Kashkulak Cave in Khakassia, detailed information

Kashkulak Cave or Black Devil Cave in Khakassia

Kashkulak cave – karst cave in Russia, depth – 49 meters, the total length of the passages – 820 meters.

In the Republic of Khakassia, part of the modern Russian Federation, there is Kosh-Kulak Mountain, where the Kashkulak Cave is located. The cave is located in the southeastern part of the mountain and is represented by two-tier corridor-grotto passages, the total length of which is more than 500 meters, and the depth of some places exceeds 50 meters.

Kashkulak cave is recognized as one of the most terrifying places in the world. The indigenous population gave several other names to this cave. It was called the cave of the “white shaman”, as well as the “black Devil”.

The Cave Inside

Many people who have been inside, assured that they felt an inexplicable concern, panic, and some even saw the terrifying monsters and the figure of the shaman.

For the ancient Khakasses, the Kashkulak cave was a very important cult place where various symbolic rituals and worship to pagan gods were performed. Offerings were used to placate evil spirits so that they would not put obstacles in their way.

Researchers studying the Kashkulak cave found a place used for sacrificial offerings – a fireplace and an altar, arranged around a stalagmite.

Kashkulak cave is a karst cave in Russia, Republic of Khakassia, Shirinsky district. In the massif of the Koshkulak mountain, located in the northern spurs of the Kuznetsk Alatau.

Kashkulak cave has not been used for ritual worship for a long time, and now it is impossible to determine what Khakass clan it originally belonged to, however, the cave is still of interest to speleologists and tourists. There is an assumption that the cave is penetrated by the energy of the ancient shamans and does not want to reveal their secrets, and its guests violate the energy and thereby stimulate the protective action of the mysterious force that is in the cave.

It is believed that there is a shaman’s ghost in the cave. He does not always appear, but those who have seen him speak of his aggressiveness, which cannot but frighten visitors to the cave.

Shamans from other areas of the Republic of Khakassia do not share the newfangled enthusiasm for the study of this cave as a strong and cult place of the ancient Khakasses, able to strengthen the rites performed in it and help in any endeavor. They argue that the Kashkulak cave, has long lost its power, because the Khakass people, already small in number, failed to keep their faith due to the adoption of a different religion by the population of the country.

However, shamans assert that Kosh-kulak Mountain is home to Erlik, ruler of the underworld, who should not be disturbed by trifles, and frequent visits of people to the cave only irritate him.

Detailed scheme of the caves

Despite the warnings, for decades, from time to time groups of tourists, speleologists and thrill-seekers, spurred on by legends and beliefs, visit Kashkulak Cave. Some groups are quite successful in exploring the many passages of the cave, but sometimes unexplainable and terrible incidents happen.

In the second half of the twentieth century, 20 students went to the cave of the “Black Devil” and carried out a safe descent.

Twenty-four hours later, only two female students managed to get out of it. They were found in different places, in a completely insane state. One girl was admitted to the hospital for the mentally ill. She was biting, screaming and couldn’t explain anything.

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The second student was found in a nearby village, completely gray-haired, wounded and unresponsive to anything, fanatically repeating some incomprehensible phrase. The girl was taken to the hospital, where she died a month later from a completely incomprehensible illness, as she was physically perfectly healthy.

A later case of an organized visit to the Kashkulak Cave by a school camp set up near it ended only in severe fright for most children and adults. Many saw the terrible shaman and not only him.

One boy was quickly found hanged in his own home, and a suicide note pointed to a stone devil from the cave.

Anomalous phenomena and strange, sometimes spooky occurrences remain unexplained. What secrets does the mysterious cave hold? The answer at the moment has not yet been found.

Kashkulak Cave in Khakassia

Kashkulak Cave in Khakassia

Kashkulak Cave in Khakassia – one of the most frightening, mysterious and unexplained places in the world, shrouded in myths, legends and legends. Khakassians call this karst formation “Khoshulakh”, but more often they call it “The Black Devil’s Cave” or “The White Shaman’s Cave”. It is located in the northern part of the republic on Mount Koshkulak, which belongs to the spurs of the Kuznetsk Alatau. In recent years the Kashkulak cave in spite of the fact that it has received the status of one of the most terrible places on our planet, is in great tourist demand, they lead group excursions here.

