Krasnaya Polyana ski resort, description and photos

Tourist Guide to Krasnaya Polyana

Many tourists, gathering information about rest in Krasnaya Polyana, look for the official website of the resort .

Krasnaya Polyana, as a municipality, may have its official website. But it is unlikely that you will need information about who is now the head of the village, where the tree was illegally cut down, in which house the water will be turned off next week and other such.

More likely, you need information on what hotels are available at the resort, how much the ticket to the cable cars costs, where you can eat good food and where to go for a walk in the local latitudes. The answers to all these questions can be found in this guide to Krasnaya Polyana.

Krasnaya Polyana: information for tourists

First, a little about why I decided to write this review. Those who have been reading me for a long time already know that my website is full of useful articles about vacationing in Krasnaya Polyana and Sochi in general. Many of you have been here yourself (and are) and more or less navigate the area.

This review is for those who have not yet put together a puzzle of what Krasnaya Polyana is. And there are a lot of them…

Once on my trip to Costa Brava I remember the banners “Catalonia – not Spain”, placed along the highway. Well, I have a great desire to order “Krasnaya Polyana – not Rosa Khutor” banners and put them along the road to Krasnaya Polyana from Adler. Because this “skillful” identification of one of the ski resorts (built, by the way, less than 10 years ago) and the village with centuries of history is just depressing and sometimes infuriating to me personally. I am personally annoyed and sometimes infuriated by the phrase “in Sochi…”! We have it in Sochi. All these “in Sochi” – it’s more like at your place.

Okay, I got distracted. To begin with, let’s start with a little story of Krasnaya Polyana. So you understand where the mountains grow.

The history of Krasnaya Polyana.

As a guide, I can tell you a long and detailed story, and short-reference. In order not to bore you, let’s take a short way.

Krasnaya Polyana is an urban-type settlement in the Adler district of Sochi. The village is quite large. Many tourists here for the first time, honestly admit that imagined Krasnaya Polyana this little village in three or four houses, and were surprised to see a modern cozy town. Yes, we cannot call Krasnaya Polyana a village now:

Modern restaurants, hotels, stores, fitness clubs, beauty salons, SPA-complexes, post office, hospital, school, kindergarten, bank, library, etc. – this is how you see the local infrastructure now.

But it was not always like this, of course…

In general, people lived here a long time ago. This is evidenced by ancient ritual structures – dolmens found on the outskirts of the village which are more than 3 thousand years old.

In ancient times and the Middle Ages along the river Mzymta valley along which the settlement is situated, there was a caravan route. It was of great importance for the region, and during the VI-IX centuries A.D. more than 20 fortresses were built in the vicinity of Krasnaya Polyana – to protect the route. Then this area was inhabited by hill tribes. They all had different names – Adygs, Ubykhs, Shapsugs, but in Russia they were called by one word – Circassians.

In those days, there was an aul, Artquadzh (later Kbaade), in the place of the present-day village of Krasnaya Polyana. The aul was inhabited by several families, who were given the common name of “medowai”. This name already shows that the life of people in these places is inextricably linked to the fragrant mountain honey. The Circassians exchanged honey, as well as women and boys, for Turkish goods. They also lived by hunting, planted vineyards and fruit trees. Sometimes they did not hesitate to rob caravans…

This went on until the XIX century, which was a turning point not only for Krasnaya Polyana, but for the region as a whole. Here unfolds the Caucasian War, waged by Russia for the accession of the Caucasus and obtaining access to the Black Sea. The war ended on May 21, 1864, when four Russian detachments surrounded and defeated the last resisting mountaineers. This momentous event occurred just at the glade of Kbaade. Surviving Circassian families were expelled to Turkey. On the site of the aul was founded a Russian settlement, called Romanovsky. Landless immigrants from all over Russia and even from other countries streamed to the land, cut off from the outside world.

That is how several Greek settlers ended up in these places. They got to Romanovsk in the fall of 1878 and saw from the height of the pass Pseashko the picture: in front of them lay a meadow, covered with red-brown fern and yellow-golden maples. And so was born the modern name – Krasnaya Polyana. The name suited the place so well that it caught on, was used, and even became the name of the entire resort area.

What was going on in the village – you will tell the guide on the tour, but I will proceed to the description of these resort areas.

