Kugitangtau mountain range, photo and description


“Koytendag” literally translates as “impassable mountains” and there is really something in it. I have never seen such powerful and deep gorges, completely penetrating the mountain ranges. Having almost steep walls these gorges become impassable obstacle for group walking on the mountains. However, it is possible to walk along the bottom of the gorge. On the next day off we joined a group of cheerful guys installers, who traditionally go to one of these places to hang out “at the waterfalls”. This place is called Tutly-Darya (Tutly-Dare) after a huge mulberry tree (mulberry), which is located in the gorge mouth (no, this is not it on the photo).


So, we go to the mountains! Attention! All pictures are clickable (1200_800)! As I wrote earlier, the transport problem is solved at the site: you need to negotiate with one of the local drivers, and he is ready to take the group anywhere and take back in a couple of hours. Today we got KAVZ again, but its condition isn’t exemplary of the one we took to Kaynar-Baba, but it’s even better. It’s just the right thing to ride it off-the-road in Turkmenistan!



As a matter of fact, in 50-degree heat, only a driver stoned on nas may be behind such a working place. How else could it be? ))


Interior tuning elements


After a half-hour stop at the store in the village of Garlyk, we realized that our riggers aren’t even going to walk in the mountains. A case of beer, a couple of flans of local vodka, weighty watermelon, pita bread, stewed meat, sausage, etc. appeared in their pack.

. the driver drops our group at the mouth of the gorge,


right next to the mulberry tree, in the shade of which Turkmen families prefer to rest. I’m going to show you just one photo of this tree for now – the rest are in a separate post

The Ural Mountains and the Ural Mountain System, Secrets and Mysteries


The riggers with their burdens are immediately hiding in the mountains, and we have about 4 hours of free time at our disposal. We start our walk.



We are walking along the well-trodden paths, and 15-20 meters high stone walls are hanging over us




The sun is burning mercilessly, and the water seems to be very close.


Colorful mountains on the other side of Kugitang river valley. I’ve written before about their uneven age.



Grave – heap of stones, stuck pole and white rags.


We continue our way along the gorge. Maybe we can get to the far steep wall which is seen in the frame.




Only then at home I noticed some animal, a sheep or a goat, climbing up the steep wall. And just below that, another one.


Saxaul stands in the gorge with its dry branches spread wide. And it is not so far to the water.




And here’s a young tree making its way


My backpack is stuffed with all kinds of photographic equipment and there is no room even for a half a liter bottle of water, so I always have to go down to the creek to wash my face and drink water


It’s the steep walls all over again.




The heat is getting to its peak, we decide to go back and seek shelter in the shade near the waterfalls.

An unknown plant, with very soft velvet leaves


We walk a short distance and meet our friends! The guys, like the old-timers, resting at the most civilized waterfall, which usually do not reach the locals. Here, the water knocked out a good cauldron, which would easily pass for a Jacuzzi :).


Nearby, in the shadow of the rocks we meet a large spider. It is quite aggressive and threatens us with its paws and pincers. It’s a pity that I don’t know its name, but friends tell me that it is a tarantula.

Ringing Rocks in the United States, photo and description


There is a toad sitting by the waterfall, with some creep glued to its paw.


In fact, literally the day before this trip, I complained to my comrades that I had not yet seen representatives of the local fauna, and so today I take mine. First we go down to another waterfall.


This waterfall is 4-5 meters high, but that’s not what attracts us.


In its coolness whole crowds of living creatures take shelter. Apparently, they wait out the heat of the day.

Here’s sleeping lizards.




And here are toads, indifferent to everything that is going on around them.




These are the riches of the waterfall


My traveling companions are leaving for the mulberry tree to wait for the bus, and I’m spending the rest of the hour climbing the mountains again. I climb as high as I can, but only so that I can find my way back down.

In the distance are the colorful Jurassic mountains.






Watching the gorge. The locals do extreme recreation: climb up the stream and .



