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What to see on Ko Lanta – TOP12

Ko Lanta, as you probably already know, is located in the province of Krabi in the waters of the Andaman Sea. Lanta is still a reserved land for tourists who prefer a quiet, measured rest to the traffic and partying, which is gradually taking over all the major resorts in Thailand. The main attractions of Lanta were, are and still are the beaches. Not grotesque sculptures, not fancy temples, and the nature itself, and people who understand, it speaks volumes.

What to see on Ko Lanta

There are no large-scale natural or man-made attractions. Lanta is moderate in everything, so be prepared for nothing to shock or disturb you here. However, if beach vacation and poolside sealing has bored you, then you have a good choice of places to go on your own and unwind. I’ve written out only the best from my point of view, but if you happen to have something to add to this list, welcome to comment.

Moo Ko Lanta National Park

The park is located on the southernmost edge of the island and features a couple of protected beaches, a trekking trail (or as it’s also called – natural trail) and a lighthouse. By the way, it’s not the only lighthouse on Lanta Island, but you’ll read about the second one below. The walk along the trail will not be difficult even for unprepared people, and will be interesting to those who have never walked through the jungle. Almost two kilometers of sand and trees, with all the sounds, smells and wildlife, as befits a real jungle.

Admission is paid, 200 baht per person. Trail walking time is from half an hour to two hours, depending on your mood, heat and well-being. From the exit of the trail you still have to walk to the parking lot, so don’t relax.

The lighthouse at Moo Ko Lanta Park

The lighthouse itself is not huge at all and there is no line of visitors to it – no one is allowed inside, the doors are closed. So tourists can only admire the views from the cliff top and choose the best angle, to fit the lighthouse in the frame. The observation deck here is really good, and the panoramic views perfectly complete the hour-long walk through the park.

Admission is free, as you have already paid to visit the national park. The timing of your visit depends on the weather and your mood. Be careful on the edge of the cliff – sometimes people fall. Read more about the lighthouse – The lighthouse in Ko Lanta and the national park is the best attraction on the island.

Moo Ko Lanta Lighthouse

Old Town of Ko Lanta

Very typical, for Southern Thailand, the town. As in many of them, here most of the buildings in the central part are occupied by agencies, rentals and stores, while the outskirts and the port are occupied by fishermen and their families. Historically, Old Town on Ko Lanta was once the center and local capital. But since they built the bridge from the mainland, all the traffic and money has moved there too. Old Town is not deserted, but became less noisy and more attractive to those who like authenticity and leisurely walks along the century-old houses.

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Admission is free, time to see it is as it goes. If you don’t stop at museums and cafes, you can walk in half an hour.

Old Town Lanta

Ko Rock Island

On Ko Lanta, you can buy an inexpensive excursion to the neighboring island of Ko Rock. The trip takes a light day and the main activity at the end of the hour-long speedboat ride is snorkeling. Ko Rock is in my top 10 best places to snorkel in Thailand and if you’re into the underwater world, you’re in luck – it has the most beautiful coral reef. There are not many places in Thailand where you can do it relatively close to the shore. By the way, you can stay overnight on Rock Island if you have nothing left to do on Lanta at all.

Admission is the cost of the tour. Tour time is usually from morning to evening, you come back before nightfall. Do not forget that you also sunbathe in the water, so you will need a waterproof sunscreen, otherwise the back color of boiled shrimp you are assured.

Mai Keo Cave

Heading into Mai Keo Cave be prepared for normal, strenuous activities and don’t bring the kids. The way to the cave is a mix of ladders, stones, ropes, descents and ascents on fairly steep slopes and not the best equipment. Naturally, no insurance is out of the question, and the ground is clay and slippery. Who has been to Krabi on the Riley Peninsula and went to Princess Lagoon, he will know what I mean and shudder. Do not wear light colored clothing and generally better to take something that is not sorry to kill or tear.