Kashkulak Cave in Khakassia

Cave of the Black Devil has a karst origin, it has three tiers, the depth reaches fifty meters, and the length of eight hundred and twenty meters. The uppermost cave tier has long been a cult center of pagan worship, where local shamans made blood sacrifices. The main idol of Kashkulak cave is a phallus-like stalagmite. The ceremonial site is connected to the other two tiers by numerous twenty-meter vertical passages and wells.

Kashkulak Cave in Khakassia

The study of this cave, where Khakass shamans worshipped the symbol of procreation and the Black Devil, sacrificing animals and even people, began only last century, when an altar, fireplace and a phallus-shaped stalagmite idol were discovered there. For such a long time, people did not approach this cursed place, as there were terrible tales of evil spirits living there, and of inexplicable incidents and mysterious disappearances of people in the depths of Kashkulak Cave.

For many centuries this cave was a place of confrontation between black and white magic. Originally, these lands were inhabited by white and fair-haired people who mastered the art of light magic and worshipped the life-giving Mother Earth in the depths of the cave. But the possessions of those peace-loving people in the third or fourth century A.D. were taken over by belligerent neighbors who called themselves “Children of the Wolf Woman.” They practiced black magic and worshipped the demonic element. Their priests inhabited the Kashkulak Cave and began to make bloody offerings here to their dark deity, the Black Devil.

Kashkulak Cave in Khakassia

Centuries have passed, the cave is deserted, but the notoriety of an inexplicable and frightening object has remained behind it. The Kashkulak Cave in Khakassia, located in the Shirin District, has always caused fear among local residents, because they were told from their early childhood that it was inhabited by the formidable spirit of a shaman. Only with the advent of Soviet power all that has changed and the cave began to be visited by atheists-daredevils who discovered a ritual fireplace in which the burnt bones of people and animals were lying. By the way, radiocarbon analysis showed that they are more than two thousand years old. Near the stalagmite phallus was found a sacrificial pit belonging to the lower tier where people were thrown even alive to die in agony, releasing the energy of suffering and pain, which according to the priests, was necessary to placate the spirit of the Black Devil.

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Kashkulak Cave in Khakassia

As a result of such atrocities that had been going on for centuries within the walls of the facility, dark negative energy had accumulated there, and very strange and inexplicable things often began to happen. People who have been in the Kashkulak cave, spoke of the indescribable horror and panic that overtook them for no reason, and that they saw the ghost of a creature vaguely resembling a man, but with horns on his head and sparkling in the dark eyes – the spirit of the shaman beckoned them to him by signs.

Kashkulak Cave in Khakassia

Local residents explained this ghost that here two and a half centuries ago was killed by a shaman who possessed so strong a gift that he could bring animals back to life, to move stones with one look, to turn them into gold. He was kind to the Khakasses, as he came from their tribe. Old and sick people came to the Shaman of the Golden Stream (that was his name) so that he would help them to go to the world of their ancestors. But treacherous villains trapped the good shaman and killed him and burned his body. Since then, his spirit takes revenge on people who come to the cave with evil intentions or a black soul.

Kashkulak Cave in Khakassia

The Kashkulak Cave of Khakassia was the place where Solovyov, the ataman of Solovyov, hid from the persecution of the Bolsheviks-Chonovs with his “gang”. Ivan Solovyov led a group of people who fought against the arbitrariness of the Bolsheviks, who expropriated from the Khakasses their food and gold, which washed up in the mines. The ataman attacked their wagons and warehouses, taking the loot to the caches, and then helped the locals with food and money. One of the objects of the caves was the Kashkulak Cave: its entrance is small and inconspicuous, but its inner grottos are quite spacious, and not only loot, but also a small group of people could be placed there.