. roll down the stream! They found a water park, for Christ’s sake :)


From my position the mountain Airi-Baba (3139 m) – the highest point of Turkmenistan is well visible. Uzbekistan is behind it.


Airi-Baba mountain


Panorama of Tutly Darya Gorge.


I’m going down successfully – bus is coming up right behind us. End of the walking tour for today!



SZY: Quite a long time ago all of the installers walked to the bus safe and sound. So, so much for “Koytendag”, so much for “impassable mountains” :))


Kugitangtau (Turkmenistan)

Kugitangtau (Turkm. Köýtendag ) is a mountain range in the southwestern part of the Pamir-Alay, on the territory of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. It is the southern extension of the Baysuntau Range.

The range extends from the valley of the Amu Darya to the Sherabad River gorge for 100 km. The maximum height is 3139 m. The ridge is composed of sedimentary rocks, particularly limestone and gypsiferous strata. Widespread manifestations of karst. The prevailing landscapes: ephemeral semi-desert (in the foothills) and mountain subtropical steppes with xerophytic shrubs (above).

Dolomite Alps, detailed information

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    – Cave on the western Kugitangtau.


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  • Mountain ranges alphabetically
  • Mountains of Turkmenistan
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See what is “Kugitangtau” in other dictionaries:

Kugitangtau is a mountain range in the South-West of the Pamir-Alai mountain system, in the Uzbek and Turkmen SSR, is the southern extension of the Baysuntau Range, extending from the Amu Darya valley to the Sherabad River gorge (near the village of Derbent). It is about 100 km long. The highest height of the … … The Great Soviet Encyclopedia

Ayribaba – turkmen. Beýik Saparmyrat Türkmenbaşy belentligi, Uzbek. Ayribobo tog Coordinates: coordinates … Wikipedia

Turkmen Soviet Socialist Republic – (Turkmenistan Soviet Socialist Republic) Turkmenistan. I. General Information The Turkmen SSR was originally formed as Turkmen oblast within the Turkestan ASSR on August 7, 1921; on October 27, 1924, it was transformed into….

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Kap-Kutan is a karst cave in limestone, on the western slope of the Kugitangtau ridge (Turkmenistan), in the buffer zone of the Kugitang Nature Reserve. More than 57 km long, height difference 310 m. Natural entrance to the cave is 720 m above sea level. The near part of the cave with… … Geographical Encyclopedia

Surkhandarya Province – in the south of Uzbekistan. Pl. 20.8 thousand sq. km, the administrative center – Termez, 1985 thousand (2003), area inhabitants – 21%. The province is dominated by mountains: in the West are the Kugitangtau and Baysuntau Ranges, in the east are the Babatag Ranges. The Babatag Range is to the west; the Gissar Range is to the north. – The Gissar Range (up to 4688 m), between them is a broad valley……….Encyclopedia of Geography

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TURKMENISTAN – (Turkmenistan) General Information The official name is the Republic of Turkmenistan (Türkmenistan). Located in Central Asia. The area is 491.2 thousand km2, population, according to different estimations, from 4.6 up to 5.3 million (2001). The state … Encyclopedia of the World.

Gaurdak is a town (since 1990) in Turkmenistan, Chardzhou Province, in the foothills of the Kugitangtau Range. Kugitangtau Range. 23.3 thousand inhabitants (1991). Extraction of native sulfur. Plants: sulphuric, potash fertilizer … Great Encyclopaedic Dictionary

Babatag – Babadag, a mountain range in southern C. Asia, on the border of the Uzbek SSR and the Tajik SSR, between the Surkhandarya and Kafirnigan Rivers (right tributaries of the Amu Darya). The height is up to 2292 m. It is about 125 km long. It is built mainly of limestone. On the slopes……..

The pronghorn goat is a marhur (Capra falconeri), a cloven-hoofed animal of the semiaxial family (Bovidae). The horns are twisted like a corkscrew or screw (hence the name). Males have a pendant of elongated hair on the neck and chest. Coloration is reddish gray, in older males ….

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