Entrance is 300 baht per person, trekking and descent into the cave (which is 1 +1 km) only with an instructor. Full better not to go, there are places where you have to squeeze through. Backpacks and bags are also best left at home. Walking time, together with the trekking, about two hours.

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Siri Lanta Bridge Lighthouse

An old lighthouse that is installed on the shore near the bridge connecting Lanta Yai and Lanta Noi. The place is not well known, not ridden, but not particularly outstanding. The lighthouse, despite the fact that it is “old”, looks much better than the one located in the national park in the south of the island. It is painted as it should be, marked with the emblem of the appropriate service, and at night it continues to fulfill its main role: to shine. It’s just a cozy place in itself, and during the day you can hide in the shade of the bridge.

The entrance to the territory of the lighthouse is free, but there is no passage inside the lighthouse. Tour time – from 5 minutes.

Klong Chak Falls

Klong Chak waterfall is hidden deep in the island’s jungle. It is worthy to be called a waterfall only in the wet season, so do not get upset when you see a stream on a dried up wall. The main interest is the trekking to the waterfall through the jungle, and to get the most out of being one with nature, I recommend wearing good shoes, closed clothes, and getting up early in the morning.

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Admission is free, but after 10 a.m. there is a mass pilgrimage of tourists. The tour time depends on your fitness. About an hour for everything.

Tiger Cave

Tiger Cave is a place that claustrophobes and arachnophobes should not go. The cave is located in the middle of the jungle, its entrance is well camouflaged and to get here without a guide is rather problematic, but if you get in, it is not particularly dangerous. It is advisable to plan your visit for the first half of the day, because there are a lot of tourists, and the caves on the island is nothing. Guides suck at speaking English, so be prepared for a mime extravaganza, but I do not recommend abandoning the guide – on the way he will show you a lot of interesting things that escape the eyes of the average tourist.

The price – 250 baht per person for a guided tour and 100 baht for a self descent. Sneakers and a sweatshirt – a must, it is slippery, stones and cool inside. Do not forget to take drinking water. Walking time is approximately two hours.

Chak Bat Cave

Chak Bat Cave is located on the way to Klong Chak Falls. Not to say it’s an UH cave, but I warned you – all Ko Lanta attractions are moderate. It’s worth getting here early, too, at about 7-8am. The main treat is the road to the cave, the local flora and fauna, well, and the bats inside the cave. Varans on the trail are also not uncommon.

Admission is free. Tour time is about an hour.

Thung Yee Pheng Mangrove Forest

In addition to the concrete trail through the mangroves north of Old Town, there are also longtail water tours through the mangrove forest. An unexpectedly cool adventure, inexplicably neglected by tourists. Rivers along the thickets, wild monkeys that behave like tame monkeys, all in all, a completely unconventional trip against the backdrop of the beaches and pools at the hotel. The mangrove forest is part of a tour of 4 islands, with Ko Talabeng Island chosen as one of the stops.

The price ranges from a free walk, to a paid mangrove boat. As you arrange. For a longtail, at least 1,000 baht.

Ko Talabeng.

Talabeng Island or Dalabeng is a satellite of Lanta, which is located east of Lanta Noi Island, literally opposite Ban Lo Yai village. Remarkable HUGE underwater cave, which you can get only by boat and only at low tide. The height of the vaults reaches 30 meters, if I am not mistaken, and my recommendation – visit this place after the caves of Ko Lanta, otherwise you will not be surprised. A tour of the island is usually done in kayaks, which you are provided with by the company that organized the tour.

Rock Beach Bar

Just an interesting place, the main feature of which is the pool-infinity. Just the right place to have a drink, swim, and take some great photos. The bar is not particularly fancy furnished, has three floors of stairs, the bottom step is the pool and below to the sea – his own little beach, where you do not need to swim. European music is playing, they serve drinks, offer a menu with syfud, in general – a pleasant atmosphere of the island bar.

