Keukenhof Park – the kingdom of flowers. Holland.

Park of flowers Keukenhof (The Netherlands, Lisse) – reviews

Testimonial about Keukenhof Flower Park (The Netherlands, Lisse)

Probably many people will agree with me that it is difficult to find a person who would not love flowers. Bright, colorful, delicate and fragrant they can create a truly festive atmosphere. Today I want to tell you about a beautiful, amazing place. Park.

It is the most beautiful park, being in which you are just overwhelmed with delight!

Not only is it a beautiful park with flowers, but it’s also a great place to relax, including with children

Hello, my dear friends, subscribers, readers, all those who were waiting for my story about the park of flowers Köckenhof! I know I’ve exhausted you waiting for a review of this wonderful place, so today, on my day off, I finally finished.

Floral Therapy !

The calendar spring is marching across the country! Walking on snowdrifts, on ice, on snow-covered roads! What can we do!? – Wait for the sun, wait for warmth, wait for bright colors, bright emotions! And so it goes from year to year! We can do this.

Floral Park: “Wonderful, Wonderful Divine!” (experience of visiting Keukenhof Park during the “Parade of Flowers”).

Sea of incredible different spring flowers: tulips, daffodils, geocinths; soulfulness and harmony of the place, bright memories.

Greetings to you, friends and readers of the site otzovik! Happy First Day of Spring to you! I thought a lot: whether to write a review or not about Keukenhof? After all, not a few written enthusiastic reviews about this wonderful.

To all parks park

Good day to you, reader! About the park of flowers Köckenhof, I read a couple of years ago, at the same time as the information about the annual flower parade , and since then in my brain these two concepts were inseparable.

But there is nothing more wonderful than a park in Holland with flowers.

A great pleasure to visit, the cleanliness, the variety of species and forms of bulbs, the proximity to Amsterdam.

With great regret I read on the Internet that the famous Köckenhof bulb park will not open in 2020. Although this is a logical continuation of the anti-coronation measures, it is still insanely frustrating that the floral splendor will be left without appreciative spectators. Management.

It’s hard to describe in words and pictures

Happy New Year, dear visitors and authors site Otzovik! Health to all, bright travels in the new year! The first day of the new year turned out to be sunny in our city, with blue skies and white fluffy snow. But winter is nice.

Seville. The sights of the city.

Kekenhof is good in any weather.

The trip to the famous park (Keukenhof) in the Netherlands was planned long before April 2018 and of course we could not assume that we would not be so lucky with the weather. It had been raining all week, blowing a cold piercing wind, and.

A paradise for the mind and eye.

When I think how many bulbs and flowers were destroyed because of the lack of visitors, my heart sinks. I was able to visit Amsterdam in April 2018, which is just about the golden time to .

Tulip Madness!

Hi! I recently saw tulip blooms in the Netherlands on TV, and I remembered 3 years ago I was in Keukenhof Park, the most famous tulip park in the world, and I haven’t left a review about it yet! Watching the news reel.

A sight that will not leave you indifferent (PHOTO)

Few would argue that flowers are beautiful creatures, and when there are many of them, it creates a very special sight, giving vivid impressions, pleasing to the eye and heart. One of the most beautiful places on the planet to admire.

It’s a beauty! A branch of heaven on earth.

This place is worthy of inclusion in the list of must-see places. Overcoming all odds and at all costs. I think there is not a single person who has visited this park who would not agree with this statement.

The whole sea of flowers.

Hello dear friends and readers of Ozovik! Just two months a year – from the middle of March to the middle of May – a man-made miracle comes to life, which for many years and decades has been the goal of a real pilgrimage of millions of people of all nationalities, of all.


A spring event that happened to me in May 2018 has not let go until now. Perhaps these memories came flooding back because spring is coming soon. And in three months, the wonderful Keukenhof Park will open its doors.

A sea of flowers

Hello readers of Otzovik! Today my story will be about the famous flower park Keukenhof, which is located in the Netherlands. When I first visited Amsterdam, I liked the city so much that I decided to explore in depth the provincial towns in Holland.

