Kampa Island in Prague, detailed information

Kampa Island in Prague for adults and children – overview of sights and attractions

The mysterious Kampa Island in Prague is of artificial origin, although nowadays almost no one remembers it anymore. One side of the island is washed by the Vltava River, while the other side is a canal, dug in the 12th century for operating mills, which later became a river named Chertovka. It is easy to get to Kampa island by the stairs from the Charles Bridge, such proximity played a significant role in the history of the island.


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Why visit: Enjoy the atmosphere of the island full of ancient lore and legends. Opening hours: access to the island itself is 24 hours, with the Kampa Museum open from 10:00 to 18:00 and the playground open daily from 8:00 to 17:00 (in November to March) and until 19:00 (from April to October). How much does it cost: The island is completely free to visit, to the Kampa Museum you have to buy tickets for 300 kronor. Where to go: In the district of Malá Strana, the island is accessed by steps directly from the Charles Bridge (see below for a map and details on how to get there).

Photo and review of Kampa Island in Prague

The modern island on the Lesser Side is a romantic and stunningly beautiful place, called the “Venice of Prague.” The area is beloved by bohemians and creative intellectuals. It is equipped with restaurants, hotels, embassies of some states, various historical buildings.

Kampa Island in Prague photo and review

The name “Kampa” comes from the Spanish who encamped there during the 30-year war. However, much earlier than the Spaniards there was an urban legend. Historically, the keepers of the Charles Bridge resided on the island. They were considered to be literally all the inhabitants who lived here in small houses.

Kampa Island in Prague.

Interestingly, even the babies born to the inhabitants of the island were closely associated with Charles Bridge. According to tradition, each newborn baby in turn was assigned a patron, one of the statues of Charles Bridge.

Kampa Island in Prague on the map

Another mystical story is connected with Anna’s house. During the flood, a woman rescued a floating icon of Our Lady and prayed to her for deliverance of the city from the water, which was accomplished. The relic is displayed in the balcony window of the building with an unlit lamp flickering in the twilight. It can be seen directly from the Charles Bridge at the approach to the stairs leading to the island.

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How to visit Kampa Island in Prague by yourself

In summer and winter there is a special atmosphere. Even in the winter cold at the windows of houses on the island grow frost-resistant plants – sometimes it does not feel like January.

With children on Kampa Island in Prague

But besides the fact that the island is pleasant to walk around, there is also something to see.

Attractions of Kampa Island Prague

Despite the relatively small size of the island, there are no problems with the sights. About them I will tell further.

Kampa Museum in Prague

The Museum of Modern Art on Kampa Island in Prague attracts lovers of the unusual and sometimes provocative. It exhibits the work of contemporary sculptors, artists and other artists.

About Kampa Museum in Prague

You can visit the museum every day from 10:00 to 18:00. The cost of the ticket is 300 CZK for adults and 170 CZK for children, and children under 6 years have free admission. Without payment you can enter the courtyard of the museum, where some strange exhibits are already on display. If you are not a particular fan of contemporary art, this quick overview of the museum is already enough and there is no need to spend on an expensive ticket.

Faceless Babies

The famous faceless baby sculptures created in Prague by David Černý attract a mass of tourists. They became famous because at first they were mounted on the Žižkov TV tower.

Island Kampa sights

The babies were so popular with the public that a few pieces now permanently inhabit the grounds of the Kampa Museum. I have already written about the sculptures and their significance on this site.

March of the yellow penguins in Prague

Near the little ones at night you can watch the shining yellow penguins marching along the river towards the island. These are exhibits from the Kampa Museum of Contemporary Art, famous for its extraordinary displays.

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Kampa Island Prague

The penguins are meant to draw attention to the problem of plastic overabundance in the world. Next to the marching birds is an excellent restaurant with a terrace and picturesque views, but to eat there is not cheap – on average 500-800 kroner.

Chertovka River

Tourists also like to come to the preserved mill wheel next to the “bridge of lovers”, where the waterman Kaburek sits, according to legend, who drowned in the Čertovka because of drinking. The hero of Czech legends has settled near the ancient wheel of the watermill, which itself attracts attention.

Kampa Prague reviews

Another legend says that on the shore lived a wicked washerwoman, who was with the devils, her dwelling was called “House of the Seven Devils”, and the river ýertovka.


On the shore of the Vltava River a stone Buddhist monk is standing with an expression of complete Zen. His appearance is peaceful, as it should be for the enlightened, and he embodies the utmost serenity of being.

Statue of Harmony in Prague

The statue, called Harmony, is located near the Kampa Museum.


Next to the monk’s sculpture, also on the banks of the Vltava, are strange wooden creatures called “Titans”. Most of all they resemble pagan idols. There is no description of them in any guidebook. Nevertheless, the connection with totems is not surprising in principle. Before St. Wenceslas converted the inhabitants of Bohemia to Christianity, paganism flourished strongly here.

What to see on Kampa Island in Prague

According to one legend, St. Wenceslas’ mother Dragomira was a pagan and resisted her son’s religious cause with all her might. As a result, she “bumped heads” with her sons (she had raised the second one in the pagan faith) and her youngest son killed his older brother Wenceslas. The neighboring Petøín Hill is famous for its pagan temples, where rituals were held until modern times.

Lichtenstein Palace in Prague

The first house on this land was built in 1555. Over two centuries the building changed hands and had new owners. In 1831 it was bought by Jan Josef, Prince of Liechtenstein, apparently from that moment the palace was called the Liechtenstein Palace.