Mayrhofen in Austria, the ski resort

Resorts of Krasnaya Polyana

In general, there are four resorts, and each of them has its own official website:

  • [urlspan]Альпика-сервис[/urlspan]
  • [urlspan]Газпром[/urlspan]
  • Gorky Gorod
  • Rosa Khutor

All Krasnaya Polyana resorts are located not in Krasnaya Polyana, but in Esto-Sadka . Another name that usually confuses the minds of tourists. To avoid this confusion, read this article: Esto-Sadok: the Promised Land

This whole composite of resorts and villages is often referred to in guidebooks and travel guides as a fashionable word – mountain cluster. And a circle on all the attractions of the mountain cluster takes about 3-4 hours by car. If in kilometers – about 50 km. This information is for those who think that he will come here by “swallow” or by bus and will have a quick run, look all the most interesting for two or three hours.

And there are a lot of tourists like that. It is very funny to watch their shock when they take a bus to the railway station and on the question “Where do you want – to Polyana or to Rosa? However, I have already written about it here: Ski Resort Krasnaya Polyana: what is and where is it?

For clarity, look at the map:

Do you see where Krasnaya Polyana is and where Rosa Khutor is? Yes, by the standards of Moscow and St. Petersburg it is not far. But in fact you will have to drive about 30 minutes by bus from Vertodrom to Rosa Khutor. Not long? And if every morning, with equipment? And after a campaign in mountains, tired?

When choosing a hotel in Krasnaya Polyana you will have to take into account all the distances.

Hotels in Krasnaya Polyana

Also have already written many times, how important it is to choose the right hotel, based on your priorities, rather than guided by reviews on the internet. Read more about this in the article Where is the best place to book hotels in Krasnaya Polyana?

If you know exactly where you want to stay, then this is where you should go:

How to get to Krasnaya Polyana

If you drive your own car, you have two options: take the old road or the new expressway. The old road is more scenic, but slower. The new one is faster, but there are almost no places to stop for a photo session – it’s an expressway. At the entrance to the village you can see a stele with a cross and the letters KRASNAYA POLYANA:

The second option is to take Lastochka (swallow). The trip from the center of Sochi will take 1.5 hours. Trains are comfortable, with air conditioning. The only inconvenience – they go not so often – 5 times a day (the train number 815C in the table is Lastochka from Krasnodar to Rosa, but not every day!)

See the current schedule on the website of Russian Railways.

More from public transport go here by buses №105, 105c – from Sochi, №135, 135e – from Adler.

Cab to Krasnaya Polyana will cost from 1000 rubles from Adler, and from 2000 rubles. – From the center of Sochi.

Blah-blah-car works here. Carsharing too.

A good idea is to rent a car: . But after studying the issue of parking at the resorts, you might change your mind. All parking lots in resorts are paid: from 150 to 250 rubles per hour.

What to do in Krasnaya Polyana

It all depends on the season you are going to visit.

In winter

Skate, skate, and skate again. What resort to choose? About this is better to read here:


Each of the resorts has very well thought out the question of what to do for guests besides skiing. All of this I also laid out:

Weather in Krasnaya Polyana

About the climate in Krasnaya Polyana on the Internet you can read different things. Thanks to high mountain ranges, the valley is protected from icy winds from the continent. And since the air flows from the coast from the sea here, the climate is quite mild and warm.

Summer in Krasnaya Polyana is long, because of the subtropics, albeit mountainous. It lasts roughly from May to September. The average temperature in the valley is +26 … +28 C. The days can be hotter, but the heat is much easier to bear than on the coast, because of the drier air.

Winters here are also very different: sometimes they are cold and snowy, sometimes warm and rainy. But even when it rains in Polyana itself, in the mountains it means extra centimeters of snow.

In general, the weather in the mountains often changes. And the best way to keep track of the current weather at the resort is here: Webcams of Krasnaya Polyana Resorts

Cable cars

Another burning question for tourists is how much tickets to the cable cars cost, where they start and how they are connected. I wrote about all this in details here: ski elevators in Krasnaya Polyana: views, prices and working hours.

Sheregesh ski resort, description and prices

I should note again: there are no elevators and pistes in Krasnaya Polyana itself. All the cable cars are located at the resorts.

Where to go in Krasnaya Polyana

When I am asked a question – where to go in Krasnaya Polyana – I usually answer: it all depends on where you want to go.

I am not kidding. It all depends on what you want to see or what kind of experience you want to get. It also matters what lineup you’re going with, how much time you have to spare, etc. If I don’t know all of these parameters, then my advice may not be very helpful to you.

However, let me tell you what options are available, and you choose for your taste and color.