Incredibly beautiful

Perhaps the most beautiful and picturesque place in all of Holland is Keukenhof. The gardens of Keukenhof cover an entire 79 acres, almost all of them covered with brightly colored tulips. Every year in the spring, the Keukenhof Gardens are open, and in just eight weeks.

Rialto Bridge. Venice. Description, coordinates, photos

one of the most floral parks in the world

Traveling through Europe , in the Netherlands we visited Keukenhof Park (Keukenhof). This is a wonderful park of flowers. We were there during the holidays in May. At that time tulips are blooming. There are so many that you can’t tell, millions. Different colors.

It was so worth it to see, it was amazing.

I was in this park in May 2017 when we were traveling in Holland. The park was very impressive. We were there in the morning, so it wasn’t crowded, which was also nice. The entrance fee was 15-20 euros (about 1000-1500.

It was a beautiful, modern park.

The park is huge, but also there are a lot of tourists, so to have the beautiful pictures without the Chinese under each tulip you should come half an hour before the opening of the park. Tulips are already blooming in May, so.

A place of pure beauty and flower kingdom.

Even though I practically live in Holland already, but I learned about this magically beautiful place from the Internet. Well, you know, there are such lists of “the best…” and so on. That list was called “10 must-see places” or something.

Köckenhof Flower Park

Park of flowers Keukenhof

The Royal Flower Park Köckenhof, also called the Garden of Europe, is the national pride of the Netherlands and one of the main attractions of the country, included in all tourist guides and directories as a must-see place. However, you can do this only in spring and for only two months.

Park of flowers Keukenhof in 2022

Keukenhof’s opening schedule in 2022 is from March 24 to May 15 with no breaks or weekends. Tickets cost €18.50 for adults, €9 for children ages 4-17, kids under 3 are admitted free. On the official website is available to book tickets online with a specific date.

The flower parade usually takes place in April, with the procession moving past the park. In 2022, the parade will take place on April 23.


Keukenhof means “kitchen courtyard”. In the 15th century the land belonged to Jacobina of Bavaria. The duchess ordered vegetable gardens to be planted in the hunting grounds around the castle so that fresh herbs could be served. In the middle of the 19th century, the owners of the manor chose renowned landscape architects, a father and a son named Zocher, who designed the Vondelpark, to enhance the grounds in the tradition of English parkland design with lawns, fountains and walking paths.

Abbazia di San Galgano and the sword in stone. Description photo coordinates

After the Second World War, the flower export of Holland brought the main income to the treasury and private farms.

The park received its first visitors in 1949 at the initiative of the mayor of Lisse, who invited exporters to show their products in one open-air place. In 2018, 1.4 million people from 100 countries visited Holland’s main flower show. In honor of the 70th anniversary, the program of events will be especially rich.

Farmers and companies supplying goods abroad donate the seeds. The organizers have succeeded in creating a popular platform to showcase the achievements of the Dutch floriculture industry and an attraction for tourists.

Köckenhof Gardens

The garden has an area of 30 hectares and is located near the town of Lisse on the road between Amsterdam and The Hague.

Entrance is open from 08:00 to 18:00, and visitors can remain in the park until 19:30.

Gardeners form colorful beds, planting more than 7 million tulips, crocuses, daffodils, freesias, hyacinths, lilies, irises, carnations and orchids every year. The blossoming buds fill the air with delicate scents, and the variety of shapes and colors is astounding. Different specimens of ornamental crops make up spirals, labyrinths, patterns and even paintings.

The park space is beautifully landscaped. Bridges are thrown over the ponds, benches and sculptures are installed in the alleys. Fans of original photographs will be pleased with the equipped photo zones with giant wooden shoes and other colorful ethnic attributes. Free Wi-Fi allows you to immediately share your photos on social networks. Maps that are handed out at ticket booths and information desks make navigation easy. The dominant feature of the landscape is an active windmill with an observation deck. There is a children’s play area and a contact mini-zoo. The total length of hiking trails exceeds 15 km.

You can enter with dogs on the condition that the owners keep their pets on the leash. Working souvenir shops, luggage storage, buggy and wheelchair rental. Bicycles are prohibited, but you can rent two-wheelers and ride around the area on the proposed routes on the map. The bike ride will be unforgettable: tulip fields stretch to the horizon, turning the surroundings into a bright patchwork quilt.

