Konakli in Turkey, Sights of the resort

What is unique about Konakli village in Turkey – the sights of the resort

Konakli is a small resort village located about 12 km from the center of Alanya . There are not many attractions in the village, most of it taken up by the numerous hotels, because tourists come here primarily for a rest on the beaches. Beach holidays in Konakli is very popular thanks to the advantageous location of the village near Alanya.

Konakli has a post office, 2 stadiums, 2 clinics, a culture park, internet cafe, golf club, children’s amusement park, many bars, restaurants and a Turkish bath. For those who like active time there is an opportunity to do water sports on the beach.

All Konakli attractions with pictures, descriptions and reviews

The sights of the resort village are reminiscent of its centuries-old history . The peculiarity of Konakli is that it was founded not so long ago and only by and for the purpose of tourism development.


Sharapsa Khan Caravanserai is one of the key attractions of the resort village. It is a building with a long hall, several well rooms and a mosque room. Occupying an area of about 1 hectare, closed caravanserai, outwardly resembles an ancient fortress . The walls of the building are made of massive stones and limestone, and are reliably supported by props made of large carved stones, dividing it into 9 parts.

Originally, this imposing building, erected in the middle of the XIII century, served as a kind of roadside hotel on the Silk Road, where caravans stopped for the night. During the long centuries of its existence, the building has hardly suffered any damage. Nowadays, there are restaurants, souvenir shops, stalls where you can buy fruit and lukum.

In addition, there are oriental-style performances with unique historical decorations. The real highlight of entertainment programs for tourists is the bright and exciting show “Turkish Night”.

The Caravanserai is located 15 km from Alanya. It is easy to get to it on foot, moving along the D-400 Alanya-Antalya highway.


The most majestic building of the resort is the mosque, which is visible from any part of the village.

A distinctive feature of the mosque is its decoration – the spacious white-white prayer hall is crowned with silver domes, the four high minarets surrounding the hall, are also painted white. The four tiers of minarets are topped with cone-shaped domes and each tier is separated from the other by small decorative balconies.

According to tourists, the mosque building is especially beautiful at night, lit by the light of green lanterns.

Location of the mosque is Atatürk Cd, Payallar/Antalya.

Mira Lycian

A few tens of kilometers away from the village, in the region of Lycium, are the ruins of Mira Lycium, a small antique town near modern Demre in the province of Antalya. Nowadays it is a very popular pilgrimage and tourist center.

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The most popular attraction of this place is the Church of St. Nicholas, built more than ten centuries ago. Built in the fourth century, the church was destroyed after the Arab raids and in the eleventh century it was converted into a monastery surrounded by a fortress wall. In 1862, by decree of Nicholas I, the church was reconstructed.

Interesting! It is believed that this is where the tradition of presenting gifts for Christmas originated. Year after year, on Christmas night, locals found sweets and toys at the doors of their homes.

Later it turned out that the pleasant surprises for children were left by Bishop Nicholas, one of the very respected people in the city, nicknamed the Wonderworker. Demre is considered the birthplace of Santa Claus, the prototype of which was Nicholas the Wonderworker (from the Latin “Santa Nicolaus”).

The location of the temple is St. Nicholas Church, Merkez Mahallesi, 07570 Demre, and the exact coordinates are 36.244844, 29.985362.

You can get here by buses that pass through Demre Bus Station and you will need to walk about 3 minutes. Tourists who have been here believe that it is best to go to the ruins as part of a tour group.

One of the key attractions of Mira is a rocky necropolis, which is a Lycian tomb carved directly into the rock. Near the necropolis there is an amphitheater that dates back to the Roman period and can hold up to 10,000 spectators.

The entrance fee to the area is 15 liras.

Horses” sculptural group

Horses” sculptural group is situated near the mosque in 2012. There are two realistic sculptures of horses standing on two pedestals opposite each other. Under the hooves of the figures is a narrow walkway.

Location – Atatürk Cd, Payallar.

What places are suitable for independent exploration?

Travellers on their own can explore Caravan Saray, the mosque and the Clock Tower, stroll through the central part of Konakli, the municipal park with fountains and a gazebo in the shade.

Where is the best place to go on a tour?

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Since Konakli is conveniently located near Antalya and Alanya and other popular resort towns and small villages, holidaymakers are offered a wide range of excursions in the surrounding area. Among the popular towns are Karamburun, where you can see the ruins of the ancient settlement of Justiniano and the city of Adana with its many architectural monuments.