Sightseeing in Krasnaya Polyana

If you come for a couple of days, you won’t have time to see all the sights in Krasnaya Polyana. But you are unlikely to have time to see all the main sights. For a full list with pictures and descriptions you can find here: Sights of Krasnaya Polyana.

Hiking, trekking

The mountains are the best place you can go when you come to rest at Krasnaya Polyana from May to October. I’m serious. In all other places, like clubs, bars and swimming pools, you can go in your own city. And the mountains – they are still mountains…

How to prepare for the campaign, what to take, and what routes in the mountains – read here: Hiking in the mountains of Sochi: the correct equipment, the best routes.


This topic is a separate topic in Krasnaya Polyana. There are a lot of waterfalls on the coast, but the most picturesque ones are still in the mountains.

For example, in May and June, the waterfall looks like this (“Polikareya Waterfall: the most beautiful waterfall in the mountains”):

Here you can find the full list of the most beautiful waterfalls in Krasnaya Polyana.


Another popular pastime in Krasnaya Polyana is cycling:

Where to go on a two-wheeled friend, read here: Bicycle routes of Krasnaya Polyana: description, photos

With children

I made an overview of children’s entertainment which has the same name: Krasnaya Polyana with children: where to go and what to do

Also, many people will like the idea to spend time in the amusement park: Park Wonder Land Krasnaya Polyana: visiting fairy tales

The child likes to splash in the pool and ride the slides at the water park? Then you’re here: Where to go to the swimming pool in Krasnaya Polyana

If these entertainments are not enough – take a wider radius: Sun, sea, lollipop: Where to go in Sochi with a child?

No kids: Casino in Krasnaya Polyana

It is worth going to the chic Casino of Sochi just for the sake of feeling like a socialite or a socialite lion. Well, the entertainment can be found there for all tastes and wallets. Yes, you don’t have to be an oil magnate to watch the concerts, they are free of charge, and to play the slot machines (the bets start at 20 kopecks).

For a more detailed report on my visit to Sochi Casino, read it here: Sochi Casino: Cards, Money, Mirrors

Where to Eat in Krasnaya Polyana

Another vital question for any tourist. Because there are no all-inclusive hotels in Krasnaya Polyana. So you will have to eat lunch and dinner somewhere.

I have a number of recommendations for you to choose from: where to eat in Krasnaya Polyana: coffee houses, restaurants, and canteens

Excursions from Krasnaya Polyana

The region has great sightseeing opportunities, and different excursion routes will help you personally appreciate them:

Events at Krasnaya Polyana

Separate attention deserves events at the resorts. Each resort tries to attract the attention of tourists with various festivals, races, races and other activities. To tell about all this within this review – a task almost impossible. But to give you a rough idea, these articles will help:

If you have already rested in Krasnaya Polyana and you have your own opinion about the resort, you can leave your feedback in the comments under this article, all our readers will be very grateful.

And I’ll wrap it up here. I wish you all a fabulous vacation and see you on the blog!

Krasnaya Polyana ski slopes in the season 2022-2023

Krasnaya Polyana resort (former Gorky Gorod) has a more advantageous position compared to the rest of Sochi’s ski resorts: Rosa Khutor and Gazprom. Tourists arriving from the coastal zone first of all see the bright red boarding zone of the Krasnaya Polyana cable car. The lower station of the elevator is closest to the residential village of Esto-Sadok, which has a huge selection of hotels and all the necessary tourist infrastructure. Some hotels are within walking distance of the cable car.

The lower chairlift station of the Krasnaya Polyana resort is the closest to the Esto-Sadok residential settlement. Photo:

The main infrastructure of the resort is located on three Glades:

  • Glade 540, aka Lower Town, is located in the Esto-Sadok settlement in the Mzymta River valley;
  • Glade 960, aka Upper Town. To get here you have to use Krasnaya Polyana gondola road;
  • Glade 2200 is a skiing area located in Circus 1.
Sarykamysh in Turkey, ski resort.

The peculiarity of skiing at Krasnaya Polyana is that almost all the tracks intersect with each other. For example, you can start the descent on the blue or red slope, and finish on the black one, and vice versa, go first to the red, then to the black, and finish on the green. For experienced skiers this is a good opportunity to combine training on different parts of the slopes. Beginners are recommended to choose a track that does not change the level of difficulty along its entire length.

Experienced skiers may change the level of difficulty during the descent. Photo:

It is believed that in “Krasnaya Polyana” the best freeride because of the fluffy snow and interesting terrain. But the free skiing areas are distinguished by high complexity and danger, so it is better to use the services of an instructor school, which organizes special freeride programs.

