Katu Falls in Phuket. Description. coordinates, photos.

Katu waterfall. Phuket. Thailand

Staying in Thailand, especially on the island of Phuket, enjoying a serene beach vacation, do not forget about the other local places worthy of attention. When the beaches get bored, you can walk through the tropical jungle in search of waterfalls. There aren’t many waterfalls in Phuket and they pale in comparison to the famous Iguassu or Dudhsagar. So if you go to the local waterfalls, do not expect them to be a hundred meters and a lot of water. In particular, we are now going to Katu Falls. It is located in the center of the island in the area of the same name and not far from the town of the same name.

Katu Falls on the map

  • Geographical coordinates 7.932634, 98.322325
  • Distance from Bangkok, the capital of Thailand 700 km
  • Nearest International Airport in Phuket is 21 km to the north.

If Bang Pe waterfall is the biggest on the island, and its height is about 15 meters, Katu Falls are much inferior to it in the height of the direct fall of the water. Katu is more like a cascade of small waterfalls with a total height of about 130 meters. Water here does not fall in a continuous stream into the lake at the foot, and gently trickles on the rocks.

Since Phuket Island is a tropical climate, then naturally the waterfall is much fuller in the rainy season, and during the dry season is almost dry, reminding of its existence only weak water threads.

Katu Falls is not spoiled by the attention of many tourists. Mostly locals and some travelers periodically visit it. Therefore, the waterfall “works” for free and all year round.

To the top of the waterfall, as calculated by our compatriots, lead 410 steps of a fairly steep stone staircase and a path among the wet tropical jungle.

The path to Katu Falls begins here

From here begins the path to Katu Falls

The stairs start not far from the parking lot.

Starting the journey to Katu Falls

Just beyond this bridge begins the stairs to the waterfall

First level

The first level of the waterfall appears after the first hundred steps. It consists of two artificial pools with a slurry reminiscent of water and a small waterfall.

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Stairs at Katu Falls

This is the pool on the first level of the waterfall.

Tourists and adults locals usually do not get into these reservoirs, but children are eager to flounder. There are also gazebos where you can sit, relax and have a snack.

Starting point of Katu Falls

First level of Katu Falls

Second level

The second level already looks more like a waterfall. There is nothing artificial here except for the stairs and arbors. You can also find here kids who occupy the waterfall.

Katu Falls

Second level of the waterfall

Third level

On the third level, the waterfall flows over rocks and is larger in height than the second level.

Catu Falls on Phuket Island

Level Three

After this level the normal road almost ends, giving way to a path through the jungle.

Level Four

Having made the rather difficult way to the top of the waterfall, to its fourth level, in the dry season you most likely will see absolutely nothing but a dubious reservoir and thin streams of water.

The top of Katu Falls

The last fourth level

This is why Katu Falls is not usually on the list of must-see places. But the nature surrounding the waterfall is amazing. It is everywhere. Birds, ants, lizards, trees, bushes. Everything is intertwined and buzzing with life, continuing its eternal cycle.

We included Katu Falls in our list of world sights, simply because every corner of the planet is worthy of attention.

A few tips from seasoned travelers

  1. It is advisable to take clean drinking water and food with you, and to take care of proper hiking shoes
  2. It is better to visit Katu Falls in the rainy season when they are at their most powerful, but if it rains heavily, you should postpone the trip, because the last part of the trail is very sticky and slippery.
  3. It is best to visit the falls before sunset. Firstly, all nature is lush with green, and it is still optimal to see it in daylight. Secondly, in the neighborhood you can meet local tipsy teenagers, who, because of their age and sometimes complete lack of a brain, can be unpredictable (although this may apply to anywhere in the world where there is a population)
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How to get to Katu Falls

If you are coming from Patong (i.e. West Coast of Phuket) on road 4029, the landmark is a gas station Caltex on your right and a mini market on your left. At the traffic light turn left and continue for about 1 kilometer until the slight right turn, then turn left into the small lane and continue about 2 more kilometers. You will come to a parking lot. From there, it’s on foot.

Katu Falls

If you see it, you’re there.

If you come from the east side of Phuket, at the same crossroad turn right. Then as described above. The coordinates of the crossroads are 7.910712 and 98.333753.

The most beautiful waterfalls of Phuket: Katu

Katu Falls in Phuket is one of the top five most visited waterfalls in this southern province located on the island. It becomes more beautiful and powerful during the rainy season.

Description of Katu Falls

Katu is not a single waterfall, but rather a chain of several smaller ones, which together reach a height of 130 meters. The magnitude encompasses not only the part where the water flows down, but the jungle-covered mountains that separate the individual waterfalls.

Take a look at how beautiful Kathu Phuket waterfalls are in the photo:

Katu Falls Phuket

They don’t plummet down, but flow gently down the cliffs. Katu is at the very top of the “chain” of mini cascades. To get up to him, you must pass the staircase of 400 steps. Keep in mind the fact that the island of Phuket has a tropical climate, which means that the most beautiful and full Katu becomes in the rainy season. During the dry season, interested tourists have no point in climbing high, the waterfall almost dries up, you can see only a small lake where it usually drains.