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Another popular excursion is the trip to Alanya, which is rich in various sights. Cave Damlataş which is about 15000 years old, Kızıl Kule tower made of red bricks, the city fortress with its highest point- Iç Kale- are of great interest for tourists.

15 interesting sights of Konakli in Turkey

Konakli sights

Konakli immediately catches the eye a large number of oranges and palm trees. The village is designed for a quiet and relaxing holiday. If you have a desire to plunge into the noise of civilization, you should go on excursions to other cities in Turkey, such as Alanya, Side, Kemer, rich in sights.

Where to go on your own

On your own, you can walk through the central streets of the village and see:

  • Shopping Center Konakli;
  • The clock tower;
  • The sculpture “Horses”;
  • Mosque.

There is an opportunity not to think where to go, and just do shopping in the mall. The MegaMall with brand-name stores and McDonald’s is open here. On Wednesday you should visit the colorful Turkish bazaar.

It is worth a visit to the market and buy cheap spices, nuts and souvenirs

Be sure to visit the market for inexpensive spices, nuts, and souvenirs.

What to see in Konakli in a day

Konakli is a small village and you can see all the sights in a day: take a walk through the center of Konakli in the morning, walk to the caravanserai of Sharavsin, spend the evening at the disco in the Summer Garden.

If you have two days, you can go to Alanya, ride the cable car and enjoy the views of the city and the sea, then visit the Red Tower and the Shipyard, swim at Cleopatra Beach.

Or take a trip to Side. See the Temple of Apollo and the ruined city.

Shopping Center Konakli

The central area of Konakli is full of stores, souvenir shops and kiosks selling inexpensive sightseeing tours. There are several department stores and a two-story leather goods store. You can take a break from shopping by looking at the local attractions.

Clock Tower

In the center of the village on the square there is a low clock tower. It is one of the few attractions of the resort. The tower is a brick quadrangular column with arches at the bottom. It is crowned by an interestingly shaped roof with a weathervane. Near the tower you can sit on the benches near the fountain. In the evening, lanterns and lights are lit. Konakles has a sister city. This is a German city Helmstedt, located in Lower Saxony. On the Konakles tower is a clock that shows the time in Helmstedt.

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Horses” sculptural group

The sculptural group in the form of two white horses standing on their rears is located on the central pedestrian avenue leading to the market square. The horses stand on pedestals and almost touch each other with their hooves. This sculpture was installed in 2012. Nearby there are flowerbeds and places for recreation.


A beautiful white building with silver domes is the mosque in operation. It is Konakles’ finest architectural attraction. Its white minarets are visible from any part of the village. The minaret towers are round-shaped and have four tiers, separated by balconies. In the evening illumination the mosque becomes similar to a large emerald.

Mobile Market

There is a market in the Alanya area that moves to a new location every day of the week. The market comes to Konakli on Wednesdays. It is open from morning until 7 pm. The main thing in this market is to know how to haggle. You can get a lot of impressions and inexpensive purchases. The location of the market will prompt administrators of hotels. The market and the sellers are very colorful. Tourists believe that the real Turkey is manifested here.

Sharavsin Caravanserai

The stone Caravanserai, which is 8 centuries old, looks ascetic, like a fortress. An unexpected element is the rich stone carvings with which the arched portals are decorated. It was built in Seljuk style. The Sharavsi caravanserai was one of a succession of caravanserai (hotel houses) located on the Great Silk Road. Their purpose was to give a safe overnight stay to travelers traveling with expensive goods. Nowadays the structure has been restored and there is an entertainment center here. You can get here from Konakle by walking along the road Alanya-Antalya. The Seljuks were an Oghuzo-Turkmen tribe who conquered Alanya in the 13th century. Sultan Alaeddin Keykubad I used the town as a winter residence. In 1300 the state fell apart.

Summer Garden Club

The club is home to Alanya’s most fashionable disco. Its interior has many exotic elements: an aquarium with huge fish, a waterfall flowing into a large pool, tropical plants. The dance floor is divided into two zones. One part is located in the building, and the second is in the open air. Foam discos are held here, the best European DJs work and Russian stars perform.