Quench your hunger with fast food at the eateries or order in from the restaurants. During peak season there are long lines at the eateries. If that’s the case, get out of the garden and walk to the center of Lisse. The walk should take no more than 15 minutes. Having lunch at one of the many inexpensive restaurants or cafes, you can save time and money. Ticket is valid for the whole day, so you can return and continue looking around with renewed energy.

Saint Helena - Napoleon's last home

The pavilions of Keukenhof Park

In addition to bulbous plants planted outdoors, there are pavilions with greenhouses, where florists compete in skill, making amazing compositions of cut and potted flowers.

Juliana/Tulpomania Pavilion is named after Queen Juliana, who ruled from 1948 to 1980. The exhibits focus on the history of the “tulip boom.” It tells how the flower first came to Holland and caused such a sensation that a period of tulip mania began. There was a real hunt for rare varieties, in which practically the whole population took part – from the seamstresses and chimney sweepers to the noblemen and members of the government. On one occasion a buyer paid the equivalent of $100,000 for a single bulb. Those who managed to obtain or produce a new hybrid made a fortune at the height of the frenzy. In one market town, tulips were worth 10 million guilders. At the time, the assets of the British East India Trading Company, the most powerful corporation of colonial Britain, were valued at the same price on the stock exchange.

The information stand informs about the structure and features of tulips, different stages of bulb development are clearly shown. Visitors can learn about the layered planting of bulbs, which was invented by the Dutch to create beds of long-lasting blooms. In general, the purpose of the pavilion is educational in nature. For example, beginner flower growers are explained under what humidity and light to store bulbs to prevent their premature germination and achieve good germination.

Park of flowers Keukenhof

In the center of the park is the largest pavilion Willem-Alexander, named after the reigning King Willem-Alexander. Expositions are constantly changing and updated. Lilies, amaryllis, perennials and various imaginative and elegant installations are on display.

The orchid kingdom is the Beatrix pavilion, personally overseen by Princess Beatrix. She held the royal throne from 1980 to 2013 before abdicating the throne in favor of her son. There is a balcony in the middle of the building, which can be accessed by a staircase and viewed the colorful splendor from above.

Tunnel of Love and a steam locomotive as a dowry. Ukraine

The Oranje Nassau Pavilion is named after the royal dynasty. While the lion’s share of the park belongs to tulips, other representatives of the blooming flora are favored here. Art objects are made up of chrysanthemums, calla lilies, gerberas, roses and alstromerias. Master classes in arranging and floristry are held for all comers.

Flower and bulb purchase

Bouquets and seedlings presented in the showcases can be bought. Under Dutch law, it is allowed to take no more than 5 kg of bulbs or tubers per person, but transporting them to Russia may cause problems at customs. The Russian law “On Plant Quarantine” explicitly prohibits the importation of bulbs into the country. Sanitary inspection officers have the full right to seize the “contraband”. Only plants devoid of rooting, i.e. the flower must not be in the soil, but in the so-called substrate, can be imported unhindered. In this case you must have an international phytosanitary certificate, and such a document is valid not more than 15 days. Therefore, planting material for the cultivation of flowers in the countryside or in the apartment is easier to buy in the country.

How to get to Köckenhof Park

If travelling in your own or rented car, take the A4 (exit Nieuw-Vennep) and the A44 (exit 3, Lisse), following the signs marked Keukenhof. You will have to pay 6 euros for parking, and sometimes it’s difficult to find a free spot.

To get to the park on your own from Amsterdam is also quite easy by public transport: first take a train to Schiphol Airport, and from there take bus number 858 right to the park gate. The bus stop is easy to find by the signs. The interval of movement is 15-20 minutes. The ticket costs 5 euros and you can buy it for cash from the driver, or (if you plan a lot of trips) buy OV chipkaart and put money on the card. Combination tickets are sold for 29.50 euros, which includes a visit to the park and round trip. In addition, runs a special express bus Keukenhof Express. It departs five times a day from the street Damrak, 34.

From Leiden Central Station, bus 854 will take you to Keukenhof in 20-25 minutes and 4.5 euros.

From the railway station in Haarlem there is also a direct bus number 50. The trip time is 50 minutes and the price is 3.5 euros.

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