But one of the local residents, Anastasia Kukartseva, who worked for the “Chonovs” and was in contact with their commander Golikov, followed the “Solovyovs” and told the Bolsheviks about a cache in the Kakulak cave. The detachment of punishers moved forward to the site and took the cave under siege, but the Bolsheviks were afraid to go inside, having decided to throw grenades at both entrances to the cave. Part of the ataman’s detachment died inside, and some people managed to escape through secret passages into the taiga. But the “Solovyevtsy” managed to take revenge on the traitor Kukartseva; they tracked her down and threw her to the bottom of the ritual well, bleeding to death. For a long time people retold this legend, not believing in what happened, until 1979 Kashkulakskaya cave was explored by a group of Siberian speleologists, who discovered a relatively “fresh” women’s remains at the bottom of the ritual well. There were also “old” bones from the sacrifices. Immediately a guess was born that this is the body of the same Anastasia Kukartseva, and the place where they were found, called the Skeleton Grotto.

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Kashkulak Cave in Khakassia

Many greedy people were attracted to the legends about the Solovyov treasure hidden in the depths of the Kashkulak Cave, they tried to find this gold, but met with inexplicable phenomena and its otherworldly host. Every year the place grew with new rumors and tales of the devils that dwell there. Anomalies of the Kashkulak cave seriously interested scientists in the second half of the last century. In 1959, Moscow geologists went there on a research mission, but they stayed inside no more than ten minutes, because they were seized by animal fears and left the site in terror. In the village of Shira, situated near the Cave of the Black Devil, they were told that the spirit of this place specially puts the panic fear, so that people do not disturb him in the ancient sanctuary.

A few years later, a group of atheist students arrived at the Kashkulak Cave, who regarded the stories of the locals with irony and skepticism. But of the twenty people, only two girls came back out; they were found by Khakassian hunters in a half-crazed state. They were completely gray-haired, biting, incoherently shouting incomprehensible phrases. One of them died almost immediately, the other was put in a clinic for the mentally ill. This mad girl was constantly whispering something and clutching a small statue of stone in her hands. Physically she was perfectly healthy, but nevertheless she died a month later and the diagnosis was never made by the medical examiners. Under the mattress of the deceased was found that strange stone figure-idol.

No less mysterious meeting with the spirit of the cave occurred in a group of schoolchildren who came here on an excursion with their parents and teachers. The children decided that they must certainly meet the shaman, and disobeying their elders, went deep into the cave on their own. After a couple of minutes they ran out of there shouting that there was a devil lurking there with burning eyes. Soon one of the boys hanged himself, and a suicide note about some forbidden stone was left beside the body. The interesting thing was that it was written in someone else’s handwriting, and no one understood the meaning of the message.

Kashkulak Cave in Khakassia

In 1993, the riddles of the Kashkulak Cave in Khakassia became interested in the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences within the framework of the World Olympiad of Psychophysical Reserves of Man. The scientific experiment consisted in the fact that the speleologist, who was inside the cave, looked at different pictures and mentally transmitted these images to another man, who was at that moment on the shore of the Pacific. It is interesting that he read all the images sent to him, and in the smallest detail. Thus, the Kashkulak Cave was recognized as an ideal place where it is possible to transmit thoughts at a distance.

A couple of years later a new research team from the Novosibirsk Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine arrived here, they studied the Temple grotto for ritual sacrifice near the idol of the phallus, as well as measuring the energy and magnetic fields. As a result, they discovered an inexplicable phenomenon that they have never been able to unravel to this day: a low-frequency pulse in the form of a single or bundled signal of equal amplitude is stably recorded here. This signal periodically disappears for a couple of days and then returns. Scientists have not been able to locate the beacon object emitting the pulse, but have made the assumption that it is somewhere underground.

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Kashkulak Cave in Khakassia

During the research, scientists also managed to encounter an anomalous phenomenon. One of the medical experts, leaving the cave last and being in a rope bundle with the rest of the group, felt a gaze drilling into his back. Turning around, he saw the silhouette of a strange creature a few meters away. This “something” had a human body shape, but it was furry and had twisted horns on its head, and it beckoned him with a hand behind it. As if the enchanted scientist wanted to go after the ghostly shaman, but the taut rope signaled to the other men in the bundle that something had happened to their comrade. He was swiftly pulled to the surface in a semi-conscious state. The scientist, physician and atheist never went down into the cave again, but in his dreams he saw the face of the Black Devil calling him for a long time.

