Klinskoye Podvorye Christmas tree museum in Klin

Klinskoye Podvorye Christmas tree museum in Klin


One of the attractions of the Moscow region is undoubtedly Russia’s only museum of Christmas toys “Klinskoye podvorye” and the famous factory of Christmas toys “Yolochka”. It is located in the old and very beautiful town of Klin.

The Fir-tree Museum consists of 12 halls which tell you about the birth and development of glassmaking in the Klin land. You will enter a new world with a rich history of Christmas-tree toys and observe the hard work of glassblowers and talented artists.

In the first hall of our museum you will be greeted by a Christmas tree, decorated with sugar roses and apples. The tradition of decorating Christmas trees is more than a century old. In the XIX century people decorated the festive tree with all sorts of sweets, nuts, apples, funny figures from paper, cardboard, cloth and foil. But gradually glass Christmas tree decorations became popular.

One of the first domestic workshops for the production of glass Christmas-tree decorations were in Krugovskaya Volost, Klin County. Rich deposits of quartz sand in the region contributed to the early development of the glass industry here. In 1848, Prince A.S. Menshikov, great grandson of Alexander D. Menshikov, Peter the Great’s associate, received permission to build a small glass works on his Alexandrovo estate near Klin. From that moment the Klin glassblowing industry was born.

This factory produced lamps, bottles and glassware for pharmacies. Glass and crystal utensils from Menshikov factory became famous throughout Russia for the purity of glass and the high quality of cutting and polishing crystal.

The peasants of the surrounding villages who used to work at the factory mastered the skills of the craft and, in time, together with their wives began to establish independent workshops for the production of so-called “stone goods” – “blown” beads, ear-rings, buttons, and other small items.

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In the second hall you get to a peasant hut of the late 19th century. You will see the workplace of a master glassblower, leather furs that kept the fire burning in the burner, metal forms for making beads.

The next room tells about the period of industrialization in our country. Characteristic toys of the time are assembly, cotton and cardboard toys.

Entering the glassblower’s shop, you can watch the process of “birth” of a glass toy. The craftswoman, rotating the glass tube – dart with both hands, heats it in the flame of a gas burner until the glass is soft, and begins to blow through the hole in the tube – the tendril. A miraculous transformation of the glass workpiece into a ball, a bell, or a heart takes place!

You can see how artists are painting Santa Clauses with kind smiles, “laying” snow on the roofs of fairy houses, sprinkling them with “gold” and “silver”.

There is also a music hall in our museum – the Nutcracker Hall. It is decorated with an ornate Christmas tree from the fairy tale “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King. The world famous composer Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky lived in our town for some time, and his most famous works he wrote in Klinsk land. And it was here that he finished his music for the ballet “The Nutcracker”.

Christmas tree toys from the 40s-60s are presented in the next hall. It was a difficult time for our country – the war and the postwar years. Christmas decorations of that time are made in the form of orders, stars, planes and dirigibles with symbols of the USSR.

Of course, the museum also presents modern glass toys from the folk art factory “Yolochka”. The showcase with these delicate and fragile decorations is overflowing with bright colors, it is impossible to take your eyes away from this shiny beauty!

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In some people a visit to a fabulous museum awakens nostalgia for a bygone childhood, for others it plunges them into romantic dreams. Trees-miracle, Christmas trees fantasy meet you as the dearest guests and dazzle with their magnificence!

All visitors with pleasure make a cherished wish near the 10 meters high Christmas tree – the queen of the Klinsky palace!

The address of the Museum: ul. Staroyamskaya, 4, Klin, Moscow region, 141600, Russia Tel.: +7(49624) 2-40-34, +7(916) 246-60-34

Klinskoye Podvorye” museum of Christmas-tree toys

Klinskoye Podvorye

Daily 09:00-17:30, the ticket office 09:00-16:30. Monday is the day off. Visit by appointment only. Excursions take place every hour.

Excursion: 400 rubles – adults, 350 rubles – schoolchildren, students, pensioners, 250 rubles – children under 6 years old. Master-class: 300 rubles – painting a glass ball, 300 rubles – painting a shaped toy with acrylic. Theatrical tours: + 50 rubles to the price of each ticket.

