the Jainu Tirthankarasu.


These temples share not only architectural principles and construction techniques and methods, but also a surprisingly masterful treatment of stone.


Their facades resemble monolithic sculptures decorated with a huge number of bas-reliefs depicting animal hunts, battle scenes, ritual actions and, of course, love games.

Temples of the Kamasutra - Khajuraho the most erotic place on Earth +18

There is a beautiful legend that tells of the origin of the temples of Cajuraho. When Emavati, the charming young daughter of a Brahmin priest, was bathing in the Rati river one evening, she was seduced by the moon god.

The child born of the union of the mortal and the god was named Chandravarman.

Temples of the Kamasutra - Khajuraho the most erotic place on Earth +18

Rejected by all, the lonely woman found refuge in the dense forests of Central India and became not only a mother to her son, but also a guru. When the boy grew up, he founded the great Chandella dynasty. After becoming ruler of the country, he decided to fulfill his mother’s dream: she asked him to build temples that would show the power of human passion and the beauty of love.

Temples of the Kamasutra - Khajuraho the most erotic place on Earth +18

Certainly, there is some truth in this legend, because almost the main motif of the temple bas-reliefs is a woman. A woman writing a letter, playing with a child, opening a thin ankle.

Temples of the Kamasutra - Khajuraho the most erotic place on Earth +18

A woman taking a splinter out of her foot, kissing her lover, looking in the mirror, combing her hair, playing the flute, dancing, trying on a new garment.

Temples of the Kamasutra - Khajuraho the most erotic place on Earth +18

The woman – innocent and coquettish, loving and beloved, infinitely seductive and beautiful, depicted carefully, with elaboration of the smallest details, with great skill and love.


Discovered in the last century, these temples have caused and continue to cause much controversy. First of all, why were depicted on their facades erotic pictures that are not found on any other temples in the world, except for the sanctuaries in Puri and Konarak.


On the walls of the temples are indeed the most erotic and sensual paintings that were created in the world before the beginning of the 20th century.


Here the love games of the gods are shown in the smallest details and with striking candor, and the union of a man and a woman becomes an expression of deep religiosity, a symbol of the original unity and fusion of the concepts of “atman” (individual soul) and “brahman” (world soul).

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There are, however, more down-to-earth versions. According to one of them, the customers of the Mandella dynasty temples wanted to increase the fertility of their subjects in this way.

White Temple in Thailand, How to get there description and photos


Others believe that they simply enjoyed life and wished to see on the walls of the temple what they valued most and in what they saw not only the greatest pleasure, but also the best service to the loving deities.


There are those who interpret the bas-reliefs of the temple as a stone textbook that tells young people about all aspects of life without exception, and this version looks no less convincing than all the others.


The presence on the walls of the temples of Maitun, sculptures and bas-reliefs depicting the sexual act, seems illogical, wrong for Christians, Muslims, Jews and Jains alike.


It seems impossible and contradictory. What does the temple have to do with the Maitun paintings? Why? Temples should not have such a thing, a Christian cannot imagine a church wall with such paintings.


Many Hindus, willingly or unwillingly internalizing Christian attitudes and perceptions, also feel uncomfortable at the mention of the erotic frescoes of Cajuraho.


It is probably this concern for morality, multiplied by religious intolerance, that caused most of the temples of Cajuraho to be destroyed.


The largest and most impressive of the western group of temples, the Kandarya Mahadeo, dedicated to Shiva, also suffered.


More than 900 sculptures decorate the sanctuary and its slender shikhara tower, embodying Mount Meru, the symbol of the Earth and the Universe. The sanctuary was partially destroyed by the Muslim conquerors and, like many other temples, lost its significance to the faithful.


For the creators of the temples of Cajuraho there was no aspect of life that could not be spoken of, and certainly they believed that love in all its aspects could and should be spoken of at full voice.


With pride, admiration and admiration for godlike human beings and anthropomorphic gods to whom nothing human is alien.


It remains to add that among the most popular Indian festivals is the annual festival of Indian classical and folk dances, which attracts many art lovers.


It is held in the temples of Cajuraho for more than a quarter of a century, and the best classical dancers of India take part in it.


The festival is of great interest to the tourists whose flow to Cajuraho increases year by year.

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