Lichtenstein Palace in Prague on Kampa Island

In spite of the preserved name, 30 years later the building had a new owner, who added a second floor and changed the Baroque façade to the Neo-Renaissance style. Since 1895, the palace belonged to the municipality of Prague, from 1979 to 1991 it was adapted for the tasks of the Presidium of the Government. Nowadays, the building is also used by the Czech Government for official functions.

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Kampa Island for children

Prague is ideal for a vacation with the family. Despite the fact that there are many attractions clearly not of interest to children, itineraries can still be constructed in such a way that it was exciting for all members of the family.

For example, adult travelers are interested in a walk on the Charles Bridge, with children afterwards you can go down to Kampa Island, where there is a playground. After that, adults can visit the Kafka Museum in the neighborhood, and finally all go together to feed the swans on the banks of the Vltava. If you mix children’s and adult attractions in this way, walking around Prague will be at a pleasant pace and enjoyable for the whole family.

Kampa Park

A large part of the island is a park, where you can relax on the benches or have a picnic. Children here on specially equipped paths can ride scooters, rollerblades, bicycles. In general, a cozy green square with flower beds and old buildings.

Park Kampa in Prague on Kampa Island

Also here is located a small theater Kampa, famous for its performances, in which the audience are not passive spectators, and are involved in what is happening on stage.


Kampa Island also has a wonderful playground. It has recently been renovated and completely re-equipped. So all the slides and merry-go-rounds here are new.

Children playground on Kampa island

The playground is covered with a safe surface, fenced, and there is a drinking fountain. That is, all details have been thought out to make the stay here comfortable and safe even for kids.

Children playground in Kampa island

My kids as always were ready to climb and swing here for an hour, if not more. I, on the other hand, love this playground for the view of the Charles Bridge.

Family vacations on Kampa Island Prague

To visit this playground in Prague is absolutely free. The only thing is that the entrance to it is fenced by wrought iron doors, and they are open only during working hours from 8:00 to 19:00 on weekends, or until 17:00 in the period from November to March.

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Children and adults can also take a boat trip on the Vltava River. The pier is located almost under the Charles Bridge. The trip takes 50 minutes and costs 250 CZK.

River boats on Vltava

Also on Kampa Island is a pier (just under the Charles Bridge), from which boats take passengers on the inner canal – the river ýertovka.

Kampa Island on the map of Prague

In my opinion this route is more unusual, although most tourists prefer, of course, the classic cruise on the Vltava – the views from there are the whole of Prague.

Kampa Island on the map of Prague

On the map of Prague sights I marked Kampa Island with a green mark with a sign of a man in a lotus pose (yogi). Next to it I also marked with an orange mark the sculptures of faceless babies.

The scale of the map, if necessary, can be changed with the “+” and “-” buttons. In addition, you can learn more about each of the attractions by clicking on the appropriate label, so you can quickly understand what to include in your itinerary around Prague.

How to get to Kampa Island on your own

That rare case when it is most convenient to reach the place on foot. Kampa Island is literally under the Charles Bridge, on the Malá Strana side. You can descend to it from the bridge by a staircase, which begins even before the Malostránské sidewalk towers. That is, you do not reach the towers at the end of the bridge yet, but you can already descend to Kampa Island.

If you go by car, the nearest subway station is Malostranská, which is on the green line. The most convenient streetcar stop nearby, in my personal opinion, is Malostranské náměstí (Malostranské Square) by the Cathedral of St. Nicholas. When you get there, you can already see the Lesser Town towers of the Charles Bridge, from which there is a descent to Kampa Island. Streetcars No. 12, No. 15, No. 20, No. 22, No. 23 and No. 97 go to Malostranské Square.

Kampa Island

Kampa Island

Waves of the Vltava river surround the Kampa island on one side, and on the other side there is a creek, artificially created in the 12th century, with a mythical name Čertovka. The brook was created for the purpose of powering the mill wheel, and since the brook was artificially created, the island of Kampa is also artificially created as a consequence of the events of the 12th century. However, the beauty that can be seen here is beautiful, which is why connoisseurs of real beauty come here.

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The name of the creek is associated with the house of the Seven Devils, where once lived a very evil woman who only proved her essence by her words and behavior. Because of the permanent resident, the house was called the house of the Seven Devils, and already a tributary of the Vltava River, or rather its name was taken from these frightening facts.

Historians have concluded that the first structures in Prague were mills, because then why create an artificial stream? Today, there are five mills on Kampa Island, two of which have retained their mill wheels. The most famous of them is the Grand Prior’s mill, the height of the restored wheel of which is 8 meters. It is this mill that prefers to be depicted in the various paintings that you usually see in art galleries.

If you suddenly want to see this windmill you don’t have to go to Kampa! Just come to the Charles Bridge and you will see it in all its glory.

Kampa Island


During the Middle Ages there were gardens on Kampa Island. Today, only the English-style park in the south of the territory has survived. In the north you can catch the Renaissance period buildings and the Baroque palace.

Kampa Island

The first buildings that appeared on this island were the houses of masons and carpenters, who watched the Charles Bridge and did their best to keep it in excellent condition. The square, which was surrounded by houses, was used as a marketplace for pottery, which confirms the fact that the island had traditionally housed ceramic markets over the centuries.

How to get there

The most convenient way is to walk along the Charles Bridge in the direction of Malá Strana, then go down the stairs to Kampa island. If you come from the south side you’d better take the streetcar to “Hellichova” stop and walk down the street.

ADDRESS Kampa, Praha 1 | GPS: 50.08387610, 14.40766247 Tramway during the day: 12, 15, 20, 22, 23, 41;&but at night: 97. Stop Hellichova. Buses by day: 192. Stop: Malostranské náměstí.

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