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Admission is free. They cook for a long time, be prepared to wait. Live music sometimes comes in. Read more about the bar – Rock Beach on Lanta Island – a bar with a pool.

Ko Lanta Island – description, beaches, climate, hotels, who to visit and how to get there

sexKo Lanta Island

Ko Lanta Island is located in Krabi province near the mainland of Thailand. From the island to the provincial capital is only 80 km, and to Bangkok – 930 km. Lanta – it is not even one island, but a group of two pieces of land, the island closest to the mainland – Lanta Noi is inhabited by Thais, built it with one-story houses. But on the paradise island of Lanta Yai like to vacation guests of this country.

In terms of area the double island is the fourth in the country, after Phuket, Ko Chang and Ko Samui. It is part of the archipelago, which includes 50 islands, most of which are uninhabited.

Ko Lanta Island in Krabi

Lanta Yai Island

Koh Lanta Island in Krabi is conventionally divided into tourist and residential parts. The eastern part of the island is inhabited mostly by locals, there are few hotels, except in the southeastern part, there are a few. Normal beaches, as well as tourist infrastructure, are concentrated on the west coast of the island. From here, locals take tour groups to the east of the island to the old town of Lanta Town, a gypsy village and mangroves.

Ko Lanta Island

The perimeter of the island of Ko Lanta in Thailand is almost completely surrounded by paved roads. At different sections of the road runs 10-200 meters from the coast. From west to east of the island stretches a few highways. There are almost no roads in the southern part.

Ko Lanta Island

The landscape of Lanta Island is predominantly mountainous, riddled with caves and few valleys. Almost all seashores are covered with sandy beaches, some of them wild, fringed with dense vegetation. There are several diving spots near the shore.

Who will like it on the island?

Lanta is, above all, beaches, excursions to the most beautiful places with lush vegetation and stunning panoramas. Lovers of nightlife, rest in noisy clubs and discos, here and maybe not so like it. However, you can find a girlfriend for the night and on the local beaches, despite the fact that officially brothels are not here. Hardly a place in Thailand, where there is no girls of easy virtue and Thai alcohol.

Ko Lanta Island

Lanta will like the inhabitants of cities, looking for the rest of peace and quiet. Crowds of tourists and noisy youth groups are practically never here. But the views, as if drawn by the artist-realist, in love with the tropical vegetation, the purity of the white sand and the beauty of the water surface.

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Ko Lanta Island

Families with children will definitely be happy to rest on the double island. But it is dangerous to bring very little children here, there are often problems with finding baby formula, and there is an acute shortage of pharmacies and doctors, especially pediatricians. But the question of what to do on the island of Ko Lanta rarely arises, there is enough entertainment.

How to get to the island of Ko Lanta?

Although there is no airport on Ko Lanta Island, it is not difficult to get there. The easiest way to get to this peaceful place in the lap of nature from the airport of Krabi or Phuket, from there the transfer to the hotel in a comfortable minivan. Thai guests arriving at Bangkok airport will have to use local airlines to get to Krabi or Phuket, and from there the same minivan transfer and transfer to the ferry (book a ferry in Thailand on 12 Go Asia website). Read more in the articles:

Ko Lanta Island Transport

The easiest way to get around the island is by renting a bike or car in Klong Dao (read more about bike rentals in Thailand). The average cost of renting a motorcycle is 200 baht per day. Tourists who prefer not to drive can take a Thai cab. The local cab is more like a motorcycle with a sidecar, which can accommodate up to three people. The trip is paid according to an agreement with the driver, on the average 20-30 baht per kilometer, and from one beach to another, the trip will cost 100-120 baht.