Popular ski resorts in the south of Russia

Rosa Khutor



Skiing scheme

skiing season

Closing of the slopes resort “Krasnaya Polyana” usually takes place in late April. Photo:

Krasnaya Polyana resort is famous for the longest skiing season. Usually, the opening of the slopes at all Sochi resorts simultaneously, around the second half of December. But the closing time is the latest in Krasnaya Polyana, usually at the end of April. For example, the Gazprom and Rosa Khutor ski slopes are closed in mid-April.

Length and complexity of pistes

Krasnaya Polyana” ski resort pistes are located on the slopes of Aibga Ridge. Their total length is 30 kilometers, and all difficulty levels are represented. Each slope is marked and signposted. The lower part of the slopes is located at an altitude of 960 meters, the upper part – at 2300 meters, and the altitude difference is 1340 meters.

Krasnaya Polyana resort has the largest evening skiing zone – five kilometers of pistes, which are illuminated – from 1460 m to 960 m. Snow parks with special facilities for performing tricks (rails, ski jumps, slide boxes) are regularly erected in Zirk-2 and Polyana 960.

For evening skiing in the resort there are five kilometers of tracks. Photo:

In Krasnaya Polyana’s racing zone sports lovers may measure their skiing speed by means of professional timing. The racing zone operates on different slopes during the season: from December to March – on the Transit slope, from March to May – in the Circus-2 valley.

Local slopes have always been famous for their steepness and small width, which sometimes led to collisions, so for the 2022-2023 season at Krasnaya Polyana the slopes in the eastern sector were widened with the help of artificial snowmaking system. As a result the sharp turns were smoothed out, some of the red runs were upgraded to blue.

Krasnaya Polyana skiing area is conditionally divided into three sectors: central, eastern and third-priority ski-lift sectors.

Central sector slopes

The cableway leads from Esto-Sadok village to this sector, to Polyana 960, or the Upper Town. Here, as in a real city, there is everything necessary for recreation and life. The central sector is the most visited not only during the day, but also in the evening, as part of the slopes have lighting. The slopes are located at the altitudes from 960 to 2200 meters above sea level.

  • The educational (1285 meters) is a green trail. It is perfectly suitable for the first steps. Ascent by the chair lift “The Snow Star. You can also go to the middle of the educational slope on the rope tow elevator K-9.
  • Children’s educational slope (100 m) is fenced off from the main ski areas, equipped with safe conveyor elevators of travolator type, is on the Glade 960 near the Husky Center. This is the best place for activities with children.
  • Relict Forest (1875 m) – a blue trail. Ascent on the gondola road of the same name.
  • Krasnaya Polyana (1177 m) – a blue trail, passing in the lower part to the educational trail.
  • Shoulder (180 m) – the blue trail, the shortest, which connects the two tracks: Relict Forest and Krasnaya Polyana.
  • Ozernaya (215 m) – the red trail is a transition from the track Krasnaya Polyana to the tracks Transit and Brief.
  • Transit (1375 m) is the blue piste, where from December to March the racing zone is set for practicing downhill skills.
  • Zvezdnaya (390 m) – the blue trail, starts at the junction of two tracks: Training and Transit.
  • Briff (700 m) – the black trail, comes out on the green Training.
  • Steep (905 m) – the black trail, very difficult, it can be passed instead of the sections of the trail Relict Forest, that is directly, cutting corners.
  • Mogul (380 m) – the black trail, which connects directly the tracks Krasnaya Polyana and Transit.

From the elevator “Relict Forest” you can transfer to the gondola lift “Vershina”, which will take you up to 2200 m up to the Glade. You can go down it only on the black and red routes, which are suitable for advanced skiers.

  • Panorama (2540 m) – the red route.
  • The Struna (216 m) is the red trail. It is a branch of the Panorama trail, i.e. a part of the slope may be passed by another route.
  • Snowy (650 m) – the black route, it also allows to turn from the Panorama trail, but in a more complicated way.
  • The West (920 m) – the red route, it branches off at the bottom of the Panorama trail.
Gora Sobolinaya ski resort, photo and description

At Glade 2200 there is one more educational area with a simple green First Snow track. The First Snow is serviced by a rope tow elevator bearing the same name. The length of the track is 250 meters. This slope is suitable for both adults and children to improve their skiing skills.

Eastern slopes

This area has all difficulty levels of slopes from 900 to 1500 meters. The lower part of the slopes is equipped with convenient training slopes for beginners, and the upper one with more difficult slopes for skilled skiers and snowboarders. To get to the eastern sector, take the “Eastern Forest” gondola cableway from Glade 960.