At the same time the devices fixed practically stable low levels of electromagnetic radiation on the top near the cave and going off scale in its depths. Significant changes in the cardiovascular activity of all participants of the expedition who were near the shamanic “phallic idol” were also noted.

The Kashkulak cave never stopped collecting its bloody victims. In 1996 five explorers-specialists disappeared here, only the sixth member of the expedition managed to get to the surface, but he was completely insane and kept screaming about the monster inside and that there was a fire door in the floor where his comrades had fallen and he managed to escape. The man died in the hospital from an unspecified illness.

In 2014, scientists again visited the Khakassia cave of the Koshkulak Mountain and measured the electromagnetic field, concluding that there is a strong geopathogenic zone, the diameter of which is about sixteen meters. Presumably it has a connection with a karst fault, and the negative energy or methane gas coming from there causes people to have hallucinations and visions of strange creatures.

Khakass shamans have a completely different opinion on this matter. They claim that the Kashkulak Cave is a clan place for local shamanic families: Chusteevs, Kobezhikovs, Obdins, Kokovs. They call the site – “The White Shaman’s Cave” and say that the transition to the world of ancestors takes place here. People who come to the cave for idle interest violate the peace of mind of the shaman buried nearby, so he haunts them in person, putting on a frightening guise. Only shamans themselves can get into the Kashkulak Cave with impunity for their rituals, because the entrance to the womb of the Mother Earth is hidden there. Spirit of the shaman living inside, they call Erlik, the Master of the Underground. He must not be disturbed for no reason, and one must go to the cave only with pure soul and thoughts, otherwise he can be cruelly revenged.

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Kashkulak Cave in Khakassia

The Kashkulak Cave, a place of power in Khakassia, has become a place of rituals not only for local shamans, but also for Russian witch doctors, esotericists, and neopaganists who hold magical actions on the mountain slopes near the site. Inside it you can see lighted candles and crosses.

Excursions to Kashkulak Cave

Kashkulak Cave is one of the most visited tourist sites in Khakassia, despite its terrible fame. Local tourist firms carry out regular year-round group excursions here from the Lake Shira hydropathic resort, from Abakan, the village of Shira and the village of Zhemchuzhny. The most frequent visitors of the object are organized groups of speleologists.

Guides position the object as a “cult”, recommended for visiting by people from fifteen to fifty-five years. Descent to the place of ritual human sacrifices is carried out with a rope, and ascent by a track ladder. During the tour the attendant will tell you about the most interesting facts and legends associated with the Kashkulak cave, and about the cases of meeting with the Black Devil.

If you belong to the people with a loose psyche or are very impressionable, and are afraid of confined spaces, then it is not recommended to visit the site. Despite the fact that it is very scary here, especially being under the impression of mystical stories told by the guide, you can see a lot of interesting things inside: the samples of ancient rock paintings, stone protections from ancient graves, a ritual bowl with which even today are brought sacrifices to the spirits, but now in the form of honey or caviar. And, of course, the main artifact of the Kashkulak cave is a meter-long stalagmite phallus of natural origin, an object of centuries-old shaman worship, always considered a symbol of fertility and the birth of life. But the mummies and skeletons found by scientists inside the cave have long since been removed from here for the purpose of study.

All visitors of the Kashkulak cave note mixed feelings, which overcame them during the entire tour. Some say that he managed to see something strange, resembling the outlines of a shamanic silhouette, others mention inexplicable horror that suddenly seized him when approaching the ritual stalagmite. In any case, the energy of this terrible cave is very unusual and frightening, which attracts travelers – thrill-seekers.

Address of Kashkulak Cave: Russia, Republic of Khakassia, Shirinsky district, Koshkulak mountain.

How to get to Kashkulak Cave on your own?

By high cross-country vehicle:drive along the highway leading to Kommunar to the district center of Shirin district – Shira settlement, and from there get to Malyi Topanov aal. Then you have to drive in the south direction along the taiga dirt road for ten kilometers to the ravine. You should take into account that during the rains the road gets washed away and you can pass it only with a tractor. You will have to walk another couple of kilometers along the ravine up to the entrance to Kashkulakskaya cave.

Not knowing the place you can easily get lost, so it is better to hire a guide or buy a group tour, which will include transportation and support of an experienced guide.

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