Transport in Ko Lanta Island

Beaches on Koh Lanta Island

Compared to the coasts in Pattaya and other large Thai island areas, the beaches on Ko Lanta Island are particularly wide and spacious. Vacationers here are not so many, sometimes the distance between sunbathing tourists can be 100-150 meters, no one disturbs anyone. “In detail” list the most popular:

Koh Lanta Island Beach Map

Map of beaches on Koh Lanta Island

Kor Kwang beach

Kor Kwang beach is located directly on the cape of the island with the same name and is the northernmost beach, located near the town of Ban Saladan. Its curvy shape offers you nice sand and clear coastal water. It is the most crowded sandy beach on Koh Lanta Island. Definitely one of the best beaches in Thailand!

Kor Kwang Beach in Ko Lanta

Klong Dao Beach

Klong Dao Beach is located south of Kor Kwang and is the most popular destination on the island. It offers 3 kilometers of beautiful white sand and clear sea. It is a perfect combination of nearby amenities for tourists with peace and quiet.

Klong Dao Beach in Ko Lanta

Pra Ae Beach

Pra Ae Beach on Ko Lanta, also known as Long Beach is one of the island’s longest stretches of pure white sand. Luxury hotels are built on this beach. Because of the large size of the beach, you will always find a secluded spot, perfect for long walks.

Pra Ae Beach on Ko Lanta

Klong Khong Beach

Klong Khong Beach, located in the center of the west coast of the island, is a favorite among vacationers on Ko Lanta. This beach offers plenty of bungalow rooms and is ideal for sunbathing and long walks along the coast, but does not allow for proper swimming due to the rocky terrain.

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Klong Khong Beach on Ko Lanta

Klong Nin Beach

Klong Nin Beach is the most beautiful southern beach with numerous coconut palms and tropical forests. It offers beautiful soft white sand along with a calm and peaceful environment. The northern part of the beach is not very suitable for swimming because it is rocky.

Klong Nin Beach on Ko Lanta

Kantiang Beach

Kantiang Beach is one of the smaller beaches, but perhaps one of the most beautiful beaches on Lanta Island. Kantiang Beach is known for its clear waters and coral reefs, making it an ideal diving spot on Lanta.

Kantiang Beach on Ko Lanta

For those who are interested in the stores, stalls and food stalls near the place of rest, then you should prefer the northern and central part of the island. And fans of wild recreation on the island of Lanta, not spoiled by vendors and girls of easy virtue, it is better to go closer to the south coast. There for the whole day may not show a single tourist.

Climatic features of the island

The weather on Koh Lanta is the same as in the entire province of Krabi. It is most comfortable to be on the island from December to the end of March. During this time there are almost no rainy days, the sea remains relatively calm, not hot. The temperature maximum for Thailand during this period of +28 … +32 is considered a cool time of year. From March to the end of spring the thermometer may reach +34 … +36, but the absence of rain and comfortable humidity index allows you to spend a lot of time by the sea. But the summer and autumn are rainy on the island and in the entire province, the downpours can last for weeks. Because of the high humidity the island gets cold, but the sea all year round does not become cooler than +27 degrees.

Tip! Watch the weather in Thailand, you can directly on our site! Current weather informers from Yandex are updated several times a day and give an opportunity to show the weather a week in advance. And also you can see the real weather with the help of online webcams in Thailand.

Ko Lanta Hotels

Hotels on Ko Lanta Island are often cottages and primitive bungalows, scattered near the coast, between the beach and the main paved road that skirts the perimeter. On the other side of the highway is almost everywhere a tropical jungle, hotels are not built there. In addition, there are no high-rise buildings on the island, the local laws prohibit the construction of buildings higher than the native plants.

Ko Lanta Hotels

Houses with red shingles – these are hotels.

The largest selection of hotels in the north-west and west of the island, to the south, the density of buildings decreases, and with it increases the cost of living. In the season a comfortable room with air conditioning costs 800 baht. If you want you can find an option for 500 baht, but usually such rooms are far from stores and restaurants. A room with a fan will cost between 400 and 600 baht. In general, the housing on the double island is somewhat more expensive than on the same Ao Nang. Read more about hotel reservations on Hotellook.ru and RoomGuru.ru.

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