Phaselis Historical Sightseeing in Tekirova

Almost 200 km separate Konakli from Tekirova, a touristic village near Kemer. But it is well worth the trip. They are located in the foothills of Olympos Mountain and the ruins of the ancient city of Phaselis. These places are described by Homer in The Illiad. The majestic city was destroyed by many earthquakes. Now there is a world of ruins of all the civilizations that ruled the city. The temples of Athena and Hermes, the remains of the ports, the tombs, the city buildings in the rock, give you a taste of Turkish history. Mount Olympos (Tahtali), 2365 meters high, is the defining landscape attraction of Kemer. It belongs to the Western Taurus mountain system. According to the legend, here the monster Chimera was killed by Bellerophonte and thrown into the mountain. The first earthquakes in the area are mentioned in 411 BC. More than 100 earthquakes of magnitude 7 or more on the Richter scale have been recorded in Turkey in the history of its existence.

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Ruins of the city of Siedra

Ancient Siedra nowadays, preserved in some places are city walls with frescoes and mosaics, a triumphal arch and swimming pools which are still filled with water. On the main street lie the remains of the columns that decorated it. Before the 13th century it was a prosperous port city, a major trading center where its own coins were minted. Mosaics and an ancient letter of the Roman emperor, found here during archaeological excavations, are stored in a museum in Alanya. The ruins of the city are located 400 m above sea level, near the village of Seki. It takes no more than 45 minutes to get from Konakles.

Temple of Apollo

Temple of Apollo is located in Side. You can get here from Konakli by a sightseeing group or you can get there by bus. The way is 50 km long and takes about an hour. Once grandiose, in the style of a peripeter, the temple was destroyed by an earthquake in the X century. There are now a few beautiful columns and picturesque ruins. It’s a great place for photo shoots against a seascape. Peri? pter is an architectural style of building ancient Greek temples. Temples built in this style are rectangular structures framed on all sides by columns.

Oymapiran Dam

The observation deck of the dam offers views of the river, the reservoir with its bright green waters, and the surrounding cliffs

At the Manavgat Dam, an hour’s drive from Konaklı, there is one of the biggest dams in Turkey, 185 meters high. The observation deck of the dam offers views of the river, the reservoir with bright green waters, and the surrounding cliffs. After viewing the dam you can go on a safari or a tour of the reservoir. On its banks are the remains of the aqueducts that brought water to the city of Side in the 2nd century BC.

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Alanya Teleferik Trams

The Alanya Teleferik funicular connects Damlatas beach with the top of the mountain, where the ruins of an ancient fortress and museum are located, as well as villas, hotels, restaurants and stores. The cable car has been operating since 2017. The modern cabins offer views of the sea and Alanya and its beaches. From the upper station begins a hiking trail equipped with viewpoints and rest areas. There are buses from Konakles to the lower station of the funicular railway. Alanya is an ancient city, known since the Bronze Age. Since 1960, it began to develop as a tourist and resort center. The Damlata cave, discovered during the construction of the port, contributed to this development. Alanya is famous for the healing properties of the air in the cave, which helps with asthma.

Cleopatra Beach

This is the most beautiful beach in Alanya, which is worth a visit. It is surrounded on three sides by mountains, the unique sand on the beach even in the hottest weather is not heated, and heated moderately. The legend says that Mark Antony brought here the sand from the Nile for his beloved Cleopatra. The beach was awarded with the “Blue Flag”, an international award for clean water and safety. The beach is public, so it’s free. There is a pleasant promenade, cafes, necessary infrastructure.


The shipyard is an imposing structure on the beach, 56 meters long and 44 meters wide. It is made in the form of arched docks. On the territory you can see the buildings and a small mosque. There is a museum displaying anchors, tools, workbenches and the carcass of the ship. The shipyard was constructed in 1228 and was of strategic importance. The ships built here prevented the Seljuk enemies from attacking from the sea. The dockyard can be viewed from land or sea by renting a boat from the shore. In the evening the dockyard, lit by illuminations, looks festive and solemn.

Red Tower

The Red Tower (Kizil Kule) is the main tourist attraction in Alanya. It is a construction of the beginning of the 13th century, built to protect the harbor from attacks from the sea. It was 33 meters high and could seat 2,000 people at a time. It was surrounded by a stone fortress wall with battle passages, the construction of which lasted 12 years. On the first floor there is an ethnographic museum. Its artifacts tell about the history of the city and the fortress and introduce you to the peculiarities of Turkish heraldry.

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