  • Champion’s Start (645 m) – a simple green trail, starts directly from the upper station of the chairlift “Eastern Forest”, has a roll-out to the lower station of the chairlift “Champion’s Start”, which serves this trail.
  • Fanpark (270 m) is a small green trail that is accessible by a rope tow elevator at the bottom station of the “Polikaria Waterfall” chairlift.
  • Polikaria (2150 m) – the blue piste has a drop-off point to the Funpark.
  • Firnova (500 m) – the black trail directly connects the polycaria and serpentine trails.
  • Eastern Express (1115 m) – the red trail, the lower part goes to the Serpantin and Deja Vu trails.
  • Serpentine (525 m) – the blue route
  • Deja Vu (450 m) – the black trail, exits to the green Funpark.
  • Eastern Woods (400 m) – the red trail, connects the upper stations of the elevators “Freeride” and “Waterfall Polikarya”.
  • East Traverse (980 m) – a blue trail, is a branch from the middle of the East Express and goes to the lower station of the Freeride elevator. It is the easiest way to get down to the elevators, and here you can also take the gondola to return to Glade 960.
  • Powder (500 m) – the black trail separates from the East Express and leads to the lower station of the Freeride elevator, which is a more difficult way to return to the cable car.
  • Dam (530 m) is the blue route, the only one that connects the two sectors: East and Central.

The trails of the third stage of the cableways

This sector is the most mountainous and has slopes of medium and above average complexity. Skiing here is suitable only for the most experienced skiers. Absolute height of the upper part of the slopes is 2300 meters above sea level; two chairlifts, Aibga and Black Pyramid, start at Glade 2200 and allow to get there. The uppermost part of the sector is located in Circa-2, and it is here that the snow lies the longest, providing the opportunity to ski even in May.

  • Black Pyramid (975 meters) is a blue route, despite its name, and is located along the elevator of the same name.
  • Aibga (240 meters) – the red route, starts from the level of 2300 meters and then turns into the Black Pyramid.
  • Circus-2 (595 m) – the blue route, passes to the green route First snow.
  • Eastern (2125 m) – the red trail, the only one connecting the upper sector with the eastern, its lower part is divided into two tracks: Zigzag and Unexpected.
  • Zigzag (380 m) is the red route with frequent turns, which justifies its name, in the lower part it is divided into tracks East Forest and East Express.
  • Unexpected (380 m) – the black trail is a steep continuation of the track Eastern passes into the track Freeride.
  • Freeride (600 m) – the black trail.

Pistes under construction

Starting at 2,300, work is underway on new trails and elevators in Circa 3, which could open at any time. To get to the new prepared ski area, you need to keep track of the official information on the resort’s website.


All ropeways at Krasnaya Polyana Resort provide a capacity of 28,000 people per hour. This figure allows avoiding the formation of large queues.

The thirty-kilometer skiing area is served by 13 elevators, if not counting the Krasnaya Polyana gondola road, which has a lift function from the Esto-Sadok village to Ski Glade 960. The cable car system includes: 1 travolator, 3 rope tow elevators, 6 chairlifts and 3 gondola elevators.

The ropeway system has a large capacity. Photo:

Mode of ski elevators operation: daytime skiing – 09:00-16:30, evening – 18:30-22:00. During the peak ski season for morning skiing fans some of the elevators turn on at 08:00, and the cable car “Krasnaya Polyana” – at 07:30.

Gulmarg ski resort in the Himalayas, India

The cost of skipasses for the elevators depends on the specific dates of stay at the resort. Krasnaya Polyana has five seasonal price tags.

The prices for the elevators in the season 2022-2023

Season Price
Start (10.12-24.12**) Daytime (9:00-16:30), for adults 2400 rubles, for children* 1400 rubles
Evening (18:30-22:00), adults – 1700 rubles, children – 1000 rubles.
Peak (25.12-09.01) Day time (9:00-16:30), adult – 3400 rubles, children – 2000 rubles.
Afternoon (12:00-16:30), adult – 2800 rubles, children – 1700 rubles.
Evening (18:30-22:00), adult – 2000 rubles, kid – 1200 rubles.
Высокий (11.01–29.01,11.03–11.04) Daytime (9:00-16:30), adult – 2700 rubles, children – 1600 rubles.
Afternoon (12:00-16:30), adult – 2200 rubles, children – 1300 rubles.
Evening (18:30-22:00), adults – 1800 rubles, children – 1100 rubles.
Peak-2 (30.01-28.02) Daytime (9:00-16:30), adults – 2850 rubles, children – 1700 rubles.
Afternoon (12:00-16:30), adults – 2400 rubles, children – 1400 rubles.
Evening (18:30-22:00), adults – 1800 rubles, children – 1100 rubles.
vernal (04/12-31/05) Afternoon (9:00-16:30), adult – 2200 rubles, children – 1300 rubles.
Afternoon (12:00-16:30), adult – 1800 rubles, children – 1100 rubles.
Evening (18:30-22:00), adult – 1500 rubles, kid – 900 rubles.
Children up to 6 years old Free of charge