In front of the stairs that lead to the attraction, there is a sign that says Kathu waterfall.

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Kathu can be conventionally divided into several tiers. After about a hundred steps, the first one appears. It looks like two small pools with a small water slide. Local children often swim here. But the water does not look clean, so tourists do not risk relaxing there. Nearby there are gazebos with benches where you can rest before moving higher. This is what the gazebos look like in the photo:

Gazebos with benches

The second tier looks more powerful compared to the first. The third tier waterfall is higher, flowing down the rocky stones. After it, the stone staircase ends, changing to a narrow path through the jungle. But after overcoming this climb, you will finally see the last tier of Katu. It’s best to arrange a visit to Katu Falls during the rainy season, though, as during the dry season it gets very shallow and looks more like thin, barely visible trickles.

Waterfall in Phuket

The flora and fauna surrounding this place are always equally active. Not only insects, but also snakes, scorpions and large spiders can be found here. Therefore, it is better to be careful so that the story of visiting a beautiful place is not replaced by a tale of deadly danger.

The Katu Water Cascade is always open for free visits by tourists. Definitely, this is one of its advantages.

How to get to Katu Falls in Phuket

Katu Falls “hidden” in the heart of the island of Phuket. Nearby, by the way, is a small town (some call it a village) with the same name. Another landmark is Patong beach, which is also located nearby.

Patong beach

There is a route to Kathu Falls in Phuket: you can take public transport, there is a direct bus. But from the terminus to the waterfall you will have to walk another half an hour.

There is a map in this photo, which shows the route:


The second option is to get to Kathu Falls in Phuket by car or bike. Tourist can rent them. You need to drive from Patong Beach in the direction of the shopping center Central Festival. At the first traffic light turn left, and after another thousand meters to the left again. You will see a sign. Then you need to go straight for about 2 more kilometers, and you will reach your destination. The parking lot next to Katu is free. Here you will be able to leave your rented bike or car.

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For travelers of note

Reviews about Katu Falls in Phuket vary, but most tourists agree to observe the following rules. Be sure to choose comfortable shoes before visiting, as the climb is large and long. It is better to visit Kata in the rains, but not during heavy rains, because the path is washed out, becomes slippery and dangerous. It is also best to arrange the hike during daylight hours, not in the evening, because the jungle is filled with snakes, scorpions and huge spiders. Be careful.

Almost every review advises you to bring food and water. There are gazebos on the tiers of the waterfall where you can stop, rest, and eat. Although, there is a restaurant with a Thai menu next to Katu.

Other waterfalls in Phuket

In addition to the already mentioned Katu, there are other waterfalls in Phuket. There are 4 of them, and they are just as beautiful as it, so they are worth a visit.

Ton Sai waterfall

This waterfall is less imposing than, for example, Bang Pae, but still charming. It is rich in flora and fauna and a wide variety of birds, so travelers are advised to take a camera, and if possible binoculars. Watching them is an indescribable pleasure for animal lovers.

Ton Sai Falls

The best time to visit Ton Sai is in the “wet” season – the period from May to December.

Bang Pae waterfall

This waterfall can be visited all year round, as even in the dry season, it does not dry out and does not lose its fullness and beauty. The height of the waterfall reaches 10 meters.

Bang Pae Falls

It is located in the national park of Khao Phra Thaeo, the entrance is paid, unlike Kathu. But the natural scenery here is magical and you should bring food to have a picnic near Bang Pe, it is not forbidden. Visiting time is limited from 8am to 4:30pm. It is best to go in May-December.

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Ao Yon waterfall

Fewer people know about this waterfall, so it is more than others have preserved its pristine, unspoiled appearance. The road to the attraction is divided into several trails, it’s easy to get confused. But if you see huts and locals along the way, it’s a sign that you’re going the right way.

Ao Yong Falls

In Ao Yong, the pools are not large, but you can swim. The water cascade is open for free 24 hours a day and does not depend on the rainy season.

Lampi waterfall

Lampi is located in Khao Lak district. It is easy to get to, walking time takes no more than 3 minutes from the parking lot. The waterfall is beautiful from mid-spring to October. It has several levels of water drop and a large cool pool. You can see the Lampi from above by climbing the bridge.

Lampi Falls

It’s great to have picnics here, especially since there are market stalls nearby. You can buy food, souvenirs, and bathing equipment.

Admission is paid and is open from 9 to 18 hours. It is better to go on weekdays, on weekends crowded.

Interesting facts about waterfalls

The article gives complete information, but there are a couple more interesting facts:

  1. Visiting the Bang Pe waterfall is free, but at the entrance you can donate the desired amount for the development of the rehabilitation center.
  2. Bang Pe is 15 meters high, like a four-story house.
  3. There are many beautiful plants in the jungle and there are wild orchids. Finally you can see them in nature, not on a window in a pot!

The island of Phuket continues to attract travelers with the pristine nature that surrounds the waterfalls, including Katu. To visit it, you only need the patience to climb the high stairs.

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