Krka National Park in Croatia

Krka National Park (Nacionalni park Krka).

Krka National Park

January-March, November, December: adults – 30 kn, children 7-18 years old – 20 kn. April, May, September, October: adults – 100 kn, children 7-18 years old – 80 kn. June-August: adults – 150-200 kn, children 7-18 years old – 90-120 kn. Children up to 7 years old – free of charge.

The Krka Park is one of the biggest natural treasures of Croatia. It is located in the central part of the Adriatic coast between the Croatian cities of Knin and Sibenik (Central Dalmatia region).

The national park has a pretty impressive size – the total area of the protected territory of 109 square kilometers, a length of about 72 kilometers. The park name appeared due to the river of the same name, in the valley in which it is located.

Krka has a unique cascade of natural waterfalls, lakes and beautiful islands in the center of the river. A special attraction of this place gives the possibility to swim in the waterfalls, which is usually forbidden in the Balkan national parks.

The natural combination of water, forests, the proximity of the sea and the mountains created a special climate, favorable to the flora and fauna. The territory of the reserve is inhabited by 860 diverse animal species, over 220 species of birds and 18 species of fish, most of which are found only in this region. Here are the natural routes of seasonal migration of animals and birds.

Krka National Park

Krka is a centuries-old ecosystem, which Croats cherish as a very great value. This is why access to the national park is open to all comers, but is limited by very strict rules, failure to comply with which is fraught with large fines. Of the important points to be aware of, going to the park:

  • It is forbidden to swim in any places other than those permitted here;
  • diving is prohibited;
  • All fishing, hunting, stalking and intimidation of animals living in the park is restricted;
  • Lighting fires and campfires is prohibited;
  • no pets are allowed in the park;
  • Taking professional photographs and entering the park in one’s own vehicle without a permit is prohibited.

Attractions in the Krka National Park

There are a lot of places worth seeing in the park Krka: waterfalls, caves, islands, monasteries, a museum, a lot of trails and even its own ruins. For example, the remains of an ancient Roman aqueduct have been preserved in the park. In addition, once in this area there were medieval fortresses Nečvena, Trošenja, Bogocina and others (dating back approximately to the 14th century), the ruins of which will also be very curious for those who love history. There is also the first Croatian power plant, built according to the drawings of the great Tesla.

Pushkin Mountains Museum-Reserve

Krka National Park


The famous waterfall cascade consists of 7 waterfalls. The total height difference of the cascade is 242 metres.

Manojlovac waterfall (Manojlovac) stands out among them by its special height (about 60 meters).

The most popular among the visitors of Krka is Skradinski Buk waterfall. Its height is 46 meters. Water falls from 17 steps, which is equally breathtaking at any time of the year, no matter when you get into the park. Around the waterfall there are several restored water mills and valves that harness the power of water for various purposes. From time to time, the mills are used as display areas for ethnographic exhibitions.

The waterfall Roski slap creates a variety of water “arms”, cascades (they are called “necklaces” here) and nice islands. The waterfall is 22.5 meters high. From there, steps will lead you to the Ozidzhana Cave. Archaeologists have proved that inhabitants of all prehistoric eras have left their mark in the cave. The cave has constantly served as someone’s home since several millennia before our era. Now in the cave you can see an archaeological collection and figures of the ancient inhabitants of these places.

Curiously, all water reservoirs of the Krka national park have water of the rarest turquoise hue, which is far more characteristic of the sea than of fresh water sources.

Krka National Park

Ethnographic Museum

There is an ethnographic museum in the park (it is located not far from Skradinski Beech waterfall). In it you can see very unusual objects related to the history and culture of these places. For example, the museum has a sample “washing” machine, which uses the energy of the waterfall to work.


There are two monasteries in the national park.

The Serbian Orthodox monastery of Krka was founded here in the 14th century. It has a rather complicated fate: during the historical changes, the monastery was destroyed many times. In 2001, it was restored and is now available for visitors.

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The Franciscan monastery of Visovac is located on a small island of the same name. It was built by Augustinian monks in the 14th century, but during the Ottoman occupation it passed to the Franciscan order, and since then it has belonged to them for many centuries. You can see ecclesiastical dresses, historical manuscripts and books and much more.

Krka National Park


Krka National Park can be accessed throughout the year, but different options are available to visit depending on the season. There are water and hiking trails that you can take on your own or as part of a tour group. In the Krka Park there are several landscaped trails and viewing platforms. Around them there are information boards, where you can read interesting facts about local attractions. In the park you can move around strictly on marked trails, so it is impossible to get lost here.

Near the entrance of the park you will find a ticket office and an information center, where you can get a scheme with all the routes of the park, as well as get all the latest information about the boat routes and the nearest guided tours.

In the park there are several cafes and restaurants (for example, near the entrance and the Manojlovac waterfall), places to rest, toilets, souvenir stores.

Please note that the park is huge, and if you want to walk here with a small child, it makes sense to bring a stroller, sling or ergo backpack.

Krka National Park (video)

Prices and opening hours 2022

The park is open to visitors from 9 to 16-18 hours.

In the summer season (depending on the month) from 8 to 18/19/20 hours.

In winter (from November to March) it is possible to visit only two waterfalls – Skradinski Beech and Roški slap, all other routes are closed. Full information about the opening hours of the park can be found on the official website.

The price of the ticket also depends on the season – in the high season you will pay for a visit to the park more than in winter:

  • for adults it ranges from 30 to 200 kuna;
  • for children – from 20 to 120 kuna;
  • children under 7 years of age pass free of charge.