*Children’s season ticket – for children from 7 to 14 years old **Dates of the seasons may change from year to year.

Discounts are available for couples with two children, for students with an instructor, when purchasing season tickets for two, three or five days, as well as in the online system.

Equipment Rental

In Esto-Sadok, at the lower station of the Krasnaya Polyana cable car, there are two equipment rental outlets: the main rental outlet at the Courtyard Hotel and the Marriott Hotel. There are four places where you can rent equipment at Glade 960 – the main rental in front of the Mövenpick Hotel, as well as in the Gorki, Novotel and Rixos hotels.

The resort has several rental outlets for alpine skis, snowboards and other equipment. Photo:

Each point has individual storage rooms. All sizes of equipment for adults and children from three years old are always available. Children’s equipment is available for children up to 14 years old.

In addition to the traditional set, you can rent skis for skiing, snowshoes, and avalanche equipment.

Working hours are from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and 22:30 p.m. on evenings.

The cost of rent depends on the exact dates of arrival to the resort.

Prices for equipment rent

Adult equipment set (skis or snowboard) From 1200 rubles per day
Children equipment set (skis or snowboard) From 900 rubles per day
Helmet 300 rubles per day
Mask 300 rubles per day

You don’t need to pay for helmet and mask separately. Discounts are available for rent for three days and for families with two children.

Classes with an instructor

Programs for beginners are available at Krasnaya Polyana instructor school, where you can quickly and safely learn how to ski, and courses for experienced riders to improve their skiing and snowboarding technique.

For children at the “Rider Academy” there are group classes lasting two hours. After the training young skiers can be left in the children’s room.

Classes for children are held in the “Riders Academy”. Photo:

You can buy the services of instructors in three places:

  • Glade 540 – instructor service opposite the lower station of the Krasnaya Polyana ski lift
  • Glade 960 – the instructors’ cabin
  • Glade 2200 – the instructors’ cabin.

Prices for the lessons

Individual, adults and children 1 hour – from 3000 rubles, 2 hours – from 5500 rubles, 3 days 2 hours – from 15500 rubles, 5 days 2 hours – from 25500 rubles
2 people, adults and children 1 hour – from 4700 rubles, 2 hours – from 6700 rubles, 3 days 2 hours – from 19100 rubles, 5 days 2 hours – from 30500 rubles
2 hours for three and more people From 2600 roubles for one
Evolution Course “Zero” (15+) Alpine Skiing/Snowboarding 3 days for 4 hours 17000 rubles
Evolution PRO “Skating” (15+) Alpine skiing/Snowboarding 3 days for 4 hours 17000 rubles
Rider Academy (4-12 years old) Alpine skiing 2 hours From 2400 rubles.

How to get there

The electric trains “Lastochka” go regularly from Sochi to Esto-Sadok on the routes: “Sochi Airport – Rosa Khutor – Sochi Airport”. Travel time – 40-45 minutes. There is a free shuttle bus from the railway station “Rosa Khutor” to the ski resorts.

From Sochi: №105 (from shopping mall “MoreMall”, stops at Sochi railway station, Adler railway station and passes the airport, the last stop – “Rosa Khutor”) №105e (from the railway station of Sochi on the undercut of Kurortny prospect and Novy Krasnopolyanskoy highway).

From Adler: #135 (from Olympic Park, goes via airport and Krasnaya Polyana). Travel time from Adler is about 1.5 hours, from Sochi – 2 hours.

Shuttle “Around Sochi” from Imeretinskaya Plain. Travel time is 1 hour. The cost of travel in both directions – 400 rubles. When buying a ride ticket – for free.

Shuttle from Krasnaya Polyana goes free of charge to the elevators. The final stop is parking at “Rosa Hall”, a 5-minute walk from the ski lifts “Olympia” and “Arrow”.

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