Museum of Christmas-tree toys “Klinskoye podvorye” is located in Klin on Staroyamskaya street. This is one of the remarkable places of the old Russian city and the entire Moscow region.

Christmas toys at Klinsky Podvorye

The collection, which is displayed in 12 halls, tells about the emergence and formation of glassmaking. Each hall is devoted to a specific topic. For example, in the first room there is a Christmas tree, decorated with flowers and apples, in the spirit of old traditions. The second recreates the environment of a 19th century hut, with a wisely equipped workplace of a master glassblower. The third hall displays “industrial” toys, cotton and assembly toys, dating back to the heyday of the country’s economy.

Klinskoye Podvorye

The painting shop is another amazing place: here the artists sprinkle the houses with gold and paint the faces of the Snow Maidens. The music hall is decorated with an ornate Christmas tree and named after the Nutcracker. Separately collected toys of the post-war period 40-60s (in the form of airplanes, orders, Soviet symbols and others).

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Finally, the museum presents toys made at the “Yolochka” folk crafts factory, which is located near Klin in the town of Vysokovsk. Exhibitions of paintings and works of applied art masters are regularly held in the museum’s lobby.

Excursions to “Klinskoye Podvorye”.

You can visit the museum as part of a group guided excursion, its duration – 1 hour (give or take 10 minutes). During the excursion visitors are given an opportunity to see 12 different halls of the museum, where the history of glassmaking in these places is told, the process of creation of a Christmas tree from the beginning to the end is shown. In November and December at the end of the tour each group is visited by Santa Claus. The number of people is from 20 to 50. Requests should be sent by email.

Klinskoye Podvorye

The master class on painting a Christmas tree toy is designed for both adults and children. Under the expert guidance, participants will paint a glass ball to take away with them. The duration is about 30 minutes.

On holidays and weekends, the museum organizes entertainment programs and theatrical performances: before the New Year, on Shrovetide, during the summer vacations of schoolchildren, on the Day of Love and Fidelity, and so on.

The factory

At the museum of Christmas-tree toys “Klinskoye podvorye” opened the company store, where glass decorations of manufacture of factory “Yolochka” of 1848 are on sale. This is one of the oldest enterprises in Russia, which is engaged in the production of a variety of toys for Christmas trees and is located on the site of the old historic glassblowing trade.

Masters, working in the factory, since ancient times till nowadays have kept the secrets of traditional glass craft and beautiful hand painted Christmas-tree decorations, simultaneously developing and studying the newest trends of the craft. Toys, born in the factory, are made in both ancient and modern style, there is a huge range of colors, variety of shapes and finishes products.

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Klinskoye Podvorye

Factory toys for Christmas-trees constantly take part in various Russian and international exhibitions (“Games and Toys”, “The World of Childhood”, “Rook. Winter Tale,” “Presents. New Year”, “Amdiente”, “ChristmasWorld”, “Christmas Time”), taking top places, receiving awards and diplomas. It is free to take photos in the halls of the museum and the factory, but it is forbidden to take videos.

How to get to the Museum of Christmas Tree Toys in Klin.

Museum of Christmas-tree toys “Klinskoye podvorye” is located on Staroyamskaya street in Klin. To get here from Moscow by public transport, you must take a train at the Leningrad railway station and get to the station “Klin”.

In addition, from the bus station near the metro “Vodny Stadium” to the terminus “Bus Station” in Klin there is a bus number 437. From the railroad or bus station in Klin, you will need to change to a minibus number 1 or 7 and go to the stop “Gaidara Street.

If traveling by car from Moscow, you will need to move from the city center along the Leningradskoe highway to the monument “Cannon”, then turn to the exit around “Cannon”, and then turn right into the street Staroyamskaya. The distance will be about 90 kilometers.

It is also possible to use cab services: popular applications work well in the suburbs – Yandex. Cab, Uber, Gett, Maxim, Veset, and local companies – Pchelka, Voyage, Desyatochka, cab 800, Ekonom, Kolobok, cab “Klin go”, Pyaterochka, Baza and others.

Museum of Christmas-tree toys “Klinskoye podvorye” on google-panoramas

Videos about “Klinskoye Podvorye” Decorative Fir Tree Museum in Klin

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