There is a ticket valid for a week from the date of purchase. This makes sense, as the park is very large and it is almost impossible to see it at once.

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For adults, such a ticket will cost 65-320 kuna, depending on the season. For children in 45-200 kuna.

The ticket price includes a visit to the key sights, an archeological tour, a walk along the route to Skradinski Beech waterfall, a trip to the Visovac Island and Roški slap. During the summer, this entire route is available by boat. If you get to the park through the far entrances, you can use the free bus.

Krka National Park

How to get to the Krka National Park

You can get to the park by taking public transportation. First you need to go to Sibenik, from there there there are buses to the stop Lozovac. The bus timetable can be found here.

You can also go to the town of Skradin from where you can take motor boats to the national park. The boats carry passengers from 8.00 to 16.00-19.30. The travel time is about 25 minutes. The use of the boat is included in the price of the ticket to the park.

You can also get to Krka by car. There are signs on a brown background along the route. You can leave your car in the parking lot near the entrance to Lozovac.

You can also order a cab using the Uber mobile app.

Parking and ticket booths at the Lozovac entrance – Google Maps panorama


Another way to get from other cities in Croatia to Krka National Park is to use a shuttle service. Depending on the size of your company, you can choose the right size vehicle, and the price you will pay for the trip will be known in advance.

National Park “Krka” (Croatia, Šibensko-Knin region) – reviews

Unique nature – river, park, waterfalls; Clean air; Care for the environment; Ethno-village; Vivid impressions.

In the central part of the Adriatic coast, between Skradin and Sibenek, lies the National Park Krka. It is one of the most beautiful places in sunny Croatia, where one wants to spend as much time as possible. The park is located in.

Croatia’s most striking natural attraction

Quarantine, self-isolation, stuffy city. How nice to escape from all that and be in one of the most beautiful places in Croatia – Krka National Perk! This year I was lucky enough to visit it. It is one of the most.

The High Tauern National Park in Austria

A beautiful nature reserve

Park with the awkwardly spelled name Krka is the largest nature park in Croatia. It will not be small among European ones either. The main attraction of the park is a large waterfall with its own name – “Skradinski Beech”. A whole cascade of falling water seems artificial.


I have been living in Croatia for 12 years and I`ve been on this waterfall for a long time, I`ve visited it in summer. Then I accidentally found out that the park is celebrating its 35th anniversary and the entrance is free on weekends. My son has not been there yet.

Do you want to enjoy the shade and inspiring coolness of the waterfalls during the hot season?

While vacationing in Croatia, near the town of Nin, we decided to visit Krka National Park. To diversify our “beach” vacation. *** PLUSES*** ++++ Beautiful waterfalls +++ Shady paths-piles ++ Opportunity to swim in the waterfall (for some it.

KRKA. Have you ever bathed in a huge waterfall?

Continuing my story about one of my favorite countries, Croatia. Today I want to tell you about a national park with waterfalls on the KRKA river, in Croatia. We came to this place by recommendation of friends while traveling by car.

It is a cool park.

In September we went to Krka National Park near Skradin. Very picturesque place! And of course we swam in the waterfall!!! It’s just great The weather was lucky. It was good to take water and something to eat, because.

The most beautiful attraction in Croatia

Not far from the coast, fresh air, coolness, which is so lacking in summer days, breathtaking nature

I have been to Croatia more than once, but I have not had time to look into the countryside, but my friend did drag me out, and I am very grateful to her for that, because I am coming to Croatia for the third time.

Two moms with little ones 2 and 1 year old! Waterfalls, nature. beauty.

Lots of big and small waterfalls, beautiful nature, comfortable paths through the park. you can swim in the waterfall

Hello! In autumn 2014 I went to Croatia with my friend. We went with children without husbands, our children are 1 and 2 years old. We did not sit still and toured half of the country. One of the most wonderful.

The Peak District, a national park in England

Pearl of Croatia. Read on and you will want to visit there too.

My husband and I traveled around Croatia by car. We heard there was such a national park and left half a day to visit it. How wrong we were. You should definitely go there at least for a visit.

It is better to see once than hear a hundred times!

Travelling around Croatia and not visiting one of its national parks is like being in Paris and not visiting the Eiffel Tower, or being in Rome and not wandering through the ruins of the Colosseum. Right.

An unforgettable trip.

For our honeymoon we went to Croatia because I had been there a few years before and had lasting impressions of the nature of that country. Despite the fact that the trip was short – only a week, we took it.

Stunning waterfall on the Krka River + video!

We vacationed in Croatia in the area of Trogir and Split in the village of Rogoznica. On the way we were on the Plitvice lakes, and we decided to go on a waterfall on the Krka river. We went by two buses with the change of planes.

The first hydroelectric power station in the world

In 1895 Ante Šupuk (at that time he was the first Croatian mayor of Šibenik), in cooperation with the engineer Vekoslav Mišner, built the first system for production, transmission and distribution of alternating current at Skradinski Buk.

Stunning, very beautiful places

We didn’t want to spend our entire vacation in Croatia within the walls of the hotel. From the large selection of excursions we were attracted to one – to the park KRKA. Because all other places are a bit difficult to travel with children. So, we took.

A huge number of waterfalls. Delight!

From the hotel in Shebenik we went to the waterfalls by ourselves! First, at the bus station we bought bus tickets to Krk. We wanted to go to the river mouth, so we rode to the terminus. And there already in a very modern.

very beautiful!

This review of mine will be to describe the Krka National Park that we visited while driving through Croatia. It’s just a fabulous, amazing place! Such beauty is rarely found anywhere. There are a total of 2 entrances to the park. The first entrance is through Lozovac, through.

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